(Narrator: Tiff)

One day in the dentist's office, Cream was having her teeth checked. She was a bit scared, but very brave. Amy and Vanilla were also in the office. 

"Okay, Cream, open your mouth so I can start cleaning your teeth," said the dentist. 

Cream opened her mouth. The dentist starts a drill, then began drilling the cavities off of Cream's tooth. It was painful, but Cream could still handle it. 

"I guess this is the reason why you're eating so much sweets, Cream," Vanilla told her. 

"That's right," Amy added. "Eat too much candy and cookies, and you'll start developing cavities in your teeth." 

Minutes later, the dentist was finally able to repair all of Cream's teeth. Cream was completely relived. "I'm so glad it's over," she said. 

"Well, remember, Cream -- it's important to not eat so much sweet stuff and to brush your teeth multiple times daily," the dentist told her. 

"And try to eat healthier foods," Amy added. "Like apples, bananas, grapes, carrots, and things like that." 

"Only please don't feed me any broccoli or spinach," Cream protested. 

Vanilla could recognize her daughter's cute looks. "Okay, Cream," she said. "But just try to eat more things that your body needs." 

Later, Amy was out in the grocery store with Sonic. Amy was buying some healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Sonic, however, dashed to the junk-food aisles and came back with candy, cookies, chocolate, and boxes of cinnamon buns. 

"Sonic! Are you sure you can handle all those sweets?" Amy asked him. 

"It's no problem for me," Sonic replied. "I've eaten foods like these before and I haven't gotten much cavities for quite some time." 

Amy slowly headed straight towards Sonic. "When was the last time you brushed your teeth?" 

"Well... just last night," Sonic stammered. 

"Did you remember to brush your teeth this morning?" 

Sonic was hardly able to speak up. "Well, that is, er..." 

"Tsk, tsk, tsk," Amy clicked her tongue. "I guess this means a no," she said. 

"Wait!" Sonic protested. "I mean, yes, I did, right after I woke up." 

"Yeah, right," Amy said sarcastically. "You can go ahead and eat all the sugar you want, 'cause I'm gonna go buy some of the most powerful dental tools this store has got!" 

Amy went to the dental aisle. She looked at lots of toothbrushes, toothpastes, dental flosses, and mouthwashes. She bought two electric toothbrushes, and all the advanced-whitening toothpastes the store had. 

Then she walked back to where Sonic was, holding the basket filled with the dental tools she bought. 

"What you got in there, Amy?" Sonic asked. 

"Everything you need to keep your teeth healthy," Amy replied. Sonic looked in the basket. He was not happy when he saw the toothbrushes and toothpastes Amy bought for them. "Why did you buy all those?" he asked. 

"Like I told you, getting cavities is no fun." 

"All right, Amy, you win," Sonic said. "I'll try to remember to brush after myself." 

Later that evening, Amy and Sonic were just finishing up their dinner. "All right! I'm finally free to go!" Sonic said. 

"Hold on, Sonic," Amy commanded. "Didn't you forget something?" 


"I want you to brush your teeth before you go to bed," Amy told him. 

"Why should I?" Sonic scoffed. "I hardly get any cavities anyway." 

"Oh yeah? Then let me see!" Amy watched as Sonic opened his mouth wide. Her eyes nearly popped out when she saw the dirtiness, filthiness, stinkiness of Sonic's teeth from left to right, and top to bottom. 

She spoke up to Sonic's nasty habits of not brushing properly. "Just look at your teeth, Sonic! I knew you were lying to me all along! Now go upstairs and brush your teeth!" 

"Heh, what if I don't want to?" 

"You WILL," Amy said in a tone that Sonic could recognize as if it's the law to brush his teeth. 

Sonic couldn't think of what to say. To him, it felt like Amy was talking as if she was Sonic's mother. 

A few minutes to 7:30, Amy was watching TV. She saw the commercial about Dedede's special toothpaste. It looked a lot similar to the ones she bought for Sonic and herself. "Maybe Sonic should get brushing lessons from Dedede," she thought. 

Just then, Sonic dashed at the speed of sound out of his room and into the bathroom. He only brushed for a few seconds, then ran back into his room. 

Amy could hear him from downstairs. She clicked off the television and walked upstairs. "Sonic? Is that you? What were you doing?" she asked. 

"Ah, just finished brushing my teeth," Sonic replied sheepishly. 

