The morning sun rose bright and early on Christmas Day. Tiff woke up and looked outside. The sunbeam shined through her window. Then she realized what today was...

"It's Christmas!"

Excited, she shook Amy, Sonic and Buto's sleeping bags. "Guys, wake up! Christmas is here!" The three friends woke up as well, but they were still a little tired.

Tiff raced out of her bedroom. She ran into her brother Tuff's bedroom to remind him that Christmas Day was today, and she did the same to her parents.

Then she went into the bathroom to wash herself. But then... she noticed someone in the bathroom. He was wearing a Santa Claus outfit. His hat also looked exactly like Santa's. His boots were like Santa's. His belt was like Santa's. And his gloves were the same color as Santa's.

The man turned around and stared at the girl. He showed off his white beard, which almost completely covered his face. "Merry Christmas, girlie!" he said in his deepest voice.

Tiff was suddenly surprised. She saw the 'real' Santa Claus... in person! She immediately left the bathroom to tell her friends and family that Santa Claus was in the castle bathroom. But a few seconds after she left, 'Santa' pulled down his beard and whispered to whoever was behind the stalls. "Psst! You can come out now, goonie."

'Santa' was actually King Dedede, tricking Tiff into thinking that he was the real Santa Claus. Escargoon appeared from behind the bathroom stalls. "Tiff just fell for our Santa Claus trick!" he said. The bad guys laughed.

Meanwhile, in Kirby's house, Tokkori, the little woodpecker, noticed that the morning sun has appeared in the sky. "Kirby! Wake up! Christmas is here!"

Kirby's eyes opened. He saw the sunbeam shining through his window. Finally realizing that today was Christmas, he danced around the house, excited about the presents that he was going to get from Santa.

Just then, he realized another thing. He froze, then crossed his lower half with his hands and feet. His face turned from pink to bright red. Tokkori tried to understand what he really wanted.

"What's that? You need to take a tinkle? Well, too bad, Junior, 'cause there ain't no bathrooms around here! If you really need to go, then don't you dare do it on my tree!"

Kirby ran out of his house, desperate for a bathroom. Tokkori waved at him and called out, "Merry Christmas, Gumball!" then closed the door.

Back in the castle, Tiff was confessing everything to Buto, Amy and Sonic. "So you're saying..."

"...that Santa Claus..."

" in the castle?"

"Yeah!" Tiff said. "I went to the bathroom and just when I was about to wash myself, I saw his suit, his hat, his belt, his boots, even his white beard! And he just said to me, 'Merry Christmas, girlie'!"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on a minute," Amy said. "Did he just say 'girlie'? I thought Santa doesn't use that word to young girls."

"But I heard him say it," Tiff protested.

"Why don't you prove it to us?" Buto asked.

"Yeah, we can't tell if that was Santa or not without proof," Sonic added.

Tiff sighed by her friends' disapprovals. "Fine, come with me," she said. The four friends got up and walked along the hallway. Tiff opened the bathroom door. But when they looked inside, 'Santa' was not there anymore.

"Where's Santa?" Amy asked.

"I thought he was here ten minutes ago," said Tiff. "Sorry, guys."

"That's okay, Tiff," Buto encouraged her. "At least you got to see him."

Needing to use one of the toilets, Sonic walked over to a closed but unlocked stall. He opened the stall door. A loud squealing voice came from inside the stall. Kirby was standing on the toilet, trying to enjoy his private potty break, and Sonic was interrupting it!

Sonic quickly closed the stall door. "Sorry, Kirby!" he shouted. He giggled with embarrassment.

In Cream's house, Cream was still sleeping, when her mother Vanilla stepped into her room and wiggled her bed cover. "Rise and shine, Cream dear! Christmas is here!"

Cream steadily woke up. She saw the morning sun shine outside, and cheered. "Yay! I get to open some presents! I get to open some presents!" She cheerfully skipped all the way to the breakfast table.

