The second annual Grand Prix Motor Race was gradually becoming a runaway game for Sonic. Thanks to his supersonic running ability, he was in the lead by far more than a mile than all of his opponents.

Not even King Dedede's monstrous racing machine that the former Nightmare Enterprises supplied could beat the blue hedgehog. But the King wasn't aware of that yet. He was mostly trying to make Kirby fall behind with his own pranks.

His first one from the last episode was making an avalanche fall in front of his race car. "Push the lever forward!" Meta Knight commanded while he was still behind Kirby.

The audience watched everything of what was happening on the satellite screen. "What's going on?" Tails asked.

"I don't know, Tails," Tuff told him, "but it's going to be a long race!"

Back in the race, Escargoon turned to the masked Star Warrior, who was now on the right side of Dedede's limo. "Hey, Meta Knight, don't forget who you're working for, mister! Do your duty!"

"Make sure I finish first!" Dedede said.

Meta Knight did not say yes this time, for a good reason. He shook his head. "I could do that, sire, but your other opponent is far ahead of us."

"Who the heck are ya talking about?" yelled Dedede furiously.

"Your real enemy: Sonic the Hedgehog."

"Sonic the Hedgehog!" Dedede realized what Sonic just said to him at the beginning of the race. "Catch me if you can!" Then he turned back to his two opponents. "Excuse us while we try to take the lead again!"

The bad guys laughed, and zoomed even faster out of the rocky cliffs.

Tiff oversaw what was on the screen. "He's racing on the King's side again, Amy!" she said to her hedgehog friend.

"That cheater! Let me at him!" Amy was about to get off her seat, with her Piko Piko Hammer in her hands. But Tiff grabbed her. "Amy, sit down!" She made her sit back down with the rest of the audience.

"But he's against Kirby and all of us now!"

"Well, he shouldn't be trusted!"

While the race continued on, the big screen now showed four split screens of the racers, the course map, and how many laps remaining for each racer. So far, all four racers were still on the first lap.

"Hmm... this just doesn't feel right," said Chief Bookem, who was sitting in the front row of the audience with his old wife.

"What's wrong?" the wife asked.

Chief Bookem lost his temper. "I can't help it, I wanna give them all speeding tickets, even to that blue guy who's running too fast!" he groaned.

"And here comes our racers!" Fololo announced.

Falala took her turn. "In the lead, we have... our guest of Cappytown, Sonic the Hedgehog, who seems to be running at the speed of sound!" Sonic dashed across the line, leaving behind a trail of blue light.

"You can do it, Sonic!" Amy shouted.

Fololo looked at the status screen. "And close behind in second place..."

"Oh, it's King Dedede!" Falala said. "And he's still trying to catch up with Sonic!"

Escargoon listed to the audience. Every person in there was booing. "Listen to that crowd, booing us to victory!"

"Thanks, everybody!" Dedede waved his hands and arms.

"And here comes Meta Knight in third, along with Kirby and Tokkori in last place!" Fololo continued.

"Looks like they're all in for another long day!" Falala added.

Sonic thought to himself while still in his big lead, "Eleven more laps till the checkered flag! I'm not even gonna take a break in a race!"

In the audience, Knuckles was getting hungry. He forgot to eat breakfast this morning. He heard his stomach growling. "I'm hungry. I need a snack break," he said.

"Kawasaki's got some food. Wait here, I'll go get some for all of us," said Tails. He got off his seat and went all the way to Kawasaki's food stand.

"Can I help you, little fox boy?" Kawasaki asked.

"Yeah, I'd like seven chocolate energy bars for me and all my friends, please," Tails requested.

"Comin' right up!" Kawasaki gave Tails seven rectangular bars covered in plastic wrap. "Here you go, son," he said.

"Thanks!" Tails gave the chef seven dollars, then took the snacks and ran back to the audience seats. He gave one energy bar for himself, Amy, Tiff, Tuff, Cream, Knuckles, and Rouge.