"But you brushed too fast," Amy told him. 

Sonic tried to keep himself out of trouble. "Well, at least that's how I always brush," he said. "Now get outta my room!" 

He pushed her away and slammed the door in front of her. 

"Just you wait, Sonic! When you wake up in the morning, you'll regret for what I just told you earlier!" Then she walked back downstairs and turned the TV back on. Instantly, the program reappeared on screen. 

The program that Amy was watching was about a girl who just lost a tooth and got some money from the tooth fairy. She also learned that a new adult tooth will grow from the spot where she lost her tooth. 

That night, Sonic slept with his mouth open and closed every few seconds. Purple tiny creatures inside Sonic's teeth were using pick axes to pick at them. As they axed more and more, the teeth in Sonic's mouth gradually became more and more painful. 

The next morning, Sonic felt a bit down. All he did was stare at his breakfast plate while sitting in the dining room table. Amy was eating peacefully, then noticed Sonic not enjoying his meal. He had his hand put on one of his cheeks. 

"What's the matter, Sonic? Cavity got your teeth?" Amy asked. 

"I'm not hungry right now, Amy," Sonic groaned. 

"Then why are holding your jaws like that?" 

Sonic quickly removed his hand off his face. "What? I am not!" He held up his cup of water and took a big gulp. 

The water sailed into Sonic's mouth, and when it touched his teeth, Sonic noticed a painful look from the inside of his teeth. 

He jumped off his chair and started rolling on the floor like crazy. "Oww! It hurts! It hurts!" he yelled. 

"I warned you, Sonic," Amy told him. "That's what you get for not brushing your teeth right, and most importantly, for eating so much sweets." She walked to the phone and was about to dial my telephone number. 

"No! Not the phone!" Sonic shouted. 

"Oh, yes, the phone," Amy disagreed as she punched in the exact numbers on my phone number. 

In the living room, I could hear the phone ring. I walked over and picked up. "Hello?" 

"Tooth emergency, Tiff," Amy said. 

"You're kidding! Did Sonic not brush his teeth last night?" 

"Indeed not. If his teeth are hurting so badly, I'll have to take him to the dentist." 

"No, Amy! Not the dentist!" Sonic protested, still down on the floor. 

"Quiet, Sonic!" Amy yelled, then turned back to me. "Have you got any good dentists in your hometown, Tiff?" 

"The only one we have is Dr. Yabui. He would check on any patient, especially King Dedede." 

While Amy and I continued our conversation, Sonic quickly dashed out of the house and hid behind the bushes near the garden. Big mistake. 

"Good idea, Tiff," Amy said. "I'll bring Sonic over right away. See ya!" But just as she hung up, she noticed that Sonic was not in the room anymore. 

"Sonic? Sonic! Where did he go?" Amy looked everywhere in the house. She looked in the living room, in Sonic's room, and even in the bathroom, but Sonic was nowhere to be seen. She looked out the windows, but still couldn't see him. 

For that, Amy had no choice but to go outside to look for him. She started to imitate a police woman. "Sonic the Hedgehog, this is Officer Amy Rose speaking! Come out slowly with your whole body in sight!" 

Sonic, fearing that he was going to be arrested, slowly emerged from the bushes and was now face to face with Amy. "There you are, Sonic!" 

"Hey, it's not nice to trick someone when you want them to go to someplace!" 

"Sorry, Sonic," Amy giggled. "But I had to do it for your own good. Now you're coming with me, and don't you dare run in supersonic speed while we're on our way!" And with that, Amy grabbed Sonic's arm and began dragging him with her. 

"But where are we going?" 

"To the dentist! That's where!" 

Sonic tried to let go, but Amy held on tight to him as she could - out of the neighborhood, across the city, past the bench, and into Cappytown. As they got there, she kept on dragging him across the street, up the road to Dedede's castle, and across the drawbridge. 

Kirby and I were waiting in the castle grounds. "Sorry it took so long, Tiff," Amy said. "Sonic just wouldn't quit acting like a little kid because he's scared of the dentist." 

"I'm not scared!" Sonic cried. 

"Yeah, right," Amy sneered. "So how do we get to Dr. Yabui's office?" 

"That's easy. Just follow me," I insisted. Kirby followed me. Amy grabbed Sonic's arm again and dragged him, also following me along the way. 

