The following events occurred in 1995.

Paper money

Denomination/series year Prevalence
$1-A (1992)
Series 1988A $1

About 59% as of January 1, 1995; less than 2% as of December 31, 1995

$1-A (1994)
Series 1993 $1

About 41% as of January 1, 1995; about 58% as of December 31, 1995

All $1 bills printed from August through December 1994 remained in circulation all year.

$1-A (1998)
Series 1995 $1
About 40% as of December 31, 1995
$2-B (1976)
All were up to Series 1976.
$5-G (1991)
Series 1988A $5

About 93% as of January 1, 1995; about 22% as of December 31, 1995

All $5 bills printed from August through October 1994 remained in circulation all year.

$5-B (1995)
Series 1993 $5

About 7% as of January 1, 1995; about 47% as of December 31, 1995

No $5 bills of this series were destroyed this year.

$5-F (1995)
Series 1995 $5
About 31% as of December 31, 1995
$10-B (1992)
Series 1990 $10

About 76% as of January 1, 1995; about 36% as of December 31, 1995 All $10 bills printed from April (March for New York) through November 1994 remained in circulation all year.

$10-F (1995)
Series 1993 $10

About 24% as of January 1, 1995; about 53% as of December 31, 1995

$10-G (1998)
Series 1995 $10

About 11% as of December 31, 1995

All were printed at the Western Currency Facility at Fort Worth, Texas.

$20-C (1993)
Series 1990 $20

About 69% as of January 1, 1995; about 17% as of December 31, 1995

All $20 bills printed from March (San Francisco) or April (Boston) through July 1994 remained in circulation all year.

$20-K (1994)
Series 1993 $20
About 31% as of January 1, 1995; about 77% as of December 31, 1995
$20-G (1996)
Series 1995 $20

About 6% as of December 31, 1995

All were printed at the Western Currency Facility at Fort Worth, Texas.

$50-G (1992)
Series 1990 $50

About 81% as of January 1, 1995; about 62% as of December 31, 1995

All $50 bills printed from April 1992 through December 1994 remained in circulation all year.

$50-G (1996)
Series 1993 $50
About 19% as of January 1, 1995; about 38% as of December 31, 1995
$100-B (1990)
Series 1988 $100

About 18% as of January 1, 1995; less than 1% as of late 1995

$100-G (1991)
Series 1990 $100

About 74% as of January 1, 1995; about 70% as of December 31, 1995

Again, no $100 bills of this series were destroyed this year.

$100-I (1995)
Series 1993 $100
About 8% as of January 1, 1995; about 30% as of December 31, 1995



Movie industry
Walt Disney Pictures (1990)
Walt Disney Pictures
Paramount (1989)
Paramount Pictures
Universal (1991)
Universal Pictures
Columbia Pictures (1993)
Columbia Pictures
20th Century Fox (1994)
20th Century Fox Film Corporation
Warner Bros. Pictures (1992)
Warner Bros. Pictures
Tristar Pictures (1993)
TriStar Pictures
Touchstone Pictures (1986)
Touchstone Pictures
Terrestrial television networks
NBC logo
American Broadcasting Company Logo
PBS (1993)
PBS Kids (1993)
PBS for Kids
Fox logo
Cable television networks
HBO logo
Showtime logo 1990
The Movie Channel
Cinemax logo
The Disney Channel 1986
Disney Channel
The Family Channel
The Family Channel
USA Network logo
USA Network
Nickelodeon Logo
Cartoon Network
Cartoon Network
TBS Superstation logo 1999
TNT logo 1999
Television production companies
Walt Disney Television (1985)
Walt Disney Television
Paramount Television (1989)
Paramount Television
Universal Television (1991)
Universal Television
Columbia Tristar Television (1994)
Columbia TriStar Television
20th Television (1994)
20th Television
Warner Bros. Television (1994)
Warner Bros. Television
WGBH Boston (1993)
WGBH Boston
DiC (1990)
DiC Entertainment
Sunbow Productions (1992)
Sunbow Productions
KingWorld (1990)
Buena Vista Television (1990)
Buena Vista Television
Nickelodeon (1994)
Nickelodeon Productions
Britt Allcroft (1989)
The Britt Allcroft Company
Home video industry
Walt Disney Home Video (1986)
Walt Disney Home Video
Paramount Home Video (1989)
Paramount Home Video
MCA Universal Home Video 1991
MCA/Universal Home Video
Columbia Tristar Home Video (1993)
Columbia TriStar Home Video
Fox Video (1993)
Fox Video
Warner Home Video (1993)
Warner Home Video
CIC Video (1992-B)
CIC Video
MGM-UA Home Video (1993)
MGM/UA Home Video
Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection (1994)
Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection
View-Master Video (1985)
View-Master Video
Warner Bros. Records (1985)
Warner Bros. Records
Together Again Video Productions (1987)
Together Again Video Productions
Touchstone Home Video (1987)
Touchstone Pictures
Random House Home Video
Random House Home Video
Kid Vision (1994)
Kid Vision
Strand Home Video (1993)
Strand Home Video
Barney Home Video (1992)
Barney Home Video