Meanwhile on the second lap of the race, Meta Knight and Kirby's cars zoomed as fast as they could onto the track. Meta Knight positioned his Metamobile exactly behind Kirby's starship, creating thick dirt clouds that blinded their way.

"Hey, I can't see!" Tokkori shrieked. When the dirt clouds disappeared, Kirby and Tokkori drove to Meta Knight's right side. Noticing this, Meta Knight gave Kirby's starship a push.

"What is this, a bumper car track?" Tokkori yelled at Meta Knight's scheme. "Well, look out, Buster!" He forced Kirby to shove Meta Knight's Metamobile back.

This caused the two cars to push and shove each other, until they approached a nearby tunnel. Now was Meta Knight's chance. He pushed Kirby's starship to the wall of the tunnel.

Kirby's starship vehicle spun around the tunnel out of control, and then he was again in front of Meta Knight, putting him in last place. "Well done, Kirby," Meta Knight thought.

Then Kirby drove closer to King Dedede's limo. "Let's chop some trees down!" He made one of the wheels turn into a round saw, then positioned it to some nearby trees in the woods.

As the trees got chopped off from their roots, they went flying right in front of Kirby's starship. "Look out!" shouted Tokkori. He made the car dodge every falling tree.

Dedede growled. "They got lucky! Catch this, Kirby!" He summoned a bomb-throwing hand from his limousine. The bombs flew everywhere, nearly hitting Kirby and Tokkori.

"I bet he could use a car wash!" Escargoon said. He pressed a button on the interior. A large hose appeared. It let out a huge stream of water directly at Kirby's starship, pushing it off course and onto the grass.

Then it was Dedede's turn again. "Tacky time!" He let out some sharp tacks onto the road. Kirby's starship went right onto the tacks, turning the wheels into flat tires. Meta Knight stopped for a moment where Kirby's car was, then went back in the race.

"Now all we need to do is find that blue hedgehog, and we're gonna win this time!" Escargoon said.

Dedede laughed. "We got this Grand Prix in the bag!"

As for Sonic, he still wasn't aware of what was going on with his opponents. "This race is mine!" he yelled.

Back in the stadium, Fololo announced, "Well, it's been a crazy race! Let's see who's leading!" The split screens cut to a view of the track behind the checkered line. The same blue light that came from Sonic's speed dashed towards the track.

"It's Sonic the Hedgehog!" Falala said. "And here come his opponents! With King Dedede and Escargoon still in second, and Meta Knight in third! But where's Kirby?"

"Uh-oh! He got flat tires!" said Fololo. "Time for a pit stop!"

Kirby and Tokkori stopped near Tuff's Cappy friends. "We'll fix it!" said Spikehead.

"It's easy to change tires," Iroo added.

"This is gonna be fun!" Honey said. The three children removed Kirby's old popped tires from his starship vehicle and replaced them with brand new ones.

Meanwhile, Sonic continued racing down the track in the woods. He ran right through the tacks that Dedede left behind without getting hurt, thanks to his own supersonic speed. The tacks flew high into the air and landed into a distant trash can.

Kirby watched as Sonic, Meta Knight and Dedede finished their third laps. Now he was falling way behind. But finally, the kids finished replacing Kirby's tires.

"Get going, gumball!" Tokkori ordered. The starship's cockpit closed, then the vehicle took off. Right after that, Sonic dashed by again.

In the audience, Amy and Tiff couldn't believe what they were seeing. "Sonic's in a big lead, but Kirby's in the exact opposite state!" Tiff said.

She was right. The status screen showed as follows: King Dedede and Meta Knight each had nine laps left, Sonic had eight, and Kirby had ten.

"Why couldn't Sonic just stay behind and help Kirby give a boost?" Amy asked.

"He can't do that, Amy," Tiff told her. "That's considered cheating!"

"Oh, yeah, I forgot. But Sonic's still doing an excellent job! I hope he can win!"

"Me too, but if he wins, Kirby should at least be in second place! We can't let Meta Knight beat him!"

