One morning, King Dedede was outside playing golf with his star studded hammer. He gave it a huge swing and hit the golf ball a thousand feet away. The golf ball sailed across the ocean. It was unknown to Dedede where it would land.

Then he looked at his hammer and let out a big sigh. "If only I could make this here hammer even stronger so I can teach that hedgehog girlie a lesson with it," he said.

It suddenly gave him an idea. He ran back into the throne room and called Dr. Eggman.

"What is it you want, Triple D?"

"Listen here! You've got lots of machines in your place! In this case, I want my star studded hammer upgraded to super ultra mode so it can outsmart that hedgehog girlie's own hammer!"

"Don't be a fool! My machines don't upgrade hammers or other weapons!"

"Well then, how am I ever gonna clobber that there hedgehog girlie and her little pals and even Kirby?"

"I feel that same way too, only I want to get rid of my old enemy Sonic. Tell you what, I have an idea. In two days, we're going to have a fighting tournament at the Diamond Stadium. And the winner will receive... this golden Stronger Than Anyone trophy!"

Eggman showed Dedede a large trophy with a golden boxing glove on the upper half. "Amazing! I want it! Gimme, gimme, gimme!"

"Not so fast! You will have to be part of that tournament if you want this trophy. I will send it over to the Diamond Stadium right away, though. Furthermore, if you win that tournament, I'll give you another $1 million in your bank account. But if you lose, you gotta PAY me $1 million if you want us to still be partners."

"You got a deal, Egg Dude! Okay, I'll come to that tournament! I'm gonna win once and for all!"

Later, the people of Cappytown and Station Square were watching the news on their TV sets.

"SSNN has reported that the self proclaimed king of Cappytown, Dedede, has started a special fighting tournament, which is currently in the works. His partner, Eggman, has even offered a grand prize to the winner of the competition -- the Stronger Than Anyone trophy."

Amy and Sonic were watching the news together in Amy's house.

"That's a beautiful trophy," Amy said when seeing it on TV. "I'm gonna sign up for that tournament. You can be part of it too, Sonic."

"Who cares? You're probably gonna beat me anyway," said Sonic.

Tiff's family was watching it too.

"Wow, a fighting tournament! I'm gonna come!" Tuff exclaimed.

"So will I!" Buto added.

"Well, not me," said Tiff. "I'd rather just watch you guys lose along the way."

"Tiff is right, boys. Your mother and I aren't even strong enough to be in that tournament," Sir Ebrum added.

"We're not afraid of losing," Tuff protested.

"Just please let us sign up so we can compete," said Buto. Sir Ebrum and Lady Like agreed to let them go, but they still feared about their safety.

Tails, Charmy, Knuckles, and Rouge also chose to sign up for the fighting tournament when they watched the news. But their friends and families were also concerned, just like Tiff and her parents.

"If you feel you would like to participate in the fighting tournament at the Diamond Stadium, please sign up today, and remember to tell all your friends to tell all their friends. This competition is sure to be the most exciting event ever. The grand prize, once again, is a golden Stronger Than Anyone trophy. So come on down if you think you've got what it takes to battle with the best."

Advertisements for the fighting tournament were posted everywhere -- on the streets, on vehicles, even in the newspapers. Then, without further warning, the day of the tournament finally arrived.

Fireworks exploded. People in the audience cheered. Fololo and Falala, once again, got hired as the announcers. "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the second ever fighting tournament in Diamond Stadium! Today's participants will be competing for this brand new Stronger Than Anyone trophy! As you can see, this trophy is a symbol proving that no one is stronger than its future owner."

Cream the Rabbit waved her hand while in the audience with her mother. Tiff was not very excited about this tournament, though. She wasn't even aware that Amy had already signed up.

"And now, here to introduce the first two competitors, our returning master of ceremony, Elmer Johnson," Falala announced.

"In this corner... the ninja warrior, Benikage! And his opponent, Charmy Bee!"

