At the Station Square city park, Sonic, Buto, Tails and Tuff were playing kickball in the field. His dog Butcher, and their friend, Kirby, were chasing after the ball too.

Amy, Tiff, Cream, Cheese, and Cosmo were sitting on a long bench in the park looking at one of Tiff's textbooks. This one was about cats, and the cat family.

"See, Cosmo, that's a tiger, because it's orange with black stripes. And this one's got a mane around its face. It's called a lion."

"Amazing," Cosmo said. "I remember when my family went to the wilderness one time and we saw those animals."

"You did?" Cream asked. "Weren't you afraid?"

"No. We always stayed together and never split apart while we took our trip around the wilderness."

"You're lucky there's a lot of animals alive where your trip took place," Amy said. "In our part of the world, the animals we're seeing in Tiff's book are mostly endangered or extinct in the wild. Because of this, most of these animals were taken to the zoo where they would be safer."

Then Cosmo looked at Buto's dog, still chasing after the ball everywhere. "I wish I had a pet like Buto," she said to her friends. "Only I don't want a dog, I want a cat."

"What's so wrong about dogs?" asked Amy.

"Yeah, Butcher's only a puppy, he won't bite you," Tiff added.

"Because dogs don't live as long as cats do, and I think cats are not as vicious as most dogs are."

"That's true, Cosmo," Amy told her. "Cats do live longer than dogs. In fact, dogs grow and die a lot faster than an ordinary house cat. And if you want, we can go to the pet store right now and adopt one."

"We can?"

"Sure! I got lots of money in my account, enough to buy everything a cat would also need and want."

"Okay, let's go."

"Not so fast! First we gotta ask Sonic and our other friends if they're coming."

"You got a point, Amy," Tiff said. She got off the bench and called as loud as she could, "Sonic! Guys! Are you coming with us to the pet store or not?"

"Yeah, we're gonna buy a new pet for Cosmo!" Amy added.

"We're okay, Amy!" Sonic called back. "We'll stay here in the park and keep playing!"

"Suit yourself!"

Amy, Tiff, Cream, Cheese and Cosmo walked away from the park and walked a long distance to the Station Square pet store. They pressed their faces at the window and saw all the animals currently on sale.

"Are you sure you want to a buy a cat, Cosmo?" asked Tiff.

"You're not going to buy an animal that chases mice, are you?" Cream asked.

"Don't worry," Cosmo told them. "I'll adopt a cat that doesn't like to chase mice at all."

The girls and Cheese pulled their faces off the window and went through the doors. Amy, Tiff, Cream and Cheese looked at all the pets, while Cosmo only browsed through the cats inside the whole store.

There were many kinds, Cosmo couldn't choose which one. Then she saw a female black and white bicolor cat, aged 21 years (about 1 1/2 cat years). "She's beautiful," Cosmo thought. Then she called to her friends. "Amy! Tiff! Cream! Look at this."

Her friends came over to look at the cat. "She's such an adorable cat," Amy said.

"She's black and white," Cream added.

"Chao," Cheese squealed.

"And she's all grown up, too," Tiff also added.

"I'm gonna adopt this little girl as my new pet," Cosmo said.

The friends went on and bought the bicolor cat, as well as her food, toys to play with, and many other needs for cats. And because the cat was a female, Cosmo also bought a pink collar and a ribboned bow for the cat's head, the same color as her collar. The total price was $176.82.

After the purchase, the cat was placed in a kitty cage and her items were stored in a shopping bag. While the friends left the store and back to the city park, Cosmo said, "Now that this girl's my pet cat from now on, I'm gonna call her... Rosie."

"Why would you want to call her that?" asked Amy.

"Because she smells just like a rose," replied Cosmo, then sniffed at the cat, who actually did smell like a rose.

When they got back to the city park, the boys were no longer playing kickball. Now they were just hanging out, sitting on the benches. Butcher and Kirby were now the only ones playing with the ball.

"Hey, guys!" Tiff called.

"Tiff, there you are!" Buto and his other friends approached forward towards the girls. They heard a soft meowing sound coming from the kitty cage.

"What was that?" asked Tuff.

"That's my new pet cat, Rosie," Cosmo told him. "She's a bicolor cat. I decided that a cat would be the best pet for me because they're not as mean as dogs."

"I hope you're not gonna say that to my dog Butcher," Buto warned. "He gets angry if you say bad things about dogs in front of him."

"I promise I won't," Cosmo said. "But your dog is only a puppy. Rosie's 21 years old -- that's about 1 1/2 cat years. And I also learned that cats live longer than dogs do."

