One evening, in Cream's house, her mother Vanilla was cooking up her favorite cuisine -- carrot soup with chopped onions and seasoned peppers. Cream was in the living room watching an educational program on television about making healthy choices.

Just then, it was commercial time on Cream's TV set. But instead, no commercials appeared. Instead, the Channel DDD bumper was playing on the TV screen.

"This is a Channel DDD News Bulletin!" said Escargoon's voiceover. Cream gasped in shock. Everyone else who had their television sets turned on in Cappytown and Station Square saw this as well.

"In just 3 days, his Majesty King Dedede will hold a cooking contest! Here, two contestants will participate. Both will make ten different cuisines, and the judges will decide whose food is the best. The winner go home with $500,000 and possibly even $1 million! So if you think you have the best talent in cooking, then sign up immediately today! Remember, there's only room for two contestants! And don't forget to practice, practice, practice!"

This gave Cream an idea. "Mommy! Mommy!" she said, running to the kitchen where her mother was. "There's a cooking contest I just saw on TV! I know you are talented in cooking. Would you please sign up for that contest?"

"Now, now, Cream, I don't really have time for contests. There's lots of food to cook for dinner tonight."

Cream asked even more desperately, "Please, pretty please, with chocolate chips on top?"

Vanilla saw the expression on Cream's eyes. She realized how her daughter would feel if she did not sign up for the cooking contest. Vanilla smiled and said, "Okay, Cream, if you really want to see me in that contest, I'll sign up just for you."

"Oh, thank you, Mommy!" Cream jumped into her mother arms. They hugged each other.

In Cappytown, Chef Kawasaki saw the same news bulletin on his own TV set, his chef's hat not on his head. Despite his consistent poor cooking skills, he chose to sign up. "I gotta be in that contest! I want some money so I can live longer!"

Amy, Tiff, Sonic, Buto and Kirby were also in the restaurant. They were watching the news bulletin with him. Tiff was shocked at Kawasaki's actions. "Kawasaki, you're not really going to sign up for Dedede's cooking contest, are you?"

"I have to, Tiff, or I'll be doomed to sell my restaurant to that lady rabbit you told me about," Kawasaki said.

"You mean Cream's mom, Vanilla?" Amy asked.

"I think so. As a matter of fact, I remember when my teacher, Chef Shiitake -- showed me his kniving skills, and made me put to the test by having him try the foods I cooked. But even though I tried my best, my teacher almost made me close down my restaurant. Even the Cappies liked his foods more than mine."

"Amazing story, Mr. Kawasaki," Buto said. "So what happened? Why is your restaurant still in business anyway?"

"My teacher told me that I have to improve my cooking to avoid being exiled," replied Kawasaki. "And that's why he let me continue business." Then he put on his hat. "Well, I better practice right away if I'm going to win!"

"We'll help you," Sonic requested, peeking through the curtain that leads to the kitchen where Chef Kawasaki works.

"No, thanks; I can do all this by myself," Kawasaki said, denying Sonic's request.

"Are you sure you don't need our help?" Tiff asked, peeking through with Sonic. "Because if you do everything all by yourself, then you might make--"

"I know what I'm doing!" the busy chef yelled. Tiff hung her head down and left the kitchen. Sonic followed her, and the friends all left the restaurant.

"What's with him?" asked Buto.

"Beats me," Sonic said. "He thinks he's a skilled cook, but even Amy can cook better than him, and so can Cream's mom."

"So what should we do?" Amy asked.

"We might as well just wait until the contest has begun," Tiff said.

While he was still busy, Kawasaki suddenly realized he still had his souvenir that Shiitake gave him -- the Gijira Extract. It was a formula that could make anything taste scrumptious and irresistible.

Kawasaki turned off the stove and stared at the red and green box with the letter G on it. He remembered the time when he admitted what the formula's special ability was.