There were lots of cheers and boos scrambled everywhere in the audience as a young boy in a red ninja outfit prepared to face Charmy.

"All right... let the battle begin!" Fololo rang the bell, signifying the start of the round. Benikage started off by throwing unlimited shurikens at Charmy. The bee dodged these attacks by flying around in the air. But he eventually began to lose his flight power, and was wide open for defeat.

Benikage used his ninja teleportation technique to appear behind Charmy and knock him down by giving him a shoving push. Charmy was out!

"Benikage will move to the next round," Johnson announced.

"Hey, I want a recount!" Charmy complained.

"Too bad, you little bumble brat," Benikage snapped. "No one can stop a ninja warrior like me, 'cause I've improved a lot more while I attended ninja school."

"Now let's move on to our next exciting battle," Falala said, and she hit the bell this time. The next battle was Buto facing off Chef Kawasaki.

"Why are you here, Mr. Kawasaki?" Buto asked.

Chef Kawasaki, now in a samurai outfit with a fan in one hand, told him, "I want to show off my own fighting skills just like any other competitor. In just a matter of time, I'm gonna get that trophy once and for all!"

"Well, you do look pretty strong."

The chef slowly walked towards the teenage boy. "Thank you, Buto. Now I'll show you how it feels to be beaten!"

Then Kawasaki charged at Buto, but then the boy used his aura hands to defend himself from getting hit by Kawasaki's fan, shocking him. Kawasaki yelped in pain and fell down.

"Oh, no, that boy tricked me..."

As Buto celebrated his victory, Fololo announced, "With only one move, Buto has won the match!"

"Thank you! Thank you! It was nothing!" Buto said in front of the audience.

Now it was time for the third match of Round 1. For this match, the competitors were none other than... Sonic and Kirby!

While the battle was getting warmed up, Sonic said to the pink ball, "This is it, Kirby. We both lost together last time, but this time, one of us is sure to win."

"Poyo," ("Yeah,") Kirby nodded. He was right now Fighter Kirby.

"Competitors ready?" Falala asked. "Go!" She rang the bell at the same time.

"Here I come, Kirby!" Sonic dashed right at him, and gave him a batter. But Kirby wasn't affected much this time. Then Kirby made his move by kicking him in the face, sending him flying. Luckily, he landed back on his feet.

Kirby threw some Vulcan Jab attacks at Sonic, and the blue hedgehog dodged them. After that, the two charged at each other just like they did in the superbrawl. Then when the collision occurred...


Once AGAIN, both Sonic and Kirby were unable to move. "Oh, dear! It's a tie, ladies and gentlemen! That means both Sonic and Kirby are disqualified!" Falala announced.

"No fair!" Tiff shouted.

"I guess... it happened again... Kirby..." Sonic said weakly. Kirby just groaned.

The next battle starred Espio the Chameleon and Big the Cat. But when the battle began against the two, Big could not see his opponent anywhere.

"Hey... where's Espio?" asked Fololo. "If he doesn't show up within the next 10 seconds, the match will belong to Big the Cat!"

Then 5 seconds later, Espio turned visible just like how a real chameleon would do, and did a Homing Attack at Big. The purple cat fell flat on his back. Fololo rang the bell, ending the match.

"This is amazing, folks. Espio the Chameleon appeared from nowhere and defeated Big the Cat with a Homing Attack! It looks like Espio will be moving on to the next round! But now, let's continue Round 1 with our fifth match, and this time, it's Tuff versus everyone's favorite high flying fox, Tails!"

The crowd cheered, but Tiff's parents were surprised. "Eh? Isn't that our son in the ring?" Sir Ebrum asked.

"And he's about to battle his own best friend!" Lady Like added.

"Ready when you are, Tuff," Tails said, warming up.

"Tails, I was born ready," Tuff replied.

"Then let's go!" The two boys used their fists as if they were wearing boxing gloves, and Tails also used his two tails to defend himself. The audience watched this happen.

