One day in the House of Cream's Mom, Vanilla was in the kitchen cooking some breakfast. When she finished, she looked at her wall calendar, and suddenly noticed that today was a very special day -- for her daughter, Cream, that is. It was her 7th birthday!

"Cream!" Vanilla called.

Cream emerged from her room and walked downstairs to the kitchen. "Yes, Mommy?"

"Do you know what today is, dear?"

"What is it?"

"It's your birthday!"

"My birthday! YAAAY!" Cream cheered so loud she even jumped up and down.

"Okay, okay, settle down, Cream. I know you're excited about your birthday, but there's a lot to do before that. We've got to set up decorations, bake a cake, and prepare your presents."

"Do we HAVE to do all that?"

"Well, if you want to have a birthday party, then yes."

"But how are we gonna have enough time?"

"If we get started now, we'll have enough time before we begin the party at around lunchtime."

"So what should I do?"

"Eat your breakfast first, then when you're done, wash yourself and get dressed, while I call everyone to help get ready for the party."


Cream sat down and ate her breakfast, then went upstairs to the bathroom and washed herself up, then brushed her teeth. Vanilla dialed Amy's phone number on her phone.

She reminded the pink hedgehog that today was Cream's birthday, and told her to bring something over for her party. Amy agreed.

Then Amy dialed Tiff's phone number to remind her that today was when Cream was officially another year older.

"She is? That's great!"

"I know it is! And not only that, our job is to bring something over for the party. I was thinking of bringing a cake, but I'd rather not buy one from the store."

"I have an idea! Why don't we -- you and I -- bake a cake for Cream's birthday party?"

"That sounds like a great idea! I've always wanted to bake a cake for someone special."

"By the way, I think Kirby's trying to make a cake too." Still on the phone, Tiff peeked through the kitchen and saw Kirby trying to make a strawberry shortcake, by using a mountain of fresh strawberries.

No matter how many times Kirby tried to stack the strawberries into the form of a cake, the pile just collapsed. Kirby was frustrated at his best efforts.

After Tiff hung up, she went into the kitchen. "Kirby, it's impossible to make a cake with just strawberries. To make a real cake will require a lot of ingredients."

"Huh?" Kirby thought.

"In other words, you'll need lots of food to make the cake, like eggs, milk, flour, butter, and sugar. But that's just for the inside part. Then you'll need to put some frosting and icing on top of the cake to make it look just the way you like it."

"Poyo po poyo poyo poyo yo," ("I want to make a strawberry shortcake,") Kirby said.

"Well, you can do that later, 'cause Amy invited me over to her house, and we're gonna help her bake a cake for Cream's birthday. And you're gonna be part of it, too."

"Poyo?" ("Me?") Kirby asked.

"That's right, you're gonna help us bake the cake. But promise me one thing, Kirby -- don't eat up any of the ingredients because we need them, okay?"

Kirby nodded in agreement. "Good," Tiff replied. "Then let's go!"

Tiff and Kirby left the castle and traveled five miles all the way to Amy's house. Tiff knocked on the door the second they got there.

Amy opened the door. "Hey, Tiff! Hi, Kirby!"

"Hi!" Kirby said.

"I just got the ingredients ready for baking Cream's cake," Amy told Tiff.

"Good going, Amy! So what cake are we gonna bake?"

"Let's make her a heart-shaped chocolate cake with red icing on top, then it'll look just like a Valentine's cake. I think she'll love that!"

"I think so, too! So how will we make it heart-shaped?"

"I got a heart-shaped cake pan in my kitchen that we can use."

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's bake that cake!"

Amy invited Tiff and Kirby inside her house, and the two girls got started with the recipe. But Kirby was mostly goofing around.

"Be careful, Kirby," Tiff said. "Try not to touch anything."

Kirby tried to listen, but accidentally, he made the last egg carton that Amy had out fall onto the floor. This also caused all the eggs to break.

Amy gasped. "Oh, Kirby, you gotta be more careful! Great, now we got no eggs for Cream's cake!"

"I'm sure he didn't mean to do it, Amy," Tiff told her. "He's just a little boy, anyway."

