Amy, Sonic, Tiff, Buto and Kirby looked out the window of a pet store in Station Square. Buto was wishing for a pet of his own.

There were dogs, cats, birds, frogs, snakes, and other animals. Every one of them made noises, desperately wanting to have an owner.

"Which pet do you want most, Buto?" Tiff asked.

"I'm wishing for a dog," said her boyfriend. "We were never allowed to have dogs as pets in my old hometown."

"I remember one time when all the people thought I was a pet along with my friends ourselves," Amy said. "They wanted our 'paw prints', and one of them wanted to bring all of us home."

"Wow! Is that true?"

"Yeah, and then they wanted our photographs, thinking that we were all-time big celebrities ever since we knocked out Eggman's base."

"Who's Eggman?"

"He's my arch enemy," Sonic told Buto. "Right now, he's still planning on building the Eggman Empire, and possibly use it to take over Station Square and shut down its power."

"That's terrible!"

"And that's not all. He's also partners with King Dedede, and he's reviving some of the monsters that the King lost after several battles with Kirby."

Tiff added, "And to make matters worse, unlike the former Nightmare Enterprises, Eggman's giving those monsters to Dedede for free!"

"You gotta be kidding me!" Buto said. "And I thought the King liked me more than anyone he knows."

The friends stopped looking out the window and went inside the pet store. Inside, the animals made lots of loud noises, with the exception of some pets like rabbits, fish, hamsters, guinea pigs, and some reptiles.

Kirby squealed loudly when he saw a small hound dog in a cage because he wanted to play with it. The dog reacted by barking viciously at him. This terrified Kirby a little.

Amy, Sonic and Tiff looked at all the sea creatures. There were clownfish, blue tangs, moonfish, sea turtles, goldfish, and octopuses (not like the one Dedede had as a monster).

Buto mostly looked at the dogs. He saw bloodhounds, St. Bernards, dalmatians, hound dogs just like the one Kirby tried to play with, bulldogs, chihuahuas, and sheepdogs. But none of them was just Buto's style.

He was about to give up, until he came to a small red Labrador. It was only seven dog years old and the youngest of all Labradors in the entire pet store. And it was locked in a cage, chewing and tugging on a miniature piece of raw steak.

"That's it!" Buto said to himself. "I want this one!" Then he called to his friends, "Guys, come look at this!"

Amy, Tiff, Sonic and Kirby came over. They looked closely at the little red dog. "He's cute," Amy said.

"Not so cute to me," Sonic said.

"He's a little, red, Labrador dog," Tiff added. "Is this what you wanted, Buto?"

"Of course I do, Tiff; just look at him eating that piece of meat like a lion. That tells me he's a real meatlover. Let's buy him!"

The friends walked to the front desk. "Can I help you?" asked the woman behind the cash register.

"I'd like to buy that small red Labrador over there, please," Buto requested. "And I'd also like some dog food, a bowl, some dog toys, biscuits, and a leash."

The cashier called for the dog that Buto wanted. The storekeeper appeared from the back door, and carried the cage with the dog in it over to the front desk. "That'll be $195.34," said the cashier.

Amy took out her checkbook and wrote a check for $195.34 in payment of the dog. She then handed it to the cashier. Soon enough the dog was confirmed as Buto's pet.

"Thanks!" he said. "I promise I'll take good care of him." He carefully held the cage handle with the dog inside, and the friends walked out of the store.

During their journey back home, Buto said to his friends, "Now that I have a new pet dog, I wonder who I should call him. You guys got any ideas?"

"I have one," Amy said. "Why don't you call him 'Red Rover'? He's red, and dogs usually get told to come over."

"That name doesn't sound right, Amy," Tiff told her. "This dog is a Labrador, and Labradors come from Canada, and Red Rover is more of a children's game from the United Kingdom."

Amy understood what Tiff meant. "Oh, yeah, I forgot."

"And since your dog is a Labrador, I think St. John would be a great name for him," Tiff said to her boyfriend.

"That name is SO boring!" said Sonic. "Dogs need cool names like... T. Rex!"

"Sonic, that's a name for a dinosaur, not a dog," Amy told him.

"I agree," Buto added. "Dogs shouldn't have dinosaur names 'cause it's considered inappropriate. I'm gonna call this guy... Butcher."

"Why would you call him that?" Tiff asked.

"'Cause I know he loves to eat meat, like that piece of raw steak he had before I bought him." He turned to his new pet. "Okay, little dog, from now on, your name's gonna be Butcher. Got it?"

The dog barked in agreement. "I think he likes it," Buto told his friends.

"Butcher! Butcher!" Kirby said. Buto reacted to Kirby's opinion about the dog. "Look, even Kirby likes it too."

