Kirby woke up one morning feeling a little pink. He walked over to get his breakfast, yummy fishes he caught yesterday.*pours orange juice on hand "whoops! guess I'm not myself today. *sets up table. "Ah. this looks great!",Kirby said. He chowed down the food with all of his might! chew ,chew, chew, drink. chew, chew ,chew, drink. Kirby took his plate, and in haled the extra crumbs from the dish. He walked over to his couch to watch some TV.

"La la la la la la la... whoops!" Kirby fell over a bunch of papers. He looked left, then he looked right, he looked up, down, and even a direction no one knew about! "Wow that was close! I could've been hurt!"Kirby said as he got up from the ground. "Huh? what's this? He looked at the ground and saw some old boxes. Some big, some small and some medium sized with an extra inch at the northeast side. " These are my old games!" he said.

"I didn't even know I still had these! Let's see... Nightmare in Dreamland, that took a lot of pictures. Air ride, oh yeah that canceled game. Pinball, Sixty-Four, Tilt n Tumble, all of these games were great! I wonder if any one still plays it. Maybe I can call Nintendo!" Kirby walked over to the phone but this time not trying to trip on anything. "hmm 1-800-ARE-YOU-BORED oh, they put me on hold. Ah nice Mario Bros music."

"Ah... what am I calling for? ummm... oh now I remember! does any body still play Kirby games?....They are! Are you making new games?... You are! Great, what is it about?.... What? That's not like me! I'll send you a game that's all about me! Do you take dream-mail? hello, hello?" *hangs up " I'll send them the best game ever! Lets see, I can make it on the game cube! What should it be called?"

Kirby thought for a name long and hard and finally came up with "Kirby's Game"! Perfect! "I'll need some concept art." Kirby said. Kirby got some pencils,crayons and other necessary items. " Lets see... scribble scribble scribble scribble. Yup the pen works!" Kirby worked on the game for many hours day until night until he finally finished it! "It's done!" Kirby went to Warp star Dream Mail Post Office. " Here you go!" Kirby dropped off the game.

He left the post office and went straight home. Then he started waiting for a reply. He waited from the beginning of Spring where all the birds sang lovely songs. Then he waited when Summer started where the heat it full of surprises. Then came along Autumn when the wind blows in every direction . And last but not least the cold Winter. And he waited from that day he sent the game until now. And if you find a box marked "Kirby's Game" your sure in for a surprise!

Now Kirby realized that he waited 72.5 gangeklions, in other words about a year. Kirby decided that he needed to figure out what happened to it. He went out to the Rent-a-Warp-Star Shop."I need a warp star.", Kirby asked. " Oh ok, and what exactly are you looking for?" the manager asked "I need a warp star, one that can withstand anything."Kirby replied "Um,ok do you want it in a specific color?" "Well maybe blue, no I think pink"Kirby said.

"Um, and you came here for?" "I want a warp star! a pink warp star",Kirby replied angrily. Eventually Kirby finally got his warp star. He got on and started to drift off, although he started to slow down and came back to the ground. "I need some one to go along with." Kirby said to him self. He decided to bring Waddle Doo. "We're are we going?"asked waddle doo."To a place we've never been to!" Kirby and Waddle Doo rode on the warp star

They passed the great ring of Saturn, they swung by the planet Jupiter, they got to see almost everything! Eventually after many black holes,minutes and many things they finally go to the planet earth. "Here it is!",Kirby said and they landed. They walked into the Nintendo building. "Wow,nice place. So many doors to! Let's go to this one, it's marked Mr. Masahiro Sakurai.

"They walked into the nice wide room.* Masahiro was playing Metroid "Wow! your on level eighty!" Kirby remarked."Arigato.Wel-come,sit down sit down. You look ver-dy familiar."he said with a nice voice "Um,we came here to talk about this game I sent about last year, it was marked "Kirby's game". "Ah,yes. No stamps on pack-age." "Now they tell me. Can you please try it out?" Kirby asked anxiously

"Ehhh,ok!" so Kirby,Masahiro,and Waddle Doo played the game for many hours. They got up to level fifty-three! "So... what do you think about it?",Kirby asked. "Ehhh,it was another u-ni-verse! You get the job!" So Kirby worked on many games. Ones featuring Samus,others like Donkey Kong, many had Mario, and some had Luigi, but best of all was... Kirby.

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