One day in the courtyard of Dedede's castle, Tiff showed her friends Amy, Sonic, Kirby, Buto, Tuff, Tails, and Cream a picture of her jumping rope, drawn from a flipbook.

"Now watch what happens as I flip this book," Tiff said. She flipped through the book, and the picture was shown to make it look like it was animated. This surprised everyone.

"It's moving!" Amy said.

"What is that thing called?" Cream asked.

"It's called an optical illusion," Tiff told her. "Each drawing is different, and they change really fast and it will make you think that the picture is actually moving."

"That is really cool!" Buto said.

"Do it again," Sonic said. Tiff flipped through the flipbook one more time. Meanwhile, Dedede and Escargoon spied the friends from up top in the balcony.

"Look, sire, they're making another cartoon like last time," Escargoon said.

"That gives me here an idea!" Dedede said. He went back into the throne room and called on Dr. Eggman. So far, Eggman has finished updating his communicating software to date and now he and Dedede can talk through screen, just like how Dedede did back when Nightmare Enterprises was still alive.

"Listen here, Egg Dude! I wanna show you an animation I made two years ago! Watch this!" He turned to Escargoon. Between them was a film projector. "Hit the switch, show the movie!"

The screen was supposed to show Dedede jumping rope, but it was too blurry to see. "Hey, big guy, I can't see a thing from there," Eggman told him.

"Fix up that screen!" Dedede yelled. Escargoon fixed the film projector to make it look a lot more focused. The screen now showed a poorly drawn King Dedede jumping rope. It was a LOT WORSE than Tiff's animation.

But Dedede did not care about the quality of his animation. He laughed. "Look at me, jumpin' rope like a kid!" Then the film suddenly ended. Escargoon knew why that was.

"Do you know how long it took to do all this? We need to make thousands of these drawings to make even one minute of film! Why don't we hire a staff together and make a real cartoon?"

Eggman told the two, "Don't you fools know that animation takes time, and a budget with tons of money?"

"That's where you're gonna come in, Egg Dude!" Dedede exclaimed. "Here's the deal I'll make -- you can give us the dough, and we'll be broadcastin' the show! We're gonna create ourselves an animation sensation!"

Later in the Station Square city park, all the people (including Amy, Tiff, and their friends), as well as some Cappies, gathered around and saw a sign saying 'WANTED: CARTOON STAFF'.

"Cartoon staff wanted?" one man asked.

"Ooh, I could make a cartoon more than a souffle," said Chef Kawasaki.

"You seem like a better cartoonist than a chef," Knuckles told him.

"Ya think?"

"The King's trying to make an animated series," a woman said.

"And he's declaring himself as the star," another woman added.

"Maybe he's going to make another of my favorite educational shows," Cream said.

"But making a cartoon takes thousands of pictures," Amy told her.

Then they all gathered outside King Dedede's castle. Escargoon announced by megaphone, "Step right up to join the glamorous, exciting world of animation!"

Dedede swiped the megaphone from him. "Do y'all how to tell a story? You all know how to draw till your fingers fall off? Y'all know how to color inside the lines? Then we will hire y'all! I will be your most important person, the producer!"

The staff was now gathering in the 'producer's' office. "Any questions?" asked Dedede.

"What's a producer, and what does a producer do?" Tails asked.

"A producer doesn't do a thing," Sonic told him and Dedede.

"He gotcha there, your Majesty," Escargoon teased. Angered, Dedede stood up and widened his arms, knocking Escargoon down to the ground. "Producer's in charge of everything and everybody! Ya hear? And I'm appointing you as director!" he said right at Escargoon's face.

"Me? Direct?"

"Any more questions?" Dedede yelled. Everyone in the entire room could hear him.

"Hey, Gramps, can we go out for a snack break?" asked Knuckles. This actually disappointed the King.

Then Tiff rang in. "First, the staff members will have to have a production meeting," she said.

"Production meeting?"

Later, everyone sat in chairs for the production meeting around a rectangular desk in a conference room. "Now, here's our agenda for today: our target audience, the production budget, the story, and our main characters."

