On a cloudless sunny morning, Sonic was outside Amy's house, getting ready to do some running practice all around Station Square and Cappytown. He swept his shoes on the ground, began accelerating his feet, then took off running.

Sonic zoomed everywhere -- from Amy's neighborhood to the city park and all the way to Cappytown. He left behind huge gusts of wind in every route he took.

Tuff, Iroo, Spikehead and Honey were playing soccer, almost aware that Sonic was coming. They could feel the gale from Sonic's running speed. As Sonic zoomed past them all, they spun out of control.

"Never underestimate Sonic speed!" he shouted in front of all the villagers in Cappytown.

Then he raced right through King Dedede and Escargoon, who were minding their own business taking a walk. Just one second He sent them both flying into a nearby river.

"That rotten hedgehog!" Dedede yelled. "I'm gonna get him one day!"

Later he and Escargoon went to Gus's gas station. "Give me some super extra turbo charged power to this here limousine!" he ordered.

"Why would I want to do that, Your Majesty?" Gus asked.

"'Cause I wanna challenge that blue hedgehog to a race in a few days, and make sure this here limo can outrun anything especially that supersonic speed of his!"

"That might be a little dangerous, seeing as though I've never even heard of a vehicle that could even beat Sonic the Hedgehog. But I'll do the best I can to give this car all the upgrades it needs."

"You better, or so help me, I'm gonna throw it out into the junkyard!"

Then Sonic raced back to the exterior of Amy's house. She was waiting for him near the front door. And she was not happy. Her arms were crossed.

Sonic wasn't aware of that, though. "Hey, Amy!" he said excitedly as he ran towards her. "You should've been there! I really ruled the road, and you missed it all!"

"Where were you all along, Sonic?" Amy yelled at him. "I was looking for you everywhere! And you shouldn't just run off in the speed of sound, you could run over people! You should just stick to the speed that even I can run at for once in a while!"

Sonic laughed. "Well, at least I still had a wonderful time with you!"

"Serves you right," Amy said. "Now come inside; your breakfast is getting cold." She dragged Sonic into the house, and made him sit in his chair in the dining room table, where a bowl of cereal and pieces of French toast were lying in front.

"Now you stay here and eat up all your food slowly," Amy told him, then went into the den. She turned on her television set. A news bulletin appeared on the screen. It came from Channel D.D.D.

Waddle Doo was the news reporter. "Our ruler King Dedede is announcing the opening of our second annual Cappytown Grand Prix Motor Race!"

Amy tried to ignore this bulletin by flipping to other channels, but the same bulletin re-appeared on every single channel from her cable box. Waddle Doo continued, "All citizens and visitors of Cappytown are eligible to compete in the Grand Prix. The flag will wave on this 12-lap off-road endurance race in another 3 days from today. In order to make room for the racing circuit, all traffic roads in Cappytown will be shut down on the day of the race."

Halfway through his breakfast, Sonic overheard Waddle Doo's news and raced over to the den to watch it on TV. "Hey, Amy, I'm gonna enter and win that race! I've got guts, determination, and the ability to run in the speed--"

"Oh, no, you don't, Sonic!" said Amy. She turned off the television, and the news bulletin disappeared, leaving behind a black screen. "You're staying home, and that's final! Now go finish your breakfast!"

Then the phone rang. "I'll get that," Amy said. She picked it up and answered, "Hello?"

"Hey, you ain't supposed to be on the phone here, girlie! I was calling for that blue hedgehog Sonic!"

"Let me guess, you want Sonic to participate in that stupid motor race in three days. Well, guess what, he's not going!"

"Oh, yes, I am!" Sonic said. He got off his chair again and swiped the phone from Amy. "Don't listen to Amy, big dude. I will sign up for your cool motor race for real!"

Dedede laughed on the phone. "So you wanna race me, huh? It'll be a pleasure! I'll be tickled pink to take on any challenger! I hope you brought a navigator with ya!"

Sonic scoffed. "I don't need no navigator. Even Sam Speed's new rocket engine couldn't beat me, and I can bet that your limousine can't go as fast as my own running speed!"

"We'll see about that, you foolish hedgehog! I'm gonna confirm you to be in that race right now, since you asked for it!"

"Thanks, old timer! Meet you in three days!" Sonic hung up the phone. Then he turned to his girlfriend. "You lose, Amy. Dedede just signed me up for that Grand Prix Motor Race, so I have to come. If you really need me, then why don't you come and join the audience to support me?"

