On a sunny day, Kirby, Tuff, and the Cappy kids were painting horrible looking pictures on the walls of Dedede's castle. They even sang mocking songs about Dedede while they were painting.

Dedede and Escargoon were taking a walk outside, when they heard the kids' singing, and even worse... saw them painting on the walls!

"Hey! What are y'all doing?"

Thinking quickly, the kids ran off. The two clowns saw them running. "Painting graffiti is against the law!" Escargoon said.

Then Dedede glared at the picture of him on the wall. It showed him looking like he was having a temper tantrum. "Looks like they painted you again, sire!" Escargoon laughed.

"I look like an insane monkey!" Dedede growled.

"Well, you have to admit, it's pretty funny, sire..." Until Escargoon saw a picture of HIM. "How dare they paint me too!"

"Those punks don't got no respect!" Dedede said. Tuff and his friends, still very far away, laughed at them. Dedede tried to chase them and harm them, but then fell into a hole.

Escargoon ran over where he fell, "That sure was a nasty fall, sire," he said.

"Those runts -- y'all won't get away with this!"

Later, Dedede returned to the castle throne room and called Dr. Eggman. "Listen here, Egg-dude! Those hooligans gave me more boo-boos on my hand! They'll need more discipline than ever!"

"Well, you're lucky, 'cause I have just the thing to make those stupid runts learn to respect you again. It's your old friend, the Dedede Academy!"

"Dedede Academy? What's so different about it?"

"It's the same old first class facility with the same old super strict curriculum. Those kids will be re-whipped up in no time like before!"

"Oh, is that so?"

"And there's more, big guy. There's still that kid that comes with the school."

"Ya mean that cape and hat that turns 'em into drill sergeants?"


"All right, but let's put it somewhere in Station Square this time!"

The delivery system instantly activated itself. All that could be seen were electric sparks and bolts. But Dedede was still thrilled. "Those punks are gonna be taught a lesson this time!"

The next day, the bell from the newly repaired school rang in a wide open portion of Station Square. It was exactly the same school that stood three times in Cappytown.

All the people in Station Square and Cappytown saw a commercial for this school in front of their TVs. Escargoon announced, "Hi. I am pleased to announce the revival of Dedede Academy, the one and only educational institution where children will learn the three D's: discipline, discipline, and discipline!"

When Amy heard what Escargoon said on TV, she thought, "That's only one D! And besides, I think it should be more like 'devoting, dreamy, and desirable'!"

"You'll even receive a free coupon for purchasing textbooks, notebooks and pencil holders," Escargoon continued.

Tiff and Buto saw this commercial too, and so did their family. "I've never been to a school like that before," Buto said.

"Well, son, it's your lucky day," Sir Ebrum told him. "Your mother and I are going to enroll you three kids in this school."

"What do you mean, you're going to enroll us? It might be another of Dedede's tricks," Tiff protested.

"Don't worry, my darlings," Lady Like said. "Some of our friends will be there to teach classes. You shouldn't worry too much."

"Besides, a man in my position would enjoy proper education for his children like you three," Sir Ebrum added.

In Cream's house, Cream, Cheese and Vanilla have just seen the commercial together. "Mommy, do Cheese and I really have to go to that school?" Cream asked.

"It's okay, Cream," Vanilla told her. "And to make you feel better, I'm gonna be part of that school too, so don't worry."

Cream agreed with her mother's words. The three gave each other a promising hug.

At the same time, Amy told Sonic about the new school that Escargoon was talking about on TV. "Say what? A school? No way! I don't even know how to read or write!"

"That serves you write [right]! We're gonna enroll ourselves to that school, and I'm also gonna make Tails and Knuckles be students there as well."

"You can't do that, Amy! We're not students, we're fighters!"

"Well, guess what. You guys are gonna have to get over all that fighting, because I'm not ever allowing it in any school whatsoever!"

"So what school are we going to?"

"Dedede Academy."

"What? I was thinking Chris's school..."


"Calm down, Amy! I don't have to take those words from you like that."

Later, all the students who were enrolled to Dedede Academy were dressed in robes, and so were the teachers and other staff members. "Ladies, gentlemen, and runts, welcome to the official revival of Dedede Academy!"

All the adults applauded, and so did Amy, who was the ONLY student of the entire group that was unknowingly happy about this. "Amy, what are you applauding for?" Tiff asked.

"Oh, sorry," Amy said, and stopped applauding.

"And now for some special words from our principal," Escargoon said.

Dedede stepped up to the microphone. "Thank you, vice principal! Do your homework, don't pass notes, and use your hall pass! Oh, and don't ever skip gym!"

"He's a scary man," Cream said nervously.

Knuckles raised his hand, curious about his robe. "Hey, Mr. Principal!" he yelled.