"I know that, Tiff, but most boys his age aren't very careful these days." Then Amy sighed. "Well, since the party doesn't start until later in the afternoon, I guess I'll have to send Kirby to the nearest grocery store to go buy some more eggs."

She got out a piece of paper and a pen, then wrote the word 'EGGS' on it. "Here, Kirby, take this with you, and here's some money for the eggs." She gave the list and a $5 bill to Kirby. "And remember, Kirby -- when you get back here, try not to break the eggs."

Then Kirby left Amy's house and went to the nearest grocery store, which was also the smallest one ever built in Station Square. It was not more than half a mile away from Amy's house.

In this store, there was only one clerk, and not many customers would come to this store, a lot like Chef Kawasaki's restaurant. The food he sold included bags of potato chips, crackers, cookies, tortilla chips and salsa, dairy products, beverages, water, ice cream, meat products, and many others.

Kirby looked in the deli section of the store and carefully pulled out a carton of 12 eggs. He took the eggs and placed them onto the clerk's counter, then paid him the money.

Several minutes later, Kirby came back to Amy's house with the eggs, all of them unbroken and fresh. He went back into the kitchen, still carrying the eggs. Then he approached Amy and tried to hand over her the egg carton.

"Oh, thanks, Kirby -- hey, be careful! Don't bump the table!"

The milk carton, which was originally standing still on top of the table, it began to tip and fall over by Kirby's actions. The carton fell onto its side, and all the milk poured out of the two-quart carton and onto the floor.

"Oh, dear, there goes my milk!" Amy said.

Kirby said in his most apologetic voice, "Poyo poyo." ("Sorry, Amy.")

Amy saw the look on Kirby's face. "I know you're sorry, Kirby, but now what can I do? Now I need to buy some milk for my cake!"

Amy picked up the eggs, put them into the refrigerator, and took out two eggs from the carton, then cracked them open. She dropped the egg yolks into the bowl. Then she got out another piece of paper and wrote the word 'MILK'.

"Here's another list for you to take with you, Kirby," Amy said. "And please, next time, try not to spill any of the milk from the carton, okay?"

She gave Kirby another $5 bill and the list. After Kirby left, Tiff said to her friend, "Amy, we need to find a way to make sure Kirby doesn't accidentally spill something over again."

"I agree with you, Tiff," Amy said while she cleaned up the mess Kirby made. "Let's put a line in front of the table so Kirby can't go past it."

"Good idea, Amy."

Kirby went back into the grocery store and looked in the beverage section. He looked for the same milk carton that he accidentally knocked over after bringing in the new carton of eggs.

He opened the door and slowly took out the heavy carton of white milk, then quickly re-opened the refrigerator-like door and got out before he ended up trapped inside.

Then he floated towards the clerk's counter and landed on top of it. He gave the milk carton and the $5 bill to the cashier.

Meanwhile, Tiff and Amy got out a yellow wire line and placed it in front of the table they were using to bake the cake on. "This will make sure Kirby doesn't touch the kitchen table," Tiff said.

"I sure hope so, Tiff," Amy replied.

Then shortly, Kirby returned with the half gallon carton of milk. Just as he was about to enter the kitchen, Tiff said, "Kirby, Amy and I put a yellow line in front of the table. So whatever you do, please don't step over this line."

But Kirby couldn't help it. He carried the milk carton when his feet accidentally tripped over the yellow line.

And again, Kirby collided with the table. And again, another ingredient fell off the table and onto the floor -- the flour.

"Oh, dear, dear, another ingredient fell," Amy said. She carefully took the milk from Kirby and placed it on the table, then got out another piece of paper and wrote the word 'FLOUR' on it.

She muttered to herself, "The more Kirby makes a mess, the harder the work on Cream's cake we'll get done."

Then she gave the list and a $10 bill to Kirby. "The flour's pretty expensive in Station Square, this is why I'm giving you ten dollars," she said.

"Poyo," ("Thanks,") Kirby replied.

"You're welcome, Kirby," said Amy.

After Kirby left, Amy began cleaning up the flour mess. "How can we make sure Kirby doesn't make another mess in the kitchen?" Tiff asked.

"Let's draw a 'No Kirby Allowed' sign and put it in front of the front door. And as soon as Kirby comes back, one of us can tell him to play outside for a while."