"I know he does," Amy told him. "But there's something you need to know, Buto -- having a dog is a big responsibility. He'll be part of your family from now on, and that means you'll have to take care of him by feeding him, giving him baths, taking him for walks, and all that other stuff dogs need."

"I know that, Amy. I've seen lots of people take care of their pets in my old hometown."

Along the way, the friends saw Tails and Knuckles coming their way. "Hi, Tails!" Amy called.

"How you doing, Knuckles?" Sonic asked.

"Just fine, Sonic," Knuckles replied. "Just fine!" Then he and Tails heard the barking sound coming from Buto's new pet dog.

"Is it just me, or did I hear a dog barking?" Tails wondered.

"You did," Buto told him. "This is my new dog, Butcher. According to Tiff, he's a Labrador."

Knuckles stared at the dog, then stated his own opinion about it. "He looks like a bloodhound," he said.

"Well, he isn't. By the way, we haven't met each other yet. My name is Buto. What are your names?"

"My name is Miles Prower, but everyone calls me Tails. And this is Knuckles."

"Sometimes Tails irritates me, but other than that, we've been good friends for a long time."

"What do you think of my dog?" Buto asked. Butcher growled and barked, anxious to get out of his cage. Tails shuddered and said, "He's a little scary."

"Don't worry, guys; with a few days of house training, he'll be good to go!"

"I hope you're right," Knuckles told him. "If that dog isn't well trained, he just might end up becoming a farm dog!" He and Tails laughed, then continued walking on the street. So did Buto and his new friends, on the opposite direction.

"Ignore what he said, Buto," Sonic encouraged. "We all know you're gonna train him to be a good dog, right?"

"Yeah!" Buto agreed. "He's gonna be the best dog a boy like me could ever have! You'll see!"

When Tiff, Buto and Kirby arrived back to Dedede's castle, there was no one in the living room. Tiff's entire family was probably out doing other things in Cappytown by now, and King Dedede and Escargoon were busy treating some of his people like garbage.

Buto closed the room door, unpacked all of Butcher's dog supplies, then he opened his cage. Immmediately, the dog wildly ran out and everywhere in the room.

"At least it's a good thing you didn't leave the door open," Tiff said to her boyfriend.

"I agree with you, Tiff," Buto replied. "Butcher! Come here, boy!" he called to his dog. Butcher ran back to his new owner. Buto went down to his level and glared at his pet.

"Listen, Butcher. Now that I've adopted you, you're now part of the family. And that means you gotta follow what I say at all times. And when we're taking walks, don't ever run off from me. Understand?"

Butcher barked, then licked Buto with his long tongue. "Hey! Cut that out, Butcher!" the teenage boy giggled.

Later, Buto wrote his dog's name on his bowl with a permanent marker. He wrote the letters in all capitals and in a large size. Then he poured some water in the bowl.

"Come here, Butcher," he said while clapping his hands for his pet to come. Butcher heard him and ran over to him. He slurped up all the water in just five seconds, then ran around the room again.

"I think that dog needs to be trained a little better," Tiff told Buto.

"Maybe you're right, Tiff," Buto said. "I gotta make sure your parents don't find out that I adopted my new pet. You watch Butcher; I'll go put his stuff away."

Buto took all of Butcher's accessories and carried them up to Tiff's room. Butcher looked at Kirby. He ran towards the pink puffball and knocked him down.

"Butcher, don't hurt Kirby," Tiff warned. "He can't even talk, and he's still only a baby." She took out the dog's collar and put it around Butcher's neck.

Buto came back to the living room a minute later. He was now holding the dog's leash in his hand. "Let's go for a walk," he said. "Every dog needs a walk for once in a while."

"Okay, Buto," Tiff said. "Looks like Kirby could use a walk too."

Buto clipped the leash onto Butcher's collar, and the group left the castle. Buto held on tight to the leash's handle so his dog won't get away.

As they re-entered the village of Cappytown, they ran into the Cappy kids. "Hello, guys," Buto greeted.

"Is that your new pet dog?" Iroo asked.

"Yeah," Buto told him. "His name is Butcher, 'cause he loves to eat meat."

"And I thought all dogs were meat eaters," said Spikehead.

"They are," Tiff replied. "They're all members of the Canidae family, and most of them are carnivores."

"What's a carnivore?" asked Honey.

"A carnivore is an animal that only eats meat. They hunt down their food, which is simply other animals that are usually much smaller than their own size. Another reason why they are meat eaters is because of their sharp teeth and claws."

"But don't worry about Butcher," Buto said to calm the Cappy kids. "He's only one year old, so he pretty much has a long time to live more. We're taking a walk with him for the first time."

