The following events occurred in 1993.

Paper money

Denomination/series year Prevalence
$1-A (1992)
Series 1988A $1

At least 99%

All $1 bills printed from July through December 1992 (except the New York bills from July 1992) remained in circulation all year.

$2-B (1976)
All were up to Series 1976.
$5-G (1991)
Series 1988A $5

At least 99%

All $5 bills printed from January through December 1992 remained in circulation all year.

$10-K (1990)
Series 1988A $10
About 63% as of January 1, 1993; about 5% as of December 31, 1993
$10-B (1992)
Series 1990 $10

About 37% as of January 1, 1993; about 95% as of December 31, 1993 All $10 bills printed from June through December 1992 (except the Chicago bills from June 1992) remained in circulation all year.

$20-G (1990)
Series 1988A $20

About 77% as of January 1, 1993; about 13% as of December 31, 1993

All $20 bills printed from January through March 1992 (except the New York and San Francisco bills) remained in circulation all year.

$20-C (1993)
Series 1990 $20

About 23% as of January 1, 1993; about 87% as of December 31, 1993

All $20 bills printed from April through December 1992 remained in circulation all year.

$50-B (1990)
Series 1988 $50

About 19% as of January 1, 1993; less than 4% as of December 31, 1993

$50-G (1992)
Series 1990 $50

About 81% as of January 1, 1993; at least about 96% as of December 31, 1993

$100-G (1986)
Series 1985 $100

About 17% as of January 1, 1993; about 10% as of December 31, 1993 All $100 bills printed from February 1988 through June 1989 remained in circulation all year.

$100-B (1990)
Series 1988 $100

About 35% as of January 1, 1993; about 30% as of December 31, 1993 Again, no $100 bills of this series were destroyed this year.

$100-G (1991)
Series 1990 $100

About 48% as of January 1, 1993; about 60% as of December 31, 1993



Walt Disney Pictures (1990) Touchstone Pictures (1986) Paramount (1989) Universal (1991) 20th Century Fox (1981) Warner Bros. Pictures (1992)

In theaters, most major film studios continued using their 1992 logos on 1993 releases of their respective films.

Walt Disney Home Video (1986) Walt Disney Classics (1992) Touchstone Home Video (1987) Paramount Home Video (1989) MCA Universal Home Video 1991 CIC Video (1992-B)

Walt Disney, Paramount and Universal's home video logos were also unchanged...

Walt Disney Television (1985) Buena Vista Television (1990) Paramount Television (1989) Universal Television (1991) 20th Television (1992) Columbia Pictures Television (1992) Tristar Television (1992) Warner Bros. Television (1992) KingWorld (1990) DiC (1990) Random House Home Video View-Master Video (1985) Warner Bros. Records (1985) Together Again Video Productions (1987) Britt Allcroft (1989) TimeLife Video (1992) Barney Home Video (1992) so were most television companies' logos.

NBC logo Cbs-logo American Broadcasting Company Logo

NBC, CBS and ABC's logos also renamed unchanged...

HBO logo Showtime logo 1990 TheMovieChannel1988 Cinemax logo The Disney Channel 1986 The Family Channel USA Network logo Nickelodeon Logo so were most logos from cable television networks.


Disney feature films currently on sale:

Marypoppins 1989 Dumbo 1991 Swordinthestone 1991 Aliceinwonderland 1986 Bedknobsandbroomsticks 1989 front Robinhood 1991 Petesdragon 1991 Sodeartomyheart 1992

Sing-Along Songs videos:

Dsas heighho(2) Dsas zipadeedoodah(2) Dsas youcanfly(2) Dsas barenecessities(2) Dsas funwithmusic(2) Dsas underthesea Dsas disneylandfun Dsas christmas(2) Dsas ilovetolaugh Dsas beourguest

From companies other than Disney:

Ghostbusters vhs Goonies 1986vhs Mylittlepony 1989vhs Wizardofoz vhs Ghostbusters2 vhs Starwars 1990vhs Starwars2 vhs Starwars3 1990vhs Homealone vhs Hook vhs


The Wizard of Oz aired twice more on CBS on February 26 and November 11.

Currently airing on syndication:

Fullhouse 1987

Currently airing on PBS:

Shiningtimestation logo Barney season1

Currently airing on The Disney Channel:


Currently airing on The Family Channel:

Smbss Aosmb3 Smw title

Dr. Seuss videos currently on sale:

Catinthehat 1989vhs Lorax 1989vhs Drseussontheloose vhs Hooberbloob 1989vhs Grinch 1992vhs Pontoffelpock 1992vhs Grinchnight 1992vhs

Kidsongs videos currently on sale:

Kidsongs1990 macdonaldsfarm Kidsongs1990 worldtosing Kidsongs1990 goodnightsleeptight Kidsongs1990 carsboatstrainsplanes Kidsongs1990 homeontherange Kidsongs1990 daywiththeanimals Kidsongs1990 whatiwanttobe Kidsongs1990 letsplayball Kidsongs1990 dayatthecircus Kidsongs dayatcamp Kidsongs rollercoaster Kidsongs verysillysongs Kidsongs christmas

Barney & Friends videos currently on sale:

Barneysbirthday 1993 Waitingforsanta 1993

Thomas & Friends videos currently on sale:

ThomasGetsTricked 1993VHS JamesLearnsALesson 1993VHS Tenders&Turntables VHS ThomasBreakstheRulesVHS BetterLateThanNever 1991VHS TrustThomas VHS ThomasGetsBumped 1992VHS

All episodes from these videos came from Seasons 1, 2 and Season 3.