Tiff said to everyone while holding up a scientific map of the chemicals stored in the formula: "The Gijira Extract is a totally fake ingredient made from an artificial chemical! This stuff can make anything taste delicious!"

"I must use this as my secret weapon for that contest!" he thought, even though it was going to be a risky move.

When the day of the contest came, it took place in the exact same location where Chef Shiitake's cooking show, All About Cooking, was filmed. The audience was silent -- all the Cappies in town, and Tiff's friends that came to see the contest -- Tiff herself, Amy, Sonic, Buto, Kirby, Tokkori, Tuff, Tails, Cream, Cheese, and Knuckles.

Food was served to the audience while the contest was preparing. "I wonder who's gonna be competing," Tails thought.

"It better not be Chef Kawasaki," Tuff said. "His cooking skills are never good at all!"

"I hope my mom made it to this contest," Cream thought. "If she did, I want her to win!"

High up above the stairs were the judges -- King Dedede, Escargoon (except he wasn't there because he was required for preparation of the show), Lady Like, Sir Ebrum, Mayor Len, and his wife Hana.

In front of the bottom of the stairs were the contestants' cooking tables and chairs. Both were empty.

"Come on, when will the contest start already?" Sonic shouted. His voice could be heard everywhere in the entire room.

"Shhh!" everyone shushed at the blue hedgehog.

"Oops," Sonic said with embarrassment.

Then Escargoon appeared in front of the cooking tables where the contestants were to cook their foods on. He cleared his throat. "Welcome, Cappies and outsiders..."

"WE'RE NOT OUTSIDERS!" Knuckles yelled, standing up at the purple snail.

"Shhh!" the Cappies shushed again. Knuckles sat back down.

Escargoon resumed the introduction. "Welcome to the first annual Dedede Cooking Contest! I'm your host, Escargoon. Today, we will have two contestants battle it out for a chance at the grand prize of $500,000 and a possible chance of... $1 million!"

The audience applauded at the possibility of the doubling of the grand prize for the winner of the contest. "Thank you, no more applause," Escargoon requested. The applause stopped.

Then Escargoon did the honor for the contestants' entries. "Now for our two contestants. Our first one is our only cook in Cappytown. He may have terrible cooking skills, but everyone comes to his restaurant anyways to make him feel less sad. Please welcome..."

"You don't mean..." Amy said.

"The one and only..." Tiff added.

"Chef Kawasaki!" The person who owned the only restaurant in Cappytown appeared and sat down on the chair behind his table. Some of the cappies applauded, but all of Tiff's friends were not pleased. No one even noticed that he was hiding the Gijira Extract in his pocket.

"I don't want to see a guy like him in a cooking contest!" Sonic said. He got off his seat and stepped towards the snail. "Hey, Mr. Escargoon, don't you have any substitute chefs to replace that guy?"

"Kawasaki came to compete here because he wanted to win some money so we gave him one last chance! Now go back to your seat, you blue buster!"

"Fine," Sonic replied, going back to his seat. He was also annoyed.

Escargoon continued, "And now, let's meet our second contestant. As a resident from Station Square, she is also the mother of Cream the Rabbit and Cheese the Chao. She is a skilled chef, knitter and cleaner, and always teaches her daughter good manners. Here's Vanilla the Rabbit!"

The mother rabbit appeared and sat down on the chair behind the table next to Chef Kawasaki's. "Yay, Mom!" Cream cheered.

"I must say, that rabbit lady just might beat Chef Kawasaki in every round," Mayor Len said to his wife as he and the rest of the audience applauded for Vanilla.

"Tell me about it, Len," Hana replied. "Even I'm not as good as she is."

When the applause subsided, Escargoon announced the rules of the game. "Now for the rules. For 10 rounds, both contestants will make the same cuisine for each round. They will also each get a set of instructions on how to cook that cuisine."

Waddle Doo handed Kawasaki and Vanilla each an instruction booklet that contained all the cuisines that were to be made throughout the contest. "Thank you," Vanilla said when she received her booklet from the Waddle Dee captain.

