Sonic woke up with fear as he saw his small toys gradually turn into much bigger in size monsters, their eyes glowing yellow. Then they started attacking him!


He ran out of his room and straight into Amy's room. "Amy! Amy! Wake up! There's monsters in my room!"

Amy, still wearing her pajamas, slowly got out of bed, and the two hedgehogs went back into Sonic's room. But they saw nothing... for now.

"I don't see a thing, Sonic," Amy said. Then, suddenly, she saw the monstrous figures hopping everywhere in Sonic's room.

"Do something, Amy!" cried Sonic. "I don't like those monsters bouncing around in my room!"

"Leave it to me!" Amy summoned her Piko Piko Hammer and tried to get rid of the figures, but even for a girl who was skilled with her hammer, the figures were just too quick.

All across Station Square and Cappytown, whoever bought the mini figures used all they could to wipe them out with their brooms, shovels, rakes, etc., but with almost no success.

Even when they tried to take refuge from their houses and leave Station Square, the figures still followed wherever they went.

The figures proceeded to cause damage to all of their properties by knocking them down onto the floor and breaking them into pieces. They even broke out of the windows! But still, it was sort of the people's fault for buying so many of them.

However, they did manage to kill off just a few of them, making them disappear with colorful light. And now they didn't want them anymore at all!

In King Dedede's castle, the situation was exactly the same there. "I knew these things were nothing but trouble!" said Lady Like.

"It's not really my fault; Buto was the one who bought them!" Sir Ebrum told her.

"How was I supposed to know if they were gonna turn into monsters?" asked Buto.

"Yeah, I never knew about that happening either!" Tuff added.

"I warned you guys last time; Dedede is behind this!" Tiff said.

"Dedede?" Sir Ebrum asked. "Who's he after?"

Tiff gasped. "Kirby! Buto, Tuff, come on!" She and her brothers ran off to Kirby's house. Meta Knight watched them from high up in a balcony.

Meanwhile, Escargoon barged into Dedede's bedroom. "Sire, your monsters are all over the castle!"

Dedede tried to eliminate the monsters with a cushion. "Get away, you bozos!" One monster hit Escargoon by the face, then vanished with colorful light.

"This is Eggman's fault!" Dedede said. He stormed his way up to the throne room and called Dr. Eggman. The figures followed him.

"These here toy monsters you revived still ain't cooperating!"

"Well, that may be true, but they are designed to look like toys so they can play around with their enemies!"

"Is that so? That's an interesting thing to say!"

"So what should we do, sire; call Kirby so we can use him to wipe off these little monsters?"

"Kirby's gonna be a wreck after the recreation I'm gonna plan on doin'!"

In Kirby's house, Kirby and Tokkori were forced to climb up the chimney to avoid getting hit by the monster figures. "Move it, boy!" Tokkori tried to poke Kirby out when he got stuck. "You're blocking my escape route!"

But the monster pushed them out through the chimney and onto the grass. Far ahead they could see a large crowd fleeing from and trying to kill off the alive mini figures.

Kirby tried to run away from them, but his way was blocked by King Dedede's limousine. "Well, ready for some more fun, Kirby?" Dedede asked. The mini figures stood still like a mob.

"I bet the King revived those monsters and tricked us again!" Sonic said.

"That's why we ended up getting those things!" added Knuckles.

"We fell for another of his dirty tricks!" said Tails.

"You're gonna regret this!" Amy said to the King, still armed with her hammer and in her red pajamas.

Dedede laughed. "Yeah, and I sold them all out thanks to all you poor commoners!"

"Never forget the old sayin'..." Escargoon added.

"You can't tell a crook by his cover!"

"Dedede is right!" Buto said to the crowd. They turned to him and his younger siblings. "It's true that he's setting traps everywhere, but it worked because you bought so many of these mini figures!"

"And now it's time to stop them!" Tuff added.

"Let's work together and get rid of those things!" Tiff pointed at the mini figures.

