One night, King Dedede was watching television on his television set, formerly used to communicate with the now-dead Customer Service. He was viewing a film about love and romance between a prince and a princess.

Suddenly, his phone rang. He left the TV on and walked towards the phone to answer it. "Who is this?"

"Hey there, Triple D! It's Eggman, and I've called to inform you some good news and bad news. The bad news is that your enemy, Kirby, is located in another planet. But the good news is, I've just restored another monster with my wireless machine!"

"Really? What monster is it?"

"The fish monster, Susshi!"

"Great! But if that there Kirby's in another planet, how can the monster even defeat him? And not only that, which planet did Kirby go to?"

"Planet Pipi."

"Planet Pipi! That's where Princess Rona lives!"

"Correction: she's Queen Rona now."

"Who cares? Just figure out a way to send that monster over to that blasted planet!"

"As you command, Your Highness," Eggman replied. He delivered the sushi monster to the purple-pink planet by a space shuttle. The ship that only had room for one monster traveled at around a million miles an hour -- straight to Planet Pipi.

Meanwhile in the castle, Vee woke up to see the morning sun rise over the hill. She saw a flock of birds flying past by.

"Rise and shine, everybody!" she called. Amy, Tiff, Sonic, Kirby, Tails, Cream and Cheese all woke up in reply. Tiff stretched her arms and yawned, then tiredly rubbed her head. "Good morning, Commander," she said.

"Are you ready to see Queen Rona in person today?" Vee asked.

"We sure are," Amy replied. "We didn't get a chance to see her yesterday 'cause we were all busy doing other things."

"I can't finally wait!" Cream exclaimed. "A real queen up close!"

But before everyone got too excited, Vee reminded them, "But first, we must brush our teeth and wash ourselves before we can go anywhere. Follow me, please!"

She guided the friends back to the bathroom. They took turns brushing their teeth with Vee's Advanced Whitening toothpaste. It tasted creamy and succulent.

Then they all went into the bathtub. Once again, Vee used her scrubbing brush to wash everyone's bodies. "We wanna look good for Queen Rona, yes? So we must scrub our own bodies!"

Finally, Vee and the friends went back into the bedroom and put on their regular clothes, then worked together to make Vee's beds look completely neat. They fluffed all the pillows and straightened the top blankets.

Then Vee turned to Tiff and her friends. "Wait here while I go put these pajamas into the laundry. I'll give them back to you later, before you leave."

She took all the pajamas and went into the laundry room. She threw the clothes into the washing machine, turned it on, then went back into her bedroom. Vee confirmed that all work was now finished and everyone was ready to go eat breakfast.

"Good job, everyone," she said. "I guess we're all ready to see Queen Rona. She's in the dining room right now, waiting for us. Come along, now!"

Amy, Tiff, Sonic, Tails, Cream, Cheese and Kirby followed her downstairs. They went to the dining room. Already in one of the chairs was a young woman with light purple skin, a red cape, a white dress, a golden emblem with a green jewel stone on it on her forehead, and something new on her head -- a glittering silver crown with small blue pearls designed just for Queen Rona.

Queen Rona looked pretty shy, but she was still very happy to see Commander Vee arrive with Tiff and her Station Square friends. Vee looked up to her royal monarch. "Good morning, Queen Rona," she said with respect.

"Good morning, Vee," Rona responded. Her voice was almost too quiet for anybody to hear. "And who have you brought with you today?"

"You probably already know my friends Tiff and Kirby, since you and I last met them around two years ago. Well, these are their other friends from Station Square. This is Amy..."



"Hey there!"





"...and Cheese."


"Pleased to meet you all. I am Queen Rona, the ruler of Pipi Kingdom. Unlike all of you, I never enjoy a life the way regular people do."

Vee spoke to Tiff and her friends. "That's why she's been feeling shy most of the time. That's why she couldn't be with us yesterday."

Then everyone took their seats in the dining room table. Vee and Tiff sat in the closest seats to the Queen. Amy sat next to Tiff. Sonic sat next to Vee. Tails and Kirby sat next to Sonic's side. Cream and Cheese sat next to Amy's side.