"You're welcome, Miss," said Waddle Doo. Just after he left, Escargoon went on with the rules. "You will both have a maximum of 30 minutes to make your cuisines. Any time you are finished, just press the red 'STOP' button on your tables. Once both contestants have pressed the 'STOP' button for their creations, the clock will stop as well. But don't press the button too fast, because once you press it, you may not continue with your cuisines, or you will be disqualified for that round. Whoever scores the most points after 10 rounds will win $500,000, AND if the winner gets a perfect score of 10, we will double this winner's grand prize to... $1 million." Loud applause filled the entire room.

Then Escargoon prepared for the first round and announced, "The first cuisine will be..."

Waddle Doo gave him a card. Escargoon read the name of the food: "Chicken Caesar Salad with Dressing."

The Waddle Dees gave Vanilla and Kawasaki the same ingredients needed to make the salad -- sliced pieces of grilled chicken, bread slices, salt and pepper shakers, garlic, lettuce, and Parmesan cheese.

"Contestants ready?" Escargoon asked.



"Get set... GO!"

The digital stopwatch in vane display numbers hanging high up on the wall started running. Vanilla and Chef Kawasaki began working on their chicken caesar salad cuisines how they liked them.

"Mr. Kawasaki looks very busy over there," Buto said. "It looks like he'll win after all."

"But, Buto, you forgot something," Tiff told him.

"What, Tiff?"

"Escargoon mentioned Kawasaki as a chef with terrible cooking skills."

"Oh, yeah, I forgot that," Buto realized.

"Look at that rabbit lady," said an audience member. "Isn't she impressive?"

5 minutes into the first round, Vanilla and Kawasaki just finished cooking their salads and pressed their 'STOP' buttons at the same time. Instantly, the clock on the wall stopped.

"Well, it looks like both contestants are finished with their cuisines. Now it's up to our judges, Lady Like, Sir Ebrum, Mayor Len, his wife Hana, His Majesty King Dedede, and of course, me, Escargoon."

Escargoon climbed up the stairs to the judges' desks. The Waddle Dees followed him, holding the plates of caesar salad that Vanilla and Kawasaki made. Vanilla's salad was placed on top of Lady Like and Sir Ebrum's desk, while Kawasaki's salad went to Mayor Len and Hana.

First, Lady Like tried the Vanilla's salad. "Mmm! Very impressive, really. Exactly just like from the menu."

"So, on a scale of one to ten, what do you rate this salad by our guest, Vanilla the Rabbit?" asked Escargoon.

Sir Ebrum wrote a 10 on a big white card and showed it to the audience. "A 10!" The audience applauded at Vanilla's first victorious score.

"Well, it looks like Miss Rabbit is going to win, unless Kawasaki gets the same score. Now let's go to the Blustergas couple, and let's see what they think about Kawasaki's salad."

When Hana tried Chef Kawasaki's caesar salad, it tasted a little bitter to her. "Not bad, but it could use some improvements. Other than that, it was a good effort."

Mayor Len wrote the number 7 on his card. "Chef Kawasaki gets... a 7." Kawasaki gasped at his score. Now his chance of winning $1 million has gone down the drain. His head dropped onto the table.

"So who wants the leftovers? Anyone?" Escargoon offered.

"I'll take them!" called an elderly Cappy woman. "My solid diet is full of salads." The Waddle Dees took the caesar salads and gave them to the woman who wanted to eat these salads.

After that, Escargoon went back to business. "Well, that was too easy. But just to remind you, the next ones are gonna be harder. Now it's time for the second cuisine. The second cuisine is..." Waddle Doo gave him another card. Escargoon read the name. "Well-Done Ranch Steak."

Vanilla and Kawasaki were each given one pound of steak to cook. They were also given frying pans and portable stoves.

