The following media in this list is from 2010.


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Trailers for upcoming titles included Bambi and The Lion King.



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PC SoftwareEdit


The iPhone 4 and iOS 4 were released on June 21. Support for iTunes 10 was included with iOS 4.1.




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Diary of a Wimpy KidEdit


Kirby Super Star Ultra's official website ( was replaced by Kirby's Epic Yarn for one year.

Logos of 2010Edit

Currency of 2010Edit

Denomination Notes
1dollar 2008

As of January 1, 2010, almost every $1 bill was a Series 2006. However, there were still at least anywhere between 97,200,000 and 197,200,000 Series 2003A bills, the oldest ones made in March 2007 at the latest.

2dollar 2006

As of January 1, 2010, approximately 850,000,000 to 950,000,000 $2 bills, up to Series 2003A, were in circulation. At least anywhere between 378,000,000 and 478,000,000 of them were still Series 1976.

5dollar 2008

Prior to February 2010, exactly 1,542,400,000 out of 2.2 billion $5 bills were Series 2006 and in their new design. Thus, there would be at least anywhere between 198,000,000 and 298,000,000 Series 2003A $5 bills remaining in circulation, the oldest ones made in March 2007 at the latest.

10dollar 2008

Prior to October 2010, exactly 1,523,200,000 out of 1.6 billion $10 bills were Series 2006. Thus, there would be at least anywhere between 26,800,000 and 126,800,000 Series 2004A $10 bills remaining in circulation, the oldest ones made in August or September 2006 at the latest. However, seeing as though they may have been released to circulation sometime in 2007, the lifespan of a $10 bill still remained 3 years back then.

20dollar 2007

As of January 1, 2010, exactly 3,776,000,000 Series 2006 $20 bills were made, with an additional 51,200,000 being the first Series 2009 bills, giving a grand total of 5,964,800,000 bills when added together with the Series 2004A bills, out of 6.4 billion. Thus, there would be at least anywhere between 385,200,000 and 485,200,000 Series 2004 $20 bills remaining in circulation, the oldest ones made in April 2005 at the latest.

50dollar 2009

In 2010, up to 1,286,400,000 $50 bills out of approximately 1.3 billion in circulation were Series 2004 or newer. Thus, there would be up to 63,600,000 Series 2001 $50 bills remaining in circulation, the oldest ones made in December 2003 at the latest.

100dollar 2010

As of January 1, 2010, there were approximately 6.6 billion $100 bills in circulation. Because it is impossible to revive a destroyed bill, and for the fact that the Series 2009 $100 bills were never released to circulation in 2011, there would have to be anywhere between 359,400,000 and 459,400,000 Series 2001 and older $100 bills also remaining in circulation, the oldest ones made in February 2003 at the latest. Thus, any bills made in November 2009 through May 2010 would be released to circulation within 2010.

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