It was a cool autumn day. All around Amy's neighborhood, the wind was blowing soft as a breeze. Temperatures steadily began decreasing. Summer plants were already decomposing. And most of all, the leaves changed color -- from green to yellow, orange, red and brown. In fact, they were falling off the trees! 

Amy looked out her window and gasped. She could notice that today was the start of a new season for the year. 

She walked outside. She could feel the breezy wind blowing in the air. But it was so chilly, Amy immediately had to close the door right afterwards. 

"I must rake all these leaves before my lawn gets messier," she thought. "Even my backyard needs some work too." 

She went back into her room, and searched for a jacket in her closet. She took out a bright red one that matched the same color as her dress. After putting her jacket on, Amy walked out of her room and towards the opposite side that led to Sonic's room. She knocked on Sonic's door. 

"Hey, Sonic!" she called. Sonic opened his door. 

"What is it now, Amy?" he asked. 

"Would you be a darling and help me rake the leaves?" asked Amy. 

Sonic wanted to say no, but since he realized that raking the leaves and recycling is something everyone should do for a while, he agreed to help Amy. 

"Thanks, Sonic!" Amy gave him a hug. 

"Amy... get off me..." Sonic choked. 

Meanwhile in Cappytown, even I noticed the same thing when she looked out her room window. I could see the ground now partially green but also covered in orange, red and brown. 

When I opened the window, the breezy wind blew right through it, along with one of the leaves that fell off the trees. 

"Whoo! The weather's suddenly getting colder today!" I quickly closed the window. 

I went into the closet and looked for a jacket. I pulled out a bright red one that looked just like Amy's. 

Then I ran out of her room and all the way outside to the castle grounds. I could feel the wind blowing at around 20 miles an hour. 

As I looked around, there were more leaves all over the grounds of Dedede's castle. "Looks like someone needs to rake these leaves and recycle them all," I thought. 

Then I realized something -- because it was fall already, my friend Amy needed some help raking the leaves off of her own lawn. 

"I better go help Amy," I said to myself, then ran out of the castle grounds, across the drawbridge, and into the village of Cappytown. I took a brief stop to Kirby's house. 

I knocked on Kirby's door. "Kirby! Come out, you gotta see this!" 

Kirby stepped out of his house and saw me standing outside. "Poyo popoyo?" ("What is it, Tiff?") he asked. 

"See these leaves, Kirby?" I showed him the entire landscape. Kirby looked around. There were leaves everywhere, virtually all of them different colors other than green. 

"That tells us that the new season has arrived," I continued. "Not only the weather changes, but so does our whole landscape. The summer plants start to decompose, and the leaves change color and fall off the trees. You know what this means?" 

Kirby didn't understand. "It means we got work to do," I told him. "We need to help Amy and Sonic rake their leaves too, you know. Now come on!" 

Kirby followed me back towards Cappytown. Even the Cappies could see the leaves blowing in the wind, this way and that way. 

As more leaves fell onto the ground, it became harder for me and Kirby to walk through piles of leaves covering the brick roads of the street. To make matters worse, the wind gradually got stronger, slowing us down. 

Only a few Cappies were outside trying to rake all the leaves into big piles. They got frustrated every time the wind knocked their piles over, or when the children were playing in the leaves, but accidentally made more messes with the piles of leaves the Cappies were working hard on. 

When Kirby and I approached the beaches, there were big waves coming from the ocean because of the cool temperature. Walking was so hard, it took almost an hour for us to get all the way to Amy's house.

As we reached the neighborhood, we could see Amy and Sonic just getting started on their work of raking the leaves. In front of the entrance door to Amy's house were a load of big recycling bags. 

"Hi, Amy!" I called as I waved at her. 

"Hey there, Tiff!" Amy replied. 

I looked all around Amy's front yard. "Wow, look at all these leaves! It sure must be hard work trying to rake them all." 

"Tell me about it," Amy said. "We were just getting started. Say, why don't you help me rake all these leaves and put them in those bags over there?" 


"I'll go get another rake. Wait right here." 

Amy went back into the house, then came back out with a spare rake for me to use. "Here you go, Tiff," she said as she gave the rake to me. 

While Amy, Sonic and I were working hard, Kirby was just playing around in the leaves. He made small piles for himself, then jumped into them every time, making a big mess. 

Sonic spied Kirby having fun jumping in his own piles of leaves. "That sounds like fun!" he said. 

He decided to stop raking and join him. "Want me to help you make a bigger pile of leaves, Kirby?" Sonic asked. 

Kirby nodded. Sonic took his rake and built a much larger pile than the ones Kirby could make. They were now even bigger than Kirby's height. 