The race continued in the terrain. Tokkori and Kirby could see Sonic running on the cliffs. "Hey, Kirby, look over there! It's your pal Sonic the Hedgehog! Let's push him down into the water!"

Tokkori positioned the vehicle directly behind Sonic. He set the car's speed to maximum. Far below, Kine waved at the racers. "Hey! Hi! Hello!" But he could hardly see Sonic or Kirby from where he stood in the ocean. "I never get to see anything," he sighed.

Then he gasped as he saw the blue hedgehog going flying from almost getting run over by Kirby's car. He fell into the sea. Far above, Tokkori made a face at Sonic, who was now in the water. "So long, speed guy!" he laughed.

"No! Sonic!" Amy cried as she watched the big screen in front.

"Help... me!" Sonic gasped. "I... can't... swim!" His lack of the ability to swim and water as his weakness cost him two laps. Luckily, Kine the Fish was there to help him get back on the road. He used his fins to push him out of the water. "Thanks, Kine!"

"By the way, I met your girlfriend Amy that one time. She's so beautiful, I can hardly choose between her and Tiff!" Kine said as he pushed Sonic out of the ocean and back on the race course. Then he re-accelerated his feet and dashed back into supersonic speed.

Fololo announced, "Sonic the Hedgehog is back on course after falling into the sea! That sure was a close one!"

Now the stats were: King Dedede and Meta Knight each with seven laps remaining, Sonic still with eight, and Kirby with nine.

"Hey, sire," Escargoon said to Dedede, "you just missed it."

"Missed what, Escargoon?"

"That blue hedgehog fell into the water below, thanks to Kirby's little starship. We should consider ourselves lucky, 'cause we're in the lead now!"

Dedede cackled. "I'm gonna win that trophy once and for all!"

Back in the rocky cliffs, Captain Waddle Doo and his Waddle Dee servants prepared for another trap set for both Sonic and Kirby. Just as they appeared on the road, Dedede ordered, "Go ahead and set off the trap!"

"HIT IT!" Waddle Doo commanded. The Waddle Dees pushed the handles. Enormous pillars grew higher and higher from the road. Kirby and Tokkori dodged all the pillars, but Sonic wasn't so lucky. The pillars were so strong that he bumped into the last one he encountered. He fell flat onto the ground.

Waddle Doo watched as Kirby's starship continued down the track. "Set off number two!" he ordered.

Soon the starship raced through a tower of bricks. As the tower exploded, there were bricks everywhere in the air! But luckily, Kirby didn't get smothered by the raining bricks. "Nice driving, Junior," Tokkori said.

Far behind, Sonic got back up on his feet. "Those fools, thinking that they can outrun me! I've got no time to waste on those pests!" He dashed back into his usual running speed, past the cliffs and over the piles of bricks.

Then Dedede got a voice message from Waddle Doo. "Bad news, sire; Sonic and Kirby got past all the traps so far!"

"Those guys are slippery as an oil slick," Escargoon said.

"Don't worry, we'll get them!" Dedede laughed.

Back in the audience, everyone watched Sonic and Kirby falling for Dedede's schemes throughout the race. "Those guys can't ever win unless they cheat!" Tiff said.

"Oh, Sonic, please don't give up!" Amy thought.

Sonic kept on running along the cliffs. But he couldn't see through the thick clouds of blue smoke that poured out of Dedede's racing limo. "Gotta... win!" he coughed.

He also started to slip on the chocolate sludge that Dedede left behind in addition. It was so slippery, he tripped and fell down on the rocky road. Right after he got back up, he yelled at Dedede, "You know you can't win!" Then he resumed running.

Later in the race, Kirby and Tokkori were being chased by Dedede. Tokkori shrieked as Dedede gained in on him and Kirby. The limo took out Dedede's star-strudded hammer and started swinging it at Kirby's starship.

Kirby speeded up, but then ran into Meta Knight's Metamobile. Meta Knight maneuvered his car in a position that could allow King Dedede to whack Kirby's car at the right moment.

