In Dedede's private room, the King was watching the same old show of himself dressed as a clown and chasing his sidekick Escargoon, dressed as a lady on television. He was being chased by Dedede, who was trying to swat him with a paper fan.

When Dedede finally got Escargoon down for the count, he stood on top of him. "Well, it's sure been fun clownin' around!"

"That's our show, now it's time to go!" they said in unison.

Dedede, in reality, laughed in front of the TV while eating potato chips. Suddenly Escargoon barged into the room in panic. "Sire, there's another major catastrophe in Cappytown!"

"What's wrong? Is that pink hedgehog girlie up to somethin'?"

"This is worse, Your Majesty! Our ratings have fallen down to zero again!"

Dedede's potato chip crumbled to pieces that were too small. "How come my subjects ain't tunin' in?" He grabbed Escargoon by the neck. "I want answers, and I want 'em right now!"

"I don't know, sire," choked the purple snail. Dedede dropped him. "There must be some kinda logical explanation!"

Dedede and Escargoon sneaked everywhere in Cappytown. They saw one of the Cappies reading a new Pappy Pottey book, titled Pappy Pottey and the Corridor of Darkness.

Then they looked throughout the whole village. All the Cappies were reading the same book! "They've turned into bookworms again," Escargoon said.

"Yeah, and they're all readin' the same book," Dedede added.

Some of the Cappies even talked to each other about the new book, including Professor Curio, Chief Bookem, and his wife. "It's wonderful to see a lot of Cappies enthusiastically reading a new best selling book," said Professor Curio.

"It's another great page turner, I must say," Chief Bookem replied.

"And we haven't turned on the TV since we first heard about it," added his wife.

"After all, a good book, even a new one, beats TV any day," Professor Curio said to the couple.

Dedede and Escargoon heard them talking. "Where am I supposed to buy one?" the King asked. "You want to read it too, sire?" Escargoon said to his only monarch.

At the bookstore, it was another long line. Every single Cappy was going to buy the second volume of the Pappy Pottey series, but they gasped when they saw King Dedede's car approaching. Escargoon forced the Cappies to have him and Dedede cut in line. "Make way!"

Bibli, the person at the front desk of the bookstore, protested: "You'll have to wait until you get to the front of the line, Your Majesty."

"Well, wherever I am, I'll always be at the front of the line!" Dedede yelled back.

"We just want a copy of the new Pappy Pottey book that everyone's reading, and make it snappy," Escargoon told Bibli. The old man walked out of the front desk. "I'm sorry, but all of these copies are for people who are on the waiting list."

But Dedede still did not care. "You should at least spare one copy!" He was about to grab a copy of Pappy Pottey and the Corridor of Darkness for himself, until his hand was clubbed by Bibli's yellow feather duster. "Rules are rules, especially for kings!"

"True... LOOK OUT! IT'S THAT HEDGEHOG GIRLIE AND HER HAMMER!" Bibli turned around to nothing. Quickly, Dedede snatched a copy of the book and ran away. "Now hold on there--" Bibli called out, right before Escargoon handed him $30.

"I can't just ignore infractions by someone who comes in with force!" Bibli said. He ran out trying to look for the bad guys, who were hiding. "He fell for it," said Escargoon.

"So this must be the second volume," Dedede said while looking at the book cover. Escargoon looked at it with him. "It's just as good as the first, too. Pappy Pottey and the Corridor of Darkness. Cool looking picture. I wonder what--"

Dedede swiped the book away. "I'm gonna read it first! Now, let's see..."

"You could've snagged two copies instead of one!" Escargoon complained. Dedede flipped through all the pages. He trembled in rage. "It happened again," he said. "Every single picture was stolen outta this here book! It's nothin' but more gobblety gook!"

"Those are words, sire," Escargoon told him, in an effort to also calm him down. But when he was glared at, he yelled, "You're the ruler of this kingdom and you still did not learn how to read!"

Dedede did not a word for a moment. Then he recollected himself. "'Course I know how to read, you dummy! Like I told ya 2 years ago, I started readin' after they kicked me outta kindergarten!"

"Then why don't you tell me what this book's about?" asked Escargoon. He grabbed the book and opened to a certain page. "Let's start off with this part." Dedede just became angered.