"I already know all that!" Dedede interrupted. "The star of this here show will be superhero DededeMan! I designed it myself!" He showed his drawing of a cartoon character that instead looked nothing like DededeMan.

"That's the ugliest character I've ever seen in my life!" Amy said.

"Oh yeah?" Dedede asked. "Let's see you all come up with somethin' better!"

Tiff thought of some of her own better ideas -- cute, strong, nice, and lovable. She drew it all in one piece of paper. "How about this?" It was a drawing of Kirby.

"Or how about someone who's fast as the speed of sound?" Amy drew Sonic and his running ability in another piece of paper and showed it to Dedede.

The whole staff was amazed -- except for Dedede and Escargoon. "That hedgehog character has all the qualities of an ancient Olympic racer," said Professor Curio.

"Awesome idea, Amy," Tails said. "Sonic and Kirby would make great cartoon heroes!"

"That may be true, Tails," Amy told him. "But Tiff and I want to tell you another thing."

"What's that?"

"We have to come up with a really good premise -- in other words, the setting and situation of the show."

Escargoon barged into their conversation. "Well, then, Miss Smartypants and Miss Smartypants, why don't you two write the script together?"

Dedede grabbed him by his large nose. "I want DededeMan to be the star of the show!" he said.

"Those two girls can be your assistants," Escargoon said to him.

Tiff got out of her chair and stood up to them. "What? Why should Amy and I be your assistants?"

"We'll call you two both writers and assistants!" Escargoon yelled. "Now get workin' on that script, little missies, or you'll hear from me! Besides, two brains are better than one, anyway!"

That night, Amy and Tiff were trying to write the story, but even with two brains, it was still too difficult because neither of them could think of what to write. "Goodness, Amy, not even the two of us can think of a thing!" Tiff said.

"Tell me about it, Tiff," Amy replied. "I've never even written any stories before in my whole life."

"Don't worry, my dears," Lady Like said to them. "I'm sure you'll think of something." Then she turned to her husband, Sir Ebrum. "I wish there was some way to spice up their script."

"Why don't you come up with a battle sequence between the hero and the bad guy?" Sir Ebrum suggested.

"That's a great idea, sir!" Amy said. Tiff's father continued, "Then you will need an exotic setting -- in other words, the location of where the battle takes place."

But Tiff said, "I don't think Amy and I can write that kind of story."

"Sure you can," Buto told them. "I'll help you write it too."

"Let's roll up our sleeves and get busy!" Sir Ebrum said ecstatically.

The next day, Sir Ebrum was now falling asleep after spending all night working on the story. As for the others, they were presenting the story to the staff. Amy told the story.

"And so, our heroes, Sonic and Kirby, were saved from drowning by a young boy named Christopher Thorndyke, and they all became friends that night. End of episode one."

"Poyo!" Kirby said.

"Sire, can we can both of those girls yet?" Escargoon asked.


"Don't worry, we'll deal with it later," Escargoon whispered.

"Next, we'll take a look at our storyboard," Tiff announced to the entire staff. "Amy?"

Amy brought in a huge board of drawings that were designed to tell how the story would look like. "This is a storyboard. It shows all the different shots we will need for each scene, like this one. Just when we will think Sonic and Kirby will drown in Chris's swimming pool any minute now, Chris will rescue them!"

"Oh, I see what you're sayin'!" Dedede said. "They fall in that there boy's pool to go for a nice swim!"

"But we're also going to need a whole team of artists to animate the storyboard," Tiff explained.

"Don't you two worry," Escargoon said. "We've put together a real dream team. Haven't we, Your Majesty?"

"Mm-hmm!" Dedede nodded.

Everyone in the staff proceeded to draw the characters. "Today is all about character sketches. Each artist will be assigned to work on His Majesty, King Dedede," Escargoon said, pointing at a drawing of the King.

As for the real King himself, he was checking on everyone's drawings. When he came to Sonic's drawing, he was totally angered. Dedede grabbed the paper off of his desk. "WHAT IS THIS???"

"That's you, Gramps," Sonic told him. "It makes you look like an insane off the wall out of control maniac! It'll look great on your passport!" he laughed.