Box office totals
1 Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope $322,740,142
2 The Lion King (as of January 2) $300,352,905
3 Home Alone $285,761,243
4 Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi $263,835,740
5 Ghostbusters $238,632,124
6 Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back $222,674,266
7 Home Alone 2: Lost in New York $173,585,516
8 The Mask $119,938,730
9 Hook $119,654,823
10 Ghostbusters II $112,494,738
11 The Goonies $61,389,680
12 The Aristocats $35,452,658
13 My Little Pony: The Movie (1986) $5,958,456
Non-Disney movies on VHS
Wizardofoz vhs
The Wizard of Oz
Starwars 1990vhs
Star Wars
Starwars2 vhs
The Empire Strikes Back
Starwars3 1990vhs
Return of the Jedi
Ghostbusters vhs
Goonies vhs
The Goonies
Mylittlepony 1989vhs
My Little Pony: The Movie
Ghostbusters2 vhs
Ghostbusters II
Homealone vhs
Home Alone
Hook vhs
Homealone2 vhs
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
Disney movies on VHS
Wdmc dumbo
Marypoppins 1994
Mary Poppins
Wdmc swordinthestone
The Sword in the Stone
Wdmc bedknobsandbroomsticks
Bedknobs and Broomsticks
Wdmc aliceinwonderland
Alice in Wonderland
Wdmc threecaballeros
The Three Caballeros
Wdmc robinhood
Robin Hood
Wdmc petesdragon
Pete's Dragon
Wdmc sodeartomyheart
So Dear to My Heart
Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
Foxandthehound 1994
The Fox and the Hound
The Return of Jafar
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Disney's Sing-Along Songs
Dsas heighho(3)
Heigh Ho
Disney zipadeedoodah vhs
Dsas youcanfly(3)
You Can Fly
Dsas barenecessities(3)
The Bare Necessities
Dsas underthesea(2)
Under the Sea
Dsas disneylandfun(2)
Disneyland Fun
Dsas ilovetolaugh(2)
Dsas beourguest(2)
Be Our Guest
Dsas friendlikeme
Friend Like Me
Dsas 12daysofchristmas(2)
The Twelve Days of Christmas
Very Merry Christmas Songs
Dsas circleoflife
Circle of Life
Campout at Walt Disney World
Let's Go to the Circus!


Home Alone continued airing annually on NBC. Its sequel, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, remained on HBO and Cinemax.

Hook continued airing annually on ABC.

Currently airing on syndication:

Fullhouse 1987

Last aired on ABC this year:

Fullhouse 1993 Sonic SatAM

Currently airing on PBS:

Shiningtimestation logo Barney season2 Kidsongstvshow season1

Currently airing on The Disney Channel:


Currently airing on Nickelodeon:

LegendsoftheHiddenTemple Allthat

Currently airing on the USA Network:

Aosmb3 AOSTH


Mario All Stars comprised of episodes from Super Mario Bros. Super Show and Super Mario World.

