One morning in his house, where his workshop was also located, Tails woke up to notice something itching all over his body. "Ooh!" he said while scratching his skin and fur.

He scratched himself all the way to the bathroom. When he looked in the mirror...

"Aaaaah!" he screamed. There were red spots all over his face, and on his skin and fur. And not only he was itching, but he also began to cough. He didn't know what was wrong with him, so he dialed Amy's number on his telephone.

Amy was doing household chores when she heard the phone ring. She picked up the phone.

"Who is this?"

"Amy, you better come over here quick! I just woke up this morning, and found out that my body -- ooh! It's itching! Hurry, before something worse happens!" Tails scratched his infected skin with his hands and tails.

And he hung up without saying another word. Amy knew something bad would happen if she didn't come right away.

Thinking quickly, Amy called Tiff to come over as well, because she needed her help too.

After some quick calls, Amy packed a first-aid kit, a handbook about illnesses, then ran upstairs to Sonic's room and opened his door. "Sonic! Come on, let's go!"

She grabbed Sonic's hand, and together, they bolted out of the house. "What's going on, Amy?" Sonic asked. He didn't run in supersonic speed; he only ran to follow Amy.

"No time to explain, Sonic! I think something awful's happened to Tails!"

They ran past Cream's house. "Come on, Cream!" Amy cried.

"Wait up, Amy!" Cream ran as fast as she could. Cheese hovered after her.

About half a mile later, Tiff and Kirby caught up with them. "Is there something wrong with Tails, Amy?" she asked.

"I don't know, but I think his skin is itching!"

When Tails' house got nearby, Amy, Tiff, Kirby, Sonic, Cream and Cheese were all out of breath. "I think we made it," Amy panted.

"So is that... Tails' house?" Tiff asked.

"It looks like it," Amy told her. "But I wonder where Tails is?"

The friends went inside the house, which turned out to look exactly like a laboratory. It was filled with lots of Tails' inventions, and there was a parking space wide enough for the X-Tornado. The lab also had some arcade games, a computer, and lots of cool machines.

"This has got to be the biggest lab I have ever seen," Tiff said. "But where's Tails?"

Just then, she heard the sound of Tails itching like crazy. "Ooh! Ahh!" He still could not resist scratching.

"I think I hear him," Amy said. "There he is!" She pointed at the door that led to Tails' bedroom. "Come on!"

She and her friends ran towards the bedroom door. Amy creaked it open. "Tails? Is that you?" she asked.

"Yeah, it's me, Amy," Tails replied.

Amy opened the door some more. "Well, we just stopped by to say..." But when she and her friends saw Tails' entire body, they were shocked and surprised.

"What in the world happened to you, Tails?" Amy asked.

"Just look at me!" Tails cried. "When I woke up this morning, I noticed these red spots all over my body! I didn't have them the minute before I slept last night, but now... there's here!"

Tiff stepped into the room and examined Tails. "I think I know what those 'red spots' are that he's referring to," she said to her friends. "He's got the chicken pox."

"Chicken pox? Does this mean I got it from a flock of chickens?" Tails asked.

"No, silly," Tiff laughed. "Chicken pox is an illness you often get at a childhood age. Have you ever had the chicken pox before?"

"No, I haven't," Tails said.

"That's good, 'cause you're lucky you're only gonna get chicken pox once in your life, and now's the time for that to happen. But there is some bad news for you, I'm afraid."

"What's that?"

"Chicken pox is also contagious -- in other words, other people might get it if you touch them, so don't you dare get too close to me." Tiff backed away from Tails.

"Sorry," Tails stuttered.

"And you can't leave your house, either," Tiff continued.


"But that means... no field trips on the X-Tornado!" Cream wailed.

"I know, Cream," Amy said. "But it's for his own safety. We'll still have to wait until Tails feels all better before we can go out with him."

"Does this mean I'm sick?" Tails asked.

"I'm afraid you are," Tiff told him. "So until your chicken pox goes away, you can't play with your friends until then. The best you can do is just lie down on your bed and entertain yourself."

"But how can I feel better while I'm at it?"