"What do ya want, you red runt?" Dedede turned to him.

"I wanna know why us students have to wear these robes," Knuckles said. "Besides, I don't look good in black!"

"Well, I sold those robes, and you're gonna wear them whether you hate black or not," Dedede told him.

"Now all together, let's sing the school song," Escargoon said, holding up a baton. A Waddle Dee started playing the organ. The 'principals' began singing:

At Dedede Academy, The students are not fools If they know what's good For they'll obey all the rules!

"That's the worst song I've ever heard," Tails said.

"Let the lessons begin!" Escargoon announced.

Then the bell rang. All the students sat in each of five rows of five desks. The staff members waited in the back of the classroom. Momentarily, Dedede and Escargoon, the principals, showed up into the room.

"Okay, Escargoon, what's the number one lesson here at Dedede Academy, like always?" asked Dedede.

"Very simple," Escargoon replied. "Respect for your King and Principal."

"Now that's an ideal student. You get a Gold Star!"

"Majesty, can I be the class president?"

"He's not even a student! He doesn't deserve to be class president!" Buto said.

But Dedede ignored the boy and replied to Escargoon, "Sure you can be class president." All the students and staff members gasped.

"Stop whining and open up your math books," Escargoon said to the class. "Today's math teacher is going to be Mrs. Bookem."

The elderly woman, known as the wife of Chief Bookem, stepped up to the front desk. "Good afternoon, everyone," she said.

"Don't forget your hat, Mrs. Bookem," Escargoon told the lady. He took out the black and green hat. "It's required teacher attire."

Cream was relieved that Dedede was not going to be the teacher. "At least I'll have a teacher who's a lot nicer," she thought. But to her surprise, when the old lady put the hat on, her eyes turned green, with a now angry look!

Now Cream began to shudder with fear. "S-s-she's a monster!"

It was true. Mrs. Bookem roared, "Class, I expect you all to pay attention!"

"May I be excused?" asked one of the students.

"No," said Mrs. Bookem. She wrote down a math problem (2 + 2) on the chalkboard in the front of the classroom. "Who can solve this problem? Let's see... Sonic!"

The blue hedgehog gasped in fear. "Uh..." he said. The 'teacher' banged her fists on his desk. "WHAT'S THE ANSWER!!!"

Sonic said in a cowardly voice, "I'm not sure."

"I'll answer it!" Buto said, raising his hand and standing up from his chair. "It's 4."

Mrs. Bookem, actually aware that Buto stood up from his chair, instead said, "That's right! What a smart student!"

"I learned it from my old school," said the teenage boy.

Then Mrs. Bookem wrote another math problem (789 x 100) on the board. "Now for something more challenging," she said. "Does anyone know the answer?"

Amy raised her hand. "I do!"

But at the same time, Dedede raised his hand as well. "Highness?" asked Mrs. Bookem. Amy thought to herself, "How come she wouldn't let me answer it? I'm a smart girl!"

Escargoon showed a cheat note to Dedede. Then the King said, "The answer is 78,900!"

"Very good!" Mrs. Bookem encouraged him. She was not aware that the bad guys were cheating. "I can't believe it! They're cheating again, and the teacher still doesn't mind?" Tiff said.

After that, Mrs. Bookem wrote yet another math problem on the board, but this one had a seven-figure multiplicand and a seven-figure multiplier. The numbers were written randomly to make it look totally impossible to solve.

"Now the next problem. Kirby, your turn!"

Kirby just muttered. Then, all of a sudden, the bell rang, and Escargoon removed the hat from Mrs. Bookem's head. "Well, it looks like math lessons are over for today," he said.

"My, that sure was fun," Mrs. Bookem laughed.

"Next up is science class," Escargoon told the students.

"Aren't we supposed to have recess between classes?" Tails said, raising his hand and interrupting.

"Not in this school, shrimp," Escargoon said to him. Then he said to the class, "Mayor Len will be honored to be your science teacher today."

Mayor Len placed the black and green hat onto his head. And he, too, got possessed! "It's time for some scientific experimentation! Break out those beakers!"

The 'teacher' showed the class how to add a flammable element into a liquid mixture that came from the beakers, followed by a tiny piece of fire from a lit match. It looked dangerous, but Mayor Len demonstrated the experiment anyway.

Buto was aware of this. "Wait! Stop! Don't!" But he was too late. When all the other students obeyed, explosions rocked everywhere.

Mayor Len laughed evilly. "Wasn't that fun? Now for our next experiment, how about some plutonium?"

Escargoon brought over a tank filled with plutonium. "Little chemicals coming through," he said. Amy was outraged at what was going on. "You creep!" She used her Piko Piko Hammer to destroy the tank and keep the class from danger.