Vanilla noticed her daughter's emotions. "Okay, okay, settle down, Cream. You can open your presents, but first, eat your breakfast," she said. She placed a stack of chocolate chip pancakes with honey syrup onto Cream's plate.

Cream gobbled up her pancakes noisily and quickly, eager to open up her Christmas presents that Tiff and Amy delivered. "Slow down, sweetie, or you'll get sick eating like that," Vanilla told her.

The young rabbit obeyed her mother and gradually ate slower, but was also a little disappointed. She really wanted to open her presents more than eat her breakfast.

After she finished eating, she skipped to the living room. Behind her Christmas tree were two large presents. BOTH had Cream's name on them.

Overjoyed, Cream started unwrapping her presents. The first one she got was a Kirby plush doll with a sound chip containing everything Kirby could say. It also had a pink tag with words saying 'SQUEEZE ME'.

Cream gave the pink round doll a squeeze. "Poyo!" said the doll. The sound came from the sound chip inside. Cream squeezed the doll again. "Hi!" the doll said this time.

Cream ran over to her mother. "Mommy, Mommy! I got this present from Tiff!" she said, holding the doll in her hands.

"Oh? What is it?" Vanilla asked.

"It's a Kirby plush doll," her daughter replied. "I can even make him speak. Listen!" She gave the doll a squeeze. "Cream!" the doll said.

"Wow, that's amazing! Did you remember to thank Tiff for your present?"

"Not yet, but when I meet her again, I will thank her for this cute doll," Cream said. Then she went back to the living room and opened up the present Amy gave her. This one consisted of a Leap Boy handheld console and a set of educational video games -- ABCs, 1-2-3s, colors and shapes, and more.

"Amy probably bought this for me so I can learn better," Cream thought. "These are the best Christmas presents ever!" She felt proud about the presents she got this Christmas.

In Knuckles' apartment, Knuckles and Rouge were opening up presents they bought for each other. First, Rouge shared her present to Knuckles. "This is a present I bought for you from the Beauty Queen," she said.

"For me?" Knuckles asked. With curiousity, he unwrapped the box. Inside was a bracelet made with hearts. "Looks beautiful, Rouge, but I thought today was Christmas, not Valentine's Day."

"I know," Rouge said. "But I couldn't find a better present other than this. It's also a special bracelet that will bring you good luck."

Knuckles couldn't say anything else but, "Thanks." Then he gave his present to her and said, "Here's something I want you to have, Rouge."

He handed her a box wrapped in purple wrapping paper. It had a sticker that read 'From Knuckles, To Rouge'. Rouge took the box from her echidna boyfriend and unwrapped the present. Inside the box were seven emeralds. They were colored red, silver, yellow, green, bue, cyan and violet.

"Are these... Chaos Emeralds?" Rouge asked.

"They're not really Chaos Emeralds," Knuckles told her. "I bought these emeralds at the jewelry store yesterday just for you. They're to remind you about the good times we had when we fought Eggman."

A smile appeared on Rouge's face. She hugged her boyfriend really tight. "Thanks, Knuckles!" Then she went too far with her hugging. Both she and Knuckles fell off the couch and onto the floor.

Knuckles was choking. "Rouge... you're choking me!" But Rouge ignored her boyfriend's words and kept on hugging him. She was not as obedient like Amy was to Sonic.

Meanwhile in Tails' house, Tails got a Christmas present from Santa himself. He got a brand new laptop computer with free wireless internet access that could be used for whenever he needed help on building things.

The laptop also came with building tips and three-dimensional modeling software. Tails considered these presents as helpful resources. "Thanks, Santa," Tails thought.

Back in Dedede Castle, the whole family was enjoying Christmas Day -- Amy, Tiff, Sonic, Buto, Kirby, Tuff, Lady Like, and Sir Ebrum. Even Butcher (Buto's dog) was invited for a visit. He playfully chased Kirby around the room, who was holding a ball.

