(Narrator: Tiff) One evening, Amy and Sonic were eating dinner. The sun outside the window was sinking and was half visible in the sky. 

Amy suddenly had an idea. "Hey, Sonic, I wanna show you all around the woods in Cappytown one day. So why don't we go camping all together -- you, me, Tiff, and Kirby?" 

"Camping? Sounds boring!" Sonic said. 

"But Sonic, you promised you wouldn't ever leave me!" Amy cried. 

"All right, all right! Quit whining," Sonic replied. "I'll come." 

"Thanks, Sonic!" Amy got off her chair and hugged Sonic. "I'll call Tiff and let her know if she wants to go camping with us." 

After dinner was done, and Amy has just finished washing the dishes and all, she walked to the phone and started dialing. 

I was reading a book about camping in the living room, when I heard the phone ring. "Hello?" I answered. 

"Hi, Tiff," Amy said on the phone. 

"How's it going, Amy?" I replied. "Why'd you call me?" 

"I was just thinking -- would it be a good idea if you, me, Sonic and Kirby all went camping in the woods of Cappytown for a day?" 

"That sounds great! And speaking of camping, I was just reading a book about people going camping. It even made me want to go camping as well." 

"So where should we camp?" 

"I know! We'll camp out in the meadows next to but not in Whispy Woods' forest." 

"But why can't we camp in the forest?" 

"Trust me, it's not a good idea to camp in there because in case you forgot, building a campfire in the forest is like messing with nature." 

"I see you point, Tiff," Amy realized. "Okay, let's camp in the meadows. When do we start?" 

"Meet me in Cappytown tomorrow morning. I'll bring Kirby over, you bring Sonic over, and let's all have a great time together!" 

"You got it, buddy! See ya!" 

When Amy hung the phone up, Sonic came over for a bit. "So where are we going for our camping trip?" he asked. 

"I just told you, we're going to Cappytown-" 

"No, I meant, in which part of Cappytown are we going camping in?" 

"Oh, now I understand. Tiff decided that it would be better if we camped in the meadows, because the forest could be a dangerous place for building a campfire." 

"How could it be dangerous?" 

"Well, Tiff told me that building a fire in the forest would be like messing with nature, and you don't want that to happen, right?" 

"I guess," Sonic said, shrugging his shoulders. 

The next day, Amy and Sonic started packing their bags. Amy packed some snacks, her sleeping bag, her pillow, an electric blanket, a thermos filled with ice-cold water, and some cooking material. 

Sonic packed his sleeping bag, his pillow, and some of his magazines. 

"Sonic, what are you gonna bring to camp?" Amy asked. 

"Uh... well, that is..." Sonic stammered. He didn't want Amy to know what he was going to bring. Then he spit it out. "Just my sleeping bag, my pillow, and... some magazines." 

"Oh, okay," Amy said. "You didn't have to get nervous when talking to me like that, I just wanted to know what you were gonna bring, that's all." 

Back in Dedede's castle, I was packing my sleeping bag, a pillow, a thermos with ice-cold water, my camping tent, an electric blanket, a flashlight, and some cosmetic substances. Then I looked through my checklist. 

"I think I'm all packed up," I said to myself. "Now I just need to go get Kirby." 

I packed all of my camping gear, and slowly went out of my room, down the stairs, across the hallways, and out the doors. I took a few breaks after lifting my gear above, because it was pretty heavy. 

Amy and Sonic also had quite a hard time carrying their stuff. Amy was barely strong enough to carry all of her gear. Sonic could hardly even handle his big bag. They were still in Station Square and therefore still had a long way to go after walking around carrying their stuff for one hour. 

By the time I reached Kirby's house, I was really tired. I put my camping gear down and knocked on Kirby's door. "Kirby! Are you in there?" 

The door opened. Kirby came out and asked, "Poyo poyo?" ("What is it?") 

"We're gonna go out camping today. We'll camp out in the woods, and it's gonna be fun!" 

"Poyo popoyo!" ("Yay, camping!") Kirby squealed joyfully. He couldn't wait to go camping with his friends. "Then follow me!" I told him. 