Amy stepped inside next to Tiff. "Don't worry, Tails; you've got two nurses to keep you company -- Tiff and me."

"You and Tiff -- cure me? That's impossible!"

"Oh, you think so? Well, I've packed a first aid kit and this special handbook to help you get rid of that illness away." She unpacked her large manual and opened her first aid kit.

Tails looked at all the nursing tools. "How is all this gonna get rid of my chicken pox?"

"You'll see," Amy said to her fox friend. "But first, I need you to lie down."

Tails tucked himself under his top blanket. He put his head face up on his follow. Amy put her on pink nursing rubber gloves.

"Very good," she continued. "Now, it's time to take your temperature."

She took out a small thermometer and told Tails to say 'ah'. Tails opened his mouth and Amy put the edge of the thermometer into his mouth. Tails closed his mouth the second Amy put the thermometer inside it.

The red immediately went past 98 and 100 degrees. When it stopped, it lodged very close at 102.

Amy carefully removed the thermometer out of Tails' mouth. She checked his temperature. "Whoa, talk about having a body temperature that high!"

"What is it? Did my body temperature go up somehow?" Tails asked.

"It sure did, Tails," Amy said. "It's pretty close to 102 degrees. So apparently, that chicken pox of yours also means you have a fever."

"And it makes me itch a lot, too," Tails said as she scratched some more.

"And there's another thing you must remember, Tails -- no scratching," Tiff added. "Or else..."

"Or else what?"

"You won't feel better any earlier, so you must not scratch if you want to get rid of your chicken pox."

Sonic, Cream, Cheese and Kirby watched everything from the room entrance. "I wish Tails could play with us again," Cream said.

"I feel that way too, Cream," Sonic told her. "But how would you feel if you had the chicken pox yourself?"

"Ooh, just the thought of it makes me itch!"

"I knew it. And would you want your friends near you?"

"Oh, dear me, no!" Cream shook her head with fear.

"That's why we can't have Tails come over until he feels better," Sonic said. "But it's okay. Amy and Tiff are also trying to help him feel better; they're very good at nursing."

Meanwhile in the room interior, Amy and Tiff were giving Tails advice on what he should do while he still has the chicken pox. "Make sure you have plenty of rest, and eat healthy foods every day," Tiff said.

"And because you're sick, you can only leave your room if you need to use the restroom, but you can't go outside," Amy added. "So you're going to miss out on a lot of things for a while."

"That's disappointing," Tails replied.

"I know, but don't forget, Amy and I will come over to your house to check on you every day until you feel better."

"We're also gonna tell your friends that they can't have you come over until then," added Amy. "And in case you get hungry, I'll go get you some healthy foods you can eat while you're still in bed."

"Okay," Tails said. He lied back down on his bed in comfort.

"Now, we'll leave you alone for the rest of the day. Before we go, though, I'll remind you one more time -- don't... scratch."

"Just please go," Tails requested.

"Then promise you won't scratch," Tiff warned.

"I won't," Tails said in an annoyed tone of voice.

"Good," Amy said. She packed all her stuff with her. "See you tomorrow, Tails."

Amy and Tiff quietly walked out of the room. "Come on, guys," Tiff said. All together, the six friends started their journey back home.

"So how long will it be until Tails feels better?" asked Cream.

"It might take more than a week for Tails to be cured of his chicken pox," Amy replied.

"A week?" Cream whined. "But that's a long time!"

Tiff comforted her. "I know it's long, but no matter how long it is, Tails needs his rest and patience. Don't worry, though, he'll feel better before you know it!"

The next morning, Tails got a phone call. The second he heard the phone ring, he walked very slowly to it.


"Hey, Tails, it's me, Tuff. How's it going?"

"Tuff? How'd you know my phone number?"

"Tiff gave it to me yesterday just after she and her friends visited you," Tuff answered.

"She did? That's amazing!"

"I know. And now that I have your number, we can now talk to each other whenever we want! So, you wanna come over and play with us?"

"I hate to break it to ya, but, I can't play today."

"Why not?"

"Two words. Chicken pox."