"Okay," said Iroo. "Have a good walk with your new pet!" The kids began walking away from Tiff, Buto, Butcher and Kirby.

"Bye!" Tiff and Buto said in unison. They started walking in the opposite direction of where the Cappy kids were going.

When they got to the main city, they saw the rest of Tiff's family -- Tuff, Lady Like and Sir Ebrum -- carrying shopping items with them.

"Hey, Tiff!" Tuff called from a distance away. Then he heard Butcher's barking sound. "What was that?"

The friends got closer to Tiff's family. "That was my new dog, Butcher. I always wanted a dog since I was a little boy, so we went to the pet store to buy him and all his stuff. I even promised to myself that I'll take good care of him for his entire life."

"You're the most responsible son in law we've ever had, Buto," Sir Ebrum told him.

"Thanks, Father," Buto said. "I even taught him a few tricks. Watch!" Buto unclipped Butcher's leash. "Butcher, bark!"

The dog barked in reply. "Good boy!" Buto said. "Okay, Butcher, roll over!" But the dog didn't know how. The family was not enthused by Buto's lack of action.

Buto protested, "He did roll over one time when we first came here. Let me try another one. Butcher, lift up your paws!"

Nothing happened. The dog just wasn't ready to do any tricks yet.

"I think your dog is too young to learn the tricks you're teaching him right now," Lady Like said.

"He's just a beginner, Mother. But don't worry. The more I train him, the better he'll be at all the tricks I'll teach him!"

That evening after dinner, Buto was in the castle basement with Butcher. He was setting up the room where the dog was going to stay for a while until he was well trained.

He covered the room's entire floor with newspapers, and laid out the dog's food, water and biscuits in case the dog was hungry or thirsty. The doorway now contained a gate that was used to prevent Butcher from escaping.

"This is going to be your room until you're a well trained dog," said the boy to his pet. He placed him into a basket with a large, soft cushion. "Here's your bed."

Butcher whined. He was a little afraid of the dark, so he hopped off and nuzzled next to Buto. "I know you like me, Butcher, but you need your sleep."

Buto placed his dog back into the basket. The dog was still afraid. "Is something wrong, little doggy?" asked Buto, hardly aware of the dog's emotions. "You want to go upstairs and play with my new family?"

The dog nodded. "I understand that, Butcher, but it's late now. We all need our sleep, you know -- my girlfriend, my family, my friends, me, and especially you."

Butcher was now feeling sad that Buto couldn't play with him for the rest of the night. Buto finally understood how he felt. "It's okay, boy. We'll meet again tomorrow morning."

He walked through the gateway and locked the gate. "Good night, Butcher," he said, then went upstairs and back to the main floor of the castle with his new family.

Much later, after midnight, while everyone was sleeping, Buto heard a howling noise. Then he thought to himself, "Don't be afraid, Buto. The big bad wolf isn't here to eat you up tonight."

Then he realized it wasn't the big bad wolf. It was a dog -- HIS dog. Buto, still in his PJs, quietly sneaked out of Tiff's room, down the castle hallways, then started running the second he made it outside.

He could hear the howling noise even more clearly. He took off running to the basement. There, he heard Butcher's howls. He turned the light on.

"Butcher, it's 1:00 a.m. Why can't you go to sleep for once in your life?" Buto asked. Butcher offered him a ball, meaning that he wanted to play catch with him.

"I know you want to play ball with me, but everyone's sleeping. Even I need some sleep too. We can play catch tomorrow with Tiff and the others. Now go back to sleep."

He turned off the light, then went all the way back to Tiff's room. He chose to ignore Butcher's howls and barks for the rest of the night. He even covered his ears to make sure he couldn't hear his dog's noises.

The next morning, Buto looked really tired. He couldn't sleep because he kept on hearing Butcher making noises all night. He slowly walked to the dining table, where the rest of his entire new family was eating breakfast.

"You look tired, Buto," Tiff said. "What happened?"

"Butcher was making so much noise last night. I couldn't fall asleep, so I had to visit his room for a little bit to make him feel better."

"That was a good thing you did, son," Sir Ebrum told him. "Have some breakfast, it'll help you stay awake."

Buto paced slowly to a chair and sat down. He picked up his fork and started eating. He was so tired that he took small bites every time. He ate really slowly that everyone else in the family had finished before he did. But finally, he felt better.

After breakfast, Buto went back down to the room where he made Butcher stay in. He poured some dog food into his bowl. The food he poured in was kind of like a cereal, only it was a raw meat flavor.

The dog helped himself to his own breakfast. "I hope you got enough sleep, Butcher, because I sure didn't. Without sleep, virtually anyone can be tired, even during the daytime. Don't you understand what I mean?"