Dr. Seuss videos currently on sale:

Catinthehat 1994vhs Thelorax vhs Greeneggsandham 1994vhs Hooberbloob vhs Grinch 1992vhs Pontoffelpock 1992vhs Grinchnight 1992vhs

Kidsongs videos currently on sale:

Kidsongs1995 macdonaldsfarm Kidsongs1995 carsboatstrainsplanes Kidsongs1995 daywiththeanimals Kidsongs1995 whatiwanttobe Kidsongs1995 dayatthecircus Kidsongs1995 dayatcamp Kidsongs1995 rollercoaster Kidsongs1995 verysillysongs Kidsongs1995 christmas Kidsongs1995 playalongsongs Kidsongs1995 talktotheanimals Countrysingalong 1994vhs Kidsongs boppinwiththebiggles

Barney & Friends videos currently on sale:

Waitingforsanta 1993 Barneysbirthday 1993 Bestmanners Mothergoose Homesweethomes Magicalmusical Letspretendwithbarney vhs Alphabetzoo 1994 Barneylive vhscover Imaginationisland vhscover

Thomas & Friends videos currently on sale:

ThomasGetsTricked VHS JamesLearnsaLesson VHS TendersandTurntables 1994VHS ThomasBreakstheRules 1994VHS BetterLateThanNever VHS TrustThomas 1995VHS ThomasGetsBumped VHS ThomasPercy&theDragon 1995VHS Daisy VHS JamesGoesBuzzBuzz 1994VHS Percy'sGhostlyTrick 1994VHS ThomasChristmasParty 1994VHS

All episodes from these videos came from Seasons 1, 2 and 3.

Sonic the Hedgehog videos currently on sale:

Aosth vhs1 Aosth vhs2 Aosth vhs3 Aosth vhs4 Aosth vhs5 Aosth vhs6 Satam vhs1 Satam vhs2 Satam vhs3

Peanuts videos currently on sale:

Greatpumpkin vhs Charliebrownthanksgiving 1994 Charliebrownchristmas 1994 Happynewyear vhs Bemyvalentine vhs Easterbeagle vhs Snoopy vhs1 Snoopy vhs2 Snoopy vhs3

Video Games

Gameboy logo Snes logo Sega Genesis Logo Sega Game Gear Logo

The NES was discontinued, while all other consoles remained for 1995.

Mario (and Wario) video games currently on sale:

Sml Sml2 1992 Smw Smk Smas Sml3

Donkey Kong video games currently on sale:


Sonic the Hedgehog video games currently on sale:

Sonicthehedgehog genesis Sonicthehedgehog2 Soniccd segacd Sonicthehedgehog3 Sonic&knuckles Sonicchaos Sonic tripletrouble

Kirby video games currently on sale:

Kirbysdreamland1992 Kirby pinball


Albums currently on sale:

Barney album1 Barney album2 Themask mmp Lionking soundtrack

What's new for 1995

Month unknown

20th Century Fox Television (1995)

As 20th Television transitioned to a broadcast syndicator, 20th Century Fox Television now distributes mainstream Fox programming.

Hour-length specials for Shining Time Station premiered on PBS.


Paramount (1995) Paramount Home Video (1995) Paramount Television (1995)

As of this year, Paramount Pictures is now a Viacom company.

TheWB95 UPN logo

Also, two new terrestrial networks launched on television: the WB Network and UPN.

Snoopy vhs4 Snoopy vhs5

Two new Peanuts videos hit stores.

Mask vhs1

The Mask was released on VHS from New Line Home Video.

Disney Videos (1995)

A new Disney Videos logo debuted on international VHS releases of Disney movies.



Kirby's Dream Course marked Kirby's first appearance on the Super NES.

Familiesarespecial vhs

Barney's Families are Special, the last Season 2 video, was released this month.

RustytotheRescue 1995VHS

The first Season 4 video of Thomas & Friends was Rusty to the Rescue.

Video Treasures (1995)

At that same time, Video Treasures now owned the rights to Thomas & Friends videos.

Barney season3

Another season of Barney & Friends premiered on PBS with 15 episodes. The last five aired in October.