The drawing consisted of an even more horrible looking version of King Dedede. His face turned red. Then he ripped Sonic's drawing to shreds and stomped on the remains to the ground.

Sonic nearly fell over in shock because of this. "He's as angry as Amy!" he thought.

"Now, now, Your Majesty, I wouldn't say that it makes you look like a fool," Escargoon said in an effort to calm Dedede down. "Besides, the blue guy's only drawing what he sees."

"Okay, everyone, take a break and show us what you have drawn so far," Amy said to all the workers. They all held up their drawings.

"I'm a better drawer than Sonic," Buto said, showing his version of DededeMan.

"I don't care!" Dedede said angrily, snatching Buto's drawing.

"What do you think about this?" Tails asked.

"I think it stinks!" Dedede replied, snatching HIS drawing.

"Isn't this good enough?" asked Knuckles.

"It's pretty awful!" Dedede snatched Knuckles' drawing too.

Then he came to Chef Kawasaki's drawing of Dedede. It looked almost exactly the same as the efforts he made two years ago. Very much horrendous. Dedede fainted.

"Hey, Tiff, Amy, these drawings are just as terrible as last time," Tuff said.

"I knew this was not such a good idea," Amy thought.

"Get rid of these no talent idiots!" Escargoon commanded to the two girls.

"Aren't you the director?" Tiff yelled back.

"These guys need some serious supervision! You two will work together as animation supervisors and fix up all the drawings!"

Later that night, they were all still working. Tokkori arrived. "Tokkori? What are you doing here?" Tiff asked.

"I got hired here as part of production," Tokkori said. "I am once again in charge of quality control."

"Well, you're lucky because we need somebody who KNOWS about quality!" Amy growled. "Tiff and I were sitting here all day fixing every one of these stupid drawings!"

So far, the people were putting in the colors of the drawings they made. In one side of the room, Tails did all the sketching, and Cream and Cheese filled in the colors. As a matter of fact, they were painting Kirby!

When Dedede passed by them, he got outraged, noticing what those kids were doing. "What are they paintin' Kirby over there?!"

He tried to grab their drawing, but Escargoon stopped him. "No, sire! They'll put you in later," he whispered.

"He scared me," Cream said.

"Chao chao," ("Me too,") Cheese added.

"Don't worry," Tails replied. "He always acts that way to everybody."

In another side of the room, Sonic, Buto and Knuckles were working together between each other. "Hey, Knuckles, is Kirby pink or fuchsia?"

"Who cares? Besides, we've only got pink paint," Knuckles replied.

"Well, I hope we get it right," Buto told them. "If we don't, we're in trouble."

In another room, some of the staff was working on the background for the cartoon, and others were working the film process. While Dedede and Escargoon walked everywhere supervising the staff, Escargoon said, "Just stick with me, sire, and you're gonna be king of this cartoon."

"But are we gonna cut Kirby and that blue hedgehog outta there?" Dedede said angrily.

"Leave it to me!" Escargoon replied.

Then while the staff was asleep, the two bad guys and a group of Waddle Dees snuck in and replaced their finished products with some somewhat unfinished products of DededeMan.

"So we'll get rid of these," Escargoon said. "And then we'll replace them with our very own sketches. What do you think, sire?"

Dedede giggled at their plot. Then they went back to the throne room and called Dr. Eggman again. "So how's the cartoon goin', Triple D?"

"We need more time to make the cartoon, Egg Dude," Dedede answered.

"I wouldn't suggest that because if the show doesn't air as scheduled, you ain't partners with me no more!"

"Ohhh!" Dedede fainted at these words. "You know you're the only partner I got ever since I lost Nightmare Enterprises!"

"Well, then, you better make your deadline, or else!"


"SAY WHAT!!!" Tiff exclaimed. "It won't be ready by the day after tomorrow!"

"That deadline is impossible, even for desperate girls like me!" Cream protested.

"Now, now, my dear child, that's just stinkin' thinkin'," Escargoon told her.

"But we spent the last few days in this studio!" Buto said.

"I may be a fast runner, but I am seriously not a fast worker!" Sonic added.