"Look, Buto, Kirby and Butcher are playing," Sonic said.

"Play nicely, now!" Buto reminded them.

Tiff was talking to her parents. "Mom, Dad, I told my friends that I saw Santa Claus in the bathroom, but it turned out that I was just imagining things. Maybe Santa isn't real after all, don't you agree?"

"That's not true, Tiff," Lady Like said. "Your father and I saw him just yesterday walking in Cappytown. There's no doubt he's real."

"I think Tiff's right, dear," Sir Ebrum told her. "Most people dress up in Santa costumes just for the celebration of the holiday."

Buto approached towards Tiff's parents. "I agree as well, Mother -- Santa Claus is just a make-believe character. He was originated all the way from Netherlands as Saint Nicholas back in the first millennium. But since his life expectancy has ended a long time ago, many people these days spoof him as the real Santa."

"How did you learn all that, son?" asked Sir Ebrum.

"Tiff told me all about him last night."

Then it was time to open the presents. The first ones to be opened were for Lady Like and Sir Ebrum. The two girls each took one of the two small wrapped boxes from under the tree and went over to Tiff's parents.

"Mom, Dad, these two special presents are for you. Amy and I bought them from the Beauty Queen yesterday," Tiff said.

"But please be careful, they are really delicate," Amy warned.

The two adults carefully took the presents from the girls. They unwrapped them and saw the golden disc charms inside. "It's beautiful!" said Lady Like.

"And shiny," Sir Ebrum added. "What are these, by the way?"

"They're golden disc charms," said Tiff. "They'll make you feel rich forever."

"Thank you, my dears; my wife and I are already feeling rich right now!" Amy and Tiff held each other's arms like best friends and giggled.

Next, it was the girls' turn to open their presents. Tiff went first. She went back under the tree and got out all four presents that each of the boys gave her.

"Let's see here, now... ooh, a book about fish! Now let's open another... okay... goodness, it's another book! And it's about sea amphibians! Okay, now the next one... let me see... whoa, another book again! This one's about mammals like us! And last but not least... let's have a look... Wow, it's a story about a boy who was raised by a mermaid!"

Then she turned to all of her friends and said, "Thanks, everyone, for all of these wonderful books! I will add them all to my library and read them someday."

"You're welcome, Tiff," said Tuff, Buto and Sonic.

Now it was Amy's turn. She pulled out all of her own presents from under the tree, and started off with the smallest ones that Tuff and Tails gifted her.

She gasped with amazement when she saw the white bird figures with large wings. "Oh, these are lovely! What are these cute little birds called?"

"They're turtledoves, Amy," Tuff said. "And because they symbolize eternal friendship and love, this is what you do: you share one of the turtledoves with Sonic, and as long as you do this every day, you two will be together forever for the rest of your lives."

"Thank you, Tuff!" Amy bent down a little, hugged Tuff, and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Next, Amy opened up Buto's present. "Ooh, this is even more beautiful than what I expected! What is this?"

"It's a tea set," Buto said.

"And it's just like the ones Cream and her mother have at their home! Thanks, Buto!" The pink hedgehog gave the same hug and kiss to Tiff's boyfriend.

Finally, Amy came to the gift that Sonic bought for her. "At least I know this is from Sonic. I hope it's something extra special!" she thought.

It took her almost two minutes to unwrap this present. Eager to not wait any longer, Amy started to fall in love with her own Christmas present as much as Sonic himself.

Finally she came to the pink flowerpot. But it wasn't the same when Sonic first bought it from the store. In fact, the pot now looked even more beautiful than ever -- it was now decorated with red hearts and flowers. The words 'AMY ROSE' were also written on the pot.

"Oh, Sonic, this is the best Christmas gift I've ever had in my life!" she squealed. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" She didn't even give herself time to question about the gift. Immediately she put the pot down and hugged and kissed the blue hedgehog... for 30 whole seconds.

