Amy was watching a commercial on television in her house. The advertisement was about a movie that was currently showing in theaters.

"A hundred years ago..." said a voiceover from the TV. The screen showed scenes of a couple on a large boat.

"One man..."

"I'm the King of the World!"

"And one woman..."

"I'd rather be his girlfriend than your wife!"

"Set sail on the biggest boat ever seen in the whole world."

The commercial showed frames of a young man and a young woman on the boat, followed by dramatic images of the boat sinking underwater caused by a collision with a huge iceburg.

"Listen to me -- the water is freezing, and we don't have enough boats for everyone! Half the people on board are gonna lose their lives."

Amy watched as she saw the people on TV running around for their lives, still on the boat. Some of the actors' names then appeared on screen, then a few clips of the character who the actors played.

Amy still didn't know what the film's title was supposed to be. Then, finally, the name of the movie itself appeared.

The voiceover said, "Titanic: 100 Years Ago. Rated PG-13. Now playing in a theater near you."

Amy, defiantly ignoring the PG-13 rating, was willing to see this movie with her friends. She went to the phone in her kitchen and called Tiff.

Tiff, who was also watching television in the living room but actually didn't see the commercial on that same day, answered the phone. "Hello?"

"Hey, Tiff!"

"Oh, hi, Amy. What's up?"

"I saw this movie preview where a man and a woman fall in love with each other, and they're sailing on a big boat."

"Did they, really? What's the name of the movie?"

"It's called Titanic: 100 Years Ago."

"I've seen that same commercial of that movie before!"

"You have? That's amazing! Anyways, I was wondering if you, Buto, Sonic and I could all go together to see it. Want to?"

"That would be fantastic, Amy, but the movie's rated PG-13."


"I don't know if my parents will not mind if I saw this movie with you guys."

"Don't worry, Tiff; we practically look like teenagers ourselves. And not only that, your boyfriend's 14 years old, and Sonic is 15. And since Sonic's parents and my parents are not around anymore, I think we should be okay seeing this movie."

"I believe you, Amy, but since I still have parents, I'll still have to ask if Buto and I can come with you guys."

"I sure hope your parents can let you and Buto see the movie with us," Amy said. "Well, I'll see you in a little while."

"See you, Amy." The two girls hung up their phones. Then Tiff walked towards her parents in the kitchen. Lady Like and Sir Ebrum were having tea in the dining room table. Sir Ebrum was also reading from a newspaper.

"Mom, Dad, can Buto and I go see Titanic: 100 Years Ago?" Tiff asked.

"What's it rated?" Lady Like asked for her daughter's safety of watching movies. Tiff responded without hesitation, "PG-13."

"Well, since it isn't a restricted movie, I guess it's okay with your mother and I," Sir Ebrum said.

Tiff was pleased at her parents allowing her to see the movie after all. "Thanks, Mom! Thanks, Dad!" She ran out of the living room and out to the castle grounds.

Outside, Buto was sitting on the fountain playing with his yo-yo. He did tricks like the The Gravity Pull, the Throwdown, and the Sleeper. His dog, Butcher, watched as his owner did these tricks. He was so entertained that he wanted to play with the yo-yo himself.

"Now, Butcher, this is not a dog's toy," Buto told him. "Besides, you might break the string."

Then he saw Tiff running over to him. "Hey there, Tiff! What's going on?"

"Amy called me, and she's inviting us to see this cool movie that she saw on television," Tiff said.

"What's the movie called?" asked Buto.

"It's called Titanic: 100 Years ago. The film's about a man and a woman who go on a romantic cruise. Amy really wants to go see a movie together with Sonic, and since she's inviting me, I want you to come too. Wanna come?"

"Sure! I've never seen a movie in a cinema before in my old hometown."

Tiff held out her hand. Buto grabbed it, and got up from the fountain as his girlfriend lifted him off. "See you later, Butcher," Buto said to his dog as he and Tiff started walking out of the castle and through Cappytown.