"Looks like she needs a time out," Escargoon said while he and Dedede watched what was going on.

Soon Amy was out in the hall holding an extra large bucket of water over her head. It was easy for a few minutes for a strong girl like her, but then it became harder as her arms gradually wore down.

Then later, science class was over. "Now who wants a nice, hot lunch?" Escargoon asked. The kids cheered.

But they were not happy to see Chef Kawasaki as the school chef. "Hi, everybody! Time for lunch! Nutritious food fills brain power."

"Amy, something weird's going on like last time. Everyone's acting crazy at school," Tiff said to her friend.

"Tell me about it," Amy replied. "But at least Kawasaki's the only one who's acting normal."

Kawasaki poured some soup into Kirby's empty bowl, and Kirby drank up the entire soup in one gulp.

The next class was history. And again, the teacher was Professor Curio, who was the one and only best historian in Cappytown. And AGAIN, he was to wear the black and green hat.

But because of this, while Curio was teaching, he was only telling LIES. Even the textbooks were full of lies!

Then finally, it was time for phys ed. All the students got out of their robes and ran outside to have fun, when suddenly...

Spiked gates erected around all four corners. Electric sparks crackled on top of the gates. The students were trapped. There was no escape!

"What's going on?" Cream asked, once again afraid.

"I thought we were having phys ed," Tails said.

"Why did you put up that fence around the school grounds?" Amy asked Escargoon.

"We are worried that one of you chirbs might wander off," he replied. "These fences will make you feel safe."

"And even if ya dare to try," Dedede added, "ya ain't goin' nowhere!" The 'principals' laughed.

"Well, who's the teacher this time?" Tuff asked.

"Your gym instructor for today for the second time in Dedede Academy will be... Mr. Melman." Escargoon pointed at the old man.

The students laughed. But Amy and Tiff did not. When Melman put on the black and green hat, everyone stopped laughing. Melman whipped out a whip and cracked it on the ground. "ATTENTION!"

He ordered the class to do a hundred laps around the schoolyard. Then Sonic said, "Heh, I can do a hundred laps in just 5 minutes--"

"And there will be no supersonic running!" Melman interrupted. Sonic groaned really loud.

Everyone ran as fast as they could, and Sonic was also forced to run in the same speed as his fellow students, thanks to Melman's brutal orders.

Next they did obstacle courses, which were also not fun at all to anyone. "I can't watch!" Amy cried. She turned to the 'phys ed instructor'. "Hey, Mr. Melman, this has got to stop!"

"That's enough! Do ten more laps!"

"She's right!" Tiff added. "You can't treat everybody like this!"

"Well, it looks like you two are being disobedient and not being team players! Therefore I will give everyone another homework assignment! All of you will continue your phys ed work at home!"

Buto stepped up to the old man. "Hey, Mr. Melman, you wouldn't just punish everyone if Tiff and Amy were the only ones disobeying you!"

Escargoon yelled out to the students from below. "Here's a little saying at Dedede Academy: two bad apples makes EVERYONE a rotten egg!"

"Way to go, Amy," Sonic told her. "Now you and Tiff got me and everyone else in trouble."

Then the last bell rang. It was now time to go home. All the students left without saying good-bye, and they each brought home TONS of homework.

Even for Tails, his new computer couldn't help him because it could not find any information about the questions in his homework papers. Vanilla couldn't help Cream because neither of them new much about Dedede Academy.

Knuckles didn't even do his homework at all, not only because it was too hard for him, he despised King Dedede.

Sonic wanted Amy to help him with his homework, but Amy refused, because she knew Dedede was up to something in his scheme. Tiff was in the same state, after telling Buto, Tuff and Kirby to not do the homework. But they did it anyway, thinking that the 'teachers' were scary. In fact, the homework wasn't really homework at all; it was only a bunch of questions that promoted King Dedede himself! None of the questions even focused on any of the school subjects.

While everyone was busy doing 'homework' for their 'new teachers', Tiff and Kirby sneaked into the throne room of King Dedede. Kirby ran inside all by himself at first, and Tiff followed.

They looked around the entire room and saw piles of junk everywhere. "This must be the stuff that was used to rebuild the school," Tiff thought.

Suddenly Meta Knight showed up from nowhere. "This is interesting," he said. The blue knight found a spiral handbook on the floor and picked it up. It was purple with a picture of the school on the cover.

"Hmm... this must be the book that contains the secret behind the teacher's strange behavior," he said.

Later that night, Kirby slept on Tiff's bed, tired after doing so much homework, while she was in her desk looking in the handbook. "How to be an effective teacher," she read. "Student... discipline is very important. You must show... your authority... by wearing..."

Her eyes gradually got tired, but then she shook her head, reminding herself to never fall asleep (like a student shouldn't do in class), and continued reading.

