On a sunny morning, two round floating creatures, blue and pink with large eyes but no visible mouths, were flying around King Dedede's castle. They were just called for a report to duty by order of the King.

They flew directly past an army of Waddle Dees, across the hallway, and right into King Dedede's throne room. There sat King Dedede on his throne and next to him was Escargoon, the snail.

"Here we are, Your Highness!" Fololo said.

"At your service," Falala added.

"What took you two little creatures so long?" Escargoon asked. "This is an urgent duty!"

"Go to Station Square and order me a McThree meal from that McDanny's restaurant those fools have been talking about," Dedede said.

"Sure," Fololo said. "Come on, Falala!" But before they could leave...

"Not so fast!" Escargoon halted them. "You both are not going together today." Fololo and Falala gasped. Escargoon continued, "Fololo can fly over to McDanny's alone. You're gonna stay here in the castle, missy."

Fololo and Falala glared at each other, and agreed that they should always stick together as a team. "Fololo and I would NEVER split up!" Falala said.

"Yeah, we're a team!" Fololo added. "Like peanut butter and jelly!"

"Well, today, you're going to be separated as another exception!" Dedede ordered. "And that there is an order!"

"Sorry," Fololo and Falala said, still with disagreement. Dedede was getting furious. Then he yelled, "DO WHAT I TELL YA! I'M THE KING AROUND HERE!"

"We only answer to Sir Ebrum," Fololo said.

"Yes, and to Lady Like too," Falala added.

"That may be so," Escargoon told them. "But you two are servants, and not relatives! They can't save you if the King chooses to toss you outta the kingdom!"

"You two will do what I say, or both of you is OUTTA HERE!!!" King Dedede threatened.

Meanwhile, up in the balcony of the castle, Amy and Tiff met up with Fololo and Falala, both of them now feeling depressed and frustrated at Dedede's orders.

"Throw you out of the castle? Why would they do that?" asked Amy.

"I think Dedede wants those two to split up again like that last time," Tiff said.

"She's right, Amy," said Fololo.

"But Fololo and I are always together, and we do everything at the same time. We never like to be in separate places," Falala added.

"I despise King Dedede," Amy sighed.

"Me too," Tiff added.

Inside Sir Ebrum's living room, the Cabinet Minister was reading a newspaper. Tuff and Buto were watching their favorite TV program, when they noticed Lady Like switching to something else. Tuff groaned.

"Mother, we were just getting to the good part!" Buto said.

"Yeah, why'd you flip the channel to something else?" asked Tuff.

"You kids need to lay your heads off those action cartoons and play outside with your friends," Lady Like told them.

"Now, now, don't listen to your mother, boys," Sir Ebrum said. "She's only joshing."

"Ebrum!" Lady Like said in a stern voice. "If we don't teach any form of discipline to Buto and Tuff, then who will? After all, we are his parents!"

Amy, Tiff, Fololo and Falala came inside the house. "That's right, Lady Like," Falala said. "You and Sir Ebrum are the parents of Tiff and Tuff and the parents in law of Buto."

"But where did we come from?" Fololo asked.

Then Tiff's parents began explaining a story that was completely false. "Well, it happened one night when a storm washed you two away," Sir Ebrum said.

"That story is SO not real," Buto retorted.

"Buto!" Lady Like exclaimed.

Tiff tugged gently on her mom's dress, and asked, "Why don't you just tell us the truth? I'm sure girls my age like me and Amy can handle everything."

But her parents just said more nonsense stuff, like mentioning the time when they found Fololo and Falala in the same place where Tiff and Tuff were originally. It drove Amy crazy.


But instead of yelling back at her, Tiff's parents just calmly sent the children outside. "Now, kids, there's no need to concern yourselves," Sir Ebrum said.

"To much thinking can hurt your brains," Lady Like added.

"So does this mean we're not gonna be able to know what happened when Spider Guy defeated the Green Wizard?" asked Buto.

"Of course not, darling," Lady Like replied, right before she closed the door in front of the friends. Then the friends began walking away.

"You think we're gonna be just like them someday?" Tuff asked.

"I guess so," Amy replied. "But I still wonder where we came from, especially me, though I probably wouldn't know since my parents were long gone away."

"Me too," Tiff said. "But it would break our hearts if we were ever told the real story by our parents."

Back in the throne room, a Waddle Dee arrived with a McThree meal. "Thanks," Escargoon said as he took the bag of food. "Sire, here's the meal you ordered."

"About time, you slowpoke," Dedede said as he swiped the meal from Escargoon's hands.

"By the way, that's a big lunch you're eatin', sire," Escargoon continued. "Aren't you gonna share some of it?"

"No way, Jose," Dedede replied. "This ain't your food, and I ain't gonna give you even a single French fry from this here bag!"

After he ate all his food in just under 15 minutes, Dedede threw his food out into a trash can and laughed. "There's nothin' like a good meal to refreshen my body! Now I'm gonna order another monster to drive them Cappies out!"

Then he called in on Dr. Eggman. "Hey, buddy, I've just resembled one of your old monsters that is sure to mix everyone's heads and bodies up in no time!"

