Note: This page only covers the Backyard Gang video series, the first three seasons on PBS, and Season 3½ on video.


The show is about a friendly purple dinosaur who comes to life when children use their imaginations. They sing songs, do fun activities, and lots more, all related to education.


Character's name Portrayed by Years active MLP counterpart
  • Bob West (voice)
  • David Voss (costume #1)
  • David Joyner (costume #2)
1988–present Cheese Sandwich
Baby Bop
  • Julie Johnson (voice)
  • Dao Knight (early costume)
  • Jenny Dempsey (Season 1 costume)
  • Jeff Ayers (Season 2-3 costume)
1991–present Pinkie Pie
  • Patty Wirtz (voice)
  • Jenny Dempsey (Season 2 costume)
  • Jeff Brooks (Season 3 costume)
1993–present Braeburn
Michael Brian Eppes 1988-1993 Flash Sentry
Amy Becky Swonke 1988-1991
Tina Jessica Zucha 1988-1995 Fluttershy
Luci Leah Gloria 1988-1993 Applejack
Derek Rickey Carter 1990-1995 Big McIntosh
Adam Alexander Jhin 1988-1991
Kathy Lauren King 1991-1995 Twilight Sparkle
Shawn John David Bennett 1992-1996 Spike
Min Pia Manalo 1992-1996 Rainbow Dash
Tosha Hope Cervantes 1992-1996 Rarity
Julie Susannah Wetzel 1993-1995 Apple Bloom
David Kenny Cooper 1993
Jason Kurt Dykhuizen 1993-1996
Carlos Corey Lopez 1994-1996
Juan Michael Krost 1995
Kenneth Nathan Regan 1995
Mr. Boyd Robert Sweatman 1995-2008
Stella the Storyteller Phyllis Cicero 1995-2008 Zecora

Lists of episodesEdit

Broadcast historyEdit

Barney & FriendsEdit

Channel aired Broadcast run
PBS April 6, 1992–September 3, 1999
PBS Kids Sprout September 27, 2007–August 2011

When the last two of seven Season 1 episodes aired on PBS Kids Sprout, they were re-closed-captioned from scratch.

Bedtime with Barney: Imagination IslandEdit

Channel aired Broadcast dates
NBC logo April 24, 1994

Barney Live! in New York CityEdit

Channel aired Broadcast dates
  • March 12, 1995 (premiere)
  • June 4, 1995
  • August 13, 1995
  • March 3, 1996
  • March 9, 1997
  • September 7 and 14, 1997
  • March 15, 1998
  • December 6, 1998

Home video timelineEdit

Main article: List of Barney Home Videos



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