It was another sunny in Cappy town. Not too long ago, an amusement park was set up near the castle. Every Cappy was there. Including Meta Knight. Meta Knight has never been to an amusment park. He was very curious. Booths upon booths were set up everywhere. Some had games where one would throw a ring on a bottle. Some had ones selling prizes. But what caught Meta Knight's attention was a booth with a giant pink fluffy cloud on a stick. He went to get a closer look. By seeing the Cappy children eating it, it looked delicus. Meta Knight walked over to the booth. He was met by a happy-go-lucky Cappy.

"Well howdy there son!" the Cappy said."Would you like to buy some Cotton Candy?"

"What is Cotton Candy?" Meta Knight replied.

The Cappy looked shocked."Gees son, haven't you ever had Cotton Candy?"


"Well, here, you can have some. On the house."

The Cappy handed Meta Knight some fluffy pink candy. Meta Knight thanked the Cappy and walked to a bench to set down. He took a small piece of the fluffy candy and popped it in to his mouth. It tasted like heaven to him. The sweet candy quickly dissolved in his mouth, which suprised him. In just a few seconds Meta Knight ate the rest of the Cotton Candy. At the end of the day, he walked to the castle, still licking his lips of the wonderfull treat.

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