Butcher panted and barked. "I guess that's a yes," Buto said. "You and I need to work out hard, buddy. We're gonna go to the Station Square city park. Come on, Tiff's waiting."

He clipped Butcher's leash onto his collar and took him up to the castle living room. "Hey, Tiff, Butcher needs some well training right away. Wanna come to the park with me?"

"Sure, Buto, if that's what you want," Tiff replied. She put on her bright red jacket and followed Buto and Butcher outside to the park.

At the city park in Station Square, kids were playing, adults were reading newspapers, and some people were listening to music on their portable players.

The first game Buto taught his dog was Find the Treat. It was actually his version of Hot and Cold. "I will hide this dog biscuit somewhere in this park, and you have to find it," he said. "Ready? Go!"

Butcher sniffed on the ground everywhere he went like a metal detector. When Buto thought he was getting closer to the treat, he told him, "You're getting a little warmer."

The little puppy started to pick up the scent of the treat Buto laid out, but then he wanted a little help. "I can't help you, Butcher. You gotta find the treat yourself. I'll give you a clue, though -- you're still pretty warm."

Buto and Tiff followed the dog as he continued sniffing on the ground. "Isn't this a little difficult for him, Buto?" asked Tiff.

"He'll get used to it," Buto told her. Now it seemed to him that Butcher was getting even closer to the dog biscuit where he put. "You're starting to sweat now, Butcher!" he said.

When the dog was only a few feet away from his treat, Buto said, "Now you're catching fire!" Then right away, Butcher ate up the dog biscuit the second he found it.

Tiff and Buto clapped their hands. "Yay, Butcher! I knew you could do it!" The dog's owner gave him a pat. "Keep this up, and you're gonna be the best pet in the entire planet!"

Buto trained his puppy a lot more all week. He taught him how to catch a frisbee, fetch a ball, jog around the park, and all sorts of fun things that man and man's best friend can do together.

Eventually, Butcher was now well trained, according to Buto's thoughts. One day he decided to put on a little show starring him and his puppy, just to prove that the dog was perfectly trained.

On the day of the show, all of Tiff's friends and Amy's friends gathered around to see Buto and Butcher perform all the tricks they learned.

"Boys and girls! Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to Buto's Dog Circus! Today, my dog Butcher and I will perform some tricks that will astound you, amaze you, and even more, make you laugh!"

"This ought to be exciting," Tuff said.

"I hope so, Tuff," Tails added.

Buto handed Butcher a squeeze toy ball, then walked a distance away. Right after he stopped, he said, "Okay, Butcher... throw the ball over here!"

Butcher picked up the ball with his mouth and threw it far like a baseball hit by a bat. It sailed really fast. Buto caught the ball with his own two hands. The audience applauded.

Then Buto said, "Next, we will do some commands. Butcher, sit!" The dog sat down. "Very good. Now... play dead!" Butcher lied down on the ground. "Okay, now what I want you to do is freeze for 5 seconds. After that, you may get back up again. Audience, count with me!"

The audience and Buto counted along, "Five... four... three... two... one!"

Instantly, Butcher got back up onto his feet. The audience grew wilder with their cheers and applause.

Buto and Butcher's circus continued for another half hour with more tricks, such as shaking hands, rolling over, crawling, and crossing paws. Finally they came to their last performance -- dog olympics.

"And now, before your very eyes, Butcher will now go through this entire obstacle course in just under one minute!" Buto announced. "Oooh!" the audience reacted.

Buto turned to his dog. "Ready, Butcher?" The dog replied by barking. "Okay, on your mark... get set... GO!"

Butcher started off by crossing the seesaw board. Then he raced through the round, cylinder tunnel. After that was the high jumps.

"I must say, that dog's got a lot of talent," Sonic said.

For his final task, the talented puppy used his paws to pull a rope attached to some wheels while holding the handle of a little bucket. The bucket lowered down and down. It had dog biscuits inside. Butcher flipped the bucket upside down and the treats fell out. He then wolfed down each biscuit whole, one by one.

The audience was absolutely amazed. They stood up from their seats and applauded. "Very good, Buto!" Sir Ebrum said. "That's my son!"

"So does this mean Butcher can now live anywhere he wants in His Majesty's castle?" asked Buto.

"Well, we'll have to ask His Majesty first before he decides to allow pets inside," Lady Like replied.

Then Buto turned to all the people who saw his dog's amazing performances. "If anyone want to pet him, come up and do so gently," he said.

Cream the Rabbit went first. She petted the dog's brownish reddish fur really softly. "He's such a cute puppy," she said. "I wish I had a little doggy myself."

"Now, now, Cream," Vanilla told her. "You already do have a pet."

"Oh yeah, silly me," Cream realized.

All the other people took turns petting Butcher, just like as if he were a celebrity dog.

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