"What's chicken pox?"

"It's an illness that virtually every person gets in their childhood. When you look at yourself in the mirror like I did last morning, you find yourself with red spots all over your body."

"Whoa! That's hideous!"

"Of course it's hideous! And that's not all. If one has the chicken pox, that person cannot leave his or her house in any circumstances, for a good reason. One touch of the person who has chicken pox, and you'll gradually get it too!"

"Good Lord! Don't get those spots near me!"

"That's why I'm telling you, I can't play with you today, and probably not for the rest of the week."

"That's a shame. Well, Tiff told me she and Amy are coming over to your house every day as your private nurses."

"I know that. If they can't cure me, then who can?"

"Well, we got Dr. Yabui, but I doubt he'll come over because he's really busy doing his own work in Cappytown."

"That's too bad. Well, I hope Amy and Tiff can get rid of my chicken pox as soon as possible."

"Me too. It would be fun if you came over to Cappytown someday to play with us. Well, I'll call you back, Tails. See you later!"

"Bye, Tuff!"

The two boys hung up their phones. Then Tuff hopped off the couch and went out of the living room. He headed straight towards Tiff's room.

Inside, she was dressing herself up as a professional nurse. She was putting on her nurse's hat on just as Tuff opened her door to come inside.

"What you doing, Tiff?" asked Tuff.

"Don't you know that Tails has the chicken pox? Me and Amy have to go help him. That's why I'm dressed like a nurse."

"Well, I called Tails this morning, and he told me that whoever touches him will also catch his chicken pox."

"But you forgot one thing. Usually, most children only get the chicken pox once in their lives. And since both Amy and I had it when we were young, it's very doubtful we'll catch it again, and besides, we're professional nurses."

"Since when did you ever take medical school?"

Tiff became annoyed. "Like I just told you, I was self-taught!" Then she packed her nursing tools and got ready to leave. "I'll be back by lunchtime," she said as she left the room and across the hallways.

Tuff was shocked. "What's gotten into her?" he thought.

Before Tiff left Cappytown, she made a quick stop to Kirby's house. She knocked on Kirby's front door. Kirby opened it. "Poyo?" ("Tiff?") he said.

Tiff told him, "Kirby, I have to go visit my friend Tails for something really important. I won't be back until around noon." Kirby groaned in disappointment.

"Don't feel sad, Kirby. It'll only be for a while. Tell you what, I'll play with you right after I come back from work, I promise. Okay?"

Hearing these words, Kirby quickly cheered himself up. "Poyo!" ("Okay!") he replied.

"That's the spirit! Well, I'll see you later, Kirby," Tiff said, and started her journey to Station Square, taking her nursing tools with her.

Meanwhile at Amy's house, Amy was doing the same thing. She was dressing up in her own nurse's outfit. Just as she was finishing up, Sonic came into her room.

"Hey there, Amy! Why are you dressed like a nurse?" he asked.

"Sonic, you forgot that yesterday, Tails got the chicken pox. Tiff and I have to go to his house so we can treat him."

"But I don't want you catching it too!" Sonic exclaimed.

"I won't. I already had it once long before I first met you in my life, so as long as I wear my gloves during the treatment, I won't catch it. That's what a professional nurse always does."

"How'd you learn all this? Did you take medical school?"

"Not really," Amy said. "Tiff taught me all the objectives last night. She even told me on the phone all about chicken pox."


"Yeah, and now, it's our job to help Tails feel all better."

"Can I come?"

"No!" Amy yelled. Then she realized, she wasn't supposed to be too angry with her boyfriend. She said, "I mean, I wish you could come, but how would it be if you caught Tails' chicken pox disease?"

"Whoo! That would be nasty! Then I'd be itchy myself!"

"I knew it. So it's best that you stay at home for today, Sonic. I'll meet up with you as soon as I come back."

"Okay, Amy," Sonic said. "See you later, I guess."

"See you, Sonic," Amy replied. She packed all her materials and headed out the door, leaving Sonic alone in her house.

As she left her neighborhood and into the city park, she met up with Tiff dressed like a nurse.