"Good blockin', Meta Knight!" Dedede encouraged him.

But Kirby's starship just swiveled around his opponents' race cars and zoomed away. Then Sonic appeared and dashed by past fast. "Kirby and Sonic are doing pretty good in this race," thought Meta Knight.

"Go chase down Kirby and that blue hedgehog!" Dedede commanded. Meta Knight nodded at Dedede's command, and the two cars went faster.

Sonic was now in a far distance in front of Kirby's starship. "Catch me if you can!" he shouted at his opponent. Kirby watched as Sonic disappeared into the plains.

Then Dedede and Meta Knight's cars showed up on both sides next to Kirby and Tokkori. "Hold him there, Meta Knight!" Dedede barked at the masked warrior.

He re-summoned the 'round saw' wheel and gave Kirby another flat tire. Meta Knight held tight to Kirby's left side, preventing him from going anywhere but forward.

The starship slowed down really fast. "All this tire trouble's tiring me out!" Tokkori said.

When they got to the stadium, Kirby and Tokkori stopped at Sword and Blade's side, who were now the new tire fixing crew. "Where'd our crew go?" asked Tokkori.

"We're the crew now," Sword said.

"Hey, wait a minute! I thought you two worked for King Dedede!"

"Unless you wanna kiss the race good-bye..."

"...then you gotta trust us."

But Sword and Blade were actually doing something wrong to Kirby's starship. They did one simple thing -- remove the brakes. "You're all set," they finally said.

Tokkori was relieved. "All right! Let's go, Junior! We ain't gonna let Dedede trick us again!" The cockpit on Kirby's starship closed, then the vehicle took off.

Seconds later, Meta Knight arrived with his Metamobile. "We did it," Sword told him. "We sabotaged Kirby's brakes like you told us to."

"Good work," Meta Knight encouraged.

"But Meta Knight, what's gonna happen to him?" asked Blade.

"Kirby's true powers can only awaken as soon as he faces real danger."

Kirby and Tokkori were unaware that the brakes were pulled out. Tokkori laughed and said, "Now we're hustlin', and there ain't nobody who can stop us, even that blue dude! Let's blow those slowpokes off the road!"

Tiff, however, was aware that the brakes got removed. "Amy, this is bad!" she said.

"What's bad?" Amy asked.

"Sword and Blade just got rid of Kirby's brakes! Someone needs to help him!"

Amy gasped. "I gotta tell Sonic! I'll be back!" She got out of her seat and ran downstairs to backstage.

Back on the track, Kirby and Tokkori just passed Meta Knight, but they were still behind King Dedede. "We ain't gonna win the race at this rate!" Tokkori said. "We can't fool ahead with a drowsy driver like you! I'll steer us to victory! You take a nap!"

Kirby's starship appeared in the mirror of King Dedede's race car. "Just where we want him," Escargoon said.

Right after the moment Sonic finished his sixth lap, Amy stood in his way. "Halt!" she commanded.

"Amy! What are you doing here?"

"I got some terrible news. Meta Knight's servants just pulled the brakes from Kirby's automobile!"

Sonic was shocked by these words. "Are you... serious?"

"Yeah, I'm serious! If you don't help Kirby, he's gonna be in grave peril!"

Sonic suddenly realized that Kirby was his friend, and he was supposed to be on his side. Then he said, "Don't worry, Amy; I'll take care of everything!"

"That's the spirit, Sonic!" Amy said. "Now go out there and make sure Kirby doesn't fall for another trap!"

"Leave it to me!" And Sonic dashed away, now halfway done with the race.

Fololo announced, "The race isn't over yet, folks! So far, it looks like King Dedede is a favorite for the second time in this competition!"

"But this is still anybody's race!" Falala added.

It wasn't long before the sun was setting. Dedede and Meta Knight only had one lap left each. Sonic and Kirby still had six. Tokkori was now taking charge of driving Kirby's starship vehicle, while the pink puffball took a long nap.