"It's an even battle, folks. Tails and Tuff are battling just like professional wrestlers, but Tails is defending himself by using his twin tails. Now watch as Tuff is about to kick Tails, but wait! Tails is using his tails to get ready to attack right back!"

"What are you doing, Tails?" asked Tuff, grabbing his friend by the tails. "Aren't you going to fight back?"

"Sure I will... with THIS!" Tails spun Tuff into complete dizziness, defeating him out of the match.

"Amazing! Tails has won the match by making Tuff suffer a dizzying defeat!" Falala said.

After the battle, Tails went back to Tuff's side and helped him back up. "Are you okay, Tuff?" he asked. "I'm sorry I did this, I was only trying to win. Here, buddy, up you go." He helped his friend get back up on his feet.

"Thanks, Tails," Tuff said. "But what am I supposed to do, now that I lost to you?"

"Don't worry about my next battle. We'll walk together down backstage for now, and when they call for me, that's when I'll have to get back on the ring." Tails escorted Tuff back downstage, as the next competitors prepared for their battle.

"Our next competitors are Vector the Crocodile and Amy Rose," Fololo announced.

"Long time no see, Amy," Vector said.

"Yeah, right," Amy retorted. "Guess what I got for my birthday last week!" She waved her left hand, and summoned the Spiked Piko Piko Hammer from thin air.

Vector gasped in fear when he saw Amy's new hammer. "I want my mommy!" And he began to run away from battle. Amy chased him everywhere until her opponent accidentally fell off the ring.

"What luck! With Vector the Crocodile running away from battle without any defense whatsoever, Amy Rose moves on to the next round!" announced Falala.

"I couldn't have done it without the support of all my fans," Amy said.

"Way to go, Amy!" Tiff cheered.

"Thanks, Tiff," Amy replied. "You can count on me to win that trophy!"

"And that marks the end of the first round," Fololo said. "We'll be back in 15 minutes, so you just stay where you are!" Meanwhile backstage, all the winning contestants met up with each other.

"That sure was an easy round," Tails said.

"But the next one's gonna be a lot harder," said Buto.

"There's gonna be harder opponents," Amy said.

"And stronger ones too," Espio added.

"But who's gonna be our new opponents?" asked Tails. Just then, their new opponents appeared -- Knuckles the Echidna, Shadow the Hedgehog, Knuckle Joe, Sirica, Meta Knight, King Dedede, Escargoon, Rouge the Bat, Sir Arthur from the Galaxy Soldier Army, Sergeant Kit Cosmos, and Antoine.

"You guys ready to rumble?" asked Knuckles.

"I... guess," Tails said nervously.

"I've built up some cool moves that none of you will ever survive," Shadow said.

"I'm here because I want to have fun defeating everybody in the tournament," said Knuckle Joe.

"I got a weapon that can do five things in one," Sirica said.

"My hammer and I have been training enough to beat all of you," said Dedede.

"When I win that trophy, I'll keep it away from His Majesty at all times," Escargoon said.

"No one can beat me," said Rouge.

"The Galaxy Soldier Army acknowledges that I will be the winner of the tournament," Sir Arthur said. "My name is Sir Arthur."

"I may be old, but a sergeant like me never quits," said Kit Cosmos. "Call me Sergeant Cosmos."

"I heard about the tournament from the newspaper, and that's why I'm here now to take you all down," Antoine said. "I am Antoine D'Coolette."

"So are you in for the challenge or not?" asked Meta Knight.

"I'm in!" Amy said confidently. But the other winners were still very nervous, unlike Amy.

Later, it was time for the second round. "Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen," Fololo announced. "It is now time for the second round of the fighting tournament at Diamond Stadium. First up, we've got Knuckles the Echidna facing off against the ninja Benikage."

"Let's go, ninja boy!" Knuckles said.