"I wonder what we'll have for breakfast," Sonic thought. He got up from his chair. "Hey, when are we gonna eat some food already?" he shouted.

Vee looked stern. She also stood up from her chair. "Shhh!" she shushed. "The food will come pretty soon. And another thing, don't be loud! Queen Rona is in this room, and she's really delicate."

"Sorry," Sonic squeaked. He forgot to learn his table manners.

"So what's it like being a queen, Your Highness?" asked Amy.

"Very complicated," replied Rona. "Ever since I was just a princess, it has been and will always be my responsibility to serve my people. I used to spend a lot of time with friends, but I had many official duties to perform as queen."

"Is that true?" Tails asked.

Rona put her head down. "I'm afraid so. Once you become a monarch, it's time to move on."

When the friends heard these words, their dreams about serving as royal princes and princesses didn't turn out to look like sweet dreams after all.

Then the smell of something scrumptious covered the entire room. Vee sniffed it. "I think our breakfast is on its way," she declared.

A group of waiters appeared from the kitchen doors with large plates of eggs, bacon, skillet fried potatoes, sausages, french toast, pancakes with syrup, and desserts, including fresh fruits. They set them down on the center of the table.

Sonic licked his lips. "Mmm! Let's eat!"

But suddenly, Vee held up her hand at him. "Hold on right there!" she warned.


"It's good manners to have our queen eat first. That's what we always do every meal. Since you're a guest here, you'll have to wait until Queen Rona is served because it shows a sign of respect."

"Aww!" Sonic groaned. He was really hungry and tired of waiting all the time.

Queen Rona helped herself to some pieces of fresh fruit. She picked up her fork and slowly chewed on a piece of sliced banana.

Vee waited until she swallowed it, then told everyone, "Okay, you may all now dig in."

"Finally!" Sonic said. He greedily grabbed a ladle and scooped up mountains of scrambled eggs, sausage links, bacon strips and skillet potatoes onto his plate.

"Sonic, this isn't just your food. You gotta save some for the others too," Amy told him.

Sonic got annoyed. "Amy, knock it off!" He wolfed down all his eggs in just over a minute.

"And slow down while you're eating," Tails added.

Sonic was even more annoyed, but this time, he didn't say a thing. He slowed down a little on his delicious plate of food.

Cream and Cheese, who had pancakes on their plates, had trouble cutting their food. "Excuse me, Cheese and I need some help cutting our pancakes," Cream said.

Vee got off her chair. She taught Cream how to cut her pancakes into smaller pieces with a knife and fork. "Thank you," Cream replied.

Even Kirby used his table manners very well. He used his knife and fork to cut his food into bite sizes, and he didn't even eat with his hands or inhaled any of his food.

"I think Kirby has learned his table manners very quickly," Tiff said to Vee.

"You're right, Tiff; look at him! He's learning to not eat with his hands," Vee said.

Kirby took a bite of one of his pancakes with his fork. "Poyo," he squealed.

After breakfast, Vee took Tiff and her friends to a three-story shopping mall. Amy brought her camera with her. It was taller and richer than the mall Amy and Tiff often go to.

There were bigger sales, slightly lower prices, more household objects, and most importantly -- the same stores! The only thing that this mall had less of were the restaurants, which is why many people had to wait in really long lines.

"Let's make sure we all go together so we don't get lost," Vee reminded everyone.

"That's exactly what I've been saying to my friends every time we went to the mall," Amy said as she and her friends went inside.

They went to many different stores, like the bookstore, the toy store, the pharmacy store, and the jewelry store. Amy took a lot of pictures along the way. As for the photos she was in, Vee took control of the camera for those.

The last place they went to Vee's favorite place to go to -- The Bold Knight. There, they sold clothes designed for kings, queens, princes, princesses, knights, guards, and anyone else who are part of a kingdom's castle. It even had metal swords only suitable for use by the bravest knights and guards in a castle.

"We don't have a store like this in Cappytown," Tiff said.

"Neither do we in Station Square," Amy added.

"Then today's your lucky day," Vee told them. "There's only one of these stores in the entire universe, and not only that, this store's been around for decades. Rona's old father first came here since his daughter was a baby."