"Excellent choice, Amy."

Kirby returned to the store for a third time. And this time, he asked for some flour for Cream's birthday cake, because it was being sold behind the front desk.

Even for a Star Warrior, a 10 pound bag of flour was not hard to carry with just one hand on the way back to Amy's house.

But when he finally reached the front door of her house, he saw that Amy had drawn a picture of Kirby and a red circle with a red slash in front. It meant 'No Kirby Allowed'.

Kirby had to obey this rule, so instead, he knocked on the door. Tiff went over to open the door. "Do you know what this sign means, Kirby? It means you can't come inside the house for a while because you might continue making more messes in the kitchen."

Kirby felt disappointed. His head hung down. "Don't worry, Kirby. It's just until Amy and I finish making the cake for Cream's birthday party."

She took the bag of flour from Kirby's hands. "I'll go find a ball for you to play with. Wait right here." She went back into the house, put the flour on the table, and looked in Amy's living room for a red ball.

Then she went back to the front door and gave Kirby the toy ball. "Here you go, Kirby. Now go play outside and have fun." Kirby watched as Tiff closed the door in front of him. Sadly, he went into the backyard with the ball in his hands.

Tiff went back inside the kitchen and got back to work with Amy in making the cake. So far, Amy was stirring in all the ingredients for the cake in the big bowl.

"How's that cake doin', Amy?" Tiff asked.

"So far, so good," Amy replied.

After mixing in all the ingredients, Amy carefully poured in the mixture into a heart-shaped pan. "It looks lovely already," she said.

Then she put on her oven mitts and placed the cake into the oven. She closed the oven door and set it to 350 degrees.

"Now we have to bake it for 30 to 45 minutes," she said as she looked at the recipe.

"So what should we do while we wait?" Tiff asked.

"Well, Ella told me that we have to clean up after ourselves," Amy said.

"Good point there, Amy. My mom always tells me to do this too."

While the cake was baking, Amy and Tiff started cleaning up the table they were using. "Goodness, cleaning up this mess and Kirby's other messes combined is the hardest work I've ever done in my life!"

"Same here, Amy. But it's still important to have a nice, clean dining room in the house, isn't it?"

"I know that, Tiff. I even always tell Sonic to clean up his room whenever it gets too messy for me."

While the girls were talking, they used soapy water and sponges instead of paper towels to clean the table. Then they washed the mixing bowl and the cups and cooking utensils.

Meanwhile outside, Kirby was trying to play some ball games alone. He imagined another friend playing with him. But when Kirby threw the ball to no one, the ball just landed back on the ground and no one caught it. Kirby sighed with boredom. It was no fun at all playing ball all by one's self.

After Tiff and Amy finished cleaning up, they looked outside through Amy's window. They saw Kirby not having any fun alone.

"Poor Kirby," Tiff said. "Maybe I shouldn't have sent him outside alone."

She opened the back door and said, "Kirby, the cake's baking right now. Why don't you come in for now and make yourself comfortable?"

"Poyo!" ("Thanks!") Kirby squealed. He ran into the kitchen, then stopped to feel the smell of the cake being baked.

"Poyo poyo po poyo?" ("What's that smell?") he asked.

"That's the cake Tiff and I are baking. It should be done in about another 20 minutes," Amy told him.

"So what should we do while the cake's still baking?" Tiff asked.

"Let's watch some television," Amy said.


Amy, Tiff and Kirby went into the room with the TV. Amy grabbed the remote and turned it on.

A Shakespeare drama play appeared on the screen. "For what, I pray thee?"

"For your broken shin."

"Why, Romeo, art thou mad?"

"Not mad, but bound more than a mad man is; shut up in prison, kept without my food, whipped and tormented, and god den, good fellow."

"God gi' god den. I pray, sir, can you read?"

"Aye, mine own fortune in my misery."

"I know this," Tiff said. "It's Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare."

"How can you tell?"

"I've read about Shakespeare and his plays that he wrote. I have a lot of them in my library."

"You do?"

"Yeah! If you want, you can come over and I'll read you some."

"That's okay, Tiff. I'm not really into reading anyway."