"We'll see about that," replied Benikage. "I'll show you what a real ninja can do!" He started throwing shruikens, and Knuckles dodged them all. Then the red echidna knocked him down with one punch.

"Wait! Stop! Please don't hurt me! All right, all right, I guess I lied in the first place -- the truth is, I'm still the same old ninja school flunkie! I only won that first battle for dumb luck. I need to train more!"

"Well, then you might want to train more right now 'cause there's one thing I cannot stand... A WHINER!"

Knuckles gave Benikage a Super Punch Attack, sending him flying towards the stadium wall. The ninja boy crashed into the wall, causing him to lose the battle.

"Knuckles the Echidna has won the match after proving that Benikage isn't a ninja after all," announced Falala.

Backstage, Cosmo met up with Sonic and Kirby, both of them still injured. "What happened? Are you two in need of medical treatment?" she asked.

"We're fine, Cosmo," Sonic said. "It's just that Kirby and I both got knocked out again at the same time, and the judges declared both of us disqualified, so neither of us could move on to the next round."

"I'm sorry about that," Cosmo replied. "But don't worry, perhaps this will make you feel all better." She waved her hands at Sonic and Kirby, and red dust appeared from her hands. When it made contact with Kirby and Sonic, they instantly felt better.

"Thanks, Cosmo," Sonic said happily. "What do you call that?"

"It's a special ability my mother used to teach me when I was seven. She calls it 'Cherry Blossom Powder'. I use it to especially help those who are seriously injured."

Back in the stadium, Fololo and Falala were already announcing the second match of Round 2. In this match, Antoine was facing off Shadow the Hedgehog.

"If you're gonna make it to the quarterfinals, you gotta beat me and my sword first," Antoine said to Shadow. The black hedgehog said nothing and smirked, then he grabbed Antoine by the legs and pinned him down to the ground.

"Ow! Hey, stop it! Cut that out! All right, all right, you win! I give up!" Antoine didn't even get a chance to attack Shadow, but nonetheless, the victory still belonged to Shadow.

"And Shadow the Hedgehog becomes our second quarterfinalist," announced Fololo.

The next match was Knuckle Joe versus Sirica. "Let's see what you got," Sirica said. "I hope your abilities are enough to beat my 5-in-1 gun."

"They sure are, Sirica," Knuckle Joe said.

"Good, 'cause here I come!" Sirica blasted him with a flamethrower, knocking him down. "Well, that was a sweet victory," she said.

"Not so fast," Falala halted her. "I did not ring the starting bell yet, so Sirica is therefore disqualified for starting the battle before the bell."

"Hey, you can't do that!" Sirica protested.

"Sorry, Sirica," Fololo said. "We didn't make the rules; Mr. Johnson did. Okay, folks, now let's bring in our next contestants!"

The next contestants were Meta Knight and Sir Arthur. The two fought viciously for one minute without saying anything to each other, but not even the leader of the Galaxy Soldier Army could top the abilities of a sword-skilled Star Warrior like Meta Knight.

This led to Meta Knight becoming the fourth quarterfinalist.

Then Fololo announced, "And now for the fifth match of Round 2. It's Buto versus the galaxy soldier, Sergeant Kit Cosmos!"

"I've been training for many years, and now it's time for me to show it off to a little boy like you," said Kit Cosmos.

"Okay, then, old man," Buto said. "Give it your best shot."

"How dare you call me an old man! You're supposed to call me Sergeant Cosmos!" And with that, Kit Cosmos shot an arrow at Buto. Quickly, the teenager backfired the arrow with his aura hands, and the arrow got Kit Cosmos instead.

"Ugh... that boy outsmarted me this time..."

With Buto moving on as the fifth quarterfinalist, there were still three more matches left in the round. The next one involved King Dedede and Escargoon.

"I have a feeling Dedede's going to win this one," Tiff thought.

"Please take it easy on me, sire," Escargoon said. "I'm just a defenseless snail."

