One morning in Cappytown, there were hardly any leaves left hanging onto the trees. All of the Cappies were hanging up decorations, colored black and orange with pictures of Jack-O-Lanterns. They were preparing for their annual Halloween party.

Stacks of hay were piled in front of the tree in the center of Cappytown. Sitting on top of the haystacks were a scarecrow and some pumpkins.

Some of the houses had pumpkins carved with evil looking faces of many kinds, as preparation for the Jack-O-Lanterns. Some had fake spider webs and toy spiders on their walls.

Even Sir Ebrum's family was celebrating Halloween. They were also putting up Halloween decorations in their living room, and Tiff was doing the same thing to her own room.

And even in Station Square, Halloween was celebrating widespread. Amy was putting up Halloween lights around the exterior of her house, and more decorations all over the interior walls in every room.

But there was one person who was not helping out with the preparation of Halloween -- her boyfriend, Sonic.

Instead, Sonic was being lazy as he could in his room, reading magazines and ignoring the joy of Halloween with his friends. For every Halloween in his life, he has never worn a costume or went trick or treating with anybody.

When Amy was done with the decorations, she went into Sonic's room, and found her boyfriend lying on his stomach, still looking at his magazines.

"Sonic? What are you doing not helping me prepare for Halloween?" she asked.

"Just readin' some of my favorite magazines," Sonic said.

"But don't you wanna go trick or treating with me and our other friends?"

Sonic just scoffed. "I'm too old for that Halloween junk," he said to Amy.

"What!" Amy was shocked. "Don't say that, Sonic! No one's ever to old to go trick or treating!"

Sonic got up on his feet, and stood in front of his girlfriend. "Who's never too old?" he asked.

"Anyone! I'm gonna go out as a beautiful princess, and you can be my handsome Prince Charming!"

Sonic tried to think. "Um..."

"Please, Sonic! It'll be fun, and you'll get lots of candy."

Sonic just lowered his head and sighed.

Meanwhile in Dedede Castle, Tiff and her family were still doing their hard work on their Halloween decorations, when Lady Like asked her daughter, "What are you gonna be dressed as for Halloween, Tiff dear?"

"I'm gonna be the Princess of Cappytown," Tiff said.

Lady Like turned to her son, Tuff. "And what about you, Tuff?"

"I'm gonna go as a brave warrior with a sword and a shield! Hyah! Hyah!" Tuff made some combating techniques in front of his family.

"Whoa, now, slow down there, son," Sir Ebrum said. "You can go as a warrior, but I don't think it's a good idea to carry a real sword and shield while you're going trick or treating."

"Why not?"

"Other people might get injured if you're not careful, so your mom and I will give you a child-safe sword and shield to go with your costume."

"Aww... but that doesn't make me feel like a real warrior!"

"Now, now, Tuff, we don't want anyone to get hurt, all right?"

Tuff sighed in disappointment. "Yes, Dad," he said.

Upstairs, King Dedede and Escargoon were also getting ready for Halloween. They put up fake spider webs and toy spiders all over the walls.

"Do we really have to use these spider webs, sire?" Escargoon asked.

"Well, if we want the Halloween party to be exciting, yeah! And what are you gonna dress up as?"

"I'm gonna be a spooky ghost, and I'll fool everyone in Cappytown and those Station Sqaure friends of Tiff! What about you, sire?"

"Oh, I'm not dressin' up," Dedede said.

"What do you mean, you're not dressing up?" Escargoon yelled at him. "You HAVE to wear a costume, 'cause everyone else is!"

Dedede still refused. "I'm the king here, and no one should dare tell ME what to do!"

Escargoon glared right at the king's eyes. "You're gonna wear a costume, and that's final!"

Dedede looked back at his snail servant. "No, I ain't!"

"Yes, you are!" Escargoon talked back.

"For the last time... NO!!!"

Enraged, Dedede summoned his large round hammer and whacked Escargoon against the brick wall. He fell back down on the ground, groaning in pain. Then he angrily said, "Fine! Have it your way!"