"I didn't know Amy was in love with Sonic THAT much," Buto said to Tiff.

"Well, guess what, Buto -- she does," Tiff replied. "Amy told me herself when we first became friends ourselves."

Later, after the boys, even Kirby, went last on opening their Christmas presents, it was almost lunchtime. "So, kids, where do you want to go for lunch on Christmas Day?" asked Sir Ebrum.

"I know!" Amy chimed in. "Let's go to the Gold Diner!"

And so, all of Tiff's family and friends started walking their way back to Station Square. Thick, gray clouds appeared again, covering up the clear skies. By the time everyone got to the city park, they spied Tails and Knuckles playing in a game of snowball fight.

"Hey, Tails, Knuckles, we're going to the Gold Diner for lunch on Christmas Day! You guys wanna come with us?" called Sonic.

"Okay!" Tails called back. "Come on, Knuckles!" The fox and his echidna friend followed everyone else.

As they walked across the streets, Christmas wreaths hung everywhere. Even the Christmas tree was still in business, but most of the stores were closed for the holiday.

Luckily, however, the Gold Diner was one of the only restaurants still open, with the neon lamps and the bright lights turned on.

"I've never seen a restaurant like that in my old hometown," Buto said. "How often do you come here, Father?"

"Well, my son, we actually first came here recently when your mother in law and I celebrated our anniversary that time. Amy led us to this restaurant. She's a smart girl -- smart as our own daughter Tiff, of course."

When they got inside, most of them ordered the same meals as last time. Buto and Sonic, however, each ordered the same thing. It was a brand new hamburger recipe -- the Best Burger, made with 100 percent ground beef, and no bacon.

While everyone was eating, Buto, who was one of them sitting near the windows, looked outside. It was snowing again! "Mother, Father, look outside!" he cried.

Buto opened the curtain a little so everybody could see. More snowflakes were falling, accumulating the ground even more with snow. "Isn't it a lovely sight?"

"Looks like it," Amy said. "I just wish Santa were here to see it with us."

"Me too," Tiff added. "I wonder where he went by now?"

"Maybe he had to go visit some other people from another country," Sonic said.

"Or perhaps to another planet," said Tails.

"We didn't even get to see his reindeer," Tuff said. "He usually rides in a flying carriage that a lot of reindeer pulls."

"And he's the only reason why we get all the presents," Knuckles added.

"But there is one thing everyone in the world has to know," Sir Ebrum told everyone.

"What is it?" asked Amy, Tiff, Buto, Sonic, Tails, Tuff and Knuckles.

"Santa Claus is not real. Like my son in law Buto told me, Santa is a made up character by adults to convince their children that he is indeed real. Yeah, it's usually the parents who put the presents under the Christmas tree and they often write Santa's name on the stickers whenever their children believe in Santa."

"I never knew that," said Knuckles.

"But you do now, Knuckles," Sonic told him. "You do now."

"All in all, I think this is the best Christmas I'll ever be enjoying in my entire life," Tiff said.

"You think so, Tiff?" Buto asked his girlfiend.

"Of course I do! And there's just one thing I ever wanted to say for the first time to my own boyfriend."

"And what's that?"

"Merry Christmas, Buto."

"Merry Christmas, Tiff."

Amy and Sonic looked at each other and said, "Merry Christmas, Sonic."

"Merry Christmas, Amy."

Tails turned to Tuff and Knuckles. "Merry Christmas, Tuff. Merry Christmas, Knuckles."

"Merry Christmas, Tails," Tuff and Knuckles said in unison.

Sir Ebrum and Lady Like were next. "Merry Christmas, my dear."

"Merry Christmas, darling!" The already married couple shared a hug.

Finally, Tiff looked at her pink friend. "Merry Christmas, Kirby," she said.

"Poyo," was all Kirby could say because he wasn't old enough to say 'Merry Christmas' yet. Everyone laughed at Kirby's best efforts.

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