Tails was doing some major improvements and fixes to his X-Tornado in his laboratory. He worked so hard all day, he gave his vehicle a new ability -- the ability to fly to any other planets in the entire universe while in outer space.

After successfully finishing his upgrades the following morning, he called his old friends on the phone.

"Amy, you gotta come over to my lab right away! I just did some engine upgrades to my X-Tornado! Cream, it's Tails. I wanna show you some improvements I made to the X-Tornado. Come on over!"

When Amy heard Tails' phone call, she called Tiff about the upgrades Tails made to his vehicle.

"Tiff, Tails wants to show you the new upgrades to his X-Tornado. Bring Kirby with you!"

Less than half an hour later, Amy, Sonic, Tiff, Kirby, Cream and Cheese arrived to Tails' house. Tails was glad to see them.

"Thank goodness you came! As you can see, all of yesterday to last night, I have upgraded my X-Tornado even more. Now it has the ability... to fly to other planets in the whole universe!"

"Anywhere we want?" Cream asked with delight.

"Anywhere we want!"

The friends cheered. "Yay! We can go anywhere! This is our lucky day!"

"But I gotta warn you about something," Tails interrupted, and the friends suddenly stopped cheering. He continued in a non-excited voice, "Some of the planets in the universe are dangerous, and believe me, we don't want to go in places like those."

"Like where?"

"I could tell you, but it would be a lot safer if I didn't, because if I did, I would fear that you'd tell everyone and they might want to go there." Then he smiled and continued, "So, where should we go on our first trip to another planet?"

"I know!" Tiff cried. "I remember the first time when I met Commander Vee. She lives in Planet Pipi--"

Amy felt a little disgusted when she heard the last word Tiff was saying. "Eww, she lives in a planet named after something unpleasant?"

"No, silly," Tiff said. "It's just a normal planet like always. In fact, Planet Pipi is a cleaner, healthier, and nicer environment than here. Vee told me that. It's also the home of Princess Rona -- well, actually, she's Queen Rona now, and Vee is her guard."

Amy's emotion suddenly changed. "It would be great to see a real queen in person!" she said.

"I agree; I've never seen a real queen before," Cream added.

"Me neither," Sonic said.

"Then it's decided. Planet Pipi it is! Everyone, to the X-Tornado!"

Tails opened the cockpit, and the friends got inside the plane. Amy, Tiff and Sonic sat in the front half. Kirby, Cream and Cheese took the back half. Tails got into his driver's seat. All together, they buckled their seat belts.

"Everyone buckled?" Tails asked.

"Yes, sir!" replied Amy, Tiff, Sonic and Cream.

"Poyo!" Kirby said.

"Chao!" Cheese said.

"Okay then!" Tails pressed a button, and the cockpit closed. Then he pressed another, and the garage doors opened. "Next stop, Planet Pipi. Hang on!" He held onto the engine's handles. His feet pressed on the accelerator.

The plane's wheels began to move. The X-Tornado traveled out of the garage. As it went faster and faster, Tails pulled on the handles. "Here we go!" The plane lifted off the ground and into the sky.

It flew high above the Station Square City Park. Many people gasped as the X-Tornado zoomed by at the speed of light.

The plane went higher and higher. It went so high up, the Earth was too far away to see at around 10 minutes into the flight.

"So who is this Princess Rona you're talking about?" Amy asked.

"Correction -- she's Queen Rona, didn't you forget?" Tiff told her.

"Oh, yeah, sorry," Amy replied.

"There's no need to be. Anyway, Queen Rona is really quiet, and she talks in a manner that you all aren't going to believe."

Tails navigated through the planets in the universe. He couldn't tell which one was which, except for the blue and green planet he and his friends live in. "Hey, Tiff, how do we get to Planet Pipi?" he asked.

"Look for the only purple and pink planet that you see," Tiff said.

Tails looked everywhere in outer space. He didn't see anything but shining stars, meteors, and...


Tails steered his plane to a safer direction, just before the enormous rocks could charge right at him.

"That was close!"

Then he saw something round, pink and purple floating in orbit. "By the way, what's that strange planet doing out in outer space?"

"That's it!" Tiff yelled excitedly.

"What's it?"

"The planet -- you know, the one where Queen Rona lives in. That's the planet I just told you about! Go there, hurry!"

Tails turned the X-Tornado directly towards the purple and pink sphere. "Hold on tight, everyone!" he said as he pulled on the handles, causing the plane to fly directly straight towards their destination.

As they got closer and closer, the planet changed from purple and pink to grass green. As it did so, it began to form small trees, buildings, and even the castle where Queen Rona lived in.

"I can see the castle from here," Amy said.

"I can't wait to see Queen Rona up close!" Cream added.