Amy sighed. She always cared about him and was willing to follow him wherever he went. She had no choice. "Okay, Sonic, I'll let you go and be part of that race."

"All right! Thanks, Amy!" Sonic cheered. He gave her the same crushing hug that she often gives him.

"Sonic... you're choking me..." Amy gasped for breath.

Meanwhile in Dedede Castle, Tiff and Kirby have just viewed the same old special bulletin on Sir Ebrum's television set in their living room. While they were still watching, Tiff heard the phone ring.

She picked it up. "Hello?" she answered. "Oh, hi, Amy. Yeah, I saw that bulletin this morning too. What? Sonic's participating in that race as well? No way! In that case, I'm gonna ask Meta Knight if it's okay for Kirby to sign up for that Grand Prix race."

Later, Tiff was in Meta Knight's room. "And that's what I'm saying to you," she said. "Dedede's just challenged Amy's boyfriend Sonic to a race. I want Kirby in that race too so he can help Sonic stop him from winning together."

"I'm afraid it won't be easy, Tiff," Meta Knight told her. "In case you aren't aware, the king's limousine still has all those traps and gizmos that he can use to cheat his way to first place."

"But Kirby still has his Starship vehicle," Tiff protested. "Can't you get it in racing shape like you did last time?"

"I could," Meta Knight said. "But that ship was designed to care for new Star Warriors, and programmed to travel through space searching for monsters."

"But there aren't any monsters anymore, Meta Knight. Kirby defeated eNeMeE just months ago, and Nightmare Enterprises is gone now."

"That is true, Tiff; but the arch enemy of Sonic the Hedgehog, whose name is Dr. Eggman, has revived some of those monsters back to life, and he's selling them to King Dedede free of charge."

"We'll stop him someday, but what matters now is that Kirby needs to be in that race. How can we get his Starship vehicle into racing shape?"

"Follow me," said Meta Knight.

They went out of his room, through the hallways, outside to the castle grounds, and into the dark basement. They sneaked into the corridors, and at the end, there stood Kirby's starship vehicle, which was exactly the same kind that Kirby used since he first came to Cappytown and when he participated in the previous Grand Prix race.

Meta Knight examined the starship. "Let's test this thing thoroughly so Kirby can enter that race," he said. "It'll also help Kirby's piloting skills."

"Good idea, Meta Knight," Tiff said. "If we can make some major improvements to this starship, Kirby will surely beat King Dedede in that Grand Prix race!"

"But there's one more thing," Meta Knight suddenly said. "Kirby might also need a navigator."

"And I know just the person who can help him! I'll be right back, Meta Knight. You and Sword and Blade can get Kirby's starship into racing shape. Meet you later!"

Tiff left Meta Knight behind, and ran back upstairs to the castle grounds. She raced across the drawbridge and all the way to Kirby's house, which was standing next to the tree that held Tokkori's nest.

She knocked on the door. "Tokkori! Are you in there?" she called.

The door slammed open, frightening Tiff. The small yellow woodpecker emerged from the house interior. "Ahhh! What do you want?"

"Kirby needs a navigator for the Grand Prix Motor Race. Can you be his navigator for a while?"

"Me? Nuh-uh! I've got other plans to do as what you call a little bird!"

"What? Since when did I call you a little bird? Anyways, Kirby really needs your help! If you don't help him, he won't have a navigator!"

On the day before the race, back in Amy's house, Amy was in the living room, thinking of reconsidering from allowing Sonic to go to the race. She called for her boyfriend, who was reading 'Speed Racing for Dummies' in his room.

"Sonic! Would you come over here for a moment? We need to talk!"

Sonic grumbled with frustration. He closed up his book and went downstairs to the living room. He sat down on the couch next to Amy.

"What do you want me for, Amy?" Sonic asked.

"I was thinking of reconsidering from allowing you to join the race. Most of the time, you're just being irresponsible about things, ever since the day we first met your old friend Chris. Why don't you skip the race and go on a date with me?"

"I can't do that, Amy! The race is tomorrow, and if I don't come, it will be canceled!"

"Is that really the only thing that means to you? That stupid Grand Prix race?"

"Your friend Tiff wants Kirby in that race too, you know. She's probably helping him get his race car ready right now."

"And look at you, Sonic -- you don't even have a race car to compete with! Didn't you forget that King Dedede has a limousine so fast that it can outrun almost anything?"

"Eh, I can still beat him. I'll just run with my supersonic running speed!"

Amy got tired of this. "Fine! Have it your way! I hope your super foolish speed gets a flat tire!" She walked out of the living room and into the kitchen.