The crowd agreed, and worked together to try their best to still wipe out the monsters. Amy could easily kill off three at a time with her Piko Piko Hammer, but even for her, there were way too many to defeat.

"Amy, there's way too many of them to stop!" Sonic said.

"Just keep on swatting, Sonic!" Amy told him. "I'm trying my best too, you know!"

Then pretty soon, all the people were pooped from swatting all the monsters that were still bouncing around them... except for Amy and Tiff, of course.

"Come on, everyone, don't just stop now!" Tiff protested.

Dedede laughed again, through a megaphone. "Why don't we settle this in a better manner?"

"A better manner?" asked Amy. The monsters then stopped bouncing around and attacking everyone.

"That's right," Dedede continued. "A more civilized manner, as a matter of fact. I'm gonna call off my mini monsters and leave y'all alone if Kirby and some o' his little pals accept my challenge for a sportin' match?"

"Are you crazy?" asked Buto. "Why would I want to challenge you for a sport match?"

"My Martial Arts All-Stars will challenge Kirby, that blue hedgehog, that little fox with two tails, that red guy, and Sir Ebrum's son in law! They'll be the only ones who will fight the monsters instead of you folks! Ha ha ha ha ha!"

So later that afternoon, the people of Cappytown and all of Amy's old friends gathered to see the competition between Kirby, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Buto versus King Dedede's Martial Arts All-Stars team. It took place in the same location where Dedede and Amy battled in the Hammer Wrestling Tournament, only now, the wrestling mat wasn't there anymore -- just a solid battleground.

Part of the audience were Amy, Tiff, Tuff, Cream, Cosmo, Rouge, Vanilla, Lady Like, and Sir Ebrum. "I hope Sonic and the other boys will win," Amy said.

"Me too, Amy," Tiff added. "In fact, maybe we should support them a little more, don't you think?"

"Now, Tiff, that might be dangerous," Sir Ebrum told her.

"Don't worry, Ebrum," Lady Like stopped him. "They know what they're doing."

Down backstage, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Buto and Kirby were getting ready for the championship. "Now, listen, guys, this is five against five," Buto said to his friends. "And we all have special abilities. But even if one of us loses, Dedede will disqualify all of us, so we gotta do our best. Okay?"

"Okay!" replied Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles.

"Good! Now let's go and show Dedede who's the better ones!"

The boys proceeded to the middle of the ring. They heard loud cheers from the audience. King Dedede and Escargoon were the announcers this time.

As the five boys looked around, they suddenly noticed Amy, Tiff, Tuff, Cream and Cosmo racing down to the ring.

"Guys, what are you doing here?" asked Tails.

"This is a trap, Tails," Tuff said.

"We were only trying to help Tuggle and Gengu, and now look where you guys are," Tiff told the boys. "This is the only chance of you guys being able to win this match, and it's all my fault."

"And mine too," Amy added. "Maybe you should forfeit the match and go home."

But despite the girls' confessions, the crowd was still rooting for Kirby, Sonic, and their other three teammates.

"No way, Amy," Knuckles retorted. "If we forfeit the match, we're even bigger losers!"

Some Waddle Dees blew their trumpets, playing a fanfare for preparation of the match. Escargoon spoke into the microphone. "Now it's time for the second ever championship competition starring the Martial Arts All-Stars team!"

The crowd cheered even louder. More of the Waddle Dees played a drum roll. The mini figures also gathered in the ring. They stepped back, and in their place were five much smaller monsters, all of them looking exactly like professional fighters.

"Those mini figures are just toys!" Cream said.

"How can they even fight against their opponents?" asked Cosmo.

Dedede laughed into the microphone. "Luckily, my toy team has got skills! Check 'em out! The first one is Kung Fu Lee!"

This fighter was a Kung Fu master.

"The second one is Boxer Dyson!"

This one had two large boxing gloves.

"The third one is Karate Kid!"

He was a master of karate.

"The fourth is Old Taikyoku!"

He had powerful tai-chi moves.

"And finally, the sumo wrestling Yankee Sekitori!"

He was a super sized sumo wrestler.