"Well, since you don't feel like reading, can I have the book for myself?" Dedede wrapped him around his neck. "Go ahead, you can have it, but make sure you read it out loud 'cause my eyes are tired like before!"

The snail laughed. "Okay, let's read it together. 'Chapter one: The Worst Birthday Ever. On the summer before his second year of magic school, Pappy Pottey was still living with his uncle's family. Then one day, a small elf like creature appeared from nowhere on Pappy's bed."

"An elf like creature?" said the two guys in unison. Escargoon continued reading.

"This elf was trying every way to prevent him from allowing him to go to the magic school because terrible things were about to happen there." Then he began reading to himself.

"What's happenin'?" Dedede asked.

"After he temporarily succeeded, his uncle built metal bars on his window and told him that he would never be able to go to that magic school again," read Escargoon. Then again, he read to himself.

"Stop mumbling and read it to me too!" Dedede yelled. While Escargoon was amazed by the story, his head got conked by Dedede's fist. "What is it? Did I do something wrong?"

"Read louder! I wanna know what's goin' on!" But Escargoon closed the book and ran off. Dedede chased him everywhere in town. Finally, the snail hid in a bush so that Dedede would be unable to find him. "Come out, come out, wherever ya are, ya slimy goon!"

When Escargoon saw Dedede run off, he peeked out of the bush. "There's nothing more relaxing than laying down in a bush with another good book," he said.

Dedede was still running. "I must find out what's happening next! What's gonna happen to Pappy Pottey while he's still stuck in his room?" He looked through the window of a house owned by a Cappy. No words could be heard read out loud.

Then he heard Tiff's voice reading the story out loud. "After being rescued by his friends from his uncle's family, Pappy Pottey was ready for his second year of magic school. He stayed in his friend's house for the rest of the summer. Then on the day the train was supposed to leave, Pappy and his best friend were unable to go through the gate."

Tiff was reading the story to her friends Amy, Sonic, Buto, Tuff, Tails, Cream, Cheese and Kirby. "So instead, they drove their parents' flying car to the magic school. But the minute they got there, they were attacked by a bewitched tree called the Whacking Whopper."

"Whoa!" her friends were a little shocked by what just happened in the story. Cream peeked at the book cover. "Pappy Pottey looks just like Kirby," she said.

Kirby was dancing in joy. Then Tails told him, "This is not a book about you, Kirby -- you don't even know about magic!"

"Now, now, let's just get back to the story," Tiff said calmly. "As Pappy and his best friend arrived to the school, one of the professors took them to his office. Then he gave them..."

"I'll bet he gave them some hard beat ups! Bam! Boom!" Sonic interrupted, imitating some karate moves.

"Shhh!" Buto said. "Quiet, Sonic; you're ruining the best part!"

Dedede, who hid from a building, said to himself, "I can hardly hear the story from over here! I must get a little closer." He crawled through patches of shrubs and found himself behind Tiff and all of her friends.

"He gave them a detention each and a call home to their families. Pappy was at least relieved that he would not be expelled from the magic school," Tiff read. Meanwhile, Kirby noticed that Dedede was peeking through the shrubs.

"Be quiet, Kirby," Amy told him. Tiff still continued reading. "The next day, when classes just began, Pappy's evil uncle sent him a letter warning him that if any of his family found out that he broke another rule, he'd bring him straight back to their house. After that, he heard a hissing voice coming from everywhere in the school."

Then Tiff closed the book, knowing that her reading was done for today. "Please, Tiff, just a little more?" Cream pleaded. "I want to hear about the Corridor of Darkness!" Tails added.

"I'll read some more tomorrow," Tiff confirmed. "Besides, it's getting late. And not only that, the book looks even longer than the first one."

"Yeah, nobody in Cappytown got to the end of the book yet," Tuff agreed.

"Tell me about it," said Buto. "Even I can't finish a hundred page book in a single day."

"But I think Cheese was entertained by the story Tiff read to us," Sonic said. "Chao! Chao!" Cheese squealed.

"Did you like the story too, Kirby?" asked Tiff.

"Poyo!" Kirby squealed. Suddenly a mechanical claw appeared and grabbed Tiff's new book from her hands. It was Dedede in his limo! "Hey, that isn't funny! Give me my book back!"