Sonic thought to himself, "What did I make her mad for? She's three years younger than me, and yet, she's like my mother!"

Amy looked at her wall calendar. Tomorrow was also the day when she and Sonic were to go on another date she planned -- the exact same day when the race was to occur. She picked up the calendar and got furious.

"Automobile racing on the day when we're supposed to be dating -- GOOD LUCK!" She threw the calendar in the air, and used her Piko Piko Hammer to throw it out the window like a baseball.

The calendar broke through the glass window. It made a noise so loud it frightened Sonic, as he was the only other person who heard the noise that vibrated everywhere. He quickly ran back to his room and got back to his book about speed racing.

Inside Dedede's castle basement, Sword and Blade were still doing work on Kirby's starship vehicle like car mechanics. While they were doing that, Meta Knight took Kirby and Tokkori to a room where the test model of Kirby's starship still remained. It looked the same, but now it was what it would look like with the upgrades included.

Tokkori looked at it. "So this must be where we practiced last time," he said.

"That's right," Meta Knight told him. "Step in, Kirby," he told the pink puffball.

Kirby ran towards the gray test model and leaped inside. Tokkori flew onto his head, and the model's cockpit closed.

"Kirby, do you see the lever in front of you?" asked Meta Knight. "Use your foot to pull the lever so you can steer the ship. Let's review the basics. Move it right to go starboard, and left to go portside."

The starship model began to move. It went pretty fast, but not as fast as a typical race car goes. Meta Knight continued, "Push the lever to go faster, but try not to accelerate too quickly than you can handle."

Tokkori felt that Kirby was going slowly, and said, "Hey, give it some more gas; isn't this supposed to be a race car?"

Kirby stepped on the accelerator with his right foot. Flames shot out of the model and flew directly at Meta Knight. The blue masked warrior jumped out of the way to save himself from suffering serious burns.

The car went at least around half the same speed that Sonic runs at. Kirby was enjoying himself, but Tokkori was getting dizzier by the second.

"That's enough! Stop the car!" Tokkori shouted.

Kirby removed his foot from the accelerator. The test model flew out of the 'treadmill' floor and crashed into the wall behind it. Kirby hopped up and down on his bottom, excited for the day of the race.

"No wonder he still doesn't have a license," Tokkori said to himself.

That night, Sonic dreamed about the race. In his dream, he and Kirby were racing together on the final lap. They both zoomed at the exact same speed to the finish line and won two golden trophies. It was the best dream he ever had in his life.

On the rooftop of Dedede's castle, Sword and Blade climbed up to the tower where Meta Knight was standing on. Sword said, "We finally got Kirby's starship ready for the race tomorrow, Meta Knight."

"Well done, guys," Meta Knight said.

"It oughta be a great starship," Blade added.

"We'll see about that," Meta Knight replied.

Then the day of the annual Grand Prix Motor Race came. Large crowds of people in Cappytown, as well as Amy's friends who also saw the bulletin three days ago, gathered to see the race.

"Get your Grand Prix box lunches right here!" Kawasaki said, while he was selling boxes of lunches for the audience.

Again, the Cappies mostly walked to the competition, but Tails took Amy, Sonic, Cream, Cheese, Knuckles and Rouge with him on the X-Tornado to get to Cappytown.

Backstage, Kirby was now in his own starship vehicle, sleeping during the last hour before the race was supposed to begin. Tuff's friends, Iroo, Spikehead, and Honey, watched him.

"I heard this car is really a spaceship," said Spikehead.

"It's got a spaced out driver, that's for sure," Honey added.

"Kirby, don't sleep at the wheel," Iroo said.

Tokkori flew by. "Not as long as I'm the co-pilot for the second time!" He poked at Kirby. "Wake up, boy! Listen up, we're a team again, pinkie! And I don't have time for a snoozer 'cause I am not gonna be a loser!"

Someplace else backstage, Amy was talking to her boyfriend. "Are you sure you can do this, Sonic? It won't be easy running in supersonic speed on a Grand Prix race road against three opposing vehicles. Besides, I don't want you to get hurt."

"Don't worry, Amy," Sonic said. "You can count on me! Even without a car, I can still beat Dedede no matter what!"

In one row of the audience were Amy, Tiff, Tuff, Tails, Cream, Knuckles and Rouge. Tuff and Tails wore green caps on their heads. In front of the audience was a huge satellite TV screen -- the same one used in the first race almost two years ago. Fololo and Falala, who served as the announcers again, appeared on screen.

