The following media in this list is from 2014.


Walt DisneyEdit


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On November 3, the official YouTube channel of Disney Movies Anywhere uploaded a trailer for the Diamond Edition of 101 Dalmatians.



No films were released this year from Illumination Entertainment, as Minions was delayed from December 19 of this year to July 10, 2015 on September 20, 2013.

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Sony PicturesEdit


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20th Century FoxEdit

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Warner Bros.Edit

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Hollywood PicturesEdit

New Line CinemaEdit

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Home Video


Shout! Factory released a trailer for the 30th Anniversary Edition DVD of My Little Pony: The Movie in November.

PC SoftwareEdit


You are no longer allowed to play iTunes exclusives (such as copy protected .m4v movies or TV shows) on QuickTime as of this version. On the other hand, iOS 8 was released on September 17, along with the new iPhone 6. This version of iOS initially included iTunes 11.4, the last version that allows you to play copy-protected movies and TV shows on QuickTime.


Full stable support for 64-bit Windows operating systems was added on August 26.


Windows 8.1 Update was released on April 8.


Broadcast syndicationEdit

CW NetworkEdit

PBS KidsEdit

Nickelodeon/Nick at NiteEdit

Cartoon NetworkEdit


Discovery FamilyEdit

The first era of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ended late this year, when the Hub Network was replaced by this network.

Home videoEdit

My Little Pony

On DigitalEdit

Video GamesEdit






Diary of a Wimpy KidEdit

My Little PonyEdit


Uploaded to YouTube from March to June this year were eight animated shorts promoting My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks.

Logos of 2014Edit

Currency of 2014Edit

Denomination Amount in circulation Average lifespan
1dollar 2011 10.6–11 billion
(Series 2006: 3.1–1.06 billion
Series 2009: 7.5–9 billion
Series 2013: Up to 940 million)
4 years
2dollar 2016 1–1.1 billion
(Series 2013: 32 million)
5dollar 2013 2.5–2.6 billion
(Series 2006: 1.3 billion–460 million
Series 2009: 1.2 billion
Series 2013: Up to 934 million)
4 years
10dollar 2015 1.8–1.9 billion
(Series 2006: Up to 340 million
Series 2009: 1.46–1.3 billion
Series 2013: Up to 595 million)
4–5 years
20dollar 2016 7.7–8.1 billion
(Series 2006: 3.49–1.8 billion
Series 2009: 4.21 billion
Series 2013: Up to 2.1 billion)
6 years
50dollar 2014 1.5 billion
(Series 2006 or older: 835–522 million
Series 2009: 665 million
Series 2013: Up to 313 million)
7 years
100dollar 2013 9.2–10.1 billion
(Series 2006 or older: 4.9 billion
Series 2006A: 3.54 billion
Series 2009A: 755.2 million–1.66 billion)
8–10 years
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