The friends watched as the skies gradually got brighter. They could see the stars fading away and the sun beginning to shine in the sky.

At around 50 feet from the ground, Tails quickly slowed down to keep himself from crashing. The vehicle went from very fast to one of the slowest speeds available, then landed comfortably on the ground.

"Here we are! Everybody out!" Tails said as he opened the cockpit. The friends got off the X-Tornado and onto the ground.

When they looked around Planet Pipi, it was by far the most beautiful place they've ever been. In fact, it was even more peaceful looking than Cappytown. The air smelled like perfume. The trees were filled with purple and pink flowers.

Amy, Tiff, Sonic, Kirby, Cream and Tails walked everywhere. Cheese flied behind them. From another distance, Cream spied a flower field. She skipped over to the field and picked some of the flowers.

"Cream! Put those flowers down and let's go!" Tiff called.

Disappointed, Cream dropped the flowers back onto the field and ran back to her friends. "But I wanted to give some of them to Queen Rona," she protested.

"Don't worry, Cream," Amy told her. "I'm sure she has plenty of flowers already in her garden."

Soon, they came to a wooden sign saying 'Welcome to Pipi Kingdom'. Behind the sign was a large, metal gate blocking the entrance.

"Uh oh," Tails said. "It looks like we can't get through the gate!"

"Think again, Tails," said Amy. "Don't you remember the time when I won a lot of money from that Hammer Wrestling Tournament? I have plenty of money for all of us to buy tickets that will allow us to get through these gates."

The friends went over to the ticket booth. "Tickets to Pipi Kingdom for every one of us, please," Amy requested. She paid $90 for the tickets. "Thank you!"

Then Amy walked to the ticket machine next to the gates and inserted the tickets into the slot. After the tickets got sucked into the machine, the gates instantly opened.

"Come on, guys!" Amy told her friends. They ran through the entrance. As they got in, they were amazed by the amount of space of the kingdom and its environment.

Inside the kingdom, there were lots of small houses where the villagers live, gift shops, banks, hotels, a post office, restaurants, and lots of other different locations.

"I gotta tell you guys, this place has everything -- a lot more than what we have in Cappytown," Tiff said.

"But where's the castle?" Sonic asked.

"Vee told me to look for the tallest building with the royal symbol on it. That's where we'll find Queen Rona's castle."

The friends continued walking. At last, they came to a castle, painted lavender all over. It also had a replica of Rona's royal symbol on top of it.

Tiff pointed at the castle from a quarter mile away. "There it is -- Queen Rona's castle! Let's go!"

And she, Amy, Sonic, Kirby, Tails and Cream ran towards the drawbridge, with Cheese floating behind. As they crossed the bridge, they saw a young lady dressed in military clothes guarding the doors to the castle lobby. The lady was none other than...

"Commander Vee!" Tiff cried.


Vee and Tiff ran towards each other and hugged. Then they shook their hands. "It's a pleasure to see you again, Commander."

"You too, Tiff," Vee replied.

Kirby came over. "I see you've also brought your little Star Warrior friend as well," Vee said. "Er, what was his name again?"

"Kirby," Tiff told her.

"Oh yeah, I forgot." Vee looked down at Kirby. "Welcome, Kirby, to Pipi Kingdom."

"Poyo," ("Thanks,") Kirby squealed.

Then Vee looked at Tiff's friends from Station Square. "And who are they?" she asked.

"They're my friends from Station Square," Tiff replied. She walked back over to their side. "Commander Vee, meet Amy..."

"Hi," Amy said.


"What's up?" said Sonic.


"Hello," Tails said.

"...and Cream."

Cream waved her hand hi.

"Chao!" Cheese squealed.

"Oh, and this is my Chao pet, Cheese," Cream added.

"Wow, you sure have brought a lot of friends over to our kingdom," Vee reacted.

"Tiff told me all about you and Princess -- I mean, Queen Rona since a few weeks ago," Amy said. "And we're all here because we want to see Her Highness in person."

A disappointed look appeared on Vee's face. "I'm sorry to say this, but she's not available right now."

The friends groaned.

Then Vee raised her head back up straight and smiled. "But I do have good news. I can still give you a tour around the castle until she calls for me."

The friends cheered. "Yay! A tour around the castle!"

"Shh!" Vee shushed everyone, and they stopped cheering. "Rona is a quiet person, in case you've forgotten. You see, she's taking a rest in her private room right now, and not only that, she always talks in a manner that hardly any of you can hear, no matter what comments she makes. So you have to be quiet as well."

"Yes, Commander," everyone replied, including Tiff.

"Good," Vee said. "Follow me, please!"

She led Tiff and her friends through the front doors. After they got inside, Amy, Sonic, Tiff, Kirby, Cream and Tails gasped. The lobby was much wider in space than King Dedede's castle.