Lionking vhs

The Lion King was released on home video for the first time on March 3.


The first volume of Classic Disney: 60 Years of Musical Magic was released on audio CD and cassette, containing 25 songs from random Disney movies.


Barneysafety vhs

A special Barney video called "Barney: Safety" was released this month.


Kirby's Avalanche was only released in North America and Europe.



Kirby's Dream Land 2 was the first Kirby game to support the Super Game Boy.

Sega Saturn Logo

The Sega Saturn became the first 32-bit console in the video game industry.

Kidsongs letsputonashow Kidsongs babyanimalsongs

Two new Kidsongs videos: Let's Put on a Show! and Baby Animal Songs


Pocahontas poster Pocahontas soundtrack

Pocahontas, Disney's 33rd animated feature, was released in theaters on June 23. A soundtrack album was released alongside it.


Mickey's Fun Songs: Beach Party at Walt Disney World


Dsas colorsofthewind

Disney's Sing-Along Songs: Colors of the Wind

Makingnewfriends vhs

The first episode of Barney & Friends' third season to get a VHS release was On the Move, titled as Making New Friends.

Thomas&theSpecialLetter VHS

Thomas and the Special Letter was the next Season 4 video following Rusty to the Rescue.


Windows 95 completely replaced MS-DOS when it was released on August 24.


Alongside it was the very first version of Internet Explorer, which was replaced by IE 2.0 three months later.

Starwars 1995vhs Starwars2 1995vhs Starwars3 1995vhs

The Star Wars trilogy was re-released on VHS with THX-certified video and audio.

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment (1995-A)

Fox Video was renamed to 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Full House last aired on ABC this month, before it was now only seen on off-network syndication.



A Goofy Movie was released on home video.

Walt Disney Home Video (1991)

As this happened, Walt Disney Home Video's gold logo began in use on feature-length animated films, in compliance to the use of the Disney Videos logo in countries outside of North America.

Snoopy vhs6 Snoopy vhs7 YoureaGoodManCharlieBrownVHS2

Another three Peanuts videos were released.

Wheeloffortune 1994 Jeopardy 1994

The next seasons of these game shows premiered this month.

The last season of Legends of the Hidden Temple premiered on Nickelodeon. It had 40 more episodes, for a final total of 120.


Another volume of Classic Disney: 60 Years of Musical Magic was released in stores, containing 25 more songs.

Wizardofoz soundtrack

A special edition soundtrack album of The Wizard of Oz was released this month.

Kidsongs farmalbum Kidsongs carsalbum

Two new Kidsongs soundtrack albums: A Day at Old MacDonald's Farm and Cars, Boats, Trains and Planes

Ridinginbarneyscar vhs

The last video with the old Barney Home Video logo was Riding in Barney's Car.


Kidsongstvshow season2

Another season of The Kidsongs Television Show premiered on PBS. It also contains songs from videos featuring the Biggles.

Buena Vista Television (1995)

Buena Vista Television's logo was updated.

Wdmc cinderella

Cinderella became the next Masterpiece Collection title from Walt Disney Home Video.


Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island was released as more of a Yoshi game rather than a Mario game.

Nickelodeon (1995)

A new season of All That premiered on Nickelodeon with new sketches. It also featured a new Nickelodeon logo.

Halloween is Grinch Night premiered on TNT, joining the other two Dr. Seuss specials.


Barneysongs vhs

Barney Songs was released on video, containing songs exclusively from Season 3.


Sonic Drift 2 was the first racing game in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.

Toystory Toystory ost

Toy Story made history as Pixar's first CGI-animated feature-length film when it hit theaters on November 22. There was also a soundtrack album for the film.

Walt Disney Pictures (1995) Pixar Animation Studios (1995)

These logos were seen on all Pixar films since then.



A sequel to the first Donkey Kong Country, Diddy's Kong Quest, introduced Dixie Kong.


As of December 31, 1995:
Total movies released in theaters (out of 100) 16
Total movies released on VHS (out of 38) 13
Total Disney animated features released on VHS (out of 33) 25
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