One afternoon, Tiff, Tuff, Buto and Kirby were watching a cartoon about a group of young kids, dressed as professional paleontologists, doing rock climbing on the cliff of a canyon and looking for fossils.

"Hey, Janet, do you see any fossils from way up there?" asked a boy in the group.

"No, Carlos, just some rocks," said a girl in the group.

"Well, let's keep looking, guys; real paleontologists like us never give up when it comes to finding fossils," said another boy in the group.

Another girl in the group said bravely, "Mark's right. Not even I, Katie Roxton, would ever quit, no matter how long it takes till the rest of my life to find a fossil!"

The kids on TV continued their fossil hunt for an hour (cut down to a minute for the TV broadcast). And then... "Hey, guys! Come look at this! I just discovered a really big one from underwater!" Katie called to her friends.

The other kids in the group climbed down from where they currently were and headed down to the stream. They looked at the fossil Katie was holding.

"That's a cool fossil, Katie! What is it?" asked Mark.

"I don't know," Katie told him, "but it looks like it came from the bones of a Tyrannosaurus rex!"

"Wow! That's the biggest fossil I've ever seen in my whole life!" Carlos said.

"Let's sell it to the museum so everyone can see it," Janet suggested.

Tuff and Kirby seemed to enjoy this show, and Tiff and Buto became interested in the subject of it. "I wish I could grow up to be just like those kids," Buto said.

"So do I," Tiff added. "Rock climbing and hunting for fossils are two things I've never done in my life. In fact, I remember when King Dedede opened a dinosaur theme park to prove that dinosaurs are real. But no one believed him, like we don't today."

"Even I know that," Buto replied. "Dinosaurs used to be on this planet at least 200 million years ago, until the time when a huge meteorite hit, causing all the dinosaurs to become extinct, and the start of the Cenozoic era, where new animals are born, including mammals, birds, and sea creatures."

"And later within that era, beings like us became part of this world," replied Tiff.

"Exactly," Buto told her.

After the show ended, a commercial ad for the opening of a brand new place appeared on the TV screen. "Hey, kids and parents, if you want to see some cool fossils and dinosaur bones or learn more about dinosaurs, come on down to the Station Square Jurassic State Park! You'll find lots of fossils and bones and even models of the dinosaurs themselves from the Jurassic to the Cretaceous! Open 6 days a week, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tickets cost $6.99 per person. See you there!"

"Whoa! Real dinosaurs! I better tell Tails about this!" Tuff hopped off and dialed his best friend's phone number.

Tails, who was playing an arcade game about a safari hunter trying to catch an ape, heard the phone ring. He turned off the game and got to the phone. "Hello?"

"Tails, I just saw this commercial on TV after seeing this show about some kids hunting for fossils, and today is the grand opening of a brand new state park filled with loads of cool dinosaurs!"

"Did you say cool dinosaurs? That sounds amazing! I'll call my other old friends to let them know they'll come with me. What time should we meet?"

"Let's all meet at the city park at half past eight tomorrow morning. Bring your exploring hat with you too, 'cause I'm gonna wear mine!"

"I will," Tails said. "See ya, Tuff!"

"Bye, Tails!"

The boys hung up, then Tails picked up again a second later, and dialed Amy's and Cream's phone numbers, in order to notify them about the opening of the dinosaur park.

After the calls, when Sonic overheard what Amy was saying on the phone, he said, "I don't know if I'm going to like that park, Amy; dinosaurs make me quite nervous because of their large teeth and those gigantic sizes."

"It's okay, Sonic, dinosaurs aren't even alive at times like this. They died millions of years ago. The only animals still alive today are the ones at the zoo and the pet store and the farm and sometimes even in the wild."

"But dinosaurs are still too gigantic for a hedgehog like me. Even if they're just models and make to look real, I don't like them."

"Don't worry, I'll hold your hand if you're that scared. Just promise me you won't let go whenever you feel that way."