"This should be no sweat for the five of us," Sonic said.

"I wouldn't count on that, Sonic," Tails told him. "Look!"

The five toys grew into the size of real fighters. They were now taller than all of the five challengers. Even the audience watched this.

"How'd they grow so big?" Spikehead asked.

"They look cooler than the ones we got," Iroo said.

"We wanted those figures," said Professor Curio.

"But Dedede wanted them all to himself!" Samo added.

"We never had a chance of collecting those things!" Dr. Yabui said.

Dedede and Escargoon laughed. "Those fools fell for my trap like they always do every time!"

"Sire!" said a powerful voice. It was Meta Knight, accompanied by Sword and Blade. "Does your All-Star Team tend to play by the rules of this match?"

"They ain't no cheaters," Dedede declared. "They'll fight fair and square!"

"Very well, then. We shall take our place and just enjoy the match." Meta Knight led his two companions back into their seats with the audience.

"Hey! Meta Knight!" Tiff called. Amy shouted with her, but Meta Knight still ignored them.

Then Dedede stood up and held up a handkerchief. "Fighters ready?" he asked. 3 seconds later, he dropped the handkerchief and the battle began.

The sumo wrestler made his move first. He let out a yellow beam directly at Kirby. The attack hit Kirby and apparently knocked him down.

"Kirby!" exclaimed Sonic, Buto, Tails, and Knuckles. Then they glared at their opponents, and got ready to fight themselves.

Karate Kid went next and let out a blue green aura beam, this time at Tails. Quickly, Tails used his Tails Propeller Flight move to dodge the attack. Then Karate Kid released another aura beam, and successfully knocked out Tails.

Then another two of the five fighters started attacking, causing their five oppoents to take off running and dodging the attacks.

"No fair!" Amy said. "They can't just fight all at the same time!"

Four of the boys were able to dodge all the attacks, but Kirby was not very lucky. He was hit by the fighters' attacks the most times. Then, the Martial Arts All-Stars team released their attacks in one move. Kirby immediately inhaled these five beams and transformed! He was now Fighter Kirby.

"How'd he do that?" asked Cosmo.

"That's a copy ability, Cosmo," Amy told her. "He transformed into Fighter Kirby!"

"My All-Stars Team is only getting warmed up," Dedede said. "Now it's time for the real match!"

"All right! Get 'em, guys!" the girls and Tuff cheered. And so began the real battle!

Escargoon announced, "It is now time for Round One of the Martial Arts Championship! For this first round, it's Kirby versus Kung Fu Lee!"

The kung fu master faced his opponent. Then he performed his hand movements and began attacking with fast punches and kicks at Kirby like a bouncing ball.

"Kirby!" cried Tiff.

"You can beat 'im!" cried Amy.

Kirby fought back at the kung fu master with a Leg Sweep attack, but the monster just dodged it. Then Kirby performed a load of Smash Punches, which were blocked by the monster's nunchuks.

Next, Kung Fu Lee attacked Kirby with his nunchuks, until suddenly, they twirled around his arm, rapidly lowering his defense.

This gave Kirby an opportunity to defeat the kung fu guy once and for all. He gave him one more Smash Punch, and the monster disappeared with white light.

"Way to go, Kirby!" Tuff cheered.

But Dedede was angered. "Let's bring out the boxing ring!" he shouted.

The same old boxing ring that Dedede and Amy fought on when they wrestled each other appeared in the big ring. Escargoon stepped onto the mat.

"In the loser's corner is Tiff's boyfriend, Buto!" he announced. Buto climbed up onto the ring.

"And let's bring out his opponent, representing the Martial Arts All-Stars, the heavyweight boxing figure, Boxer Dyson!"

The boxing fighter leaped onto the ring, on the opposite side of where Buto was. Amy put on some boxing gloves into Buto's hands. "Are you ready, Buto?" she asked.

"Amy, I was born ready," he replied. After Amy was finished helping Buto with his boxing gloves, she jumped off the ring, and the cueing bell rang, signaling the start of Round 2.