And he turned his back at him and went back to his own room.

Even though he didn't want to wear a costume, Dedede had an idea. He went to the phone and called Dr. Eggman.

"What's going on, big guy?"

"Listen here, Egg-dude! Today's Halloween and everyone's dressin' up, but I ain't!"

"Well, you're lucky, 'cause I ain't into dressing up either! But there is a way for both of us to still enjoy Halloween."

"There is?"

"I'm gonna send you a new monster that is sure to scare everyone to death -- the ghost monster, Particle Ghost!"

"Cool! When are you gonna send it over here?"

"I could send it to you right now, but it'll be hard to see in the daytime, so why don't you wait until the evening and you'll be surprised!"

"Great idea! This Halloween's gonna be a blast!"

Dedede and Eggman cackled, both of them still on the phone.

Later that afternoon, most of the people in Cappytown ate dinner early so they could allow their kids to go trick or treating at night. By around 7 p.m., they were all dressed in various costumes, like clowns, witches and wizards, cowboys, monsters, ghosts, scarecrows, and tons of others.

Kirby and Tiff were sitting on the bench between Cappytown and Station Square, waiting for Amy and her friends to arrive. Tiff was now dressed in a Princess Daisy costume, crown included, while Kirby dressed up as a vampire, with a purple cape and a mouthpiece with two "sharp" teeth.

"Aren't you excited, Kirby? We're going trick or treating tonight!"

"Poyo! Poyo po poyo poyo!" ("Yay! Trick or treating!")

"But I have to warn you -- don't eat all the candies from other people's bags, okay?"

A sudden sad look appeared on Kirby's face. He nodded in agreement.

A few minutes later, Amy, Sonic, Tails, Cream, Knuckles and Rouge arrived. Every one of them were dressed in different costumes. Amy wore a Princess Peach costume, which looked identical to Tiff's Princess Daisy costume, except it was pink instead of yellow-orange, and her brooch was round instead of a flower shape.

Sonic was dressed like a royal prince. Tails now looked like a tiger-fox with two orange and black tails. Knuckles was a pirate with one of his hands hid inside his sleeve, with a hook replacing that hand. Cream dressed herself in a Little Red Riding Hood costume. And Rouge had her face painted green, and she was wearing a black witch's hat and robe.

"Hi, Amy!"

"Hey there, Tiff!"

"Are you ready to go trick or treating with us?" Tiff asked.

"Of course!" Sonic said.

"We were going to go trick or treating in Station Square, but seeing as though we don't have a lot of friends there, we thought it would be fun if we went out with you guys for a change," Amy told Tiff.

"I'm sure I wouldn't mind allowing you guys to go with us," Tiff replied. "There's lots more people I know of in this village that are sure to give you guys lots of candy. And after we're done, we're gonna have a Halloween party in King Dedede's castle!"

"Then let's go!" Sonic was about to run off.

Amy stopped him. "Hold on there, Sonic! We're comin' too, so you gotta keep up with us."

Sonic groaned in annoyance. "I just wanna get as much candy as I can!"

"Then don't run, or you might miss one!" Amy warned.

Soon the friends started their journey across every house in Cappytown with the other Cappy kids. They each held plastic candy bags in their hands, most of them shaped like Jack-O-Lanterns. Along the way they met Tuff and his three Cappy friends.

"Hey, Tiff! How much candy did you get so far?"

"We haven't even started yet, Tuff," Tiff said to him.

"Well, you better hurry before they all disappear!" Tuff and his three friends laughed.

Tiff felt frustrated about her brother and his friends, but she didn't care who would fill up their candy bags first.

The first house she and her friends went to was Mayor Len's house. They stepped up to the doorway and Tiff rang the doorbell. Hana Blustergas went over to open it.

"Trick or treat!" all the friends said in unison.

"Wow, you kids sure are dressed up today! Wait here; I'll go get some candies."