"I pulled ahead of Dedede's car!" said Tokkori.

Just then, Dedede positioned his car to Kirby's right side, shoving it off the edge of a nearby cliff. The starship vehicle swerved out of control down the hill. When Sonic saw this, he stopped running. Meta Knight also stopped as well.

Tokkori screamed as the vehicle continued rolling downhill. He tried pulling on the brakes. "Hey, Junior, the brakes are broke!" But Kirby wasn't paying attention. He was still napping. "Wake up, Kirby! It's an emergency!"

Dedede and Escargoon snickered while preparing for their last scheme to get Kirby out of the race. "This last trap ought to do it!" Dedede said. He pushed down a lever connected to some explosives.

As they exploded on the rocky plains, they created a fissure that gradually expanded. And Kirby's starship was heading straight for it!

The big screen showed Kirby's vehicle heading towards the fissure. "I can't watch!" Tiff cried. She covered her eyes.

"Me neither!" Amy added. She also covered her eyes.

Tokkori began to panic. "Kirby, buddy, please wake up!" He pulled on the pink puffball's body. All of a sudden Kirby's eyes opened wide.

Kirby pressed a button on the interior, then pulled hard on the lever. The starship flew off the ground and high into the air. The acceleration wheels disappeared inside the vehicle.

"Kirby, you know how to fly!" Tokkori told his friend.

Sonic and the others watched the vehicle fly high like an airplane. "How'd he do that?" Sonic asked.

"Deep down, he always knew," Meta Knight told him.

"He can fly as good as Tails can with his X-Tornado!" Sonic continued.

"Escargoon, we've been bamboozled again!" Dedede growled.

"Big time," Escargoon stuttered.

Tiff suddenly felt amazed. She quickly removed her hands from her face. "Amy, look at that!"

Amy uncovered her eyes. When she saw the big screen, it showed a close-up view of Kirby's starship in midair. "He did it!" she thought. "I've never seen a Star Warrior do such a thing like that before!"

The starship vehicle landed back on the racetrack and continued its way. "Hey, Meta Knight, maybe you can teach Amy how to drive a car some time," Sonic said.

Meta Knight jumped into his Metamobile. "There's no time for talk. We have a race to run!" He restarted his car and resumed the race.

"All right, let's go!" Sonic followed suit. But this time, he ran in the same speed as King Dedede's automobile.

King Dedede got furious after several attempts to kick Kirby out of the race. "Looks like we've been playin' dirty enough!" he said.

"We'll just have to play extra double dirty!" Escargoon replied.

He let out a laser gun from Dedede's race car. Missiles shot out of it, aimed at Kirby's starship. Knowing that Kirby could lose again, Meta Knight sacrified himself and took the blast instead. Meta Knight was now out of the race.

"Kirby, the tire!" Sonic shouted.

Kirby opened the cockpit and inhaled the tire that flew out of Meta Knight's Metamobile. The transformation gave him a backwards red baseball cap. But that wasn't all. It also turned him into a big pink wheel. Another Copy Ability!

Sonic stopped right next to his left side. "I knew you could do it, Kirby!" he said. "Not only you've proven as the best racer I know, you're also the best friend a guy could ever have! Now, Let's blast through with Sonic speed!" Then the two accelerated themselves, and together, they zoomed across the track in the exact same speed.

"We just got word that Meta Knight is now out of the race," Falala announced. "We'll bring you an update as soon as possible. Right now, King Dedede's still in a huge lead as he now has one lap left, while Sonic and Kirby have five!"

Dedede cackled as he saw the village. His car did not go more than ten miles per hour. "We're on our victory lap!"

"Let's just go slow and enjoy it," said Escargoon.

Then a pink wheel, accompanied by a blue beam of light, showed up from nowhere and covered King Dedede and Escargoon with the hood of their car.

"Where'd that giant pink tire and that blue light come from?" Escargoon asked.

"Great news, racing fans!" Fololo said. "Kirby just transformed into Wheel Kirby, and Sonic the Hedgehog is with him!"