"Let me go! I said let me go!" Sonic said to Amy. 

"You're not going anywhere but the dentist at this time," Amy replied, with a stern look on her face. 

We went back down the road and into a small brown building with a sign hanging next to the door. The sign had a picture of a stethoscope on it. As we got inside, we could hear a drilling noise from inside the operating room. 

Sonic felt even more afraid of the sound of drilling. To make matters worse, there were three more patients in line. "Do we have to wait in line?" Sonic asked. 

"Of course," I told him. "They got here first, so when they're done, you'll go next." 

"No fair! I'm gonna cut in line!" Sonic raced to the very front of the line. 

"Hey! What are you doing? Get back in line, young man!" yelled one of the Cappy patients. 

"Sheesh! Talk about someone who is following the rules..." Sonic walked back to the end of the line. 

About 30 minutes later, Sonic was still in line. He was getting closer to the front. But the noises of the dental tools from inside the operating room became too much for him. 

"Uhh... I would rather change my mind," he shuddered. 

"But you shouldn't just leave now," Amy told him. "We got just here like, half an hour ago." 

"Oh really? Well, have fun, 'cause I gotta run!" Sonic was about to dash out of line. Amy blocked the doorway. 

"Get back in the line so other people can be checked!" she ordered. 

Sonic, who was still afraid and a little angry, got back into the front of the line where he originally was. 

Eventually, all the noises coming from the operating room stopped. Seconds passed. The patient and his wife emerged from the room. 

"Okay, Mr. Sonic, it's your turn to have your teeth checked," said Dr. Yabui. But Sonic would not move. 

Amy grabbed Sonic and dragged him into the operating room. 

Pretty soon, Sonic was in a patient's chair. He had a dental napkin wrapped on top of the heart of his chest. Dr. Yabui looked at all of Sonic's teeth, one by one every few seconds. 

He shook his head. "I guess I'll have to drill them all," he said. He whipped out a similar drill that the other dentist used to do the same thing to Cream's teeth. 

Sonic's body was shaking. He had never felt the drill in his teeth before for a long time. 

"Now open your mouth so I can look inside," Dr. Yabui requested. 

Sonic just whimpered in fear, his teeth stuck together in his mouth. He stared at the drill that came closer and closer to him, and thought, "I must look for some painkillers to cure my teeth!" 

Sonic hopped off the chair, ran over to Dr. Yabui's light-blue cabinet, and took out a jar of painkilling pills. He chewed on almost half of what was in the whole jar. 

As the pills dissolved from solid to liquid, they went right through Sonic's teeth, wiping out the cavities inside. A happy look suddenly appeared on Sonic's face. 

"Yay! The pain's gone away! Now I don't have to worry about getting my teeth checked! See you later, Amy!" 

Then, at supersonic speed, Sonic ran out of Dr. Yabui's office like blue light traveling in a sound wave, and all the way back home. 

Amy frowned with frustration. She walked out of the operating room and turned to me. "Sonic didn't learn that those pills only kill the pain of his cavities temporarily." 

"That's exactly the same thing I've told my brother Tuff and to King Dedede back when they had cavities all the time," I replied. 

The three of us walked out of Dr. Yabui's house. "You gotta admit it, it's no fun playing around with cavities," Amy said. 

"Tell me about it. If Sonic doesn't learn the hard way, even his gums will get darker." 

Back in Station Square, Eggman was floating around in his flying saucer. High up in the sky, he could notice that Sonic had just run away from the dentist. He called King Dedede. 

King Dedede picked up the phone. "Who is this?" he answered. 

"It's me, your old pal Doctor Eggman!" 

"Oh, hey dude, Egg-dude, how's it goin'?" 

"Stop calling me Egg-dude, you fat tub of lard!" 

"Well, don't you dare call the king fat! I'm just overweight, got it? Anyways, why'd you call me?" 

"I just discovered that Sonic is running from the dentist 'cause he's not brushing very well, and neither do you!" 

"You got it all wrong! I learned my lesson and now I brush up to twice a day, so I don't get as much cavities as I did since that foolish Yabui last treated me! I remember when he had to pull out one of my teeth because it couldn't be repaired!" 

"Whatever," Eggman retorted. "Anyways, with my new wireless machine, I've just restored one of your old monsters that's considered the best dentist in the entire world. The most advanced whitening monster of all pearly whites, Hardy!" 