"Does this mean she's older than all of us?" asked Sonic.

"Technically, yeah," Amy said. "She was born before we all were, but since she's only a cat, she has to be treated like a pet, like Buto's dog. And like Buto's dog, even cats are big responsibilities. Once you adopt a pet, he or she will become part of the family, and the person who adopted that pet must take care of him or her every day."

"But I've never learned how to take care of pets before," said Cosmo.

"Don't worry, Cosmo," Tiff replied. "Amy and I have lots of pet caring tips. Tell you what, let's go to Amy's house and we'll help you. You guys coming with us?"

"We'll stay in the park a little bit longer," Tails said. "I wanna show Tuff some cool ball tricks."

"Fine with me," Amy replied. "See you guys later!"

"Bye," the boys said, then they went back to where they left off in having fun in the park. Amy, Tiff, Cosmo, Cream and Cheese took Cosmo's cat with them and went to Amy's house.

Upon entering the house interior, the girls went into the kitchen and put down Rosie's cage where the cat was still in, and all the stuff they bought from the pet store. "What are cats supposed to eat?" asked Cosmo.

"Well, let's see here," Amy said. She took the food out of the shopping bag and placed them on the table. It consisted of canned food designed only for consumption by cats. "We bought catnip, tuna, and some cat biscuits."

"What else is in there, Amy?" Tiff asked.

Amy unpacked more of Rosie's accessories. "Let's see. Here's her grooming supplies, her toys, and her collar and bow." She took them all out and put them on the table.

"Is that it?"

"Yep... I guess that's about it." Then Amy opened Rosie's cage. But unlike Butcher, Buto's dog, Rosie didn't come out of her cage; instead, she stayed still inside her cage; as a matter of fact, she didn't even want to come out of her cage.

"What's wrong with Rosie?" Cosmo asked.

"I think she's a little shy to come out," Cream said.

"It's okay, Rosie," Cosmo said to her pet. "No one's gonna hurt you. Just come out slowly. Here, kitty, kitty, kitty!" She tried every which way to let her new pet cat come out of her cage, but to no avail.

"She still won't come out," she said to her friends.

"Oh, well, let her take her time," Tiff said. "Come on, Amy, let's play some songs on the piano that Cream will surely enjoy."

"I'll stay here and keep Rosie company," said Cosmo.

"You're staying here?" Amy asked.

"I have to -- otherwise, I'll be worried that Rosie might wander off her cage and go out the door and get lost. That's why I have to take care of her because it's my responsibility."

"I guess you're right," Tiff told her. "Call us if you need us, just in case. We'll come over if something happens as well."

Amy, Tiff, Cream and Cheese left the kitchen and into the living room where the piano was. Amy and Tiff sat down on the piano chair, flipped to a page on one of the songbooks already placed on the piano, and started playing songs for Cream and Cheese.

"I love listening to music, don't you, Cheese?" Cream asked.

"Chao! Chao!" Cheese squealed.

While Tiff and Amy were still playing as many songs as they could, their fingers started to tire out. Cosmo, on the other hand, was still trying to get Rosie out of her cage, and still did not give up. Then, finally, 10 minutes later, the cat slowly began wobbling out. When she was finally out of her cage, Cosmo picked her up in her arms.

"You did it, Rosie!" Cosmo said. "Come on, let me show you some of my new friends." She took her into the living room, where her other friends were.

Amy and Tiff have just finished playing their most recent song when Cosmo appeared. "Everyone, look -- Rosie's finally out of her cage!"

"She did?" Amy asked. "That's great!"

"Who wants to pet her?"

"I will," Tiff said.

"So will I," Amy added. She and Tiff got off the piano chair and petted Rosie on her head. The cat purred in reply.

"Cream, don't you wanna pet Rosie?" asked Cosmo.

"Uh, no, thank you, Cosmo," Cream said nervously. "I... just don't feel like it now."

"Don't be afraid, Cream," Amy told her. "Rosie's a good cat. She won't hurt a bug or any other creature. She doesn't even like to chase mice."

Cream got off the couch and tried to be brave, but still, she couldn't do it because she was too afraid to pet the cat. One look at the cat's face still terrified her.

"What's wrong with her?" Tiff asked Amy.

"I guess she's afraid of cats," Amy replied.

"No, I'm not," Cream protested. "I just..."

"Well, it's okay, Cream," Cosmo said. "You may not like to see real cats at first, but eventually, you'll get along with them someday."