"But they've still got five laps left!" Falala added.

Dedede just laughed. "Wheel Kirby and that blue hegehog will never catch up!"

"It's our last lap, and they've got five left to go," Escargoon said. Then the hood of their limousine covered them up again, just as Sonic and Kirby dashed by.

"What the...?" Dedede gasped as he and his snail sidekick saw what was happening.

Escargoon couldn't believe it. "They... already finished a lap!"

"Way to go, Sonic and Kirby!" Fololo cheered.

"They're working together to race in super speed!" Falala said.

Eventually, the two only had one lap to go. Amy and Tiff cheered for their best boyfriends.

"Go, Sonic!"

"Go, Kirby!"

Dedede didn't want to lose. "Step on it, Escargoon!" he yelled. The limousine sped up. They were just about to touch the finish line. Suddenly, they saw a squirrel on the road.

"Squirrel ahead!" Dedede shouted. Escargoon steered the limo out of control, just barely running the squirrel over. It was safe, but Dedede's limousine wasn't so lucky at all. The car rammed into the stadium wall so hard, the impact sent the bad guys flying.

Now Sonic and Kirby were the only two racers left in the race. Both of them were just 200 feet away from victory. The blue hedgehog and the pink wheel continued dashing like true partners. Sonic could see the finish line straight ahead. "Here we come!"

"People and visitors of Cappytown, this is it! We are about to reveal the winner of the second annual Grand Prix Motor Race! And the winner is..."

But when Waddle Doo waved the checkered flag, both Sonic and Kirby touched the finish line -- at the EXACT same time. Fololo and Falala were surprised.

"It's a close call, folks! For the first time in the history of Cappytown racing, both racers have crossed the finish line at the very last second of their final lap!"

"Then let's take a look at the instant replay," Fololo said. He rewinded the video, then revealed a close-up shot of the two racers crossing the finish line. "This is unbelievable! Even the replay cannot determine who crossed the finish line first!"

"In that case, let's see the time displays for these two racers," Falala said. The screen showed Sonic and Kirby's finishing times. "Look at this, folks! This is one of the most historic moments we've ever had in Cappytown racing! Sonic the Hedgehog and Kirby the Star Warrior have both finished at 3 hours, 27 minutes, 49 seconds, and 651 milliseconds!"


Everyone in the audience cheered, including Amy, Tiff, and their friends. Later, the Cappies posed lost of photos in front of the two winners. Sonic was now holding a bouquet of red roses. Kirby stood next to him. Two extra-large trophies were placed behind both of them.

Amy walked towards her boyfriend. Sonic said to her, "Hey, Amy, these flowers are a present from me to you." He gave the bouquet to Amy.

"Huh? Why?" Amy asked as she received the bouquet.

"I wanted to make up to you for all those times when I forgot all about you," Sonic went on. "That's why I had to compete in this race and win just for you."

A smile grew on Amy's face. "Oh, thank you, Sonic!" She gave her boyfriend a hug and a kiss.

Meta Knight walked over to Kirby. He had a card in his hand. "Here's another driver's license for you, Kirby," he said as he gave the card to the young Star Warrior. "And try not to put it in your mouth this time."

Kirby spun his body around, holding his new driver's license.

Tiff approached the victory stand. "Way to go, Kirby!" she said. "You and Sonic made good partners together. Like they always say, friendship is essentially a partnership!"

Suddenly Dedede's car appeared, busted and wrecked. "This race ain't over yet! I'm challenging both of you guys for twelve more laps!"

"We deserve those trophies!" Escargoon protested.

"I've had enough of this!" Amy said. She whipped out her Piko Piko Hammer and bashed Dedede's car with one hit. The car split in half, and the seats that the two goons were sitting on fell onto the ground.

"Somebody fetch a towtruck!" Dedede whined.

Amy, Tiff, Sonic, Tuff, Tails, Cream, Knuckles and Rouge all laughed.

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