"How do I look, Amy?" asked Tiff.

"You look terrific in that outfit, Tiff," Amy told her.

"Thanks, Amy; you look great too. Aren't we the best nurses Tails is gonna have?"

"You bet, Tiff! Tails is gonna be cured before we know it!"

The two girls walked a long distance across Station Square, until they got to Tails' house. Inside his bedroom, Tails was coughing -- really loud, so loud that Amy and Tiff could hear him from outside.

They stopped for a moment. "Listen," Amy said. "Isn't that Tails?"

"Yeah. He must've developed some coughs last night!" They ran towards the entrance door, then quickly walked to Tails' bedroom.

Amy opened the bedroom door, and she and Tiff came in. Tails was a little surprised to see them in nurse's outfits. "Amy? Tiff? Why are you... both dressed... like nurses?"

"Today's our first day with you as our patient," Tiff told him. "We're gonna do everything it takes to get rid of that chicken pox of yours!"

"I hope so," Tails coughed. "This disease... just can't get... any worse."

Tiff and Amy unpacked their nursing tools from their cases. They put on their pink rubber gloves. "First, we want you to sit back and lie down," Amy told Tails.

Tails tucked himself inside, then was about to scratch his skin and fur. "And don't you dare scratch yourself," Tiff added.

"But it's itchy!" Tails whined.

"I know it is," said Amy. "But we brought something that can make your itch go away." She browsed through her case and took out a small bottle filled to the top with an antipruritic formula.

"What is that?" Tails asked curiously.

"It's called calamine lotion," Amy said as she showed the bottle to Tails. "It can treat any illness -- like your chicken pox, of course."

"You think it'll work?"

"Well, it's not gonna cure you completely, but at least it'll make your itches go away."

Amy poured some of the formula onto her hand, which was protected by the rubber glove she wore so she wouldn't catch Tails' disease. Then she carefully rubbed it all around Tails' body.

Tails giggled. "That tickles," he said.

"You think this is funny, huh?" Amy asked. "Well, it won't be funny at all if you touch it because that'll just make you feel sick even longer. If you want to get rid of that chicken pox, you have to let the calamine lotion last for a while."

Tails stopped giggling when he heard Amy's warning. "Oops, sorry, Amy," he said.

When the calamine lotion was done, Tiff whipped out her thermometer. "Now, let's take a look at your temperature," she said.

She carefully placed the thermometer inside Tails' mouth. The red went up again, only this time, it went a bit farther than Tails' previous temperature from the previous day when he first got the chicken pox. In fact, it went a tiny bit past 102 degrees.

Tiff looked at the thermometer. "Yep, this is what happens when your fever starts to get worse," she told Tails.

"You mean... my temperature is going up?"

"I'm afraid so, but only by a little bit," Tiff said. "If you really want to know what it is, then have a look." She handed the thermometer to Tails. His eyes widened in fear when he saw the red in the thermometer.

"Oh, no, what am I gonna do? Am I gonna stay like this forever?"

"Relax, Tails," Amy told him. "Chicken pox is never a permanent disease. Usually, chicken pox lasts for 7 to 10 days in children, but for adults, it could last for as long as two weeks."

"Two weeks?"

"Not for you, of course," Tiff added. "You're still just a child, so you've still got about a week left."

Tails sighed in relief. "Thank goodness! For one moment there, I thought I was gonna die."

Amy laughed. "You won't die," she said. "Whoever heard of a person dying of chicken pox?"

"Beats me," Tiff replied. She also laughed with Amy.

Amy took out another bottle from her case, only this was not calamine lotion. Instead, this bottle was filled with a green liquid medicine, and it was bigger than the calamine lotion bottle.

"Am I gonna have to drink that down?" asked Tails. "It might taste like broccoli and spinach."

"Well, if you want to feel better early, yes," Amy said. "And besides, it'll also make you less itchy while you're sleeping."

Amy poured a little bit of the medicine onto a large spoon. "Go ahead, drink it," she offered as she handed the spoon to Tails.

Tails took the spoon and put the filled part of it into his mouth. It didn't taste like he had expected. It tasted like watermelon and green apple! He emptied the medicine down his throat.