I lifted my camping gear above my head and resumed walking. Kirby followed me. 

Even though it took a long time, including a few rest stops, Amy and Sonic finally reached Cappytown. Far away, they could see me and Kirby walking on the roadways. 

"Tiff! Over here!" Amy called in the loudest voice she could make. She even waved her hand really hard so she could get my attention. 

"Hey, Amy!" I called back. "Come on, I just found the perfect place for where we could camp all together!" 

I waited for Amy and Sonic to catch up, then we all walked together with our camping gears. We kept walking for another 20 minutes, until we reached the meadows next to Whispy Woods. 

Not knowing that Kirby was to stay in the meadows with us, he was about to go into the forest -- until I stopped him. 

"Kirby, we're not camping in the forest! Didn't you forget something? If we build a campfire in there, something awful might happen." 

Hearing these words, Kirby came back to me, Amy, and Sonic. "Poyo popoyo poyo," ("But I wanna go to the forest,") Kirby said sadly. 

"I know, Kirby, but we didn't come here to see Whispy Woods. We came here to go camping. We can visit the forest another time, okay?" Kirby sadly nodded. 

"So now that everyone's here, what's the first thing we do?" Sonic asked. 

"Well, the first I'd recommend for everyone is to unpack all our things that we needed for the camp," I said. 

We started unpacking their bags. We took out our sleeping bags and pillows, and the stuff we needed to make the campfire and campsite. 

I started unfolding my pink and green tent. I pitched it into the form of where everyone could fit in it, and used some sticks to keep it stable. 

"It's an even bigger tent than my old one," I said. "When I last used my old tent, it kept on being ruined by the forces of nature from Whispy Woods. So I decided the next time I go camping, I would only camp out in the meadows instead of the forest." 

"Smart thinking there, Tiff," Amy said. 

"What did you bring, Amy?" I asked. 

"I brought almost the same things you did, except I brought some food." 

"What kinds?" 

"Let's see -- I brought apples, bananas, sandwiches, some chicken, raw hot dogs, graham crackers, chocolate bars, marshmallows... and the coal we need to build the campfire." 

"Just what we need," I said. "So let's go ahead and build it!" 

And with that, the four of us got started right away. First, we looked for rocks all around the woods in every direction, put them down on the campsite, and set them all into a circle. Then we looked for long wooden sticks from the forest, and piled them all up in the center of the rocks. 

"It looks perfect," said Amy. "But wait -- let's all each take one stick for later." 

"Why?" Sonic asked. 

"Because we might need them to hold our foods so we can cook them," Amy replied. In agreement, we each took out one stick from the pile. 

Sonic looked around the camp. "Okay, our campsite's done," he said. "So what should we do now?" 

"Wanna go for a hike?" I offered. "That's what most people do in camps; they go hiking." 

"But where are we supposed to hike? All we got is the forest," Sonic said. 

"Po poyo! Poyo popoyo!" ("The forest! Just what I wanted!") Kirby squealed. 

I sighed. "Okay... to make you feel better, we'll hike in Whispy's forest. But remember -- we gotta be kind to nature. Understand?" 

"Okay," everyone replied in agreement. 

"Good. And one more thing -- if any one of us notices the sun setting, we have to leave the forest immediately because one wrong turn, and we'll end up walking around in circles. Coo the Owl told me that." 

Amy and I packed our ice-water filled thermoses, and the four of us started walking into the forest. 

I explained during the hike, "This is where most of the animals and all the trees live. It's also important to help prevent the trees from being cut down because trees are part of the planet. Trees are helpful because some animals live in the trees, and they also remove carbon dioxide from the air. And the more trees we plant, the Earth will become even greener than it is now." 

Along the way, there were small animals playing everywhere in the grass, and flowers blossoming all around. 

The four continued walking forward. I opened my thermos and dumped the remaining water inside onto some of the plants. 

"Tiff, aren't you thirsty?" Amy asked. "Why'd you dump out your water?" 