Boxer Dyson charged at his opponent, and used his most powerful punches, right at Buto's chest. Eventually, the boy went flying a distance in the air.

After that, Boxer Dyson performed a Smash Punch, with Buto still in midair. When Buto noticed the Smash Punch attack, he attacked it back with a Mega Aura Blast using the glove on his right hand.

Buto landed back on the boxing ring, and threw some more aura beams from his boxing gloves. Dyson fought back with more of his own.

But he couldn't throw more as Buto could, and was launched to the back of the ring. Finally, Buto summoned his Lightsaber and finshed off the monster with a large uppercut. The second fighter was defeated!

"Buto won!" cheered the girls.

"Now, that was a knockout!" said Tuff.

But Dedede laughed, still aware that Kirby's team still had three more opponents left. "We're gonna get 'em this time!"

"Our next martial arts champion, who will be fighting Miles, a.k.a. Tails Prower, will be sure to turn 'im into a karate chopped fox!"

The boxing ring sank down below ground. Now it was the Karate Kid's turn to fight Tails in Round 3.

"It's a karate master," said Cream.

"Come on, Tails, you can do it, buddy!" Tuff cheered.

Karate Kid jumped off a very high rock pillar and made his first move. He repeatedly slapped Tails with his two fighting hands, then he gave him a huge kick, sending him flying into the sky.

As he landed back down, the karate master punched Tails to a rock pillar. "Tails!" cried Tuff.

"This is perfect, Cosmo," Meta Knight said as he climbed down to the ring.

"What's perfect?" Cosmo asked. "Tails looks like he's about to lose the match, and how did you know my name? And who are you?"

"I am Meta Knight. I was the only surviving member of the Star Warriors after the war between us and Nightmare."

"So what's going to happen?" Cream asked.

"If Tails pushes to his limits, he will reveal his most latent abilities."

Karate Kid was about to give Tails an aura punch, but then Tails dodged it with his flying ability. Then he swooped down with huge force at Karate Kid and did a Fighter Grab on him, and gave him a Flying Throw.

The karate fighter skidded on the ground, then got back up. He and Tails charged after each other, and then Tails performed a Spin Attack at Karate Kid. It sent the Kid flying towards Dedede and Escargoon, who exploded at the moment of impact.

The crowd cheered upon Tails' victory against the third fighter. Escargoon regained himself and announced, "Okay, that round goes to Team Kirby."

Dedede also regained himself. "But they ain't gonna be no match for our tai-chi master!"

Next up was Old Taikyoku, who was to fight against Sonic. But when the blue hedgehog just snickered at his opponent's appearance.

"That guy looks nothing like a tai chi master; he looks just like a little girl!"

But there was proof to show that Old Taikyoku was indeed a true tai chi master. He started distracting Sonic with his own movements. Sonic copied the movements, one by one, by using his feet. Then he tripped and fell down, not on his feet.

"Careful, Sonic!" Amy told him. "He's trying to let your guard down!"

Then Old Taikyoku repeatedly kicked Sonic with his feet, and struck him with his long ponytail. Sonic flew four meters up in the air, and dropped back down with an Axe Kick on the tai chi master's head.

Old Taikyoku laughed feebly, fell on his head, and exploded in pink smoke, giving Sonic the victory.

"Axe Kick -- that is one of Sonic's rare techniques," Meta Knight said.

"He sure hit him right on the head!" laughed Tails.

"Even I can beat the Martial Arts All-Stars team that easy," Rouge said, still in the audience.

Now there was only one more opponent left, and one more challenger in Kirby's team that hasn't fought yet. The audiences cheered. But Dedede was enraged.

"Fine! I'm gonna crush the last member on Kirby's team with the supersized sumo wrestler!"

A large yellow crane brought in a miniature house, home of the sumo wrestler that Knuckles was about to challenge. Escargoon, dressed as a sumo referee, said, "We have decided to save the worst for last."

The Waddle Dees played another drum roll. "Presenting... the super sumo heavyweight, Yankee Sekitori!"