But King Dedede just yelled at everyone. He banged his hands on his desk. "Listen, I'm in charge here, and I say... GET BUSY!!!" His yells were twenty times louder than normal, so loud that everyone in the entire BUILDING could hear him.

The next day, the whole film crew could hardly keep their eyes open, even for Kirby. Tokkori, who was also looking tired, poked at him with his beak. "Wake up! This is no time for a nap! There's a deadline to meet! Get back to work!"

But the work was still going really slowly, and the clock was ticking really fast. How could anyone finish a television program at a time like this?

Just then King Dedede arrived into the studio. "All you lazy people had better be workin'!" he yelled.

"But we're working as hard as we can!" Buto complained.

"If you don't get crackin', I'll have to give you all a whackin'!" Dedede threatened as he took out his hammer.

"Not if I give you a whack first!" Amy yelled back, taking her own hammer out. She whacked Dedede's hammer right out of his hands, sending it flying out of the room.

"Now, take it easy, girlie! I'm just tryin' to force the crew to do their job right!"

"Yeah, right!"

Escargoon noticed the sun rising in the sky through the window curtain. "We better just air what we have," he said.

"We can't do that!" Cream said. "It's not even finished yet!"

"We got two hours and 20 minutes!"

Tokkori held up a status chart with his feet. "That's impossible! We're too far behind!"

Dedede had no choice. "I'm gonna go talk to the sponsor!" He ran back into the throne room and called Dr. Eggman for a third time.

"Well, are we gonna see a show or are we gonna be ex-partners forever?" Eggman asked.

"We're gonna see somethin'," Dedede replied.

"My crew and I are looking forward to the premiere broadcast, old buddy."

Dedede laughed, then shouted, "Get ready, y'all, 'cause it's magic time!"

Just a few minutes before 9:30 a.m., all the people in Station Square and Cappytown tuned in to Channel D.D.D. Those who were working in the studio were now performing the voice acting. Meta Knight was also a voice actor.

Dedede and Escargoon arrived into the recording studio. "This is it! You all gotta read the scripts and match the lips!"

"But we haven't rehearsed yet!" said Amy.

"Never mind that! There is no time to do rehearsals!" Dedede yelled.

"Come on, let's get to work!" Escargoon added.

"Uh-oh! We're on!" Tails said, pointing at the screen, which also contained a clock displaying '9:29 a.m.'

"I got the opening, I got the opening!" Chef Kawasaki ran into the room, holding the opening of the show. He placed it into the film projector. "Here we go!"

The lights dimmed. Everyone stood in their positions and watched as the screen counted down from 10 to 2. Then the opening started. It was based on the still currently airing 4Kids TV show 'Sonic X', but with King Dedede in Sonic's place. And of course, King Dedede sung the lyrics:

Go, g-g-g-g-go, go! Gotta go fast, gotta go fast Gotta go faster, faster, faster, faster, faster

Movin' at the speed of sound I'm the king of quick guys around Got myself a situation Stuck in another location...

"Hey, Sonic's supposed to be the star, not Dedede!" Amy said.

"Yeah, what happened?" Tails wondered.

Dedede laughed. "It's the director's cut," Escargoon told them.

"Here comes the commercials," Kawasaki said while running down the hallway, holding the commercials.

"The opening's almost over! Hurry!" Tiff said.

While Kawasaki was placing the commercials into the film projector, the last opening lyrics were already being sung:

Dedede is on the run Dedede is number one Dedede is comin' next It's time for DDDX!

Gotta go fast, gotta go fast Gotta go faster, faster, faster, faster, faster Go, g-g-g-g-go, go! DDDX Gotta go fast, gotta go fast Gotta go faster, faster, faster, DDDX!

Then the commercials were ready. Escargoon said, "This Dedede production is sponsored by... Doctor Eggman Television Distribution!"

While the commercials played, Sir Ebrum, Lady Like, and a few of the other Cappies brought in what they had for the episode that was to be broadcast over the air. They almost put in one of the wheels in the wrong projector, nearly causing a mix-up.