Back in Amy's house, Amy was talking to Sonic in his room about seeing the movie. "The film's about a woman who falls in love with a man while onboard on the largest boat ever built," she said.

"So it's a movie about romance?" Sonic asked.

"That's right. And because of that, this is just the movie you and I must go watch together. I even invited Tiff and Buto to come over and see it as well. Not only that, you and I have never seen a movie together. Do you still want to come?"

Sonic didn't think hard. He said, "Okay, Amy. I want to see the movie too anyway, since it won't be 'romantic' enough if you went alone."

"Thanks, Sonic!" Amy hugged her boyfriend like always. And, of course, Sonic choked like always from Amy's crushing hugs.

Then they heard the doorbell from Amy's front door. Amy and Sonic left the room and went downstairs. Amy opened the door. "Hi, Amy," Tiff said.

"How's it going, Sonic?" Buto added.

"Hey, guys," Sonic replied.

"You ready to go see the movie Titanic: 100 Years Ago?" asked Tiff.

"Almost," Amy said. "I just need to go get my purse and my wallet. You guys wait here; I'll be right back." She went back into the kitchen and packed her wallet into her bag, then returned to the front door. "I'm ready now," she said.

"Then let's go," Buto told everyone. Amy locked the door, then the four friends began walking out of the little neighborhood and into the big city.

They found the Station Square Movie Theater eight blocks from the city park. High above the ticket booth in the middle were the words "TITANIC: 100 YEARS AGO" in capital letters. The second they got there, Amy said to the ticket holder, "We'd like four tickets to Titanic: 100 Years Ago, please."

Knowing that Amy, Tiff, Sonic and Buto all looked like teenagers, the ticket holder gave them all each a ticket. "That'll be $42.90," he said.

Amy got out her wallet and gave him $45, and was handed back two dollars and a dime for change. "Thanks," said the ticket holder. "Enjoy the movie."

"Come on, guys," Amy said to Tiff, Buto and Sonic. They went to the refreshments store and bought two large tubs of buttered popcorn to share, then into the cinema.

They sat down in four empty seats, about 16 feet from the big screen. It started off with some coming attractions that always play before the movie itself starts. The first one actually did advertise an R-rated film.

When the 'R rating' appeared on the greenband screen, Buto asked, "What does R-rated mean?"

"It means the movie's only meant for adults to watch," Tiff told him. "Normally, people like us wouldn't be admitted to these kind of movies, unless we were accompanied by an adult."

Then after the trailer was finished playing, another one appeared. Sonic felt quite impatient. "Ugh... when will the film play already?" he shouted.

"Shh!" Amy and some of the other patrons shushed.

"Sorry," Sonic said in a tiny voice. Amy whispered to his ear. "It takes about ten minutes for these coming attractions to finish, so let's just wait."

At least four or five more previews later, the announcer declared it was now time for the feature presentation to be shown. "Finally!" Sonic said.

On the big screen, the film opened with a group of people boarding on a beyond extra large boat, including the young woman and man that the friends were talking about.

During every romantic scene of the man and woman in the film, Amy and Sonic held hands together, and Tiff and Buto did the same. There was some inappropriate material in parts of the movie, which might've been the reason why it got the PG-13 rating.

About halfway through the film, things gradually became scary. It now took place at night in the movie, and the water rapidly dropped to a freezing temperature. The boat went out of control and collided with an enormous iceberg.

Amy, Buto and Tiff gasped at the moment of the collision, but Sonic wasn't very distracted. The people on board were now to abandon ship and take refuge on lifeboats, which there were not enough of for everybody.

The young man and woman did not ever want to separate from each other, and their lives were now in danger. The big boat that they were still on split in half.

Towards the end of the film, many people, including Amy, Tiff and Buto, started to cry. in the movie, several people were dying of hypothermia, including the man that was in love with the woman.

Amy and Tiff were crying so hard, they collapsed on Sonic and Buto's chests. The boys patted their girlfriends. They were still crying by the time the end credits were scrolling up.

"Tiff, the movie's over," Buto said. "Are you all right?"