"I'm gonna confiscate all the Pappy Pottey books in Cappytown!" Dedede laughed. But before he could store the book into the trunk, Amy's Piko Piko Hammer crashed onto the hood of Dedede's car. The book was sent flying into the air. It fell back on the ground. "Hey! What are ya doin' that for, girlie?"

"You're not gonna take away Tiff's book like last time!" Amy shouted. Then she turned to her friends. "Sonic, grab the book before he does!"

"Leave it to me!" Sonic said. But right when Sonic grabbed the book with his hands, Dedede's claw did the same thing at the same time. Sonic was lifted off the ground. "How'd you like a little spin, Bluey?" Dedede asked. He made the mechanical claw perform an 'airplane spin'.

"Whoa! Whoa! WHOAAA!" Sonic was thrown a far distance away. "SONIC!" cried all of his friends. They ran over to check on him to see if he was all right.

"That's right, run away and never return!" Dedede laughed again, his car's claw still holding the book that Sonic had let go of when he was thrown into the air. Then he drove off and started taking books from all the other people in town. Everyone complained:

"My book!" "What are you doing?" "We're not finished reading!" "Give it back before I throw the book at ya!" "I was only getting to the good part!" "I don't know how the story ends!"

"For the second time in history, I'm gonna ban all Pappy Pottey books from this here kingdom!" laughed Dedede. He even stole the ones from the bookstore. Bibli noticed this. "I've lost my customers!"

Finally, Dedede takes away Escargoon's copy, which was the last one remaining. "Hey! Give me that book! I'm only at Chapter 3!"

"I'm banning this book from Cappytown, Escargoon, 'cause I got a novel idea from Eggman!"

Later back in the throne room, Escargoon said to Dedede, "Listen, sire, this is an outrage -- you shouldn't just ban Pappy Pottey willy nilly for twice in your life!"

Dedede laughed and whipped out a copy of Pappy Pottey and the Corridor of Darkness. "Well, there's just one copy left, and nobody else ain't gonna read it but me!"

"Ha ha ha," Escargoon mimicked. "That's a laugh. Who's gonna read it to ya?" Dedede just laughed again and called Dr. Eggman on the phone.

"Hey, big guy, you're in for a special surprise today! I have just revived the author of the Pappy Pottey books! She is now in my Eggman Monster Summoner and will be delivered through your teleporter within the next 60 seconds!"

"Cool, thanks, Egg-dude!" Dedede hung up and activated the delivery system. In appeared a woman with peach colored hair and skin, and a blue green jacket on.

"It's a pleasure to see you again, Your Majesty. But again, you should realize that best selling authors like myself only write stuff for large audiences."

"What? You mean everybody including those hedgehog pals?"

"Yes," Rowlin continued. "And to attract such a large audience, we're gonna transform your castle into the same old magic school as it was two years ago."



The large crowd of Cappies, as well as Amy, Tiff, and their friends, now altogether a mob, were forming outside Dedede's Castle, demanding their books back. "Free Pappy Pottey! Free Pappy Pottey!" they chanted.

Then the drawbridge lowered. Captain Waddle Doo and his guards stepped in. "Anybody who wants free magic lessons or wants to hear how the book ends is welcome to come in," he said. "This castle is now declared a magic school, by order of King Dedede!"

"Magic school?" said Amy.

"It must be another of the King's tricks!" Tails added.

"Well, I'm gonna go learn some magic myself!" Buto disagreed.

"Me too!" Sonic added. And with that, the teen boys ran into the castle, along with the Cappies and everyone else -- except Amy, Tiff and Kirby. "Wait, guys!" Amy called. "What should we do, Tiff?"

"Let's go after them. It's probably the same old trap Dedede is up to! Come on, Kirby!" The three went after the entire crowd into the castle.

Everyone was waiting to hear how the story was supposed to end. Dedede and Escargoon, now dressed as magic teachers, appeared from the balcony. "Welcome to Dedede's Magic School, courtesy of Dr. Eggman! I'm Headmaster Dedede..."

"...and I'm Professor Escargoon, your magic tutor."

"You guys aren't magicians, you're just two fools who are partners with my old enemy!" Sonic yelled.

"And you're still very scary, playing tricks on people and even little kids like me!" Cream trembled.

"Don't you worry!" Dedede said. "I don't got nothin' up my sleeve!"