Less than a minute later, the episode was finally ready to broadcast. The first frame showed a picture of a moon shining underwater. It looked horrendous. Then a siren wailed in the villain's base. Two feet that looked exactly like Dedede's were seen sprinting on the ground. Machines with wheels were shooting missiles directly at him.

Dedede laughed as he watched himself on screen. "Sire, shush!" Escargoon said. "We're in a recording session, we can't talk. I think they drew those pictures with their eyes closed."

"Remind me to fire that character designer," Dedede said.

"At least I think your head is a lot fatter than that other cartoon we made last time."

"Okay, guys, get ready," Amy said.

"Our lines are coming up," Tails agreed.

"Amy, Tails, I am getting nervous. This is my second time I've ever done any acting," Meta Knight said.

"Don't worry, Meta Knight, you'll be great," Amy told him.

Dedede started speaking his lines while the cartoon version of himself was seen fighting off the machines. "Catch me if you can, slowpokes!"

When the title card displayed, Amy noticed it. "Dedede to the Rescue? That's not the right title!"

Then they came to the part where Dedede was sent flying by a trap trampoline with Kirby's face on it. The cartoon Dedede was launched into the air. "Dedede!" Tails pretended to shout as the screen showed him and Amy flying in Tails' plane.

When Amy came to her part where the plane was catching fire, she said, "Tails! The plane's on fire! What are we gonna do?"

"We're gonna save Dedede!" Then he said for real, "Wait a minute, Dedede made Kirby the bad guy! We shouldn't save him!"

Then it cut to Dedede breaking into Meta Knight's base. Meta Knight was actually an ally of Kirby. He was using a red Chaos Emerald. "You'll never stop me now, Your Majesty! All I have to do is to push this little button!" Then he pretended to laugh.

"Yeah, if you can push it before I grab it," Dedede said.

As the screen showed Amy, Tails and Knuckles watching Chaos Control sending everyone to another world, Amy asked, "What is that?"

"It used to be Chaos Control," Knuckles said. A huge ball of white light engulfed all the characters in the show.

Next, cartoon Dedede was seen sky diving. He was heading straight for a swimming pool! "A... a pool!" Dedede tried to run, but couldn't. "See ya!"

The big fat plump penguin plummeted into the pool with a loud SPLASH! He sank down to the bottom. No matter how hard he tried, he could not swim back up. Even with his running ability, he couldn't get out of the pool in any way!

Then he saw a boy's hand reaching for him. The boy pulled him out of the water and back on land. The pool was located outside of the boy's house, which turned out to look like a replica of Chris Thorndyke's house.

Dedede made fake coughs while his cartoon self coughed for real. Escargoon stepped into the microphone and said, "That was close. Are you okay?"

"Ugh... yeah. Thanks a lot," Dedede said.

"Those two guys changed the scripts so they'd look like heroes!" Tiff said.

"If Dedede and Escargoon are heroes, this sure isn't a reality show," Tuff said.

"I didn't think you could talk," Escargoon said.

"Sure I can," Dedede replied. "I can do a lotta things around here."

"My name's Escargoon. Do you have a name?"

"Yeah, I have a name, you sluggish fool. My name is King Dedede, but most people call me His Majesty or His Highness."

Next up was the part where Cream was now captured by a military base. Cartoon Dedede had to rescue her, and cartoon Escargoon had to drive him to that base. Just after cartoon Dedede leaped out of his car and ran towards the base, cartoon Escargoon said to him, "Listen to me, Your Majesty. Once you get inside the military base, you're not gonna have much time, so think quickly and act quickly."

"Thanks for the tip, Escargoon! I'm goin' in!"

"Hey, Amy, what happened to all the action scenes?" asked Tails.

"They got rid of some of those," Amy told him. "Now they're just talking to each other."

"And I always thought an animated cartoon was supposed to be animated," Buto said. "What I'm seeing now is their lips moving and not their legs."

"Well, this production is turning out to look second rate," Knuckles added.

"Hey, kids, enough with the chit chat," Escargoon whispered. "Our favorite part is coming up!"

It was the part where Cream and Cheese were being held and experimented on. Cream pretended to fret. "I don't like this," she said in a whiny voice.

"Chao," Cheese said.