"I'm okay," Tiff said tearfully. "It's just that... that movie was the saddest one I've even seen."

"Same here," Amy added. She wiped the tears off her eyes. "Every time I'm seeing a movie like this, I feel like Sonic is going to leave me forever."

"It's all right, Amy," Sonic comforted her. "I won't ever leave you, 'cause I'm the only boyfriend you got." Amy smiled when she heard Sonic saying these words.

The friends walked out of the cinema while the credits were still rolling. "Now that that's over with, what do you guys suggest we should do now?" Tiff asked.

Amy had a sudden idea. "I know! Let's make our own version of that movie we just saw."

"That's a great idea, Amy," Tiff agreed. "Do you have a video camera in your house that we can use?"

"No, but we can buy one," replied Amy. "And I know just the place!"

Amy, Tiff, Sonic and Buto went to a digital camera store called Kodek. They bought the most valuable digital video camera currently on sale. This camera had lots of things -- it could be used as a security camera to inspect robberies or theft, contained output connections for PCs, flash drives, and could read optical discs. And most importantly, it had the ability to create video files from standard to high definition. AND the best part of it all was... it was waterproof!

"Let's buy this one," Amy said.

"How much is it?" asked Buto. Amy looked at the price tag. "It's worth $500."

"Are you sure you can afford items like this?" Buto asked again.

"It's okay with me," Amy told him. "All thanks to the skills of my Hammer that won me a lot of money from King Dedede."

Next, the friends went to a clothes store and bought clothes that were needed as part of the props for their version of the film. As they went to Amy's house, Sonic asked, "What else do we need?"

"Now we need the cast for the characters, and a good location for where the film takes place," Tiff said.

"And we need a boat," Buto added. "A really, big one!"

"But how are we gonna have time to build a boat like the Titanic? Wouldn't that take, like, months and months?" asked Sonic.

"We don't have to build a boat," Buto told him. "I still have my chauffeur, Captain Aquamarine. I used his ship to move all the way from my old hometown. I'll call him today to remind him that we need his help to make our movie tomorrow."

The next day, Captain Aquamarine returned to the beaches of Cappytown to meet up with Amy, Tiff, Sonic and Buto. "So what are you guys planning on doing?"

"We're going to make a movie just like the one we saw yesterday," Buto said.

"Ahh, that one -- Titanic: A Hundred Years Ago," interrupted the captain.

"Yes, that's exactly the movie we're talking about," Tiff said.

"Well, it ain't gonna be easy trying to make a movie like that. You'll need a waterproof video camera, the right clothes, a cast for the characters, a good location for the setting, and most importantly, a boat."

Buto thought for a moment, then had an idea. "Hey, Mr. Aquamarine, is it okay if we borrowed your ship for our movie?"

"What? You four -- use my ship?" asked Captain Aquarmarine.

"Please, sir; without a boat, it won't be possible to make our version of Titanic: 100 Years Ago."

"All right, but just be careful -- this boat, she's very delicate, and she's really old too."

"Don't worry, captain, we'll be careful. Besides, only Tiff and I are gonna be on the boat during filming, and you can still be the captain of the ship."

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's get working on your movie!"

"All right!" the friends cheered.

"So who's gonna play the man and woman in the film?" asked the captain.

"I'll play the woman, and Buto's gonna be the man," Tiff decided. "But first, we need to change into our clothes."

"And I'll need to change into my bathing suit," Amy added, "so I can do our filming while in the water. We'll be right back. Come on, guys!"

Amy, Tiff and Buto ran about a distance away from the beach. 10 minutes later, they came back with different clothes on. Amy was now in her swim suit, and Tiff and Buto were now in the old style clothes for the movie.

"I think we're ready to start filming," Amy declared. "Lights... camera... action!"

For the first scene, Amy filmed Tiff and Buto getting aboard on Captain Aquamarine's ship. The dock was leaning between the boat and the sandy beach.

"Can you believe this, Buto? Our first trip on the biggest boat you've ever seen in your whole--"

"CUT!" Amy shouted.

