The following events occurred in 1986.

Paper money

Denomination Notes
$1-E (1985) By March 1986, the Series 1985 $1 bills became more common than older notes in circulation.
$2-B (1976) As of January 1, 1986, all $2 bills in circulation remained up to Series 1976.
$5-K (1987) By March 1986, the Series 1985 $5 bills became more common than older notes in circulation.
$10-H (1986) By May 1986, the Series 1985 $10 bills became more common than older notes in circulation.
$20-B (1987) The Series 1985 $20 bills became more common by September 1986. Until then, there were more Series 1981A bills than 1985s.
$50-G (1986) Most early Series 1985 $50 bills entered circulation in January 1986.
$100-I (1985)
$100-G (1986)
Most early Series 1985 $100 bills were introduced in late 1985.

All Series 1981A bills were also still guaranteed in circulation, as so were some Series 1981 bills.



Walt Disney Pictures (1985) Paramount (1975) Universal (1971) Columbia Pictures (1981) Tristar Pictures (1984) 20th Century Fox (1981) Warner Bros. Pictures (1984)

In theaters, the Big Six major film studios continued using their 1985 logos on 1986 releases of their respective films...

Walt Disney Classics (1984) Paramount Video (1982) MCA Home Video (1983) CBS-FOX Video (1984) MGM-UA Home Video (1982) so did some of their home video divisions...

Walt Disney Television (1985) Buena Vista Television (1985) Paramount Television (1975) Universal Television (1975) 20th Television Fox (1981) Columbia Pictures Television (1982) Warner Bros. Television (1984) DiC (1984)

...and their television counterparts.

Cbs-logo American Broadcasting Company Logo PBS (1984)

Terrestrial broadcast networks CBS, ABC and PBS continued using their 1984 logos.

HBO logo Cinemax logo

Premium cable networks HBO and Cinemax retained their 1985 logos.


Currently on sale:

Starwars vhs Starwars2 1984vhs Robinhood 1984 Pinocchio 1985 Petesdragon 1985 Marypoppins 1986vhs Dumbo 1985 Wizardofoz 1985vhs Ghostbusters vhs


The Wizard of Oz continued airing once a year on CBS, having been broadcast on February 15 this year.

Plus, there were some Peanuts specials:

  • It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown (March 26)
  • It's Flashbeagle, Charlie Brown (May 27)
  • It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (October 24)
  • A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (November 25)
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas (December 8)

Mylittlepony 1984

The two My Little Pony specials were last seen on syndication this year.

Currently on sale:

Catinthehat 1985vhs Lorax 1985vhs Grinchnight 1985vhs Grinch 1985vhs Mylittlepony 1985vhs Mylittlepony vhs2

Video Games

Nes logo

The Nintendo Entertainment System remained Nintendo's only home console in the market.


Super Mario Bros. was still the only Mario game available.

What's new for 1986

DOS 3.0 Windows103

PC DOS 3.2 added support for 3½-inch floppy disks for the first time. Also, Microsoft Windows's version number was updated to 1.03.

Warner Home Video (1986-A) RCA Columbia Pictures Home Video (1986) CIC Video (1986)

Warner Home Video, RCA-Columbia Pictures Home Video and CIC Video's logos were updated.


Home Video

Starwars3 vhs

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi was released on VHS.


Goonies 1986vhs Swordinthestone 1986

Walt Disney's The Sword in the Stone and Warner Bros.'s The Goonies were released for sale this month.


Kidsongs oldmacdonaldsfarm Kidsongs teachtheworldtosing Kidsongs goodnightsleeptight Kidsongs carsboatstrainsplanes

The first four Kidsongs videos were released this month. Each video had these opening logos:

View-Master Video (1985) Warner Bros. Records (1985) Together Again Video Productions (1985)


NBC logo

The NBC logo used for the rest of the 20th century was first seen this year.

Aliceinwonderland 1986

Alice in Wonderland hit stores on May 27.


Donkeykong nes Donkeykongjr Mariobros Donkeykong3 Smb2j

Classic arcade games were remade for the NES.

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels was only available in Japan when it was released for the Famicom Disk System on June 3.

Bedknobsandbroomsticks 1986 Sodeartomyheart 1986vhs

Bedknobs and Broomsticks and So Dear to My Heart returned for sale.

Mylittlepony 1986

Released in theaters on June 20 was G1's My Little Pony: The Movie.



Sega's first home console, the Master System, was released this month.

Wheeloffortune 1983 Jeopardy 1986

As the next seasons of Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! premiered, Merv Griffin Enterprises became a unit of the Coca-Cola Company, like Columbia Pictures Television.

Merv Griffin Enterprises (1986) KingWorld (1985)

Replacing the My Little Pony specials was a new 50-episode television series titled My Little Pony 'n Friends.

Mylittlepony 1986tv

Every episode of this show used the Sunbow and Marvel logos seen below:

Sunbow & Marvel Productions (1986)


Walt Disney Home Video (1986) Touchstone Home Video (1986) Vestron Video (1986)

Walt Disney Home Video and Vestron Video's new logos were first seen this month.

Sleepingbeauty 1986 Mylittlepony 1986vhs

Walt Disney Home Video released Sleeping Beauty on October 14. My Little Pony: The Movie was released by Vestron Video shortly afterwards.

Touchstone Pictures (1986)

Touchstone Films was renamed to Touchstone Pictures.

Kidsongs singoutamerica Kidsongs daywiththeanimals

Two new Kidsongs videos were released later in 1986.


Dsas zipadeedoodah

The Disney's Sing-Along Songs video series launched this month with the first title, Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah.

Tristar Television (1986)

TriStar Television's first programs aired on television.

The Disney Channel 1986

The Disney Channel updated its logo.


As of December 31, 1986:
Total movies released in theaters 8
Total movies released on VHS 7
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