The wallpaper consisted of spring flowers, all colored yellow, pink and white, as well as red roses, and a clear blue sky.

"This is a lovely castle, Commander Vee," Tiff said.

"Thank you, Tiff," Vee told her. "Queen Rona loves flowers and clear skies, so she chose this wallpaper a long time ago before she even became princess of Planet Pipi."

"It's my favorite too," Amy said. "My room has a similar wall like this, except mine is covered in pink roses."

Vee guided the friends across the hallways and out to the courtyard. It was the largest courtyard in the entire universe. There was even a two-story fountain in the middle. It poured gallons of water per second.

"Wow, that fountain is huge!" Cream exclaimed. Then she noticed a sign with a picture of a duck on it. "What's that sign for?"

"We only allow ducks to swim in that fountain and no one else," Vee explained. "Thus, that sign means it's for 'Ducks Only'. And every night at 8:00, we turn off the fountain so everyone can sleep in peace."

"Do you ever have picnics here?" asked Tails.

"Sometimes we do, but never at dinnertime. Rona only eats in the dining room every meal at evening. Wanna go take a look?"

"Sure," Tiff replied.

They went through the back door and into the dining room. When they got there, they saw an even wider in length table with a slightly bigger number of chairs surrounding it than the one in King Dedede's castle.

"What do you eat every day?" Sonic asked.

"Sonic, don't ask her that!" Amy scolded him.

"It's okay with me, Amy," Vee said. "He can ask me whatever he wants. We mostly eat a healthy balanced meal like fruits and vegetables, but sometimes I go out to eat whatever I like with Rona's permission."

"That's what I like to do too," Sonic said. "Knuckles and I love to eat out together."

"Who's Knuckles?" asked Vee.

"He's a friend of mine, and he's also an echidna who's about a year older than me. Together, we've hunted down Chaos Emeralds so he can guard the Master Emerald."

"Wow, he's such a tough guy! A lot tougher than me, anyways."

Tails looked within the dining room. He didn't see the kitchen anywhere. "Where's the kitchen?" he asked.

"The kitchen is hidden behind those doors," Vee said, pointing at a pair of doors that were the same color as the wall. "They may look like ordinary doors to you, but they actually lead to the only kitchen we got in this castle."

"Can we go in?" Sonic asked greedily.

"Afraid not. Queen Rona wouldn't even let me go in there without permission. And I'm sure she wouldn't even let in visitors like all of you."

"But I'm really hungry!" Sonic could feel his stomach growling.

"Poyo," ("Me too,") Kirby added.

"Tell you what, then, I'll make today a special day for all of us. Why don't we all go eat out together until Her Highness wakes up? Hopefully, she won't notice."

"Great idea," Tiff said. "I'm kinda hungry too, you know."

"So where do you all wanna eat?"

"What's your favorite place to eat out at?" asked Sonic.

"I mostly eat at I-Pop for breakfast, and for lunch, I often go to McDanny's. They sell the best hamburgers in the entire planet."

"I-Pop? We went there one time," Amy said.

"You did?"


"You sure had a great time there, but unfortunately, the only I-Pop restaurant we have in this kingdom is being reconstructed, so we can't go there today."

"Aw!" everyone sighed.

"But we can still go to McDanny's," Vee told everyone.

"Yay!" the friends cheered.

"Shh!" Vee shushed.

"Sorry!" everyone else replied.

Vee, Tiff, Amy, Sonic, Kirby, Tails and Cream walked out of the castle, across the drawbridge, and into the village. As they passed by groups of villagers, they couldn't believe their eyes.

"Look, everyone! It's Commander Vee from Queen Rona's castle! And she's also got some new visitors with her!"

Some of the villagers were so happy to see her because she hasn't come out of her castle for quite a long time, they wanted her autograph.

"Commander Vee! Can we please get an autograph?"

"Sorry, but I'm on a tour duty with my new friends today. Excuse me, please!"

She led her new friends to a nearby fast-food restaurant. The logo had a blue background with a large, yellow M on it and the word 'McDanny's' on the M.

Vee pushed the door open. The bells hanging on the door jingled. The seven friends stood in two lines -- two VERY LONG lines.

"Why are lines so long these days?" Sonic asked.

"McDanny's has been the most popular restaurant for years," Vee told him. "Every day, at least hundreds of people come here to eat."

When it was Sonic's turn, the cashier asked, "Can I take your order?"

"I'd like a Double Stacker value meal, please," Sonic requested.

Then the cashier turned to Tails. "And what do you want, sir?"

"I'll order a Half Pound Burger value meal," Tails said.

In another line, Vee said, "We'll order three Chicken Breast value meals, and two children's meals, please." The Chicken Breast value meals were for Vee, Amy and Tiff, while the children's meals were for Cream, Cheese and Kirby to eat.