"Didn't you forget something? Plants need water, like us. I mean, plants are biotic things -- in other words, they're living organisms. Without water, no living organisms would be able to survive. And besides, it's not as hot in the forest as it is outside." 

"I see," Amy replied. 

Pretty soon, we encountered Whispy Woods. "We're back, Whispy," I said to the wise tree. 

"Good to see you again, Amy, Tiff, Kirby, and... you, I've never met YOU before. What is your name?" 

"My name's Sonic the Hedgehog. I'm Amy's boyfriend. She told me all about you and how important nature is to everyone." 

"Sonic... well, welcome, Sonic the Hedgehog, to the only forest there is in Cappytown. My name is Whispy Woods, the ruler of the forest for many years." 

"Whispy Woods, huh? So what do you do as king of the forest?" 

"I protect the animals and give them homes, and protect all nature destroyers such as King Dedede from cutting the trees down. Every time he attempted to build his golf course, he always tries to cut down my forest, but with the help of Tiff, Tuff and Kirby, the forest always regenerates afterwards. It's a serious punishment for those who dare try to destroy nature." 

Sonic reacted to what Whispy told him. "Oh, please, don't punish me! I promise I wouldn't cut down a tree for any reason," he pleaded. 

Whispy just chuckled. "I know you wouldn't," he said. "But you can, however, try some of my sweet and delicious apples." 

He shaked some of his branches, and some of the apples fell off of them. Sonic picked one up and took a bite. "Mmm! Hey, Whispy, I think your apples are better than the ones we packed for our camping trip." 

"Did you say camping? Well, as long as you don't build a campfire in the forest, you're good to go," Whispy replied. 

"Don't worry, Whispy," I said. "Even though we're in a camping trip, we won't build any fires here." 

About half an hour later, the four of us left the forest. "What should we do next?" Sonic asked. 

I looked at the sky. The sun was almost touching Cappytown. "Well, we already did hiking, and it's starting to get dark. I suggest we start making dinner for ourselves." 

Amy and I went back into our bags of camping gear and took out some of the food that was brought for camp. I also took out a red and white checkered picnic floor for everyone to sit on. Amy also took out some matches. 

"Stand back, everyone," she said. As we did so, Amy lighted the match, and threw it into the pile of sticks. Instantly, the campfire was finally ready. 

"Wow, Amy, how'd you learn to build a campfire like that?" Sonic asked. 

"Easy -- I learned it from Tiff. She's a good friend," Amy told him. "Okay, who wants to eat?" 

"I do! I do! Me!" everyone shouted. 

"Okay, okay, settle down," Amy said. "Let's go ahead, gather around the fire and roast some hot dogs." 

We each picked up our sticks, placed one hot dog through each stick, and set the edges of the sticks close to the fire. 

"Nothing beats camping in the great outdoors," Sonic said. 

"But I forgot one thing," Amy told me. "How long are we supposed to let the hot dogs roast?" 

"For about eight minutes on each side," I replied. "We went them to be heated evenly, or they won't taste good." 

As we continued roasting our food, the sun sank lower and lower. The skies changed from sky blue to pinkish red. 

"I think our hot dogs are ready," I said. "Amy, did you pack any hot dog buns?" 

"Sure did," Amy replied. "I never forget to pack the buns whenever I bring raw hot dogs in a camping trip." She took out a pack of eight long rolls, about the same length as the hot dogs. "Help yourselves, everyone," she said. 

We all removed our hot dogs from our sticks and placed them in the buns, then started chewing on their food. "This is delicious," Sonic said. "I've never eaten a hot dog for a long time." 

"Me neither," I added. "In fact, I haven't eaten a hot dog ever since before I was self-taught." 

"That must have been a REALLY long time," Amy reacted. 

Kirby was so hungry, he ate up his hot dog in one gulp. After chowing down our hot dogs, it was time for dessert. 

"So what should we eat?" I asked. 

"Why don't we make s'mores?" Amy suggested. 

"Some more?" Sonic thought. "You mean, some more hot dogs?" 

"No way, Sonic," Amy told him. "I've had enough hot dogs for tonight. I mean the dessert food kind, s'mores. I'll show you what I mean." 