"What, Amy?"

"Tiff, you're not supposed to address your boyfriend by his regular name. This is a movie, not real life."

"Okay, okay, fine," Tiff said. "I'll try again."

Amy went back a little, then resumed filming. This time, she used a different name for her boyfriend in the movie. "Can you believe this, um... Ben? Our first trip on the biggest boat you've ever seen in your whole life!"

"Yeah, it's gonna be really exciting, Cathy," Buto said. "My first voyage on a boat with you!"

Then Captain Aquamarine pretended to blow his whistle, cueing the signal for the boat to take off. "Come on, Ben, let's go!" said Tiff. She and Buto boarded onto the captain's ship. Amy, still holding her camera, went after them.

After they got inside, the captain yelled, "Lower away!" And the boat started moving. The first scene was now finished. Amy turned off her video camera and gave a thumbs up to Tiff and Buto. "Good job, guys!" she said.

Then it was time for scene number two -- the Dining Saloon Scene. Here, it would take place where the characters are pretending to eat dinner. Amy, back in her regular dress, again took control of the video camera.

Tiff and Buto were still in their old style clothes. Their plates contained roast beef on top of lettuce. It was also their lunch for that day. "Do you want some barbecue sauce on your food, Ben?" asked Tiff, holding up a brown bottle.

"No, thanks, Cathy," Buto replied. "I prefer to eat my roast beef without sauce."

While they used their forks and knives to cut their roast beefs, Tiff and Buto's conversation in the movie continued on. "So what do you think of your first trip on this big boat?" Tiff continued on.

"It's pretty relaxing," said Buto with his mouth full. "It feels like as if it's my own home. I want to live in here forever."

Much later at sunset, the friends were preparing to film the part where Buto was to shout out 'I'm the King of the World!'. They all climbed up to the top of a mountain where they could see all of Cappytown.

"Okay, Buto, just run up to the top of that hill and yell, 'I'm the King of the World!'. I'll follow you and film you as you do this. Got it?"

"Got it!" Buto agreed. Amy turned on her video camera. Buto ran up the hill. Amy followed him. The boy let out his arms and shouted, "I'M THE KING OF THE WORLD!" out loud.

Amy was a bit startled by Buto's yells at the heavens. She turned off her camera. "How was that, Amy?" asked Buto.

"That was a good try, Buto, but next time, do it a little softer so no one down there can hear you very well."

The next day, it was time to film the fourth scene. This was the part where the boat collides with an iceberg and the boat begins to sink. Amy was again in her bathing suit for preparation of the scene she was going to film.

"Hey, wait a minute -- we don't have an iceberg to film!" Sonic said. Amy realized this. "You're right, Sonic; we need an iceberg."

"No, we don't," Tiff said. "Since the iceberg in the real movie was just a very minor role, we'll have Captain Aquamarine's ship collide with something else hard."

"But didn't he tell us to be careful with his ship?" Buto asked.

"I know, Buto, so we'll make sure he goes really slow before the moment of impact. Okay?"

"Fine with me."

Later, they all got in the boat. While Captain Aquamarine was steering the wheel on the boat, Amy turned on her video camera and began her shooting. Slowly, the captain manuevered his ship to a rocky wall.

Tiff began her acting. "Oh, my gosh, Ben! We're going to hit that iceberg! What shall we do?"

"It's okay, Cathy. I'm right here," Buto said.

Then the captain slowed down as he got closer to the rocky wall. The boat hit the wall with a slight bump.

"We're hit! We're hit! Everyone abandon ship! Women and children first!" yelled the captain.

"Go on, Cathy! Get off the boat!" Buto pretended to demand his girlfriend to jump off.

"No, Ben! I can't leave you!" Tiff cried.

"Tiff, just get off the boat," Amy whispered. Kine, the ocean sunfish, appeared from underwater. "I'll catch you, Tiff," he said.

Buto was about to push Tiff into the ocean, with Kine taking aim to catch her, but then Tiff ran off from him. "No, Cathy! Come back here! This is your only chance of hope for survival!"