"Now here comes my favorite part, Kirby -- jump in!" Sonic walked a long distance away from the pile of leaves he made, then dashed back to it and jumped. The leaves flew everywhere in the yard. 

With that, Amy and I noticed Sonic and Kirby goofing around and not helping us finish the job. 



"What are you two doing?" Amy and I asked, in unison. Sonic stuttered, not answering. He looked around at the mess he and Kirby made while having fun together. 

"Get over here and help us rake! And clean up your mess too, 'cause I'm not gonna do it for you!" 

Sonic was annoyed by his girlfriend's words. He and Kirby were having so much fun, they suddenly forgot about the job they had to do. 

He picked up his rake, then turned to Kirby. "Sorry, Kirby, but Amy is just too harsh. Why don't you go play with the leaves in the backyard until we have to work there?" And he went back to his work, leaving Kirby behind. 

Kirby sadly walked around one side of Amy's house, and into the backyard, where there were more leaves lying not only on the ground, but also in the ducks' pond. 

After half an hour, the work still was not done. Amy and I were tired and cold. "I need a break," Amy panted. 

"Me too," I added. "Let's go inside for a few minutes and drink some hot tea." 

But before we could get inside the house, Amy saw Sonic still working. "Sonic, aren't you cold? You look like you need something to keep you warm." 

"I'm fine, Amy," Sonic said, still raking more and more leaves on the lawn. 

"Suit yourself," Amy retorted, and closed the door behind her. 

Sonic continued his chores of raking the leaves that fell off the trees last night. He wasn't even breaking a sweat. 

Inside Amy's house, Amy and I were in the kitchen, enjoying our tea. I looked out the window and saw Kirby having fun playing in the fallen leaves. 

"I'll bet Kirby is having fun playing in your backyard," I said to Amy. "He doesn't like to do chores that much, like my little brother Tuff." 

"Same here for Sonic," Amy replied. "Sometimes whenever I ask him to do something, he just says 'no way', and every time I come into his room, he just pushes me away. Even though he's three years older than I am, I'm still in charge of him 'cause it's my house." 

"Well, I'm also in charge of both Tuff and Kirby 'cause I'm older than both of them. It's been that way ever since Kirby first came to Cappytown." 


"Indeed, yes. One time, Tuff and Kirby were fooling around while Mr. Curio and I were digging for artifacts. Just as I was about to take a picture of Mr. Curio holding something ancient, I fell into one of their traps they made. What a foolish prank that was!" 

"So what happened?" 

"I started yelling at them and told them to just go home. But as I charged towards them, I fell into another of their traps. But then we found something buried under. Something enormous!" 

"What was it, Tiff?" 

"It was a stone casket, found from our own ancestors of Cappytown. I claimed it as an artifact owned by a Cappy king, but we were surprised when King Dedede showed up and opened it to see for himself. Inside wasn't a Cappy ruler; it was Dedede's ancestor and a hammer!" 

"Whoa! Talk about not having a Cappy king for such a long time!" 

"Time?" I looked at the clock. Several minutes have already passed. "We didn't even finish our work yet! Come on, Amy!" 

Amy and I raced outside, just to see Sonic raking up the last leaves on the front yard. Amy was surprised. 

"Sonic, you did all this?" 

"Well... yeah," Sonic said. 

Amy ran towards her boyfriend and hugged him. "Oh, thanks, Sonic!" She even gave him a kiss, then let him go. Sonic rubbed his cheek, right on the spot where Amy kissed him. 

"But we're not completely done yet," Sonic told his friends. 

"What do you mean?" I asked. 

Sonic pointed at the side of the house. "I think our backyard needs some work too," he said. 

Amy and I looked with him. The backyard was still covered with leaves! 

"You're right, Sonic!" Amy said. "Tiff, you take that side; I'll rake the other side. And as for you, Sonic, I think you've had enough work for today. You can go back inside the house now." 

She took Sonic's rake and resumed working. I began raking the opposite side of where Amy was doing her work. Sonic went back inside the house and turned on the TV. He flipped to Channel D.D.D. 

Amy and I were still working hard, but Kirby wasn't. He was still having fun playing in his piles of leaves, that he didn't notice us coming his way. 

My rake accidentally poked Kirby's body. "Ow!" he squealed. 

"Oops, sorry, Kirby," I said. "Maybe you shouldn't play out here. Why don't you go inside the house with Sonic and watch some TV with him?" 

Kirby ran back around the house and towards Amy's front door. He was so small, too small that he couldn't reach the doors or the doorbell. He had no choice but to knock on the door. 

Barely able to hear Kirby knocking, Sonic got off the couch and opened the door. "Oh, it's just you, Kirby," he said. "Come inside and watch some TV with me." 

He invited Kirby inside. They both went back into the room where the TV was and sat together on the couch. 