"Then why don't you forfeit the match?" Dedede suggested. "You know I'd rather win anyway 'cause you've got no weapons on you."

"No way! I sure do got weapons, I just... forgot to bring them with me from home. Aaagh! I give up, sire. You win. I forfeit. Just please don't hurt me!" Escargoon got down on his knees and begged for Dedede to not beat him up.

"It's okay, Escargoon. I won't hurt you, I'll just do THIS!" Then Dedede tricked Escargoon and bashed him anyway with his star studded hammer. Escargoon crashed against a wall, and the victory went to Dedede.

And now, Rouge was up, as the last contestant to not battle yet. Tails was her opponent. "You want a rematch, Tails? Well then, you've got one."

"Oh, yeah? Well, my best friend Tuff could not beat me, and neither will you!"

Soon Falala hit the bell, and Tails and Rouge had another thrilling aerial battle. "Look at this, folks!" Fololo announced. "Tails and Rouge are battling completely in midair!"

Just then Rouge landed back on the ground and said, "You're not bad... for someone who still hasn't grown up much. Watch out, boy!" Tails charged at Rouge, in an attempt to get what she deserved, but instead, Rouge stopped Tails by holding onto his hands and stunned him with a kiss. Then she threw him out of the ring, disqualifying him again.

"It seems as though Rouge has won again after a rematch with Tails," announced Falala. "She is now a quarterfinalist."

"Sorry to smooch and run, but I'm gonna go touch up my lipstick," Rouge said before she went backstage to get her makeup touched up.

It was now time for the final battle of the second round -- Amy versus Espio. "You ready, Espio?" asked Amy.

"Your hammer won't touch me as long as I'm invisible," Espio said.

"Don't care, 'cause I'm still gonna beat you anyway," said Amy.

Then Fololo signified the start of the battle by hitting the bell. Espio immediately turned invisible during the first second of the battle, but unluckily, his shadow could be seen on the floor, and it was moving really quickly.

Amy, however, could see where Espio was going, and she followed the shadow everywhere. And with one aim and swing, she gave Espio a direct hit with her regular Piko Piko Hammer. Espio turned visible again, right before he fainted.

"Can you believe this, folks? Amy was able to locate Espio by following his shadow and she is now a quarterfinalist! But for now, we must take a break, and we will return in 15 minutes."

Backstage, the eight quarterfinalists met up with each other. "Well, this is it -- we're all one step closer to winning that Stronger Than Anyone trophy," Buto said.

"I hope I win," Dedede said. "If I don't, I gotta pay Eggman a million dollars, and I ain't jokin' about it."

"Then you'll have to pay right away, 'cause if they choose me as your opponent, you're in bad luck," Amy told him.

The 15 minutes were finally up, and the quarterfinals officially begun. The first match of the quarterfinals was Knuckles competing against Shadow. But early in this match, Knuckles began to feel afraid of Shadow.

"Keep away from me," Knuckles said, backing up from the black hedgehog. But Shadow charged at him anyway, and Knuckles jumped over him. "Please, Shadow, I don't want to fight you!"

Shadow continued attacking and attacking, and Knuckles kept on dodging. "What's going on, Tails?" Sonic asked.

"I don't know, Sonic, but it looks like Knuckles and Shadow are dodging each other!"

Suddenly Shadow and Knuckles stopped. "You better forfeit the match so I can move on," Shadow said to the red echidna.

"Fine with me, but look at who you're going to have to fight if that happens," Knuckles told him, pointing at Amy and Rouge's pictures. Shadow thought for a minute. His body was completely frozen. Then finally, he fell down unconscious.

"Knuckles moves on!" shouted Johnson.

Next up were Buto and King Dedede. When they got into the ring, Buto said, "If I can beat Kit Cosmos, then I'll certainly beat you."

Dedede laughed. "What nonsense! Not even your lightsaber is any match for my powerful hammer. You know I'm gonna win that trophy and not you."