"Class will begin after you put on your uniforms," Escargoon told everyone.

While class was about to begin, Meta Knight and his two companions, Sword and Blade, watched high up from the ceiling. The Cappies, now in school uniforms, were chattering about what the magic school was to look like. And Tiff was still thinking of making Dedede and Escargoon disappear.

When it was time for class to finally begin, Dedede stepped up. "Good afternoon, class! You all want to know how Pappy Pottey encountered the Corridor of Darkness? Well, there's nobody better to tell you than the author of the book! And here she is -- for the second time, meet Rowlin!"

A spotlight turned on to reveal the woman who wrote the book. "Hello, class," she said. "It's nice to be here again."

"How'd somebody like him meet somebody like her?" asked Amy.

Rowlin opened a rollcoll book. "Let's start off with some questions. Who wants to go first?" Buto raised his hand. "I do!"

"Now, let's see... you're Buto?"

"Yes," Buto replied. "I'm just curious to know if you do any real magic, 'cause I haven't met a real magician before in my old hometown."

"Real magician? Like who?"

"Oh, never mind," Buto said disappointingly.

"I have another question!" Sonic called out, his hand raised. "How do you come up with the idea for writing the Pappy Pottey books?"

"It was money, of course," Rowlin answered. "Without it, how else could I write the story anyway?"

"Who cares about those questions? I just want to know what happened in the Corridor of Darkness!" Tails said.

"Yeah, Cheese and I wanna know too!" Cream added.

"Chao! Chao!" Cheese squealed.

"What happens when Pappy hears the strange voice that comes from everywhere?" Tuff asked.

"That's where the real story would take off," Rowlin said. "The voice comes from a monster summoned by a dark lord, who is the actual enemy of Pappy Pottey. It is a voice that only he can hear, and whoever looks at it into the eye meets an instant death."

"DEATH!" Sonic gasped. He fainted at the last word Rowlin just said.

"But I don't really want to tell you more, because it's far too inappropriate for the most little ones," Rowlin continued.

"What? But I'm a big girl! Please tell more of the story for me!" Cream whined.

"I have a better suggestion. Since you all look like you could use some exercise, we can all play a brand new ball game... flying on a broom."

"On a broom!" Sonic said.

"How does that work?" Tails asked.

"You'll see," Rowlin replied.

"You fools can learn to fly too; just go pick yourselves a broom!" Dedede told the class.

Escargoon came in with a wagon filled with brooms. They looked like ordinary brooms. "Here you go," he said. "And watch out for the splinters!"

Everyone except Tiff, Amy and Cream, ran to get one. They shoved each other for a broomstick. When Kirby and Cheese tried to get their own themselves, they could not get through the crowd.

Escargoon told them, "Looks like you two are gonna have to sit this one out." The little guys were saddened.

Outside, everyone plus Sonic, Tuff, and Tails, prepared themselves for the game. They floated up in the air, and their eyes turned green. Now they were being possessed... again!

"How come their eyes just glowed?" Amy asked. She glared at Dedede. "What kind of brooms are they riding on?" The king did not answer. He just laughed.

"What are we supposed to do with these sticks?" Sonic asked.

"They're for hitting the ball, Sonic," Tails told him.

"And we score a point by throwing the ball into the other team's hoop," Iroo added.

"But we don't have a ball," said Spikehead.

Rowlin had an evil idea. "Then I guess we'll have to use Kirby!" she said. Amy, Tiff, Cream and Cheese gasped.

Dedede ran behind Kirby, with the 'players' in hot pursuit. He hit Kirby with his own stick. The pink puffball was sent flying high in the air. His uniform fell out of his body. All the players bashed Kirby with their sticks, as if it were a game after all.

"It must be from the same spell as last time!" Tiff thought.

"Sonic! Tails! Stop it!" Amy cried. But nobody heard her.

"It's too late," Rowlin said. "My spell can never be broken just like last time!" She cackled, until a woman with the same voice said, "You impostor!"

Amy, Cream and Tiff turned around. They saw Meta Knight with another of the same person who wrote the Pappy Pottey books. The girls were confused.

"How dare you pretend to be me again!"

"You must be the real author," Amy said.

"Don't listen to this woman!" the real Rowlin protested. "She didn't write the Pappy Pottey books!" Everyone on their broomsticks gasped. Kirby was sitting unconsciously on Sonic's stick.