She took out her graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmallows and demonstrated how to make a s'more dessert. "First, take a graham cracker and split it in halves, then take a chocolate bar, break it in half, and put them each on the graham crackers. Then take a marshmallow, place it into your stick, and roast it in the campfire. Then, when done, pull your roasted marshmallow out of the stick, and put it on your s'more. Then smush it all into like a sandwich. And there you go -- a yummy s'more!" 

Kirby stared at Amy's creation. He was so excited that he was about to take it out of her hands and eat it himself. Amy stopped him. "No way, Kirby! This is my s'more. If you want one, let Tiff help you make it." 

All through sunset, Amy, Sonic, Kirby and I enjoyed the crispy, chocolaty, soft and puffy taste of our s'mores. Eventually, the sun disappeared, and the skies turned dark blue. Stars began to shine. 

"The sun's gone," Sonic said as he looked at the sky. He could notice there was no sun anymore. Not only that, the campfire started to die down by the breeze in the air. Sonic turned to Amy and asked, "Amy, do you have an extra match? The campfire's dying." 

"Let me see..." Amy looked into her bag and took out some extra matches. "Found them!" She lit one, and threw it into the fire. Gradually, it rose again. "There we go," Amy said. "Now we can stay warm again!" 

But the campfire wasn't quite warm enough for four people. Sonic was still shivering a little. "Amy, did you bring a blanket by any chance?" he asked. 

Amy checked through her bag. "Here it is," she said as she took out her electric blanket. "I never forget to bring it in case the weather gets too cold. I'll wrap it around you to make yourself feel better." 

She wrapped the blanket around Sonic's body. "Thanks, Amy," he sighed. 

Kirby also started to shiver by the chilly weather. "You need one too, Kirby?" I asked. "Wait here, I'll get it for you." I looked in my bag and took out my electric blanket, then wrapped it around Kirby. The pink puffball sighed. 

"That's better, isn't it?" Kirby nodded. 

"So, now that we're warmed up, what should we do while we're gathering around this campfire?" Sonic asked. 

"I have an idea," I said. "I'll tell you a story about the time when we had that spookout last year." 

Sonic was thrilled to hear the story. "Oh boy, a spooky story!" he said, then cleared his throat. "Go ahead, Tiff, I won't be scared." 

"Well, it all began when Tuff, Kirby and I walked in the woods. We tried our best to stay brave and believe that there was no such thing as real spooks. But when Kirby accidentally made what Tuff thought was a real ghost appear, he began running off, but I grabbed him and told him that it was just a puppet ghost." 

"Whoa!" Amy shuddered. "Even puppet ghosts scare me!" 

"There's nothing to be worried about, Amy," I continued. "Anyways, as we kept on walking in the woods, we heard screams from far away. I thought it was the Mayor who was trying to scare us, but obviously, the Cappies were too scared to be in the spookout for too long, so they ran back home for their lives. At least Kirby wasn't scared, though, weren't you, Kirby?" 

"Poyo poyo," ("Of course not,") Kirby said. 

"So we continued walking along. We came to a couple tiny blue flames moving around us. To prove I still wasn't scared, I threw a rock in the bushes. It was really Escargoon who put those blue flames on a fishing rod. Then Tuff felt something touching him. He thought it was another ghost, but instead, he got caught by a branch." 

"Ooh! What happened then?" Sonic asked. 

"I'll tell you what really happened," I said, and began pretending to act like a ghost. "Behind us... floating in the air... was a real... live... GHOST!" 

"Aaaah!" Amy shrieked. She was so afraid, she ran into the tent and tried to hide. 

"Amy? Amy!" I stood up and followed Amy to the tent. "Amy, what happened?" 

"I'm scared..." Amy was shaking. 

"Don't worry, Amy, I was just pretending. Listen, I'm sorry I was acting like a ghost. Just come out of there, and I'll tell you more of the story." 

Bravely, Amy stepped out of the tent, followed me back to around the campfire, and they sat back down. 