Knuckles jumped onto the ring, and so did his opponent -- Yankee Sekitori, a heavyweight sumo wrestler twice the weight as Knuckles.

"I'm gonna beat this fat bellied guy once and for all," Knuckles thought. He stomped his feet for preparation of the final round of the match.

"What's he doing?" asked Spikehead.

"That red guy isn't doing a thing!" Iroo said.

Then Yankee copied Knuckles by stomping his feet. They made the ground shake. Next, the fighters did salt throwing. After that, it was time for the final fight.

"This round will decide who will win the entire match," Escargoon said. Knuckles and Yankee took their positions. "Get ready... GO!"

Yankee and Knuckles leaped against each other. Yankee used his palm to launch the red echidna, but Knuckles stayed in the field, and launched right back at Yankee.

The sumo wrestler gave Knuckles repeat punches, and slapped him down on the ground. "A sumo slam dunk for Yankee," Escargoon announced. "Well done! Team Kirby is through!"

"You cheater!" yelled Tails. "It's against the rules to do that!"

"Sumo wrestlers don't use their fists!" added Tiff.

"Hey, quit belly acheing," Escargoon said to Team Kirby's supporters. "What lousy kids!"

Luckily, Knuckles got back up on his feet and tried punching at the palm of Yankee's hand. But not even a 16 year old echidna's fists could do a thing against a large sumo wrestler's big palm. Then Yankee faked Knuckles out with one hand.

Rouge wasn't happy about Knuckles losing. "Ugh... that sumo wrestler is too big for my little boyfriend!"

Meta Knight said, "Every foe of Kirby's team has a weakness."

Knuckles rushed to his opponent with Super Speed, stunning him.

"Hey, Meta Knight, what's Knuckles doing?" Sonic asked.

"He's playing a mind game with the sumo wrestler," Meta Knight told him.

Knuckles performed another Super Speed move, and gave Yankee a Hammer Punch. The sumo wrestler was flipped over and sent flying in midair. He landed on the ring upside down.

"All right!" Amy cheered. "Way to go, Knuckles!"

"Not so fast, kids," Escargoon halted. "Yankee is not out yet."

Yankee got back on his feet and attempted to attack Knuckles with a body slam. Knuckles moved quickly, performed a Spin Jump, and gave Yankee his strongest Punch Attack yet. The fifth and final opponent was thrown into the sky and exploded, winning Team Kirby the match.

With no opponents left, the audience got out of their seats and took out all of the mini figures that were now easy to get rid of.

"We can't even win if we cheat," Escargoon said as he watched the mini figures disappear.

Dedede growled. "We should've cheated more! We should have a third match someday!"

Sir Ebrum handed out a trophy to Kirby's team. "Congratulations, Team Kirby. You're the champions."

Kirby claimed the trophy, but he stumbled on it after claiming it. Sonic noticed this. "Whoa! I got it, Kirby!" He grabbed the trophy right before Kirby could drop it and cause it to crash into pieces.

"Poyo poyo," ("Thanks, Sonic,") Kirby said.

"You're welcome, Kirby," Sonic replied. "A big guy like me can hold things that are too heavy for a little guy like you."

Everyone laughed. Later after the end of the competition, Amy, Tiff, and their friends took a walk outside, with Sonic still holding the trophy.

"I'm so glad those mini figures are finally over with," Tails said.

"Me too," Buto added. "The next time I eat candy, it's gonna have no toys inside them ever!"

"I agree with you, Buto," said Tuff. "Those mini figures are something I wouldn't ever want to see again in my life!"

"I don't like scary toys," Cream said. "Not even when they're real."

"You don't have to worry about that, Cream," Tiff told her. "There's no longer even such a thing as a scary toy, unless they're Halloween toys."

"When I get home, I'm gonna put this trophy in my room," Sonic said. "Where Amy won't be able to find it!"

"Oh, just you wait, Sonic," Amy told him. "I'm gonna find your trophy one day and keep it in my room if you don't listen to what I say!"

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