Later, Cosmo, Amy and Tiff placed the cat's pink collar around her neck and the ribboned bow on her head. Then they wrote Rosie's name on the side of her bowl with a permanent marker, in all capitals.

"I'll bet this little girl's hungry," Amy said. "Let's feed her some catnip."

Tiff opened the can of catnip with a can opener, and poured all the food into Rosie's bowl. "Here you go, Rosie," she said. The cat started eating up the catnip.

"How well should I feed my cat every day?" asked Cosmo.

"Twice," replied Amy. "Once after you eat your own breakfast, and once before you eat dinner."

"That's not so hard. But how much should I feed her?"

"Just feed her a bowlful, and make sure the food doesn't overflow," Tiff said.

"What does she like to drink?"

"Most cats drink lactose free milk as their only other beverage other than water. Don't feed your cat too much of it, though, or her digestive system won't work very well," Amy answered.

"And how will Rosie get her exercise?"

"Until she's trained enough, it's best that you keep your cat indoors," Tiff told her. "Cats can get lost if they wander outside, so make sure you keep all the doors completely locked, that way Rosie won't escape out of the house. By the way, I bought a leash in case you still want to go outside with your cat." She showed Cosmo the leash that was one of Rosie's accessories.

"I'll do what it takes to make Rosie a well trained cat," Cosmo said. "But for right now, she's going to have to stay with me all the time."

Rosie, still eating up her catnip, purred when she heard Amy, Tiff and Cosmo's conversation.

Later in the afternoon, Cosmo had Rosie move in with her at Tails' house. All of Rosie's stuff were stored in Tails' kitchen. Tails and Cosmo were in his workshop. He was writing stuff in his workbook, while she was holding her cat in her arms.

"I don't know if your cat should stay in this house," Tails said to his girlfriend. "Our old friend Chris never had any real pets when we lived with him."

"She doesn't have anywhere else to stay," Cosmo told him. "Like I told you earlier, I adopted her and where I'm staying, she has to stay with me in the same house all the time. Promise me you'll let her stay in your house, Tails."

"I guess I'll do that," Tails replied. "By the way, what's her name again?"


"Why'd you give her that name?"

"Because she smells like a rose. Even the pet store owner told me so, Rosie's been this way for 21 years since she was born."

"21 years? Isn't that old for a cat like her?"

"No, silly! 21 years is the same as 1 1/2 cat years, and most cats live to be about 75 years old, which is 15 cat years."

"I never knew that before. What do cats eat?"

"Tiff told me that most cats are carnivores, like Buto's dog. But she also told me that Rosie is actually an omnivore. She likes to eat catnip and tuna. Don't you, Rosie?"

Rosie let out a little meow, and purred. Cosmo massaged her head. "Wanna pet her, Tails?" she asked.

"Me, pet a cat? No way!"

"Why not?"

"I've never petted a cat before, and every time I get offered to pet one, I get nervous because it just might bite me if I'm not careful."

"Nothing to be scared of, Tails. Rosie is against chasing mice, and she wouldn't bite anyone. Go ahead, pet her."

Tails nervously got out of his working desk and stepped towards Cosmo and her cat. He gently petted Rosie on the head. Just then Tails' expression changed. "She's soft," he said.

"See, I told you," Cosmo said. "Once you pet an animal, you won't feel as nervous as you were just recently."

"Why did you want a cat in the first place, Cosmo?"

"Ever since my older sister was born, my whole family always wanted one, but the pet store was too far away for all of us. We thought a cat would be the best pet because they are smarter than dogs and are more attractive to their owners like me."

The next day, after Tails left the house to hang out with his friends, Cosmo was feeding Rosie her favorite food in her bowl -- dried tuna. But the cat just stared at the bowl right after Cosmo set it in front of her. "What's wrong, Rosie? Aren't you hungry?"

The cat said nothing. "Come on, Rosie, you want to grow up and get strong, right? So, you gotta eat your food. I'll stay here and watch you eat."

She waited for 2 minutes. Nothing happened. But Cosmo didn't go anywhere. "It's okay, Rosie, you've eaten food like this before. Just take your time. Speedy eaters can often get stomachaches, you know."

She waited yet another minute. Then, finally, Rosie started eating her food. "Good girl, Rosie," Cosmo encouraged. "Remember to eat up all your tuna so we can go outside and meet our friends again!"

The Seedrian girl watched as her cat took her time eating up all her dried tuna. She smiled and said, "Now that's what I'm talking about, Rosie. Every day you're gonna eat food like this. Can you do that?"