"Oh, yeah? I'll show you!" Buto charged at the King with his lightsaber, and Dedede did the same with his hammer. The two played a game of swordfight for more than 90 seconds.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we can't believe what we're seeing! Buto and His Majesty are sword fighting in a stadium!" Falala announced. The match continued until King Dedede released as much strength as he could to knock Buto's lightsaber out of his hands. Then Buto used his aura hands to try to defend himself, but it was too weak against Dedede's star studded hammer. Buto landed on his back, and the victory went to Dedede.

Now it was time for the third match of the quarterfinals. Meta Knight and Knuckle Joe were in this one. "Brace yourself, Knuckle Joe; I am about to show you how powerful my sword can be in battle mode!"

At the start of the battle, Knuckle Joe used all of his attacks at once -- from Vulcan Jab to Spin Kick to Smash Punch, but Meta Knight backfired every one of them with his sword. The attacks ricocheted right back at Knuckle Joe, and he fell down unconscious.

"Meta Knight used his sword to backfire Knuckle Joe's attacks, which makes Meta Knight the winner of the match," announced Fololo.

Then it was time for the last quarterfinal match. There were only two quarterfinalists left -- Amy and Rouge. There were now in for a rematch, but with one difference -- Amy was armed with her Spiked Piko Piko Hammer instead of her regular one.

"I'm not afraid of that hammer," Rouge thought. "I'll teach her that any hammer is no match for a bat."

When the bell rang, Amy said, "Let's go!"

"This ought to be interesting," Rouge said, and the two began battling. During the fight, Tiff was cheering for Amy to win the battle, while Sonic thought, "Amy would really kill me with that hammer if I was her opponent."

Amy and Rouge charged at each other one more time, and when the collision occurred...

"Aaaaah!" Rouge yelled in pain. In an attempt to knock Amy's brand new hammer out of the ring, the hammer was just too spiky to touch, and Rouge ended up with an injured arm.

"With Rouge in need for medical treatment, Amy Rose moves on to the semifinals," announced Falala. During the preparation of the semifinals, Rouge wobbled out of the stadium, carrying her arm with her other arm.

"The semifinals will begin with our two visitors from Cappytown," Fololo said. "His Majesty Dedede and the skilled swordsman, Meta Knight."

"Congratulations, Your Majesty, but I'm afraid your experience is about to end," Meta Knight said.

"That's what you think, you no-brained Star Warrior," Dedede said. "I need that trophy so I won't have to pay Eggman a million dollars."

Then Falala hit the bell, and the two fought furiously. The fight went on for two minutes, until Meta Knight knocked King Dedede's hammer out of the ring. "Meta Knight's done it again, ladies and gentlemen," Falala said. "For 3 matches in a row, Meta Knight has defeated every opponent he faced, and that means he will move on to the final round."

The second semifinal match had Amy face off against Knuckles. Once again, Amy had her Spiked Piko Piko Hammer with her.

"Uh, Amy... you're not gonna bash me with that hammer, are you?" Knuckles asked.

"Why shouldn't I?" asked Amy.

"Because... look at it! There's two spikes on it!" Knuckles pointed at Amy's hammer.

"So what?"

"If I get hit by that hammer, I'll have to go to the hospital and get stitches!"

"Who cares? This is a tournament, and you and I came here to battle, not waste time complaining about each other's abilities. And if you're gonna refuse to battle, then will you or will you not forfeit the match?"


"It's a simple yes or no question. You have 10 seconds to decide before I do something with my brand new hammer!"

Knuckles gave up and yelled out so loud that everyone could hear him, "I forfeit!"

The audience gasped when they heard this. "Did you hear that, folks? Knuckles has decided to purposely forfeit the match! That gives Amy Rose the victory and makes her a finalist!" Falala announced.

"You can do it, Amy!" cheered Tiff.