"Hardy!" Dedede yelled. "Well, send it over here, and don't let it get near me! I don't need no treatment!" 

"It won't come near you, big guy," said Eggman. "But there are two people who will have to face this monster." 

"And who are those two people?" 

"Sonic and Kirby!" 

"Did you say... Kirby? That's awesome! Hurry up and send me that monster you just told me about!" 

Meanwhile, Sonic was still in Amy's house, eating more of the food he bought that other day for himself. And he didn't even felt any pains in his mouth at all. 

"This is great! Those painkillers have really helped out a lot! No matter how much sweets I eat now, my teeth won't hurt anymore!" he laughed. 

But he was proved wrong when the tiny purple creatures inside his teeth woke up and resumed picking with their pick axes. "Owww!" Sonic yelled in pain. 

The phone in the kitchen rang. Sonic picked it up. "Hello? Ouch!" 

"Sonic, is that you?" Amy asked. "If you hadn't taken that medicine and let Dr. Yabui do the treatment, you wouldn't feel that way." At that time, Amy was in Dedede's castle with Kirby and me. 

"Ugh... my tooth hurts even worse than before now!" 

"Well, I just figured out a way on how we can try to get rid of that pain. Just come over to King Dedede's castle and I'll help you." 

Sonic, with another painful mouth, quickly dashed over as fast as he could back to Cappytown and inside the walls of Castle Dedede. He ran into the living room, where Amy, Kirby and I were waiting. 

"There you are, Sonic," Amy said, holding a plastic bag of ice. "Lie down on the couch and I'll put this on you." 

Sonic sat down on a nearby couch on his side. Amy carefully placed the bag of ice on Sonic's cheek. As it touched him, the ice rapidly melted in just three seconds. 

"Tsk, tsk, tsk," Amy clicked her tongue. "If that pain of yours is that serious, what else can we do?" 

Suddenly, Escargoon showed up inside the living room. "I know what I can do with that toothache of yours!" 

"You can?" Sonic asked in a painful voice. 

"Just follow me," Escargoon insisted. Sonic trailed him. 

"I think we better come too in case it's a trap," I told Amy. 

"Good idea," she replied. We followed Sonic and Escargoon up to Dedede's throne room. The minute before they arrived, the delivery system was just finishing the delivery (and revival) of the dental monster Hardy.

The monster was comprised of a big mouth with pearly-white teeth, which also looked like a dentist chair. It had thin metal arms and yellow gloves. It was equipped with a drill and clamps. 

Seconds after the transfer was finished, Dedede quickly placed a cover sheet on top of the monster. Soon enough, Escargoon and Sonic appeared. As they got in, Escargoon locked the door to prevent Sonic's friends from coming in. 

"Your Majesty, I have brought over a patient who is in need of dental treatment," Escargoon said to the King. 

"Sonic the Hedgehog, you're invited for a special dental treatment, courtesy of the beloved King Dedede!" 

"But why did you send me here?" Sonic asked. "I don't see anything that can heal my toothache in this whole room!" 

"That's where the surprise comes from," Dedede continued. "Under this sheet is someone who can give you pearly whites in just one minute!" He walked towards the covered-up monster. 

Escargoon didn't want to wait anymore. "Go ahead, sire, remove the cover!" 

"You bet I will!" And with that, Dedede removed the sheet, revealing Hardy. 

"Aaah!" Sonic yelled. "What is that?" 

"This is the dental monster, Hardy. It is the expert of all dentists in the whole world, even better than that old Yabui guy. It can fix teeth of any person without anesthesia." 

But Sonic still refused to get his teeth examined. "Keep your rotten monsters away from me or you're gonna be sorry!" he yelled at the King. 

"He ain't rotten, you mannerless hedgehog! He's the OPPOSITE of rotten!" Dedede yelled back. 

"Well, I'm not taking any chances!" Sonic ran towards the doors. 

Knowing that Sonic was trying to escape, Dedede glared at Hardy. "After him, Hardy! Go teach that blue bozo a lesson!" he commanded. 

"Begin tooth exam!" Hardy said in a mechanical voice. It went after Sonic, who was already unlocking the doors. Just when Hardy was about to get him, Sonic opened the doors and started running out of the castle. Hardy chased him. Me, Kirby, Amy, Dedede and Escargoon also ran after them. 