Cartoon Dedede was now somewhere in the military base, with security cameras facing him everywhere. "Hmm... I'll bet that's where those twerps are," he said. "I gotta get inside and check it out. But it ain't gonna be easy."

Then the lights turned off in the military base. A computer voice said, "Abnormality detected in the electrical system. Abnormality detected in the electrical system."

Later, cartoon Dedede was seen rescuing Cream and Cheese from the military base. The lights were still off during their escape. "Hey, Dedede, how did you shut off all the electricity?" Cream asked.

"I ain't done nothin', girlie, I guess it just happened," Dedede told her. Then he noticed the lights turn on again.

But they weren't in color! Instead, the frames showed terribly drawn black and white storyboard pictures of the lights turning on, with three or four lines representing the lights. Not only that, only one picture was used at a time for the cameras pointing at the main characters.

"What's going on here? These pictures aren't colored in yet!" Escargoon said.

"I don't even see any background data!" Dedede added.

"We didn't have time, sire," Chef Kawasaki told him.

"Forget it! It's the performance that matters!" Dedede disagreed.

"How can anyone perform with these scribbles?" Escargoon asked, pointing at the screen.

"Never mind them scribble wibbles! Read the script!"

"What's going on, Your Majesty? Are you and your friends all right?" the cartoon Escargoon asked.

When Dedede saw his cartoon self running, holding Cream's arm, he said, "Not exactly!" Then he let go of Cream's arm, and jumped up to a security camera, using it to destroy all of the other cameras with its laser beams.

"Keep running!" he commanded. The cartoon Cream, holding Cheese in her arms, agreed, and took off running. Then she saw doors locking down from behind her. The next door in front was about to lock down too. "The door! We can't make it out!"

Dedede jumped off and ran down the wall, and quickly grabbed Cream and Cheese, then dashed through the doorway to safety. Now they were cornered by more laser beamed security cameras.

Then Escargoon realized something and said, "Majesty, we gotta ad-lib this part; we forgot to add the last two pages of the script!"

Dedede glared at him and yelled, "AD-LIB??? You couldn't tell me this before, you no brained slug!"

On the part where Dedede saw all the cameras get destroyed by some paper airplane devices, they actually turned out to be just small rectangular boxes. Pretty soon, the cartoon was starting to look like not a cartoon at all.

Dedede groaned. "All this animation's giving me a headache," he said.

"I'll never direct another cartoon again," Escargoon said, fainting next to him.

Then the episode ended with the film now messed up, and the screen eventually melted. It was probably one of the worst cartoons Cappytown has ever made, next to the last one that featured King Dedede fighting off Octakon-Kirby. Later in the throne room...

"I have just seen your cartoon, and it was one of the worst pieces of junk I've ever seen," Eggman said to Dedede.

"So that means we're not partners anymore?"

"That's right. Now get outta my sight so I can look for another partner."

"Hold on there, I ain't got no other good partners myself!"

"If you don't leave, we'll give you another 20 episodes!" Escargoon pleaded.

"Are you sure?" asked Eggman. "Hmm... that's not bad!"

The next day, Amy, Tiff, Buto, Sonic, Kirby, Tails, Cream and Cheese were in Amy's house, getting ready to watch another cartoon from Channel DDD.

"Well, guys, we should be happy that we're not gonna make any more cartoons for Dedede," Tiff said.

"I wonder what those guys will do without us," Sonic said.

"Guys, shh! The cartoon's starting," Amy said to her friends. On TV, the opening of the show from last time has just ended, and the cartoon showed Dedede jumping rope.

"I am the great King Dedede!" Dedede said while doing the voice acting in the recording studio alone. Soon he saw the picture of him disappear, then noticed that the other pictures were missing from the wheel. "Where are all the pictures at?"

Escargoon and the Waddle Dees were rapidly working on all the blank slides by drawing pictures on them and coloring them in. Then the TV screen in Amy's house showed the badly drawn Kirby and Dedede.

"I will get you now, Kirby, you beastly blob!"

The friends laughed at the program. "That show is so bad that it's the funniest thing I've ever seen!" Buto said.

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