"We love you, Amy!" Cream cheered. The rest of the audience also chanted Amy's name, giving her a lot of support.

A minute later, Amy and Meta Knight stood face to face with each other for the final round. Fololo said, "This is it, ladies and gentlemen -- the moment you've been waiting for: the final round of the match that will decide it all! Whoever wins will take home the Stronger Than Anyone trophy."

"You've made it this far, Amy Rose," Meta Knight said. "But I have 99% confidence that you will not win that trophy, even with that brand new hammer of yours."

Amy just scoffed. Then 5 seconds later, Falala hit the bell one last time, and the final battle began. The two hauled at each other for five whole minutes. Few of the people in the audience didn't even want to see what was happening.

"Look at this, folks! For the first time ever, we've seen one match run for more than five minutes long!" Falala said. "And yet, both competitors are still in battling shape!"

Rouge, who was now wearing a cast on her arm, thought, "I must say, that girl's sure got talented hammering skills."

"Even I can't beat Meta Knight," Tails said.

"Neither can I," Sonic added.

"Or me," said Buto.

Just then, Meta Knight and Amy both jumped high and performed a clash in midair, and Meta Knight accidentally fell over after the clash, then got stunned.

"Come on, Amy! You're just one more shot away from that trophy!" Tiff called.

Amy immediately gave Meta Knight the final blow, and the powerful masked Star Warrior got sent flying a high distance in the air. He landed back on the ring with a CRASH! Fololo hit the bell. "Meta Knight is unable to battle!" he announced.

"The winner is Amy Rose!" Johnson shouted, celebrating Amy's final victory. Loud applause and cheers came from the whole audience. A group of Waddle Dees carried Meta Knight out of the stadium.

"Now it's time to present the grand prize to our champion," Falala announced. "Amy Rose, go on up and claim your trophy!"

A curtain rose to reveal the trophy with a golden boxing glove on it. Amy lifted the trophy high up in the air for 10 seconds and showed it to everyone in the audience. After that, all of Amy's supporters ran down to the ring, congratulating her on winning the trophy.

"I knew you could do it, Amy!" said Tiff.

"We're proud of you, darling," Lady Like said.

"You sure have proved yourself a true fighter," said Sir Ebrum.

"Even I could never be as talented as you," Tails said.

After a quick full recovery, Meta Knight returned to the stadium and said to Amy, "Here's another special reward you deserve for proper use of your new hammer."

He gave her a small red case. Amy opened it. Inside was a diamond ring. "What's this, Meta Knight?" Amy asked.

"It's a special diamond ring that you can use to defend yourself from any attacks from even the most powerful enemies. As long as you wear it at all times, you can block the attacks and sometimes send them right back at them."

Amy put the ring on her finger. It fit perfectly, and it made her feel even stronger too. "Thanks, Meta Knight," said Amy. "If it wasn't for the help of my friends, I wouldn't have been stronger than anyone."

They all laughed. As for Dedede, who returned to the castle with anger and frustration, called Dr. Eggman once more. He was sending a bag of $1 million to his partner through his delivery system.

"I was so close to gettin' that trophy, but I let my guard down against that Meta Knight!"

"Well, at least you made me happy 'cause I'm gonna use some of this money to buy myself some supplies for my Eggman Empire."

"And what am I supposed to do about it?"

"As for you, 'buddy', I'm gonna send you this!"

In return, Dedede didn't receive a monster, but definitely someone that Eggman has known for a long time -- Bokkun!

"Who's this here guy?"

"His name is Bokkun. I'm firing him because he always tries to intervene when we're trying to think of plans for our Eggman Empire. You can keep him for now until we finally finish building it. See ya!"

Dedede glared at Bokkun, who gave a nervous look and suddenly began to cry hysterically.

"Oh, come on, I'm gonna hurt ya," Dedede said. "From now on, you're hired as my new henchman, and you can replace Escargoon for today!"

"You mean it? Thanks!" said Bokkun.

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