The next day, after singing the school song, the class was forced to get ready for music. Chief Bookem was the music teacher. But before class began, the police officer took off his own hat and put on the black and green hat on his head.

He slammed his fists on the main desk. "All right, listen up! I'm gonna teach you dunces how to sing!" Then he took out a megaphone and sang a few notes into Kirby's face:


It was so loud, Kirby was losing his hearing. Cream and Tails didn't want to hear that, so they suggested that the class play recorders. But to the 'teacher', the music sounded awful to him.

"Knock it off! You're bruising my eardrums! You delinquents don't know what real music is!" Chief Bookem went crazy that his arm started to spin faster and faster. He went so crazy, the hat fell off his head. Then he decided to dismiss music class.

Art class was next. The teacher for this class was Mabel, the fortune teller. She forced the students to quickly make drawings and sculptures.

Amy thought to herself, "Why are all the teachers behaving like this? My old friend Chris was never taught that way!"

Tiff thought to herself, "Mabel's only been like that once in her life! I wonder if..."

The two friends looked around the class. "Sonic! What are you doing?" Amy asked.

"Look, Amy, it looks just like King Dedede," he said while finishing up his sculpture.

Everyone was making sculptures and drawing pictures of King Dedede, including Tuff, Buto, Tails, Cream, and even Sonic!

"What's going on with everybody?" Tiff asked.

Dedede snickered. "Must be the spirit of creativi-too takin' over," he said. Not taking this any longer, Tiff smothered Buto's sculpture into a pile of nothing but clay.

"Hey! Tiff, I was almost finished with my sculpture!"

"Don't count on it, Buto! You're being brainwashed!"

Then Mabel noticed Tiff not following the rules. "Why, you insolent little girl! How dare you disrupt my class! I'll show you what we do to troublemakers!"

Tiff looked at the hat that Mabel was wearing. It was the black and green hat that made all those people turn into monster-like teachers! "It's coming back to me! That hat -- anyone who puts it on becomes a monster!"

"I remember now!" Tuff said. "Kawasaki didn't put on the hat like last time!"

Kirby jumped out of his desk and struggled to pull the hat off Mabel's head. After successfully managing to do so, he flew high in midair, and the hat that he was holding on landed on Amy's head.

Amy's eyes glowed green, and her eyebrows went down. She turned into a monster teacher, and pushed Kirby off with her Piko Piko Hammer.

"Listen here, you foolish losers! You all are gonna feel the pain of my super crazy hammer!" She ran around the room, chasing Kirby and a few other students that feared Amy's hammer.

"Amy, take that hat off!" Tiff jumped high and gave the hat on Amy's head a kick. It fell off her head and landed on the floor.

Then the hat glowed with green light. It began to spin around and started to grow bigger. As it exploded, the smoke faded to reveal the hat's true form -- Teacher Creature, a monster teacher with a green robe and a red talisman with yellow outlining. In his hand was a whipping baton.

Cream felt afraid even more. "Whoa! Did that hat just turn into... a monster?"

Vanilla ran to her side. "Don't worry, Cream, I've got you. Everything will be okay."

"That there's Teacher Creature!" Dedede said.

The monster repeatedly stomped on Kirby and whipped him with his baton.

"Suck 'im up, Kirby!" Tiff shouted. Kirby tried to inhale the monster, but couldn't. It was too heavy and dense.

Teacher Creature sent Kirby flying with another whip of his baton. The pink ball crashed through the window and landed outside. Then the monster used pieces of chalk and erasers to attack Kirby some more.

"Tiff, Kirby's in danger!" Amy said to her friend.

Suddenly Tiff saw the weapons that Teacher Creature was armed with. "Kirby, suck up its weapons!"

Kirby inhaled the pieces of chalk from the monster, and transformed, again into Fighter Kirby.

With the ability, Kirby charged at Teacher Creature and gave him a Smash Punch, then a Spin Kick, stunning him for a second. During the short battle, all the students and staff members ran out of the school.

Finally, Kirby defeated the monster with a Rising Break attack, sending him flying way high up into the sky. He then landed back down with the force of gravity and crashed through the roof, destroying the entire school building with a huge fireball. The golden bell, still ringing, was also sent flying.

The crowd cheered at Kirby's amazing win. Dedede cried his eyes out. "Those ruffians ain't gonna learn any more manners!"

But school still continued on, with the adult Cappies now teaching classes in peace, and the students, especially Cream, Tails, Sonic, and the Cappy kids, were happy again, never to be taught by a teacher who acts like a monster.

"Aren't you glad we have a nice teacher like Mrs. Bookem?" Tiff asked Amy.

"Yeah," Amy agreed. "As long as she's not wearing that hat, that is."

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