"Welcome, racing fans! It's another fabulous day here in Cappytown as we start our second annual Cappytown Grand Prix Motor Race! I'm your announcer, Fololo..."

"...and I'm Falala, your co-host!"

"Let's take a quick preview of our Grand Prix course!"

The screen showed a map of the race course. A purple star moved across the roads of the map.

Falala announced, "The cars will take off from the starting line, take a spin through the plaza, and into the countryside. Then they will go through the forest, through the rough terrain, past the shore, and then back to the checkered line. They will go around this course twelve times until the evening."

"Now let's introduce our racers! Driving their royal race car, we have King Dedede and Escargoon! Next up, we have Meta Knight, who will be driving alone in a Metamobile! Our third contestant is Sonic the Hedgehog, who will not be driving, but running in his supersonic speed boots! And our final entry today is... Kirby and Tokkori! Good luck to our Grand Prix racers!"

The audience cheered, including Amy, Tiff, and their friends. "All racers, move to the starting line!" Fololo announced.

Sonic and the three vehicles stood behind a checkered line on the road. Dedede looked at the blue hedgehog. "What's he doin' in the race without a race car?" he asked.

"He's a troublemaker!" Escargoon said. "I don't trust him, sire; what if he's gonna use his running ability during the race?"

Dedede sneered. "His skills ain't no matter! We got ourselves one mean machine!"

Sonic looked at Meta Knight's Metamobile. "Nice car, dude," he said. "Why are you racing, anyway?"

"To test my racing skills, of course," Meta Knight replied.

"Oh, yeah?" Sonic retorted. "Well, I got supersonic speed boots that can outrun any car, even yours!"

Inside Kirby's car, Tokkori put on his racing goggles. "Well, this is it, partner!" But when he looked down at his racing partner, he was still snoozing. The bird tried every which way to make him stay awake. "Wake up, gumball! I guess you ain't got what it takes to be a winner."

"No," Kirby said.

"Then let's get ready to roll!" Tokkori told him.

The crowd was completely silent. The only noise that was heard in the entire area came from the racing cars. Waddle Doo held up the black and white checkered flag. When he and all the racers were ready, he yelled, "GO!"

All the racers took off in their maximum racing speeds. "The Cappytown Grand Prix Motor Race has begun!" Fololo announced. Then he saw Kirby's car, still behind the line. "Uh-oh!"

"It looks like Kirby can't get his star car going for the second time!" Falala said.

Tokkori looked around the interior of Kirby's car. "How do you start this thing?" he asked.

Sonic ran a bit slower than his usual supersonic speed, but was still going too fast for his opponents to catch up. His three opponents in their two racing automobiles followed viciously behind him.

"Catch me if you can!" he shouted at his opponents.

Back at the starting line, Tokkori was still having trouble getting the car to start. "Which one's the 'on' switch?" He pressed many buttons on the car interior. Suddenly Kirby's car spun around, and zoomed across the road.

Fololo and Falala watched as it disappeared from the stadium. "Kirby's now in the race!" Falala announced.

"But he'll have a hard time catching up with his opponents!" Fololo added.

Kirby's car speeded up. It made a sharp turn around the tree in the plaza, then it dashed across the dirty road in the meadows. His opponents were nowhere to be seen yet. Then on their way through the woods, they saw Meta Knight's Metamobile.

Meta Knight made a sudden sharp turn on the road, but Kirby did not. The dot that symbolized Kirby's car went off the road on the satellite TV screen in front of the audience.

"Kirby's going off the course!" Fololo said. "He's riding through the woods!"

"Oh, no!" Tiff cried as she watched the dot go off course.

Kirby's car went right through the trees, until it was sent flying into the air off the edge of a cliff. It landed back on the road.

"I think Kirby took a shortcut!" cried Amy.

"But which car's in the lead?" Tails asked.

"I'm not sure if it's King Dedede, or Meta Knight!" Tuff said.

"That can't be true!" Tiff told him. "Didn't you forget that Sonic's in this race? He's practically in the lead by a mile right now!"

As the cars got to the rough terrain, King Dedede noticed Kirby's car following behind. King Dedede let out an evil smile and said, "Kirby, watch out for falling rocks!"

He pulled a small lever on his car interior. A miniature missile appeared and sailed directly through the cliff. Meta Knight and Kirby watched as the avalanche came close nearby. Tokkori shrieked in horror.

Sonic, on the other hand, was unaware of any of this. He stopped for a moment. "Come and get me, you slowpokes!" he shouted.

And the race continues on...

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