"Wow!" Cream exclaimed. "That's a long time!"

"Speaking of which, where is Rona's father now?" Sonic asked.

"I hate to say this, but Rona's father died several months ago. He hasn't been feeling very well since the week after Tiff and I last met in Cappytown."

"Oh, that's really sad," Tails said. "Where did you bury him?"

"His grave is located in the garden of our courtyard. Sometimes, Queen Rona would talk to her father there because she misses him a lot."

"Well, let's stop talking about sad things and go look around," Amy said.

Vee and the friends went in different directions within the store. Amy and Tiff looked at the princesses' dress section. There were lots of different kinds -- red, green, blue, yellow, white, and pink.

Sonic, Tails and Kirby looked at the kings' section. It had extra large, king sized capes, golden crowns, and royal red and blue clothes.

Cream and Cheese went with Vee in the knights' armory section. Vee was browsing through many different kinds of swords and shields she could use. "Too blunt... not strong enough... too defenseless..."

She came to a brand-new silver armor consisting of a three-foot sword and a large shield. "Perfect!" she said. "I'm certainly gonna buy these. They might come in handy in case any monsters arrive to attack our kingdom."

"But doesn't the chance of monsters appearing in your kingdom border on almost zero percent?" Tiff asked.

"Well, even though I only fought that one monster since I visited Cappytown, it would be a good idea to buy these items in case we're under attack."

Right after everyone left the shopping mall, the ground shook with a CRASH! From far away, people started running for their lives. The ship that the monster Susshi was riding had just landed!

"Run! Run! It's an aquatic monster!" shouted a villager.

As the monster crashed its way out of its shuttle, its body slamming made the ground shake even more.

"I knew it! I knew a monster was coming all along!" Vee said.

Cream was shuddering. "W-w-what monster is it?"

"Let's go check it out!" Vee and the friends ran closer to where the monster was supposed to be by now. They could see dark red fins and white burgundy scales.

"I recognize that monster!" Tiff said. "It's nothing other than..."

"SUSSHI!" Vee gasped as she and everyone else saw the fish creature's entire body. It also had a large belly and an eel's tail, which was its weak point, though no one was aware about this yet.

The fish creature roared out loud. Amy, Tiff, Kirby, Sonic, Tails, Cream and Cheese covered their ears.

Then the monster attacked with its large tail. Most of the friends dodged the attack, but Kirby wasn't so lucky. The attack sent him flying off his feet. Luckily, he got up again and decided to fight off the monster.

"Kirby, don't do it!" Tiff cried. But Kirby refused to quit.

Susshi began attacking Vee and Kirby with a tail attack. Vee used her shield to defend herself, then used her new sword to cut off some of the scales.

This didn't effect the monster's health points much. It performed another body slam attack, this time sending Vee's old sword flying into the air. It landed next to Kirby.

Thinking quickly, Kirby inhaled the small sword. Again, he transformed into Sword Kirby, the same old swordsman from when he fought Kracko at the Emerald Coast.

"Sword Kirby!" Vee said. "It's been a while since we fought together!"

Kirby attacked by himself first. He tried chopping the big fish into pieces, but instead, he sliced more of the scales off of Susshi. As a result, the monster was still in the same condition as usual.

"How can Kirby defeat that monster?" Amy asked.

Tiff tried to remember how Kirby and Vee defeated Susshi for the first time. She looked though a flashback.

"Just turn it into sushi," said Kawasaki from the flashback.

"That's it! The tail!" Tiff thought. "Kirby, Vee, slice it by the tail!" she called to her brave fighters.

"Leave it to us!" Vee called back.

She and Kirby ran around the monster to its behind. Just as the tail was about to attack again, Vee commanded, "Now!"

Together, Vee and Kirby sliced the monster's enormous tail in two. Susshi roared in pain as it bounced everywhere on the ground. Bits of sushi and fish bones rained all over the village.

People swarmed out of their houses, trying to catch all the pieces.

"It's raining sushi!"

"Hey, give some for me!"