"Oh, yeah? Then tell me about it!"

"It's called Slice 'n' Splice. It splits up any enemy of yours and mixes up the enemies' parts! This monster also comes with two additional weapons."

"Cool, Egg Dude! Send it over here right now!"

"No problem, big guy!"

The monster transmitter activated itself, and just a minute later, in came the robotic monster with the two special weapons Eggman was talking about -- a yellow Moon Rod shaped like a crescent moon that was used for splitting and a Sun Rod used for gluing things together.

"Well, welcome back to your old owner King Dedede! All right, Slice 'n' Splice, let's see what you can do! Sic that guy!"

Dedede pointed at Escargoon, ordering the monster to attack him and slice him. Slice 'n' Splice started chasing Escargoon down, but then they both ran into Dedede, and now both of them were being chased.

"Stay away!"

But the two could not escape through the doors, and the monster used its crescent moon rod to slice their bodies and splice them into each other's, mixing them up...

...though neither wasn't completely aware of that, yet. Dedede looked around but not down. "Hmm? I feel kinda sluggish," he said.

"And I feel like I'm obese," Escargoon added.

Then they looked down at each other's mixed up bodies and... SCREAMED!!!

Outside in Cappytown, Amy, Tiff, Buto, Tuff, Fololo and Falala were still taking a walk, and they have just invited Kirby with them. They all could hear Dedede and Escargoon's screams from a long distance away.

"What was that noise?" Amy asked.

"I think Dedede and Escargoon are just having a bad day today," Tiff told her.

"You're probably right, Tiff," Buto said. "Let's just leave them alone for now and continue our walk."

Later, Dedede and Escargoon had their bodies reverted back to normal. "One thing's for sure, that's the second time in your life you've had a good head on your shoulders," Escargoon said to the King.

"Yeah, well, it was pretty easy to carry," Dedede replied. Then he turned to the monster. "You're a real cutter, Slice 'n' Splice! Now let's go have some fun and show that hedgehog girlie and her little pals what you can do!"

Slice 'n' Splice raised his two rods over his head and crossed them like an X, and they got into Dedede's long limosuine -- except for Slice 'n' Splice, of course, since he could not fit in the car.

The bad guys drove through Cappytown, but didn't see Amy and her friends anywhere. "Hey, where's that hedgehog girlie? Ain't she supposed to be here?"

"I guess she went out playing in the Station Square city park," Escargoon said.

"Then let's go there right now and teach her a lesson!"

So Dedede and Escargoon drove off Cappytown, across the beach, and all the way to Station Square. In the city park, Tails, Cream, Knuckles and Rouge, along with some other people, were hanging out, playing games with each other, and having fun... until they heard the sound of Dedede's car approaching.

"What's that, Rouge?" Knuckles asked.

"I don't know, Knuckles," Rouge told him. "But I think we're in for a nasty surprise!"

Dedede stopped the car on the street next to the city park. "Those people over there need half and halfin'!" he commanded. "Slice 'n' Splice, go!"

The monster obeyed, and ran straight into the park. All the people started fleeing for their lives, including Tails, Cream, Knuckles and Rouge. But the city park was nowhere even close to one square mile. To make matters worse, Slice 'n' Splice actually succeeded in mixing everyone's bodies with all the animals in a petting zoo.

Dedede was now in the skinniest man's body, and Escargoon was holding the body of a pig. "This sure is fun!" Dedede laughed.

"Why'd you have to mix us all up with petting zoo animals?" asked Escargoon.

Tails was now in Cream's body, and Cream had Tails' body. They were both mixed up. Even Knuckles and Rouge got their bodies switched too.

"Tails, I'm scared!" Cream said. "I don't like wearing two tails and having a furry body!"

"Tell me about it, Cream," Tails replied. "I can't even fly anymore 'cause now I only got a rabbit's tail!"

"Look at me, Rouge," Knuckles said to his bat girlfriend. "I used to be red all over, but now I got bag wings!"

"And I don't have a feminine body anymore," Rouge replied. "Just this red, masculine echidna without any ability to fly!"

"What should we do?" Cream asked.

"Amy's definitely gonna have to see this," Tails said. "Come on, guys!" He and his other three friends ran over to Cappytown, still in their wrong, switched bodies.

Meanwhile, Dedede laughed as he enjoyed his 'fun' having a different body, thanks to Slice 'n' Splice's attacks. "Say, all you people look just like petting zoo animals! Now your home's gonna be in one place at the same time!"

But when he saw the skinniest man's face carrying Dedede's body, he withered. "Hey, you!" said the man. "It is against the law to change other people's bodies like this!"

"So what?" Dedede yelled. "You may be owning my body, but my partner Eggman is still the head of this world!"

"We demand you to return our bodies back to normal!" said another man angrily. "We're really human beings, not petting zoo animals!"

All the people with the animal bodies started yelling and complaining at the King. Escargoon whispered to him, "Listen, sire, those people are gonna cause a stampede if we don't change their bodies back. Let's put them back to normal and find Kirby."

"You got a point there, Escargoon," Dedede said. Then he turned to the people of Station Square. "Listen up! For the safety of my own self, I've decided to give you all your low rank human bodies back! Slice 'n' Splice, stick 'em all back together!"