Sonic gulped nervously. "W-well... all right," he said.

The next day, all the friends gathered at the middle bench in the Station Square City Park -- Tiff, her two siblings and her pink friend Kirby, Amy, Sonic, Tails, Cosmo, Charmy, Cream and Cheese. "Are you guys ready to see some dinosaur exhibits up close?" Amy asked.

"Yeah!" everyone shouted except Sonic. He just crossed his arms. Amy looked at him and asked, "What's the matter, Sonic? Don't tell me you're not scared of dinosaurs, are ya?"

"No way! I'm not scared of dinosaurs, I just don't want to see them up close," said Sonic.

"You don't have to; Tails and Buto brought cameras in case you miss them, then you can look at them when our trip is over, didn't you, guys?"

"I sure did," Tails said, holding up his camera.

"Same here," Buto added, showing his camera.

"I even brought my safari hat," Tails wiggled his hat a little.

"Me too," Tuff said, wiggling his own safari hat, which was a lot similar to Tails's.

"Great! Now, just like before, we're gonna split into groups like those kids on TV," Tiff explained to the friends. "If we do it this way, we'll know where we want to go first. Amy, Sonic, Buto, you guys come with me. Tuff, Tails, Cosmo, you three will go together. And that means, Kirby, you're gonna go with Cream, Cheese and Charmy."

"Poyo! Poyo!" ("Yay! Friends!") Kirby said.

"So is everyone clear on that?" asked Tiff to the entire group.

"Yes, ma'am!" everyone agreed.

"Then let's go!"

The friends walked six miles south through the busy city of Station Square. At the end, they could see palm trees resembling a real jungle, and fake dinosaurs coming from attraction rides.

"There it is, guys -- the Station Square Jurassic State Park," Tiff pointed at the front gate of the state park that she was talking about.

"Let's go check out those dinosaurs!" exclaimed Tuff. They started to run -- except Sonic. Amy briefly turned around and grabbed his hand, taking him with her on the run.

As they approached the entrance to the state park, there was a ticket booth just in front of the gate. The friends got in line for their tickets. When they made it to the front, Amy said, "11 tickets for all of us, please."

She gave the cashier a $100 bill, and in return, got $17.54 in change. "Thanks!" Then she and her friends headed straight for the gate, and gave the ticket holder their tickets, allowing all of them access to the state park.

Upon entry, they found themselves completely in a Jurassic era-based jungle-like environment. It was exactly like a zoo, only with dinosaurs, all from the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous eras. Images of dinosaurs could be seen throughout, with roaring sound effects coming from the dinosaurs. Many people were also wearing safari outfits, including the hats. Some even carried binoculars.

"This place is so amazing!" said Tails. "It's just like living in a jungle!"

"Where should we go first, Tails?" asked Tuff.

"Let's go take pictures of the T-Rex exhibits first," Tails suggested.

"Great! Come on!" Tuff and his fox buddy were about to run off, until... "Guys! Aren't you forgeting someone?"

"Oops, sorry, Cosmo," Tails said embarrassedly. He and Tuff returned back to the friends, then let Cosmo lead them to the T-Rex exhibit.

"I'm gonna go see some cute baby dinosaurs," Cream said, going in another direction.

"So will I," Charmy added. "Let's go!" Cream, Cheese, Charmy, and Kirby went in a different direction, that led to the exhibits of the smallest dinosaurs from the dinosaur eras.

Tiff turned to her best friend. "Where do you want to go first, Amy?" she asked.

"Let's start off by taking a look at the museum of dinosaur bones first; they're the best part," Amy said.

"Good choice," said Buto. He and his other three friends began walking to the museum entrance. "I hardly ever got to see anything in this museum when I was very little. You see, the museums we had were just filled with jewelry and stuff that only old people are interested in."

"What old stuff did your old family look at?" asked Sonic.

