On behalf of "oppressed bugs everywhere," an inventive ant named Flik hires "warrior bugs" to defend his colony from a horde of free loading grasshoppers, led by Hopper. But when Flik’s cavalry turns out to be a ragtag group of flea circus performers, the stage is set for comic confusion ... as well as unlikely heroes!

Featuring a star-studded voice cast, "A Bug’s Life" presents an amazing new perspective on teamwork and determination -- revealing subtle new details each time you watch it!



Video Creation date
1 Blue warning screens (VHS) April 2000
2 Walt Disney Gold Classic Collection logo March 2000
3 Trailer for 102 Dalmatians June 2000
4 Video preview for The Tigger Movie June 2000
5 Trailer for The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea February 2000
6 Video preview for Toy Story 2 June 2000
7 Trailer for Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins April 2000
8 Promo for the Walt Disney Gold Classic Collection June 2000
9 Feature Presentation November 1999
10 Full Screen Format Disclaimer January 1994
11 THX logo August 1995
12 A Bug's Life November 1998
13 Geri's Game November 1997


  • 1997 Acadamy Award-Winning Animated Short "Geri's Game"
  • Outtakes



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