Twenty minutes later, Amy heard a DING! from the oven. "The cake's ready!" she said.

"Poyo! Cake!" Kirby squealed.

"Not so fast, Kirby," Tiff stopped him. "Amy and I still have a little business to do with the cake. You just stay here and continue watching TV. But don't come into the kitchen, not at least until we're done baking the cake, okay?"

Amy and Tiff went back to the kitchen. Amy put back on her oven mitts and took the cake out of the hot oven. The batter was now baked golden brown, and it smelled delicious.

"Now we have to let it cool for a few minutes, then we can start putting the frosting and icing on."

They put the cake in the refrigerator for one minute, then after that, Amy also took out the chocolate frosting and raspberry red icing.

The two girls used extra large spoons to spread the frosting all over the cake, and then they used up all the icing to squeeze it on top of the entire heart shaped cake.

"Cream's gonna love this cake!" Tiff said.

"I can tell," replied Amy. "It's even shaped just like a Valentine's Day cake to me!"

"Let's make sure Kirby doesn't see this cake. You got a box, Amy?"

Amy looked in the cupboard and took out a plastic box that was big enough for the cake to fit in. "There we go," she said. "It'll be safe in here."

"Well done, Amy. Now what?"

"We wait until we get a call from Vanilla. She'll remind us when it's party time."

"I guess we'll be going then," Tiff said. "I'll see you later at the party, Amy. Come on, Kirby, let's go home!"

Kirby heard Tiff and turned off the TV. "See you, Amy!" Tiff called while waving good-bye to her hedgehog friend.

Tiff and Kirby walked all the way back to Dedede's castle, and they got to work on Kirby's Strawberry Shortcake that was meant to be Cream's other cake.

With Tiff's help, Kirby used most of the same ingredients that were required to make Cream's heart shaped chocolate cake, and finally, it turned out to look perfect at the end.

Then suddenly, the phone rang. Tiff walked over to get it. "Hello?"

"It's party time!" Vanilla said from the other side of the phone. "Remember to bring something for the party!"

"That was Vanilla," Tiff said to Kirby. "I think Cream's party has just started. I'll call Amy in case she didn't answer."

Tiff dialed Amy's phone number. "Amy, the party's started! You're gonna bring the cake you and I made together, right?"

"Sure am!" Amy agreed. "Come on, let's go!"

Tiff and Kirby stored the Strawberry Shortcake inside a box, ran back outside of the castle, and walked all the way to Cream's house. Amy took the cake she and Tiff made and started leaving her house.

At the same time, all three of them arrived in the same place at the right time. Tiff rang the doorbell.

Cream opened the door. "Who is it?"

"Happy birthday, Cream!" Amy and Tiff said.

"Oh, you're here! I'm so happy you made it! Come on in, we're just getting started!"

The three friends followed Cream inside the house. They weren't the only guests, though. There was also Sonic and Tails, who also bought Cream some presents.

"There you are, Sonic! I was wondering where you went!" Amy said.

"Sorry I couldn't be with you, Amy; Tails and I had trouble finding some good presents for Cream."

"That's okay, Sonic, but next time someone has a birthday, let's buy a present together."

Soon it was time for the birthday song. Cream sat in the middle seat, where Amy's cake was placed in front of her. Everyone was now wearing birthday party hats on their heads. They sang:

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Cream! Happy birthday to you!

Cream blew out the seven candles on her cake. Everyone applauded.

Even more excited, Cream got right away to opening her presents. It took her only one minute per present to open and look at.

Finally, she came to Kirby's present. "Mmm, it smells yummy!" she thought.

"Be careful, Cream; Kirby made that, and it's a little delicate," Tiff said to the girl rabbit.

Really carefully, Cream opened the box. It was the Strawberry Shortcake that Kirby and Tiff made together!

"Ooh, it's so... beautiful!" She felt the scrumptious smell of the strawberries. Then she took a bite of the little cake. "Mmm! It's as sweet as Kirby himself! Thanks, Kirby!"

Kirby blushed. Then Cream asked, "Anyone else, want some cake?"

And with that, all of Cream's friends that came to the party began digging in in the chocolate cake with red icing on top.

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