Hana went into the closet and looked for a bag of miniature Hershey's bars. She took the bag, went back to the front door, and gave Tiff and her friends one candy bar each.

"By the way, where's your grandchildren?" Amy asked.

"They're out trick or treating with my husband," Hana said. "I'll bet they're having fun!"

Later, when their candy bags were about 1/4 full, Tiff and her friends went to the house of Honey's mom. Amy rang the doorbell this time. Seconds later, the door opened.

"Who is it?" asked Honey's mom.

"Trick or treat!" everyone said.

"Let's see... we've got two beautiful princesses, a handsome prince Charming, a cute little vampire... Whoa! A two-tailed tiger! And a pirate, and a witch, and look at you! You're just like Little Red Riding Hood!"

Cream blushed. For the first time someone has noticed her as a fairy tale character.

"Hey, where's our candy?" Knuckles asked.

Suddenly Honey's mom realized what Knuckles was asking. "What? Oh, yes, the candy!" She offered the friends some Butterfingers. "Here you go!"

Tiff, Amy, Sonic, Kirby, Cream, Tails, Knuckles and Rouge each took one Butterfinger candy bar.

As they continued walking down the path, Rouge asked, "How many more houses should we go to?"

"Yeah, my candy bag's starting to build up," Knuckles added.

"The Halloween party's not ready yet, so we'll have to trick or treat some more before we can attend it," Tiff told her friends.

"How long will that be?" asked Tails.

"I don't know, but my dad told me that the party will begin at 8:30."

"What's the party gonna have?" Amy asked.

"There's gonna be lots of food, except there won't be any candy; we're getting plenty of other people's houses anyway, and there will also be games and activites like bobbing for apples and Monster Dash, then after that, we're gonna watch a scary movie via King Dedede's satellite TV!"

"Cool!" Sonic said.

"Yeah, and scary!"

Soon their candy bags were almost half full. Their next stop was Iroo's dad's house. Tiff knocked on the door, but when it opened, there stood a man completely dressed like a ghost!


"AAAH!" the friends shrieked.

Then a laughing voice came from under the costume. Iroo's dad took it off. "It's just me, kids," he said.

"Whew!" everyone sighed.

"It's not polite to pull a prank like that," Tiff said to the man.

"Sorry, Tiff," said Iroo's dad. He grabbed a container of Kit Kat bars, Reese's pieces, and Twix bars. "Anyone want a treat? Help yourselves."

The friends each took another piece of candy from the container, but this time, they did not choose the same thing with each other. Amy, Tiff and Cream got Reese's pieces; Sonic, Kirby and Tails got Kit Kat bars; and Knuckles and Rouge chose the Twix bars.

Later, they met up with Tuff, Spikehead, Iroo and Honey as they still kept on walking. They had just finished piling up their bags of candy.

"Come on, Tiff! The party's about to start!" Tuff called.

"We'll be there soon, Tuff! Just one more house!" Tiff called back.

The last house Tiff and her friends went to was of Spikehead's mom and dad. She knocked on the door. Spikehead's dad opened it.

"Trick or treat!" everyone shouted.

Spikehead's dad was a little startled. He didn't notice that today was Halloween, because at first he thought that what everyone looked like were real. Then he sighed in relief.

"I'll go get you some candies," he said, and went into his kitchen to get a box filled with lots of candy, except this one did not have chocolate candies. Instead, the candies were in the colors of a rainbow. He took the box and went back to the front door. "Here, take one."

Everyone chose a different color. Amy and Tiff got cherry red, Sonic and Kirby got blue raspberry, Tails got orange, Cream got yellow lemon, Knuckles got green apple, and Rouge got purple grape.

"Well, that's the last house," Tiff said to her friends. "And you know what this means."

"What is it?" everyone else asked.


Hearing these two words, the friends cheered, excited about the Halloween party in Castle Dedede.