"My family? Well, they just wanted to look at old jewels and smoking pipes and tennis balls and things. And since there was only one of me, the majority, which were my old folks, always won, and I rarely ever got to see anything I wanted for myself."

"That must be really sad," Tiff said. "You should be lucky you've abandoned those old folks since before the day you came to Cappytown."

Amy, Tiff, Buto, and Sonic passed by lots of displays of dinosaur bones and whole skeletons. Buto used his camera to take pictures of them.

In each display, there was a sign with the names of the dinosaurs that the bones and skeletons belonged to, and a description for each, from the small Compsognathus to one of the largest dinosaurs, the Argentinosaurus.

"I hear that birds are closely related to dinosaurs," Amy said to Tiff.

"Why is that, Amy?" her friend asked.

"It's because they evolved from dinosaurs, according to what most scientists would say. To prove that birds are dinosaurs, they use their fossils as evidence. I also hear that in China, some fossils of feathered dinosaurs from millions of years ago were originated there."

"I didn't know dinosaurs had feathers," Buto said.

"But it's true. Dinosaurs had feathers way long back then. They were found on three skeletons from new species of the dinosaurs. A fossilized feather is the same length as a six-inch sub sandwich, and they cover the dinosaur's skin."

5 minutes into the tour around the dinosaur bone exhibit section, the two couples saw dinosaur skulls -- the skeleton parts of the heads of the dinosaurs. There were many different kinds, especially the teeth.

"Hey, Amy, why is that skull's teeth not sharp looking?" Sonic asked.

"Well, Sonic, the reason why there's no sharp teeth from that skull is because the dinosaur is a herbivore. In other words, it only eats plants. Another reason why it's a herbivore is because its jaw is not very strong. That dinosaur is called a triceratops."

As they passed by another skull, Sonic was a little terrified by it. "Ooh! That skull looks like it's going to eat me!" he said.

"That's the skull of a carnivorous dinosaur called a tyrannosaurus rex. It has really sharp teeth and jaws so strong it would eat anything. It's also known as..."

Meanwhile, as for Tails, Tuff, and Cosmo in the exhibits of the dinosaurs themselves...

"...the Tyrant Lizard King! Rowwwrrrr!"

Tails and Tuff imitated really menacing growls to try to match the sound of a T-Rex. But no matter how hard they tried, their voices were just not deep enough. It even made Cosmo feel irritated.

"That is so annoying," Cosmo said.

"Oh, come on, Cosmo, we were just trying to have fun," Tails said to his girlfriend.

"Yeah, fun for you guys," retorted Cosmo.

Along the way, they saw fake, colorful dinosaurs, only their heads moving u-u-u-up, then do-o-o-own, just like how it's done when you see things in a boat ride from an attraction in a theme park.

One of the dinosaurs even breathed fake fire breaths -- only there weren't any real flames coming out of the dinosaurs' mouths. Instead, just gray steam spurted out every five seconds.

"Hey, Tails, let's take a picture of that big guy over there!" Tuff said.

"Cool!" Tails whipped out his camera and at the right time when steam came out of the dinosaur, he clicked on the shutter of his camera.

"Wait till we show this to Amy and the others! They'll be really frightened for sure!" he said.

"Can we just go to the gift shop now?" Cosmo asked in an annoyed tone.

"All right, all right, Cosmo, if you've had enough with these 'annoying' dinosaurs, even though Tuff and I think they're still pretty cool -- we'll take you to the gift shop if you want."

The three friends left the dinosaur exhibition and headed for the gift shop. In there, Tails and Tuff each bought some dinosaur action figures. Cosmo bought the prettiest looking stuffed dinosaur that could talk in a cute voice. They used the money Amy gave them earlier to pay for the items.

In another part of the state park, Cream, Cheese, Charmy and Kirby were looking at the smallest dinosaurs ever seen on the planet. There were raptors, pterosaurs, and other prehistoric animals.