When that scene was done, the friends got ready to film the most dramatic part where the young man was to die. Everyone except Captain Aquamarine were in the water, including Amy, who was still filming her friends.

Kine was trying his best to hold both Tiff and Buto. The couple pretended to act unconscious. Tiff said softly, "I love you... Ben." She held on tight to his hand.

"Don't say goodbye yet, Cathy. Don't give up," Buto said softly. "You'll live on and have children of your own. You'll die eventually, but not on this night."

"I'm cold, Ben."

"Just promise me that you won't give up. No matter what happens, promise me, and don't you ever let it go."

Tiff said in an ever weaker voice, "I promise, Ben. I'll never let go." But Kine really did let go of Buto after a few seconds, leaving him alone in the water.

Amy turned off her camera. "Perfect acting, guys!" she called. "This is going to look just like the movie we saw in theaters!"

That evening at Amy's house, Amy was setting up her video camera so everyone could see what they filmed in the past few days. Tiff, Buto and Sonic were sitting on the couch.

"Come on, Amy, what's taking so long?" Sonic asked.

"Just be patient, Sonic," Amy said. "Besides, I'm almost done."

Finally, when the camera was set up perfectly, Amy sat down on the couch with her friends, holding the remote control that was included with the video camera. "Well, here goes," she said, and pressed Play.

The blue screen changed to a black one, then a second later, the words "TITANIC: By Amy, Tiff and Buto" appeared as the title card.

"Hey, where's my name?" asked Sonic.

"You weren't part of this movie, so I didn't put your name on there," Amy told him.

The title card on the TV screen cut to the first scene where the characters are about to get on board to the 'Titanic', which was actually Captain Aquamarine's much smaller ship.

"Can you believe this, um... Ben? Our first trip on the biggest boat you've ever seen in your whole life!"

"Yeah, it's gonna be really exciting, Cathy -- my first voyage on a boat with you!"

"Look, that's me," Tiff said as she watched herself in the movie. "And look at you, Buto; all dressed up in 19th century clothing!"

"Do you want some barbecue sauce on your food, Ben?"

"No, thanks, Cathy; I prefer to eat my roast beef without sauce."

"So what do you think of your first trip on this big boat?"

"It's pretty relaxing. It feels like as if it's my own home. I want to live in here forever."

Buto laughed when he saw himself pretending to be an actor. "It cracks me up whenever I see myself act with my mouth full!"


Sonic suddenly frowned at the way Amy's 'movie' looked. "This is starting to not look like a real movie," he said.

"Oh, my gosh, Ben! We're going to hit that iceberg! What shall we do?"

"It's okay, Cathy. I'm right here."

"We're hit! We're hit! Everyone abandon ship! Women and children first!"

"Go on, Cathy! Get off the boat!"

"No, Ben! I can't leave you!"

"Hey, at least we captured some good memories to my video camera," said Amy.

"Don't say goodbye yet, Cathy. Don't give up. You'll live on and have children of your own. You'll die eventually, but not on this night."

"I'm cold, Ben."

"Just promise me that you won't give up. No matter what happens, promise me, and don't you ever let it go."

"I promise, Ben. I'll never let go."

Then everyone laughed when they saw Buto pretending to drown. "Now that's a funny part!" Sonic laughed. The words 'THE END' appeared for a few seconds after the end of the film, then cut to a blue screen. Amy turned back on the lights.

"So how'd you like it, guys?"

"My favorite part was when Buto pretended to drown right after he let go of Kine," Tiff said.

"Eh, it was okay, but it didn't look much like the real movie," said Sonic. "I still prefer the version we saw in theaters."

"Well, since we've already seen the movie, I guess we'll have to wait until it comes out on DVD if we want to see it again," Buto added. "So what do you guys feel like doing now?"

"I have an idea," Amy told everyone. "Let's go buy some movies on DVD we're sure to enjoy!"

"Okay!" her friends replied in agreement.

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