At 8:30 p.m., all the Cappies and Tiff's Station Square friends gathered behind the moat of the castle. Escargoon was watching from the balcony. By now, Dedede has changed his mind and decided to wear a costume. His was a more royal version of himself -- his cape was now flashing gold, and he was now wearing a real king's crown.

Dedede was still in his dressing room, almost done preparing himself just as Escargoon stepped inside and said, "Everyone's waiting, sire."

"Just hold on there, Escargoon! I'm almost done!"

Dedede looked in the mirror to make sure he was dressed perfectly, then he left the dressing room and followed Escargoon to the balcony.

"Welcome, my lowly commoners, to Dedede's Annual Halloween Party! Tonight's gonna be the spookiest night you'll ever have in a lifetime! Lower the drawbridge!"

By Dedede's orders, the Waddle Dees lowered the drawbridge. Immediately, everyone scrambled across the bridge and right into the castle grounds.

Soon, the guests were enjoying the fun and spooks in Dedede's castle. Large speakers were placed outside in the grounds. Loud, spooky music boomed everywhere.

Food was served outside for those who didn't eat dinner yet. Vanilla the Rabbit offered to help Chef Kawasaki with the cooking. There were hamburgers, hot dogs, potato chips, corn chips with spicy hot salsa, and Halloween-related desserts like cookies shaped like pumpkins with orange icing.

Within the castle grounds, kids played lots of games and activities. They bobbled for apples, created scary masks with paper plates, played shadow charades, and more.

Kirby was inside the living room of Sir Ebrum, eating all the candy he got from trick or treating. He couldn't inhale them, otherwise they all would've tasted like candy wrap. Instead, he unwrapped them one by one and quickly ate them after each unwrap.

The people were having fun, when suddenly, the music was interrupted by Dedede's booming voice from the speakers.

"Attention, people and visitors of Cappytown! The spooky movie will be playing in just ten more minutes! Remember, it's first come first served, so come on up if you wanna see it!"

Everyone from the castle grounds scrambled into the castle, while anyone inside the castle was being followed by those people. They all sprinted along the hallways, up the stairs, and into Dedede's throne room.

When the room was full, the doors behind them slammed shut. Dedede stepped in front of the crowd.

"Tonight's movie is gonna be extra spooky! So be brave... or be SCARED!" he laughed. Then he turned to the purple snail. "Let the movie begin, Escargoon!"

Escargoon pressed a button on the remote. The lights instantly turned off, and the screen turned on a second later.

On the satellite television screen, there was a girl reading a scary book when she suddenly got a phone call from an unknown person.

"Hello?" the girl asked.

"What is your favorite horror movie?" asked the voice.

Annoyed by this question, the girl defiantly hung up the phone. Then suddenly, the living room lights turned off. The girl was frightened. She tried to sneak out her apartment door, when suddenly, a dark creature with a masked face showed up and chased the girl, who screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Hey! This movie isn't age appropriate for the kids!" yelled one of the Cappies.

"Shh!" Escargoon shushed. "Any further interruptions will result in removal of exhibition!"

The ghost faced creature continued chasing the girl everywhere in the apartment, and even outside. Eventually, there was no escape for the girl, and she ended up meeting her fate against the ghost face.

Most of the people, especially the children, were spooked by the movie, and a few others were disgusted by the content of it. Meanwhile, Dedede was privately talking to Eggman on the phone in a dark location.

"Okay, Egg-dude, just like we planned. Send over the ghost monster right away so those fools will scream for real!"

"Don't worry, Triple D. Leave it to me!"

Halfway through the movie, there was a ghost seen on screen, when all of a sudden, hundreds of small, flashing particles started forming themselves into... a REAL ghost!

"Wow, look at that ghost! It looks like as if it were real!" Sonic said.

"Hold on, Sonic," Amy told him. "That ghost actually IS real!"

"Did she say... a real ghost?" asked one of the Cappy men. The ghost monster made an eerie sound in front of the whole audience.

