1. One Last Hope
  2. A Guy Like You 
  3. On the Open Road 
  4. Just Around the Riverbend 
  5. Home 
  6. Fantasmic! 
  7. Oogie Boogie's Song 
  8. I Will Go Sailing No More 
  9. Substitutiary Locomotion 
  10. Stop, Look, and Listen/I'm No Fool 
  11. Love 
  12. Thomas O'Malley Cat 
  13. That's What Friends are For 
  14. Winnie the Pooh 
  15. Femininity 
  16. Ten Feet Off the Ground 
  17. The Siamese Cat Song 
  18. Enjoy It! 
  19. Although I Dropped $100,000
  20. Give a Little Whistle 
  21. Oh, Sing Sweet Nightingale 
  22. I Wonder 
  23. Looking for Romance 
  24. Baby Mine 
  25. I'm Wishing/One Song

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