"Mmm," he said. "That was delicious. Can I have some more?"

"Afraid not; the bottle says that you should only take one spoonful per day, or you won't get cured," Amy said.

Tiff looked at her checklist. She checked off the box that had the word 'MEDICINE' next to it. It was the third thing listed on the checklist.

"Okay, we've done the calamine lotion, the temperature, and the medicine," she said. "This leaves you with one more thing to do -- oatmeal."

Tails wasn't satisfied with eating something he rarely ever ate in his life. "Oatmeal? But I don't even like--"

"Quiet, Tails," Amy interrupted.

Tiff went into her case and selected a jar filled with oatmeal. "This is what you're going to eat at least every day until you feel better, only you're not gonna eat in your bed, where you usually stay in. Instead, you're gonna eat this in the bathtub."

"And it's going to be the only thing you'll eat for breakfast every day starting tomorrow and for the rest of the week," Amy added. "We'll go set up the tub for you, so wait right here."

Amy and Tiff left the room and went into the only bathroom there was in Tails' house, which was just next door. They filled the tub with warm water.

From where he was now, Tails could hear the sound of the water running in his bathroom.

When the tub was all filled up, Amy and Tiff turned the water off, then prepared Tails' oatmeal bath. After that, they went back to Tails' bedroom.

"Okay, Tails, time for your oatmeal bath," Amy said to him.

Tails got off his bed and followed his two nurses to the bathroom. "We're gonna supervise you while you take your bath. Don't forget, your meal is waterproof, which means it won't be affected by the water in the tub. Remember to eat your meal all up before you leave, and remember the other rules while you're at it. The number one rule is: don't scratch!" Amy warned.

"Yes, Nurse Amy," Tails replied. He got inside the bathtub and looked at his waterproof meal. He scooped up a spoonful of the floury food and tried it.

Amy and Tiff just stood still, not saying a word. They waited for more than 10 seconds for Tails to empty it into his mouth, as he did not like the taste of the oatmeal they made just for him. Then, at last, he swallowed his first spoonful.

"Very good, Tails," Tiff said. "Now all you have to do is finish up the entire bowl."

He tried some more of the oatmeal. It tasted pretty unpleasant to him, so he decided to take smaller bites after that, around half a teaspoonful each time.

It took him almost half an hour to eat his entire bowl, but he eventually managed to finish every last bit of oatmeal he was served.

Amy and Tiff were so proud of their fox friend, they applauded. As for Tails, he was desperately willing to get out. "Can I please leave now?" he asked.

"Yes, you may," Amy insisted.

Tails stood up and stepped onto the small rug in front of his tub. He grabbed a towel and dried up his entire body. When he was done, Amy and Tiff escorted him back to his bedroom.

Then Tiff looked back into her checklist. She checked off the box with the word 'OATMEAL BATH' next to it. "Well, it looks like your treatment for today is over," she said.

"But I'm still covered in spots," cried Tails.

"Unfortunately, there's nothing more we can do for today," Amy told him. "We'll have to come back tomorrow to repeat these steps over and over again."

"Then what am I supposed to do?"

"Watch some television, read a magazine, but make sure you do it in your room. You're also going to need plenty of rest from time to time."

Amy and Tiff packed up their stuff and started home. Tails tried his best to remember what they told him -- no scratching, and no getting out of bed unless it's really important.

Five days later, Tails rised and shined. He felt his skin all smooth and soft. He didn't feel or see any red spots on his entire body. He was cured!

But just to make sure, Tails went into the bathroom and looked at the mirror. He let out a happy yell when he saw that his face was also spotless. "Hooray! Now I can go outside and play with my friends!"

He ran back into his room and called Tuff. "Hey, Tuff, I have some great news!"

"Don't tell me," Tuff said. "Are you feeling better?"

"Yes, that's exactly right! I just woke up and found out that I'm all spotless from head to toe! Now that I'm better, I can go play outside again!"

"That's awesome! Wanna come over to Cappytown this afternoon to play some soccer?"

"You bet!"

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