"Those dinosaurs look so cute," Cream said. "Aren't they, Cheese?"

"Chao, chao," squealed Cheese.

"What do you think, Kirby?" the little girl rabbit asked to the pink puffball.

"Poyo, poyo," Kirby squealed.

"And you, Charmy?"

"I think they're disturbing and small as shrimps," Charmy said. Cream glared at him. "Now, Charmy, why would you think that?"

"Because those dinosaurs are just little babies. I want to go see the big gargantuas!"

"But those are scary!" Cream said in a worried voice. "I prefer the little baby dinosaurs; they're much less frightening and they're cute, too."

Cream continued walking forward towards the correct path through the baby dinosaur exhibit with her other two little friends, and Charmy had to follow her at all times, so he wouldn't lose her.

The sounds each baby dinosaur made had a pitch so high, they weren't even close to the grown-up dinosaurs.

"I'll bet those shrimps will grow up to become really big dinos someday!" Charmy exclaimed.

"Charmy, dinosaurs aren't even alive anymore!" Cream scolded.

"How do you know?" asked Charmy.

"Amy told me, even my mom! Dinosaurs fell down dead after a huge ball of fire appeared from nowhere and went BOOM! at the dinosaurs' home."

After everyone finished exhibiting the dinosaurs and their skeletal systems, they all met back at the lobby at the same time. "So how did everyone like their tours?" Tiff asked.

"My favorite part were the sounds of the cute little dinosaurs we saw," Cream said.

"I liked the sharp-toothed skulls of the dinosaurs in the museum," said Buto.

"And Tuff and I especially loved the one that breathed fire!" exclaimed Tails. "Wanna look at the picture I took?"

"No way!" Sonic said in a refusing voice.

"Oh, come on, you're not afraid of dinosaurs, are ya?" Tails showed everyone the picture he took to the whole group.

"Wow!" everyone replied when they saw the steam from the mouth of the dinosaur.

"But I don't see any real flames coming out of his mouth," Buto said.

"That's because it's steam," Tails told him. "If there was any real smoke or a fire, that would be dangerous. So they had to use steam to make it look like as if the dinosaur was breathing fire."

"And I thought dinosaurs don't breathe fire, only dragons do," thought Amy.

"Well, the people from the state park made this dino breathe fire. I think they call it the Parasaurolophus. It's one of the fieriest dinosaurs from the Cretaceous era."

"Now that we're all here together, you guys wanna go find some fossils?" asked Tiff to her ten friends.

"Yeah!" they all cheered. Then they raced outside to a canyon. But to get there, they first had to cross a bridge dangling between two steep stone cliffs, connected with the stablest ropes the park had built to prevent anyone from falling off. Down below was a shallow river.

"Whoa, that's the steepest cliff I'd ever see in a state park," said Tuff.

"In that case, we better hold on to each other so we don't fall," Buto said to the group.

"Good thinking, Buto," Amy said. "Why don't you hold Tiff's hand while we go across, and Sonic, you can hold onto me."

"I'll make sure Tuff and I always stick together while we cross," said Tails.

"And I'll go behind everyone else," Cosmo insisted.

And with that, the friends started crossing the bridge. They didn't do any tricks to the bridge, because if someone did, it would be really nasty and someone's life would be lost. Thankfully, however, all 11 of them have eventually made it across unhurt.

"That sure went well," Sonic said. Then the friends continued their journey in the canyon. They walked down the cliff. To their surprise, the cliff they could see was exactly the same one Tiff and her siblings saw on TV.

"I can't believe it," said Tiff. "We're in the exact location where those kids on TV were looking for fossils!"

"Huh? What do you mean, Tiff?" Amy asked.

"See that cliff up there?" Tiff pointed up towards the cliff. "That's where Carlos and his three fossil hunting friends were trying to look for fossils in the first place. I saw them on TV just yesterday. Do you know what that means?"

"What does it mean?"