Back outside, as the wind got gradually stronger still, some of the leaves that Amy and I raked into the recycling bags began to blow out. Amy rushed back to the leaking bags. "Oh, no, you don't!" She forced the leaves back into the bag, then quickly tied it to prevent it from blowing out any more leaves. 

I looked at the pond as I raked up the last leaves on the grass. There were leaves on the pond, too. "Hey, Amy, look at the pond!" I called. 

Amy raced down the hill next to me. She gasped. "My goodness, it looks like we need to clean the pond, too! If we don't do something, the pond will go toxic!" 

"But how can we do that?" I asked. "Clearly, we can't swim in the pond, 'cause the temperature's much too cold, and besides, the pond is only meant for the ducks to swim, not for us." 

"Don't worry, Tiff," said Amy. "I have a boat we can use to get those leaves out of the pond, so the ducks can come back later in the spring. Wait here, I'll go get a net and a bucket." 

She ran back into the house and came back with a large pond net and a fishing bucket to put the leaves in. Then we went over to the pond and got inside the boat. As we got in, we each put on the lifejackets that were stored in the boat. 

"I'll row this boat, and you net all the leaves into the bucket," Amy said. 

The second after Amy started rowing, I carefully maneuvered Amy's net to scoop up the leaves out of the water and dump them into the bucket. For every scoop she did, the water instantly poured out of the net holes and back into the pond. 

Amy got even more exhausted for all the work we were doing -- from raking all the leaves in her yards to rowing her boat so that I could scoop up more of them. 

Soon enough, the bucket was filled with all the leaves that fell in the pond. 

Amy rowed back to the edge of the pond, and we took off their lifejackets. We got off the boat, took off our lifejackets, and I took the bucket with leaves while Amy carried her pond net. 

We walked back up the hill, and I dumped all the leaves into one of the bags. Finally, the work was completely finished. There was not a single leaf in sight. Both Amy and I were completely tired after hours of collecting all the leaves. 

"Finally, our work is finished!" Amy panted. 

"Yeah," I added. "I'm so tired, I can't rake another leaf anymore." 

"But what are we gonna do with those bags?" 

"Oh yeah, I forgot. Let's go put them out in the front yard so we can have them recycled." 

Amy and I each carried all the bags that were full of leaves that fell from all the trees. We threw the bags out next to Amy's front door, then went inside the house. 

"Hey, guys," Amy said as she and I came inside. 

"Amy, you just missed this part!" Sonic said. "There was this robot, and that super cool 3-D Man destroyed it -- boom, boom, BOOM!" 

"Yeah, whatever, I don't really want to hear or see any of that junk on my TV set. Now give me that remote!" 

Sonic quickly hid the remote control behind himself. "You want it? Come and get--" But Amy swiped it out of his hands right before he could do anything. 

Amy flipped to a different channel. The program that Sonic was watching, it was now replaced by a cooking show. On screen, there was a woman who was doing a demonstration on how to cook an apple pie. Kirby sat on Sonic's lap as the girls joined them on the couch. 

"...then you just add the top, and make sure you mound your apples in the center," said the woman on TV. 

"This show is boring, Amy," Sonic protested. "I want to see some action from Channel D.D.D.!" 

"No way, Sonic," replied Amy. "We're watching something that's good for our brains and our health, and that's final!" 

In the cooking show, the woman was crimping up the edges of the top crust. "Then we'll add some milk on top, and also a teaspoon of cinnamon, followed by a tablespoon of sugar." 

Amy turned to me and said, "I hear that in the fall, most people go out in the fields and pick apples from the trees. In fact, I've picked some apples myself just last week. Hey, that gives me idea! Why don't you and I together go make an apple pie right now?" 

"Great idea, Amy," I said. 

We got off the couch. But before we went to the kitchen, Amy told Sonic, "I'll let you watch your show while Tiff and I are baking an apple pie for all of us, but make sure you turn the volume down, okay?" 

As Amy and I disappeared into the kitchen, Kirby got off Sonic's lap and sat on the couch with him. And Sonic flipped back to Channel D.D.D. Once again, 3-D Man reappeared on the TV screen. 

Meanwhile in the kitchen, we opened some of the cupboard drawers and took out all the ingredients we needed to make our pie. We withdrew some bags of flour, sugar, salt, and cinnamon. 

I took out two mixing spoons, a measuring cup, a large bowl, and an aluminum pan. Amy went into the refrigerator and took out two large sticks of butter, a carton of milk, and a batch of apples. 

I checked over all the ingredients. "I think we got everything we need," I said. 

"Then I guess we're ready," Amy added.

With that, we got started right away. First, Amy preheated her oven to 200 degrees celcius. "It's important to preheat your oven first," Amy told me. "That way, your food will turn out to look the way you want it." 