When the monster stopped bouncing, it laid down dead. Two X's were formed for its eyes.

The friends walked towards Vee and Kirby, who were standing in front of Susshi's dead body. "So what should we do with this dead fish?" Tails asked.

"I know! Since it's giant sized, why don't we eat some for lunch right now?" Sonic suggested.

"Great idea, Sonic," Tails replied. "It'll make a bountiful meal!"

Back in the castle, Vee, Amy, Tiff, Sonic, Kirby, Tails, Cream, and Cheese were in the dining room, serving themselves a big sushi meal. They each dipped a piece of the fish in soy sauce.

Sonic, however, used too much of it for every piece he ate.

"Sonic, please only use a little bit of the sauce at a time, or your fish will taste too salty," Vee requested. Sonic immediately corrected himself, and carefully dipped a corner of his next fish piece into the sauce.

Tiff turned to Commander Vee and asked, "Aren't you lucky I was there to give you advice on defeating that monster?"

"I sure was," Vee said. "If it wasn't for your help, this whole kingdom would've been in jeopardy."

"Mmm, this is delicious," Amy mumbled. "Say, Commander Vee, would it be okay if we took some of the fish back to our home planet?"

"Sure, I don't mind," Vee replied. "I'm sure your folks will love the sushi we all made together."

"Except for King Dedede," Tiff said.

"Why not him?"

"That guy's gonna freak if he sees the remains of his sushi monster that we're eating now," Sonic told her.

"Don't worry, Sonic," Tails said. "He's always like that every time."

Later, it was time to go back to the friends' home planet. All of their belongings, including the pajamas Vee gave to them, as well as some chunks of leftover sushi, were stored in the X-Tornado.

"Well, I guess this is good-bye, Commander Vee," Tiff said.

Vee handed her a photo album. It had a pink cover on it, with words saying 'My Photo Album'. "What's this?" asked Tiff.

"It's a photo album that you can use to remember all the good times we had together in Queen Rona's kingdom."

Tiff turned the pages to see photos of her, Amy, Sonic, Tails, Cream, Cheese, Kirby, and Vee at the mall, in the castle, outside, and everywhere else in the kingdom.

"Who took all these pictures?" Tiff asked.

"It was me," Amy told her. "I took those pictures to help you bring back memories with Commander Vee."

Tiff smiled at her hedgehog friend. "Thanks, Amy!"

She then turned to Commander Vee. "And thank you, Commander Vee, for spending the time with all of us in your hometown."

"It was a pleasure having you, too, Tiff," Vee said.

"But aren't you gonna feel sad that you'll miss me forever?"

"Don't worry," Vee replied. "I'm never alone. You'll always be with me in my heart, and so will your other friends too."

"Thank you, Commander Vee," Tiff said. They shook their hands.

"You're welcome, everyone," Vee said. She gave everyone a kiss.

Sonic blushed. "A guardsman has just kissed me!" he said.

Then Tails opened the cockpit of the X-Tornado, and the friends got inside. They all sat in the same seats from when they arrived to Planet Pipi.

"Good-bye, Commander Vee!" everyone called.

"Good-bye, everyone!" Vee called back.

Tails pressed on the accelerator, pulled on the engine handles, and the plane took off. It sailed higher and higher into the sky and disappeared in the heavens. Vee waved bye at Tails' plane.

Tiff looked in her photo album on the way back home.

"I'm gonna show these pictures to my family when I get back to Dedede's castle," she thought.

Tails drove into outer space, dodging asteroids if he saw any. Eventually, he could see their home planet just 100 miles away. "We're almost home," he said.

Meanwhile, Dedede was playing golf in his castle's grounds. An old mailman named Melman stopped by to give him a package delivery.

"Who's this from?" Dedede asked.

"It's from Tiff and some friends of hers," Melman said. "It's something that will make your hunger go away."

Right after he left, Dedede opened the package. It was five pounds of the remains from the fish monster Eggman had sent to Planet Pipi. But instead of eating it, Dedede just gazed at the food for a few seconds, until...


Not only Dedede wasn't hungry, but now he was aware that he just lost another monster, all thanks to Kirby.

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