I continued on with the story. "But of course, all the spooks and things we saw in the woods were just fakes made by none other than King Dedede and Escargoon. So to get revenge back on them, I disguised Kirby as a pumpkin monster to scare them away. And finally, we made it out of the forest and into a graveyard." 

"Please don't tell me what was in there!" Amy cried. 

"It's okay, Amy. There wasn't much, we just followed some signs, and dug up the prize for being brave in the forest. It was some kind of treasure chest. Tuff thought it was something really amazing, but instead, we encountered nothing but a medal. And then... we found a haunted mansion. Just as we were about to check inside, there was a strong wind, and SLAM! went the door." 

Sonic was a bit spooked. "Whoa! What happened?" 

"Technically, Kirby and I were locked in, so Tuff had to get Meta Knight for help. While we were inside, I was feeling a lot more afraid. I saw balls of white light forming together to make one large ghost. It came directly towards us! Frightened, I ran into another room, and Kirby ran after me. Inside we encounted a big, green claw monster. It started to drip red liquid from its head and onto its body." 

"What was it?" Amy shuddered. 

"Well, as we managed to get out, I rubbed it off my foot. It was just red paint. Moments later, Tuff, Meta Knight, and even King Dedede and Escargoon entered the mansion. Those two guys were going too far on spooks, so we decided to prank them back a few times." 

Amy began to not like what I was saying. "That wasn't nice, was it?" she asked. 

"Of course not," I agreed. "But then we heard Dedede's yells from the basement. As we went down, we found the King all covered in red paint and chained up. He only did this to make it a trap to catch Kirby. There was also another delivery system hidden in that same room. With it, Dedede ordered the skull monster Gabon, but when Kirby inhaled one of the monster's crossbones, it didn't work; he didn't transform into anything." 

"So how was Kirby able to defeat that monster?" Sonic asked. 

"Meta Knight threw a torch into Kirby's mouth, giving him the Fire ability. Then immediately, he burned the monster to a crisp, and to make matters worse, his attack made the mansion begin burning as well. Because of this, we all had to run out of the house to save ourselves. Dedede and Escargoon were still trapped inside, but everyone was still okay, especially when the house crumpled to the ground. Even Kirby was fine... and sleepy." 

Then I noticed that Kirby was getting tired. "Hey, look, Kirby's getting tired. I guess it's because of the long day we had today, huh? Well, in that case, it's time we all got in our sleeping bags." 

"But I'm not tired," Sonic said. 

"Well..." Amy yawned. "I am... sort of." 

I agreed with Amy, and said, "Then it's settled. Come on, everyone, let's go inside the tent." 

We all got into the tent, one by one, and shoved ourselves inside our designated sleeping bags. But Kirby was out cold. He started to shiver. 

"You can sleep with me, Kirby," I told him. "I'm sure there's enough room for you." 

Kirby went inside the tent, walked over to me, and I placed his body inside the sleeping bag. 

"Good night, Amy. Good night, Sonic," I said to my hedgehog friends. 

"Good night, Tiff," they replied.

"Good night, Kirby," I said to my pink puffball friend. 

"Poyo poyo," ("Good night,") Kirby replied. 

We all closed our eyes, and dreamt about how fun it would be if we all camped in the meadows with all our friends and families. The campfire outside burnt out by midnight. When the sun rose the next day, it was time to pack up. 

First, we cleaned up the campsite. We folded our sleeping bags, I folded up my tent, and then we placed the old wood and rocks back where we first found them. 

"I can't wait to come back another day," Sonic said. 

"But next time, let's bring our friends and families so we can ALL have a great time together," Amy added. 

"Except for King Dedede and Escargoon," I also added. We all laughed. 

Carrying our bags, we began going in different locations. Kirby and I went to the direction that led to the castle. Amy and Sonic went in the direction that led back to Station Square. 

"Bye, Amy! Bye, Sonic!" I called. 

"Bye, Tiff!" Amy called back. 

"See you later!" Sonic called. 

And we all went back to our regular homes, again feeling exhausted on the way because of our heavy loads of stuff. 

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