"You got a point there, Amy," I said. "Someday, you could be Chef Kawasaki's successor; no one in Cappytown likes his foods very well." 

I took a spoonful of flour and put it into the mixing bowl. Then I scooped nearly a cup of sugar and dumped it onto the bits of flour in the bowl. Amy took a teaspoon of cinnamon and sprinkled it on the flour and sugar, then a half teaspoon of salt on top. 

I looked at the recipe. "The recipe says to put the apples into the sugar mixture," I read. "But aren't we too young to use knives?" 

"It's okay with me, Tiff," Amy replied. "I've cooked lots of things before with the help of Ella." 

She opened a drawer and took out a cooking knife. It had a middle-sized blade, sharp enough to correctly slice the apples into eatable size. Amy carefully sliced most of the apples until she had about ten cups of them, then dumped them all into the bowl. 

Using their mixing spoons, Amy and I mixed everything they put in. When we were done, Amy said, "Now we have to mound these apples." 

We carefully placed all the mixed ingredients into the aluminum pan. "Okay, now what do we do?" Tiff asked. 

"Let's see..." Amy resumed reading the recipe. "Now it says to chop the butter sticks." 

Amy carefully chopped her sticks of butter into smaller pieces, then dropped them onto the apples on the aluminum pan. 

I read the recipe. "Now we have to make the pie crust," I said. We used more of the flour, salt, sugar and butter to make the pie crust dough. Soon enough, we have successfully made our dough for the pie crust. 

"Let's flatten it up," said Amy. Together, we took turns using a rolling pin to roll the dough into a flat size. Then Amy placed the flattened pie crust on top of the aluminum pan, and crimped the edges. 

She poured a cup of milk into the measuring cup, used a brush to spread some of the milk onto the pie, and sprinkled more cinnamon on top. 

I licked my lips. "It looks delicious," I said with hunger in my eyes. 

"Well, there's still one step left," Amy told me. "The recipe says to bake the pie for about 10 to 15 minutes." 

Amy put on some oven mitts, then carefully carried the pie and placed it into the oven. She closed it, and set the timer to ten minutes. While the pie was baking, Amy and I cleaned up the kitchen. We finished cleaning almost halfway through baking time. 

"Wanna go watch some TV while we wait?" Amy asked. 

"Let's go," I replied. 

We went back into the room where Sonic and Kirby were still watching television, only there was now a different program on Channel D.D.D. It was a re-broadcast of Dedede's One Minute Cooking. When Sonic and Kirby saw Dedede get pied, they laughed hysterically. 

"You gotta see this, Amy! The King just got pied when that microwave went KA-BOOM!" 

"Yeah, right," Amy said sarcastically. But I didn't feel that way. I giggled a little. 

"Maybe we should enjoy this program for a while, Amy," I told my hedgehog friend. "Kirby and I have seen it before ourselves." 

Even though Amy still wasn't sure, she decided to agree with me anyway and together, we joined Sonic and Kirby. 

Later in another scene of the program, when the TV screen showed me getting pied by the monster Belly Buster, Amy, Sonic and Kirby all laughed, but I did not. 

"You should see the look on Tiff's face when she got pied by that pie monster!" Sonic laughed. 

"That wasn't very funny," I said. Then I heard the timer ding. The apple pie was finished baking. "Amy, the apple pie! I think it's done!" 

Amy and I ran back into the kitchen. Amy put back on her over mitts and took out the pie. It smelled really good. The crust was now a thick, golden brown. Amy and I licked their lips. Amy grabbed a knife and started cutting the pie into eight slices. 

Then she called, "Sonic! Kirby! You want some apple pie?" 

"Pie! Pie!" Kirby squealed. He was so hungry, he hopped over to the kitchen. Sonic turned the TV off and followed him. 

We all sat down in the round table. The finished apple pie was in the middle, and there were four chairs with napkins and utensils in front of each. 

"Did you really make this, Amy?" Sonic asked. 

"Not just me," Amy told him. "Me and Tiff." 

"I told her she was a skilled cook. Someday she should be Chef Kawasaki's successor," I added. 

"Anyways, this pie looks delicious," Sonic said with hunger in his eyes. Even Kirby was excited. He couldn't wait to eat a slice of the pie. Sonic turned to his girlfriend. "Thanks for making this special treat for us, Amy." 

"You're welcome, Sonic," Amy said. "We all deserve it for doing such a good job raking the leaves and all. Well, now that everyone is here, let's dig in!" 

And the four of us helped ourselves to the sweet, scrumptious, and succulent taste of Amy's homemade apple pie, a special treat that Amy and I made for our friends and ourselves after a long autumn day of hard work. 

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