Video Games

Nes logo Gameboy logo Snes logo Sega Genesis Logo Sega Game Gear Logo

With Sega's Master System discontinued, Sega now had just the Genesis and Game Gear, while Nintendo still had three consoles.

Mario video games currently on sale:

Sml Sml2 1992 Smw Smk

Sonic the Hedgehog video games currently on sale:

Sonicthehedgehog genesis Sonicthehedgehog2

Kirby video games currently on sale:


What's new for 1993

Columbia Pictures (1993) Tristar Pictures (1993) Columbia Tristar Home Video (1993)

Columbia and TriStar Pictures' logos were updated, as so was their home video counterpart's.

Warner Home Video (1993) MGM-UA Home Video (1993)

Warner Home Video became a Time Warner Entertainment company, and MGM/UA Home Video's logo was also updated.

PBS (1993) WGBH Boston (1993) WNET (1993) Fox logo

The Fox Network, PBS, and a few of PBS' member stations updated their logos.

Bestmanners Mothergoose Homesweethomes

Three episodes of Barney & Friends' first season were released on VHS from Barney Home Video (really The Lyons Group).


AOL (America Online), one of the first known internet browsers, was released for Windows 3.1 in January 1993.

Magicalmusical 1993

A near hour-long Barney & Friends special was released directly to VHS. It takes place between Seasons 1 and 2 of the show.


ThomasPercy&theDragon VHS

When Thomas, Percy & the Dragon was released on VHS, Strand VCI Entertainment was also renamed to Strand Home Video:

Strand Home Video (1993)



MS-DOS 6.0 added support for DoubleSpace disk compression.

Another season of Shining Time Station premiered on PBS with 25 more episodes.

Pinocchio 1993

Pinocchio's digital restoration version was released on VHS this month.


Merv Griffin Enterprises (1993)

Merv Griffin Enterprises' last logo began appearing on new episodes of Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy!.

Hook began airing on Showtime and The Movie Channel.

Shiningtime vol1 Shiningtime vol2 Jukeboxpuppetband vhs

A few episodes of Shining Time Station were released on VHS from Kid Vision, a division of Warner Home Video.

Dsas friendlikeme

Disney's next Sing-Along Songs video, Friend Like Me, was released to promote Aladdin.



Kirby's Adventure was the only NES game in the Kirby franchise.

Kidsongs playalongsongs

Play Along Songs joined the Kidsongs video series.


The USA Network began airing the first Star Wars film.


Homealone2 vhs

When Home Alone 2: Lost in New York was released on VHS from Fox Video, the logo was updated:

Fox Video (1993)



Super Mario All-Stars comprised of all four Mario games for the NES, with new 16-bit graphics and audio.


Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey was released on VHS.

Daisy 1993VHS

Daisy and Other Thomas Stories joined the Thomas & Friends video series.

Barney album1

Barney's Favorites: Vol. 1 was the very first Barney & Friends album released on the Audio CD format.



Two new Sonic the Hedgehog TV series premiered on syndication and ABC, respectively. There were 65 episodes for Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, and 13 for ABC's Sonic the Hedgehog.

Wheeloffortune 1992 Jeopardy 1993 Fullhouse 1993

The next seasons of these programs premiered this month on their respective networks.


A new game show called Legends of the Hidden Temple premiered on Nickelodeon. There were 40 episodes.

Barney season2

Barney & Friends' second season premiered on PBS stations on September 27. It only had 18 new episodes. When this season debuted, it featured a brand-new PBS logo exclusively seen on children's programming:

PBS Kids (1993)

Soniccd segacd

Sonic the Hedgehog CD was released for the Sega CD, an accessory to the Sega Genesis.



Aladdin was released on home video this month.

Kidsongs talktotheanimals

If We Could Talk to the Animals was the last Kidsongs video before the Biggles' first appearance in the series.



Windows for Workgroups 3.11 was released this month. It was the first known version of Windows to include a CD-ROM inside.

Ultimateoz laserdisc

A CAV laserdisc set called "The Ultimate Oz" was released on November 17.


Sonic Chaos was Sega's next Sonic the Hedgehog game for the Game Gear.

On November 25, Home Alone premiered on NBC. It aired there annually.

Kirby pinball

Kirby's Pinball Land was the first spin-off game in the Kirby franchise.


The other two Star Wars films premiered on the USA Network.

Dsas 12daysofchristmas

The Twelve Days of Christmas became the 12th Disney's Sing-Along Songs title.


As of December 31, 1993:
Total movies released in theaters 12
Total movies released on VHS 11
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