The classic series ended with "Barney's Musical Scrapbook", which shows segments of Season 3.


Remember when Barney and his friends sailed to Coco Island? Or when the wind came along and blew BJ's hat away? Aaaaah, the memories. One look through Barney's Scrapbook and you'll be reminded of some of the best Barney moments ever complete with 14 wonderful songs. Relive all the fun, all the music and all the purple... in Barney's Scrapbook. It'll be your favorite for years to come.


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Mister Sun
  3. And the Green Grass Grows All Around
  4. My Kite
  5. The Clapping Song
  6. The Ants Go Marching
  7. S'Mores
  8. The Barney Bag
  9. Number Limbo
  10. Let's Go on an Adventure
  11. That's What an Island Is
  12. My Hat, It Has Three Corners
  13. Gonna Have a Party
  14. Muffin Man Medley
  15. Ta-Ra-Ra Boom-Dee-Ay
  16. I Love You


A DVD version was released in 2004.


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