"There is a game that involves flying on broomsticks, but Kirby is never meant to play the role of a ball," said the real Rowlin. The players stopped being hypnotized.

"Then how did you write the books the way you do it?" Tails asked as he and the others lowered themselves to the ground.

Rowlin began to explain. "I wanted my readers to read these books to inspire them to live their dreams. As I wrote these stories, it felt like I was there for real. It's what I call the 'power of imagination'. No matter what the emotions of my readers are, our imaginations can help us dream something better. Let's not give up our dreams because we can use them to build the tomorrows!"

Everyone applauded when hearing these words. Kirby gained consciousness again. Meanwhile, the impostor turned red on the face and charged at Rowlin. Then Meta Knight quickly attacked her and she backflipped.

As she crossed her arms and screamed, she disappeared in a puff of smoke. In her place was her true form -- a giant broom with two arms. The whole crowd gasped.

"I knew she -- er, he, was a monster all along!" Sonic said. "Who is that?"

"That's Broom King!" Meta Knight told him. The monster cackled. "I'll show you who's the king around here!" The brooms magically lifted themselves and lined up under possession of the Broom King. "ATTACK!"

Everyone ran for their lives. Broom King laughed again. "Anyone who is not on my side will be swept away!" he said.

"Kirby, suck up one of those brooms!" Tiff shouted. Kirby inhaled really hard. A broomstick got sucked in to Kirby's mouth. Another new Copy Ability!

Buto was amazed at Kirby's actions. "Amazing! How did he do that?"

"That's a Copy Ability you just saw, Buto," Meta Knight said. "He is now Cleaning Kirby."

All of the brooms swarmed in and attacked Kirby. Kirby did not laugh; he groaned when he was being tickled by Broom King's brooms. Just then, Kirby released himself, then killed off all the broomsticks, sending them all flying high into the sky.

"Wow! No wonder he's a Star Warrior!" Buto said, still amazed.

"It's not over yet," Meta Knight interrupted. "Broom King is about to give Kirby another brush-off."

Broom King flew up in midair and spit out loads of garbage directly at Kirby. He was knocked unconscious as he hit the wall. "Now let's see if you can handle this!" Broom King repeatedly whacked him with his handle.

"Kirby, don't give up!" cried Tiff.

Kirby, regaining consciousness, started counterattacking with his own broom. Angered, the monster pounded on the ground, releasing a storm of dust. Kirby swept away the dust, stunning the monster for a few seconds.

The Broom King tried to run away by flying up, but failed. Kirby chased after him and with a huge sweep, sent the monster to his death. An explosion could be seen in the sky from where the Broom King was.

Everyone cheered as Kirby returned to the ground. "Poyo poyo," ("More, please,") Kirby said to Rowlin.

"What?" she asked.

"I think Kirby wants to hear the rest of the story," Tiff told her.

"Yes, us too!" "Read us some more!" "What happened next?" replied the whole crowd.

Rowlin told them, "I'll give everyone in Cappytown and Station Square each a replacement copy of Pappy Pottey and the Corridor of Darkness." The crowd cheered again.

"But how'd you know Sonic and my friends and I live in Station Square?" asked Amy.

"I was driving through Station Square on my way to Cappytown," she told her. "It was the only way I could get there."

Suddenly Dedede and Escargoon arrived with his copy of the book. "Here come your biggest fans for an autograph!"

"But you two are the ones who started all this trouble! What do you have to say for yourselves?" Sonic told the bad guys.

"We was fooled by the Broom King like the rest of y'all," Dedede replied. "Isn't that right, Escargoon?"

Escargoon sheepishly said, "Eh, that's pretty likely." Dedede kicked him out and handed Rowlin the book. She signed it.

"And make sure to put a lotta pictures for your third book!" Dedede demanded, glaring at the female author. Escargoon came by and said, "Of course, His Majesty has never learned to read just like--"

Dedede crushed the snail with his hammer. "Just keep reading, Your Highness," Rowlin said. Dedede opened the book and saw the signature of the author. "For the second time in my life, I got a book with the author's own handwriting scribbled down inside it!"

Then he glared at the signature on the first page with Rowlin's picture on it. "Hey, it's the same old thing as last time!" Escargoon laughed, and so did everybody else.

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