The cat purred and nodded. "Good," Cosmo replied. "All right, Rosie, let's go out for a walk." She tied the leash to Rosie's collar and they both left the house.

They took a long walk down the street. All Cosmo did was say hi to the people she walked past. She walked her cat to the city park. Amy, Tiff, Cream and Cheese were again looking in one of Tiff's books; Buto, Tuff, Tails and Sonic were playing with one of Tuff's balls; and Butcher and Kirby were now playing with another of Tuff's balls.

"Hey, guys!"

Amy and Tiff noticed Cosmo coming, and Rosie was with her this time. "Hey, Cosmo," Amy said. "How's it going?"

"I just trained Rosie last night to be a house cat. She even ate up all her food when told to this morning. And now she's learned how to take a walk with me."

"That's great, Cosmo!" Tiff said. "Did she ever learn how to play with her toys yet?"

"Not yet. But in the meantime, maybe she can play with the same toys Buto's dog has."

"I'm not sure if that's a good idea," Amy warned. "Dogs and cats are not completely the same, especially when it comes to playing with toys. Cats normally play with yarn balls, not regular balls that dogs like."

While they were still talking, Rosie quietly broke out of her leash and began wandering out into the grassy field. Cosmo didn't even see her. The cat ran towards Butcher and Kirby, both of them unaware that she was coming.

Rosie ran directly at the ball and ran off with it. Butcher and Kirby chased after her.

Meanwhile, Cosmo looked down and now, she didn't see Rosie at all! "Rosie? Rosie! She ran off! Where is she?"

"There!" Amy pointed at the cat, still running off with the ball Butcher and Kirby were playing with, and being chased by Kirby and Butcher.

"Butcher!" Buto noticed this too. "Somebody stop that cat!"

The boys went after them as well, and so did the girls. "Butcher's gonna do something terrible to Rosie!" Tiff said. "We gotta stop them before it's too late!"

Rosie eventually lost control of the ball and ended up climbing up a tree, up to a branch so high that not even the tallest person could reach her. The kids then stopped running, but almost none of them saw Rosie high up in the tree.

"Where's Rosie?" asked Cosmo.

"Up there!" Tuff said. He pointed at the cat, now stuck up on the tree branch. They could even hear her meowing sound.

"Rosie! Don't move! We're going to get help!" Amy called to high up at the tree. "Guys, we need to go find a ladder so we can help Cosmo's cat get down," she said to her friends.

"I don't think that's necessary," Tails said.

"What? Are you crazy?" Tuff asked. "How are we gonna rescue that cat without a ladder?"

"You're forgetting that I have the ability to fly by using my two tails. If you don't believe me, then just watch and I'll prove it."

The friends watched as Tails began lifting himself off the ground. His tails spun around like a helicopter. The young fox boy flew higher and closer to where Rosie was stuck up at.

"How did he do that?" asked Tiff.

"I think he was born like that," Amy told her. "Whenever one of our things gets stuck up in high places, we always count on him to help us get it back down."

Tails, his tails still whirring like a helicopter, shook his hands in a way to make Rosie go to him. "Here, kitty, kitty, come to Tails," he said. But Rosie would not come.

"What's going on up there?" asked Buto as he saw nothing happen. He called to Tails. "Hey, Tails! Is Cosmo's cat okay?"

"I can't tell," Tails replied. "She's refusing to come to me!" Gradually, his tails began to lose power and gain more gravity. "Come on, Rosie, my tails are starting to run out!"

Finally, Rosie obeyed. Slowly, she crawled closer to Tails's hands, and the fox boy picked her up. Then immediately, he floated down back to the ground with the cat in his arms.

"Here you go, Cosmo," he said as he offered the cat to his girlfriend.

Cosmo picked up the cat with her hands and held her tight. "I'm glad you're safe, Rosie," she said. "You would've been in danger if it wasn't for us. Next time, try not to wander off like that, okay?"

Rosie nodded. "That's my girl," Cosmo said, petting the cat's head. "Anyone else want to pet her? Cream, why don't you go first?"


"Yes, you. You may not like to pet cats at first, but you'll get over it once you pet Rosie for the first time."

Cream walked over to Cosmo and her cat. She slowly reached her hand towards Rosie's head and gave it a gentle rub. Then Cream's nervousness suddenly disappeared. "She's cute," she said. "I wish I had a cat just like her."

"Cream, aren't you forgetting that you already have a pet?" asked Amy.

"Oops! Sorry, Cheese," Cream said, a little embarrassed.

"Chao," Cheese replied.

All of Cosmo's friends took turns petting Cosmo's cat, one at a time.

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