"A real ghost!" shouted a Cappy woman.

This made the whole audience run for their lives. They shoved for the exit, and bolted down the hallways and out the castle doors. The Particle Ghost chased after everyone. Escargoon tried to stop them, but failed.

Right after he turned off the movie and the lights back on, King Dedede came out of his private place where he was phoning Eggman.

"What happened, sire? Did you use one of your schemes to drive those people away again?"

"Huh? No way would I ever do such a thing!"

"Oh really? Well, I just saw a real ghost appearing in front of the TV!"

"Heh! What nonsense! You're just imagining things. There's no such thing as ghosts!" Dedede turned away from the snail and yawned. "I'll see ya in the mornin', Escargoon," he said.

Escargoon was surprised that Dedede would not believe what he truly saw.

Everyone ran back outside to the castle grounds where they thought they would be safe. But the Particle Ghost monster was still chasing them, and it showed up again in the castle grounds!

"What are you gonna do?" Tuff whimpered.

Tiff tried to figure out the ghost's weakness. "Turn the lights on, and the ghost will fall. That's it! The ghost has a weakness of light!"

"But we don't have enough lights to weaken that ghost!" Amy cried.

"Maybe not!" Tiff spied a lantern. She threw it to Kirby. "Kirby, suck this up!"

Kirby quickly inhaled the lantern. A huge ball of yellow light expanded from his body. Another new Copy Ability!

"Way to go, Kirby!" Tuff cheered.

Then Meta Knight appeared from nowhere. "That is Light Kirby," he said. "As Light Kirby, he can throw balls of light to not only light up dark areas, but he also has the ability to make ghosts disappear."

Kirby threw more balls of light at the ghost. For every hit, particles began dissolving from the ghost, gradually weakening the monster.

"You can do it, Kirby!" Tiff said. "Scare that ghost to death!"

Then Kirby illuminated a humongous ball of light and threw it directly at the Particle Ghost. It moaned in pain as the ball penetrated its body, until it disappeared.

When the noise stopped, the crowd was filled with cheers.

Overhearing all the noise that came from outside his window, King Dedede got out of bed and approached the castle grounds. "What's going on here?"

When the Cappies saw King Dedede, they were all angry. Some of them took turns telling what happened. "There was a real ghost..."

"...that Your Majesty has revived."

"It was chasing us everywhere..."

"...until Tiff found its only weakness."

Tiff went last. "Then Kirby defeated that ghost with his Light ability!"

"What!!!" Dedede was shocked for a few moments, then got enraged. He got out his large hammer. "Y'all are gonna pay for this!"

But before he could bash anyone, he was stopped by Amy, who was armed with her own Piko Piko Hammer.

"Back off or I'll beat YOU up!" she yelled.

Noticing the hammer that Amy was holding, Dedede watched a flashback from the time when Amy beat him in the Hammer Wrestling Tournament.

"Uhh... Happy Halloween, everyone," he said, then ran back to his bedroom.

"Yeah, right!" Amy retorted. She stick out her tongue and blew a raspberry. Tiff did the same thing.

Later, it was time for Amy and her friends to go back home. They all met near the drawbridge. All the Cappies were also going back to their own homes. Amy turned to her best friend of Cappytown.

"Hey, Tiff, wanna come over to my house tomorrow and eat some candy with me?"


"Great! But let's be careful when we eat our candy, for too much of it can result in not only stomachaches, but it'll make our teeth rot!"

"Don't worry, Amy; I'll bring over some toothpaste too!"

Amy and Tiff laughed, then Amy and her friends started departing Cappytown with their bags full of candy.

"Well, see you tomorrow, Tiff!"

"Bye, Amy!"

After Tiff waved goodbye to her hedgehog friend, she led Tuff and Kirby back into the castle and up to their rooms, holding their candy bags in their hands.

"I think we all learned something," she told them.

"What, Tiff?" Tuff asked.

"Never pull a prank, or else other ghosts just might join in!"

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