"Remember, contestants, the less you get it well done, the more points we take off," Escargoon warned. "Got that? Good. All right, let's get this on the road! Ready... set... go!"

Vanilla carefully turned on her stove and placed her piece of steak inside. Kawasaki, who was desperate to win, decided to speed himself up a little. He put his steak inside his own stove before Vanilla.

But in this round, time did not matter. It was the color of the center of the meat that mattered a lot more. Vanilla waited more than one minute before flipping her steak from one side to another.

Kawasaki, however, wanted to win first, so he flipped his steak every 30 seconds after just one minute on the first flip. He even timed himself with the digital stopwatch on the wall.

Sonic smelled fresh meat coming from Vanilla and Kawasaki's cooking. "Ahh... if only I could get that steak in my hands..."

Knuckles wanted steak too. "I need that steak; someone else got food in the last round!"

Thinking he was finished after only 8 minutes of grilling, Kawasaki turned off his stove and pressed the 'STOP' button. On the other hand, Vanilla continued on for another 2-3 minutes.

Finally, she pressed the 'STOP' button, declaring her end of grilling her own steak. And again, the clock stopped. "Well, it looks like Kawasaki finished first, but that could actually cost him some points because the rule was to make a well done steak."

Nonetheless, well done or not, Escargoon couldn't change the rules. The dishes had to be brought upstairs to the judges. "Here you go, sire," Escargoon said while setting down the plate of steak that Kawasaki cooked. "It's from Kawasaki. We're gonna test his out first, just to see how well done he's done," he giggled.

Dedede cut a piece of the steak with his knife and fork. He dipped the piece of steak into some steak sauce and put it into his mouth. "Mmm! It tastes just like as if it were well done, but..." He noticed that the center of the steak was still a little pink. "It's more like medium," he continued.

"So what's the rating going to be, Your Majesty?" asked Escargoon. Dedede wrote the number 6 on the card. "A 6," he said, holding the card up.

Kawasaki groaned when he saw the score. "I was expecting an 8," he thought.

"Now, let's see if Miss Rabbit's steak can beat Kawasaki," Escargoon said to the audience. He gave Vanilla's steak to Dedede, and he tried it. "Ooh! This one's even juicier than Kawasaki's!"

Then he wrote the number 9 on the card. "9 for Miss Rabbit!" he shouted. "And that puts Miss Rabbit's score two to nothing!" Escargoon laughed.

"Ugh... I can't give up!" Kawasaki thought. "Maybe I didn't win the million, but at least I'll be happy with five hundred thousand smackers!"

In the third round, the next recipe was the signature dish from Korea -- bee-bim bap. For this one, the ingredients consisted of rice, spinach, garlic, onions, meat, carrots, and more. It looked a lot more complicated to make than the first two cuisines.

Vanilla knived the prepared ingredients into very small pieces. Kawasaki did the same, only his kniving skills were not as good as Vanilla's. The pieces he made were quite bigger than the pieces Vanilla made.

The judges tried the two dishes after the chefs finished cooking their versions of the bee-bim bap. Vanilla received another 10, and Kawasaki got a 9 -- which was close, but not enough to give him a point. The score was now 3 points to 0.

Cream turned to her Chao pet. "Look, Cheese -- if my mom keeps this up, she might win us big money, don't you agree?"

"Chao! Chao!" squealed Cheese.

All throughout rounds 4 through 9, Vanilla beat Kawasaki in every single dish -- from foreign cuisines to all-American foods, no matter how easy or hard they were. Each time, Vanilla's cooking was given ratings of 8 to 10, and Kawasaki did not even get a single 10 for any of his foods. And in a few rounds, Kawasaki accidentally redid his cooking after pressing the 'STOP' button, therefore disqualifying him in those rounds.

When the 9th round was finished, Escargoon did his job. "The results stand as follows -- Vanilla the Rabbit has 9 points, and Chef Kawasaki, despite his best efforts, has a very poor, failing score of zero. Ha ha!"