"Maybe if we look in the stream, we'll find something really amazing!"

"Then let's go in right away!" Tails said excitingly. Everyone jumped into the water... except Sonic.

"Sonic, aren't you gonna come in with us? The water's fine," Buto insisted.

"Nah, I'll just stay here while you guys do the looking," Sonic said, just standing there not joining his friends in the water.

While Sonic just sat on the cliff, all of his other friends searched everywhere in the water for some cool fossils they think they'd never seen. But all they found so far were nothing but plain old rocks, acknowledging that they were not fossils at all.

"Did you find any fossils, guys?" Tiff asked to the friends.

"Not me," Tuff said.

"Me neither," Cream added.

"And besides, the water's washing my honey nectar away," Charmy said.

"Keep looking," Amy told everyone. "As they always say, real paleontologists never give up when it comes to finding fossils!"

"But we're not paleontologists," Tails said.

"We may not be right now, but we could be today if we just look harder!"

The friends continued their search for 30 minutes. Some of them even held their breaths and went underwater. Most of them were about to give up, until...

"Hey, guys! I found something that the museum could surely use!" Buto called, holding up and waving an indeed, a very rare fossil that the museum hasn't put on display yet.

All his friends (and yet, again, except Sonic) came over to see the fossil. They were amazed when they saw the fossil. "What is it? What is it?" asked Charmy.

Buto looked hard at the fossil. "I don't know, but all I can say is that this one's from a carnivore," he said.

"Is it a T-Rex? Is it a T-Rex?" Charmy chattered again.

"Quiet, Charmy!" Cream snapped.

"To be more specific, that fossil looks like it came from a theropod dinosaur," said Tiff. "That's the only thing I know about it."

"Maybe we should ask a paelentologist about this," Amy suggested. "They'll know where it came from!"

So the friends returned back to the state park, carrying the rare fossil with them. They headed towards the door leading to a paelentologist's office. When they got there, Buto knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" a man's voice asked. The man came over to open the door. Then he said when seeing the friends with the rare fossil, "My, my, who do we have here?"

"We found something that the state park could use for its museum," said Buto. "It's a rare fossil that we discovered for the first time." He held up the fossil and showed it to the paelentologist.

"My heavens! This fossil must have come from a dinosaur that not many scientists have ever discovered for a long time!"

"Where did it come from, sir?" Tiff asked.

"It's the fossil from a small meat-eating dinosaur called a Compsognathus. It's really rare, and there aren't many of these in the entire world. And because you kids are the very first to find a fossil just like this, you each deserve a reward!"

The paelentologist went back into his office and called for the lead park ranger, who arrived five minutes later to where the friends currently were. "So, I see you kids found a fossil from one of the rarest dinosaurs existed on this planet. You should be lucky, because for finding such a valuable item, I will give each and every one of you a $50 gift card courtesy of the Station Square Jurassic State Park!"

"All right!" the friends cheered upon hearing this. The park ranger gave each of them a small card that were valued at $50 each. She was really proud of them, that she also confirmed the fossil to be part of the museum starting on the next day.

That afternoon, all the friends were on their journey back home, still holding their gift cards. "What are we gonna do with these cards?" Tails asked.

"I know what we can do with them," Amy said. "We could buy lots of DVDs about the science of dinosaurs."

"And books about dinosaurs," Tiff added.

"And dino action figures," added Tuff.

"And cute dinosaur stuffed animals," Cream said.

"And fossil specimens, too," Buto added.

Sonic put his hands on the back of his head. "Heh, I've had enough of those dinosaurs for one day," he said.

"Maybe you were scared," Buto teased at him.

"No, I wasn't!" Sonic said, annoyed.

"Well, does this sound scary to you?" Buto took out an action figure that could make a roaring noise, and pressed the only button on it. The roaring noise blurted out loud, right at Sonic's face. Everyone laughed after the roar faded away.

"Ha, ha, very funny," said Sonic.

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