"Sonic! Come back!" Amy cried. 

We ran across the hallways, all the way ouside to the castle grounds. Eventually, Sonic came to a dead end. There was no escape! 

Then Hardy appeared, along with Sonic's friends and the two rulers of Dedede's castle. "Begin tooth exam now!" the monster said mechanically. It grabbed Sonic and put him down on its seat. 

We all gazed in horror. Hardy's eye caught sight of Sonic's teeth. "Cavity detected!" 

"Get me outta here!" Sonic shouted. 

The monster held tight onto Sonic's head and said, "Start drilling!" Hardy's drill began whirring. It quickly examined every one of Sonic's teeth. Sonic screamed and shrieked in pain. 

Hardy drilled out all the dark spots on Sonic's teeth and spliced in new white pieces inside the holes. Then it let Sonic go. "Tooth repaired," it said. 

Sonic fainted as he fell out of Hardy's seat. Amy ran towards him. "Are you okay, Sonic?" She helped Sonic back on his feet. 

"Hey... my teeth are already feeling better," Sonic said. "Thanks, Hardy!" 

"Sure!" Hardy replied, waving its hand. Then it glared at Kirby. "Next!" 

It began chasing Kirby, who also took off running like crazy. I felt scared. Then I had an idea. "Kirby! Suck it up!" 

Kirby stopped, then quickly inhaled at Hardy, who held on to Kirby's face to not only prevent itself from getting sucked, but also to begin his treatment. 

First, Hardy closed up Kirby's mouth to make him stop inhaling, put him in the patient's seat, opened his mouth again, and placed the drill inside his mouth. 

"Kirby!" I cried. "I can't watch!" I covered my eyes. 

"Me neither!" Amy did the same thing. 

"But I can!" Dedede laughed. "I'm hoping that Kirby has already grown teeth by now!" 

But again, Hardy could not find any teeth from the inside of Kirby's mouth. "No teeth found! Cannot treat!" it said repeatedly. No matter how desperately it tried, it eventually had let go of Kirby's mouth. 

"Suck it up again, Kirby!" I shouted. 

Kirby immediately inhaled at Hardy, only this time at its drill. The drill fell off the monster and right through Kirby's mouth. He then transformed into Tornado Kirby, with a tornado hat on his head. 

"Yeah! It's Tornado Kirby!" I cheered. 

With all his might, Kirby summoned a large tornado and attacked Hardy with it. The monster got caught inside, and was spun around and around, higher and higher into the sky. Soon enough, Hardy disappeared into the clouds, and so did the tornado that Kirby summoned. 

Amy, Sonic and I all cheered with joy. Kirby defeated Hardy again! "You did it, Kirby! Well done, Kirby!" 

But Dedede and Escargoon were not happy at all. "How dare that Kirby get rid of another of my monsters! Eggman's gonna pay for this someday!" 

"So did you learn something, Sonic?" Amy asked. 

"I learned one thing," Sonic replied. "Always remember to brush your teeth multiple times every day!" 

"That's the spirit, Sonic," I said. 

The next day, when Sonic woke up, he was about to go downstairs to have fun, but just then, Amy stepped out of her room as well, and she shook her finger. "Uh, uh, uh!" 

"What do you mean, Amy?" asked Sonic. 

"Didn't you almost forget something?" Amy reminded. 

"Forget what?" 

"Brush your teeth after you wake up!" 

Sonic finally realized what he should be doing every morning after wake up time. "Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. Thanks, Amy!" 

The two of them went inside the bathroom and took turns brushing their teeth. Sonic went first. He squeezed out some advanced whitening toothpaste onto his electric toothbrush, turned it on, and started brushing his teeth. 

The toothbrush made a whirring noise, almost like the Dr. Yabui's drill. But it didn't hurt as much as Dr. Yabui's drill did. Sonic brushed the front and back of his teeth, and on the top and bottom of his teeth. He carefully repeated the process for a full minute, then rinsed. 

"Aaah!" he sighed. "That's much better." 

"I'm glad you learned your lesson, Sonic," Amy told him. "Are you going to remember to brush your teeth several times each day from now on?" 

"You bet, Amy," Sonic replied. 

"That's my Sonic!" Amy gave a big hug to her boyfriend. 

And to this day, Sonic has remembered to brush his teeth two or three times a day without forgetting... sometimes.

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