Kawasaki was even more upset for not scoring any points, not only for his cooking skills, but also for his now zero percent chance of winning any money.

"No matter what happens, Miss Rabbit here will be going home with at least $500,000, but it's not over yet. Unless Chef Kawasaki wins the final round, Vanilla might have a chance of winning the grand prize of... $1 million."

"Ooh!" the audience said.

"But will she?... We'll find out after this very long commercial break."

"Awww!" the audience groaned.

Kawasaki thought to himself, "Well, maybe I didn't win any money today, but I can still prevent Miss Rabbit from winning the million dollars. I must use my secret weapon in the final round!"

Five minutes later, Escargoon picked up the microphone. "And now, we're back to our first annual Dedede Cooking Contest."

The audience applauded. "Finally!" Sonic said. "I've been dying to see who the winner will be."

"It is now time for the final round. Our number ten recipe will be..." He took the last card from Waddle Doo and read the name of the last cuisine: "Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie."

The ingredients were given to the contestants: eggs, flour, sugar, brown sugar, melted butter, and chocolate chips. "Contestants, this is it. If Miss Rabbit wins this round, she will walk away with a million dollars, otherwise, she'll remain at $500,000. Get ready... get set... GO!"

The stop watch on the wall began for the very last time. Vanilla carefully read the directions while mixing in her ingredients, but Kawasaki didn't. He read his directions too fast.

He didn't even preheat his portable oven yet. After he finished mixing in the ingredients, he sneaked out his box of Gijira Extract and poured the formula onto the prefinished cookie pie before putting it into the oven to bake it.

Both Vanilla and Kawasaki pressed the 'STOP' button at the same time, and the stop watch on the wall came to a stop. Escargoon carried the two pies upstairs. "First, let's try out Vanilla's cookie pie," he said. "You may do the honors, Blustergas."

Hana tried a piece of the cookie pie. "Mmm! Sweet! Very good, I have to say." Mayor Len did his job of giving the rating. "This pie gets a 9," he said.

"All right! Mommy's gonna win a million dollars!" Cream said with delight.

"Don't be too excited, Cream," Tails told her. "Mr. Kawasaki's pie might get a 10."

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Look!" Tails pointed high up at the judges.

Sir Ebrum was already writing the number on the card no one was about to expect. "A perfect 10!" He held up the card so that everyone could see it. Everyone applauded... except Cream, who got off her seat and headed towards Kawasaki's table.

"Well, it looks like Miss Rabbit's not gonna win $1 million, but at least she'll be happy with five hundred thou--"

"EXCUSE ME!" Cream shouted. The room suddenly fell into silence. The small rabbit held up the half empty box of Gijira Extract and waved it at the audience and the judges. "Mr. Kawasaki is a cheater! He used this to fool everybody with his cookie pie!" Then she glared at the orange chef. "What is this, Mr. Kawasaki?" she asked, handing him back the formula.

Kawasaki was trembling. He didn't know what to say. Then he confessed. "It's called the Gijira Extract. It contains a chemical that can make anything delicious!"

The judges stood up from their seats. "Then that means..."

"Kawasaki's pie is..."

"...a fraud!"

"That's right, I may be a fraud, but I didn't buy this formula. My master Chef Shiitake gave it to me two years ago! I used this to try to prevent Miss Rabbit from winning the million dollars! If anyone really wants to know how it works..."

Kawasaki threw the box around the room. It flew high in the air, and Kirby caught it in his mouth.

Everyone gasped. "No, Kirby! Don't eat that!" Tiff cried.

But it was too late. Kirby swallowed the box. His eyes turned purple, putting him into a hallucination. He picked up a knife and a fork and looked at everyone. They all looked like food -- hot dogs, chicken, ice cream sundaes, bread, etc.

Kirby ran upstairs to attempt to eat the judges. He chased them all around the top floor above the stairs. Dedede and Escargoon jumped off and ran out to the halls, with Kirby in hungry pursuit.