After they got their foods, they sat in two tables, with one side consisting of a bench. One of the tables had one chair on one side, the other had two chairs. Sonic and Tails sat in front of each other, while Vee and Tiff sat next to each other in the other table with Amy, Kirby, Cream and Cheese on the opposite side.

While they were eating their meals, Vee asked, "So where are you from, and what do you like to do, Amy?"

Amy replied, "I live in Station Square, which is located in the planet Earth. And my favorite thing most of all is chasing Sonic. Ever since the day he rescued me, I suddenly became obsessed with him and he eventually became my boyfriend."

"And how did you and Tiff first meet each other?"

"We became friends on that first day. Tiff and I bumped into each other and we both fell down on the ground. We were going to hurt each other, but our good sides told us we couldn't, so instead, we just helped ourselves back on our feet, and we talked about our personal lives."

"Wow, that was nice."

"But that isn't all. The next day after she, Sonic, Kirby and I ate out for breakfast, we took a tour around my house, then after that, Tiff showed me all around Cappytown, and all the way to King Dedede's castle. Of course, when Dedede first saw me, things got really nasty!"

"Tell me about it," Vee said. "I remember the time when I dueled against Dedede myself, but instead of a sword fight, he summoned the fish monster Susshi, and Kirby helped me defeat it."

"You fought one of Dedede's monsters?" gasped Amy. "Wow! That sure was one heck of a battle! Well, I remember when I dueled the King myself in a Hammer Wrestling Tournament. All my old friends came over that evening."

"Really? What happened?"

"We battled it out for five rounds, and we only used our hammers. It took a lot of training and self defense, but I won that tournament, thanks to the support of all the friends I ever had. And not only that, I also won two grand prizes -- a Golden Hammer Trophy that looked just like my own hammer, and $2 million!"

Vee gasped. "Whoa! That's a lot of money! So what are you gonna do with all that money?"

"Nothing much, but I'm planning to buy a new house for Tiff to move into someday so she and I can be neighbors. And there's more. Since Sonic and I are closely related to each other, we're going to be married someday!"

"That's awesome," Vee replied. "Unfortunately, Rona is still single, even as a queen. I wish someone could marry her, but it's actually up to her if she ever wants to get married."

Later at around an hour before bedtime, Vee guided everyone to her private bathroom. It was the largest bathroom ever built in the castle. There were huge stalls, sinks, and a bathtub that looked a lot similar to the fountain in the courtyard.

"Is it just me, or am I seeing one of the largest bathrooms in the whole universe?" Tiff thought.

Vee explained to her friends, "That may look like a fountain, but of course, we always take our baths in there."

"You do?" Amy asked.

"Yes. And if you want, there's plenty of room for all of us to get in there right now. So, who wants a bath?"

"Me! I do!" everyone shouted at once.

"All right, all right, settle down. Queen Rona could hear us," Vee said.

3 minutes later, they all got into the tub. Vee scrubbed everyone's bodies and herself with a brush and some soap. Then they all washed their bodies down with the endless waterfalls pouring from the tub.

Kirby swam in the tub, opened his mouth and began drinking the water from the tub. Vee noticed what he was doing.

"Uh, uh, uh! No drinking water from the tub!" she warned.

Kirby obeyed her words, disappointed about his lack of own fun.

By around 8:30 p.m., Vee was dressed in her blue pajamas. Tiff asked, "Why do you wear those at night? We don't usually wear those things."

"They're called pajamas. It's a type of nightgown that everyone should wear while they're sleeping. And the way I see it, you all look like you might need some too."

"But we don't..." Tails protested.

"Hush!" Vee interrupted. "I'll be right back." She left the room, then came back with five pajamas for Amy, Tiff, Sonic, Tails and Cream to wear. "I'm giving these pajamas to all of you free of charge. They're also going to be your souvenirs."

"You mean we can keep these?" asked Sonic.

"Certainly, you can," Vee said. "I have so many, I don't know what to do with them."

"Where do we sleep?" asked Amy.

"I have two extra large beds in my room. Since there's seven of you, half of you can sleep with me, but the rest of you will have to sleep in the other bed."

They turned around to see two king-sized beds. One had a red blanket. The other had a blue blanket.

Vee climbed into the red bed. Tiff and Amy followed her. Sonic, Cream, Cheese and Kirby got into the blue bed.

"Is everyone tucked in and ready for some sleep?" Vee asked.

"Yes, Commander!" the friends replied in unison.

Vee pressed a button on the bed's head, and the lights instantly turned off. "Good night, everyone!" she said.

"Good night, Commander Vee!" replied everyone else.

While they were sleeping, the friends dreamed about what life would be like if they served as royal princes and princesses. But things don't end here yet...

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