"No! Don't chase us!" Dedede yelled. But Kirby still chased both him and Escargoon no matter where they ran. Dedede quickly hid in a telephone booth and called Dr. Eggman. "Egg-dude, hurry up! Kirby's chasin' me!"

"Take it easy, big guy. I'll revive the monster you need to distract your enemy," Eggman answered.

"Open up, sire!" Escargoon pounded on the booth door, trying to keep himself from being eaten. Noticing that Kirby was still on the loose, Escargoon resumed taking off running. Dedede came out of the phone booth and followed him.

From Dedede's throne room, electric sparks crackled from the machine that summons monsters, still currently being revived by Eggman after suffering defeat. In came Cobgoblin, a food monster that looked like an enormous corn on the cob.

The chase continued with Dedede and Escargoon as the victims, and Kirby still in pursuit. They all ran back into the room where the cooking contest took place. But eventually the chase ended when Cobgoblin appeared to face Kirby for a rematch.

"Looks like Kirby's going to eat that monster," Tuff said.

Kirby stared at the corn monster like fried corn. He ran towards it. "Kirby, no! That's a monster!" called Tiff.

Now Kirby was in for another beating. Cobgoblin lifted him up and squeezed him like a rubber ball. It spun itself around and shot kernels into Kirby's mouth. Kirby was then thrown into the air, and bouncing around with the kernels exploding in his mouth like popcorn. When the popping stopped, Kirby laid down unconscious.

Thinking quickly, Amy grabbed the frying pan from Kawasaki's cooking table and threw it at Kirby like a boomerang. "Kirby, catch!"

Kirby inhaled the frying pan. He transformed into Cook Kirby for the second time in this series.

"All right! Cook Kirby!" Tiff and her friends cheered.

Kirby threw his pan at the monster and knocked off two kernels. Then he threw it again, and the pan shredded all the kernels off Cobgoblin. They poured onto Kirby's frying pan.

Kawasaki's portable stove instantly turned on. Kirby put the frying pan on top of the flames. The audience gazed at Kirby's heroic actions. The corn kernels began to inflate like a balloon, until they exploded with a loud BOOM!

Popcorn was sent flying everywhere. It covered up the whole room when the explosion subsided. Half of Kirby's body was buried in the popcorn. He jumped off the pile.

All of Amy's friends popped out of the popcorn. Sonic chewed on some of it and gulped. "Mmmm! This popcorn is the freshest kind I've ever had!"

"It's the biggest recipe in the whole world!" Amy said.

"Even I could never eat a lot like this!" added Knuckles.

"My house is too small for such a whole supply of all this popcorn!" Tails said.

"This is the first time I've eaten popcorn like this in my life!" said Buto with his mouth full.

"Anyone want to see a movie?" Tiff asked.

"I ordered Cobgoblin for free from Eggman, and then I get sent the same old heap of popcorn!" Dedede growled.

"Looks like way," Escargoon told him. Dedede wolfed down huge mountains of popcorn, causing them to pop in his mouth.

The next day, back in Cream's house, Vanilla, now $1 million richer (due to Kawasaki's disqualification for the Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie), was cooking up more carrot soup. Her refrigerator was so full, it barely had any free space left.

Cream was in the living room watching the same educational program on television, eating some of the popcorn that same from Cobgoblin. She and Cheese shared it in an extra large bag, probably the biggest bag they've ever eaten.

Tuff and Tails also got their share of popcorn. They ate it together while hanging out at the city park. In Amy's house, Amy and Sonic shared popcorn together, while enjoying a romance movie on DVD from their home television set.

Tiff and Buto ate their portion while sitting on the courtyard fountain together. "I'm gonna deliver some of this popcorn to my old hometown," Buto said. "Hopefully my old folks will enjoy it."

"I'm sure they will, Buto," Tiff told him. "I'm sure they will."

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