Back in Cappytown, Amy, Tiff, Buto, Tuff, Kirby, Fololo and Falala encountered Tails, Knuckles, Cream and Rouge, who noticed that the four bodies have been changed.

"You guys sure look like you're mixed up," Falala said.

"What happened?" asked Fololo.

"You got the right heads, but the wrong bodies!" laughed Buto.

"It's not funny, Buto," Cream said. "That old man's monster mixed me and Tails up!"

"What monster was it?" Amy asked.

"We don't know, but I think it was a minion of King Dedede," Tails said.

Just then Dedede's car arrived back to Cappytown, with Slice 'n' Splice trailing him and Escargoon. The monster was still holding the two rods high above his head.

"There he is!" Dedede said, pointing at Kirby.

"Get him and slash him to pieces!" Escargoon commanded. Slice 'n' Splice headed straight for the friends. They managed to dodge out of the way, but Kirby was not so lucky.

He jumped over Slice 'n' Splice, then got rammed by Dedede's tank, making him vulnerable to the attack. With one aim and one slash, the monster slashed Kirby with the crescent moon rod, and now he became...

...two different beings!

That's right, two different beings -- an orange 'female' Kirby with a pink bow and a green 'male' Kirby.

"Well, it looks like everyone has a male and female side to their personalities," Escargoon said as he saw the two Kirbys.

With that, both Dedede and Escargoon imagined what each other would look like if they were split in two by Slice 'n' Splice themselves. Then they shook their heads to regain their consciousnesses.

"Try it again, Slice 'n' Splice! Keep on slicin' those Kirbys until they've been Kirb-literated!"

"Oh, no, you don't!" Fololo and Falala said in unison. Right before the monster could attack, they grabbed the two Kirbys and fleed into the castle. Dedede and Escargoon chased after them. All the friends followed as well.

"Yo! Where are you all at?" shouted Dedede.

"Just hand over the Kirbys and you will all go home free!" Escargoon added. He and Dedede walked around the castle but did not see Fololo, Falala, the Kirbys or any of the friends.

Up in the second floor corridor, Fololo and Falala were hiding with the Kirbys. "Falala, I just remembered something from last time," said Fololo.

"What is it, Fololo?"

"These two Kirbys are just like us. Look, this one's got a hair ribbon just like yours."

"I remember now, too!"

"But they're still the only ones who know where they came from. Tiff's new friends wouldn't know because they're just newcomer visitors of Cappytown."

"Yeah, not even us."

Then they heard Slice 'n' Splice approaching their way. They could see the clear shadow of the crescent moon and sun rods. This gave Fololo an idea and no choice.

"Falala, we must split up like we did last time. If we both get caught, then Kirby has had it again!"

"You're right! We're each take a Kirby and go in different directions."

Fololo took the green Kirby and Falala, the orange with the pink bow.

"I'll go that way, and you go this way," said Fololo to Falala.



"Be careful."

"You too."

And with that, the two started splitting up in different directions. Meanwhile Amy and her friends gathered in the castle lobby.

"Okay, guys, here's what we'll do. Dedede is after Fololo and Falala, whom the now split in two Kirbys are now with. The first thing we'll do is go hunt down Slice 'n' Splice and steal that sun rod so we can put Kirby back together."

"All right!"

"Shh! But we gotta watch out for that monster's crescent moon rod; if we make a false move, that moon rod will get us, and we'll get split in two ourselves."


"That's right, and we don't that to happen. All right, let's split up and go in different directions. Tails, Cream, you go this way. Knuckles, Rouge, you two go that way. Tuff, Buto, you two will come with me and Tiff."

"Got it!"

"Then let's go!"

All the friends went in completely different directions. Back in the upper hallway, Dedede noticed Fololo flying off with the green Kirby.

"There's one!"

"And there's the other!"

Escargoon pointed at Falala flying off with the orange Kirby with the pink bow. Because they were doing this, Dedede and Escargoon decided to split up too and chase them down.

Now Fololo was hiding up in the roof, hoping that the bad guys wouldn't find him and the green Kirby. "We're okay as long as we stay up here," he said.

But the green Kirby started rolling down the roof. Quickly, Fololo flew down and went after him. He caught him just in the nick of time before he touched Dedede's back.

Then he saw Slice 'n' Splice right in front of him. The monster attempted to slash both of them, but Fololo immediately dodged the attack, and instead, Dedede got sliced in two.

"They're goin' that way!"

"Let's go get 'em!"

The two Dededes yelled in shock. Escargoon was now chasing Fololo and the green Kirby down the hallway. "Give me that Kirby, ya little creep!"

The chase still continued entirely throughout the castle -- involving the bad guys, the monster, Fololo and Falala, and the two Kirbys -- but not Amy, Tiff, and their friends. They had no luck finding the two Kirbys or the monster.

"Any sign of Kirby?" asked Tiff.

"He's not outside," Tails said.

"What about the monster?" Amy asked.

"We didn't see it, either," Tuff said.

"Well, let's look harder, then; they should be around here somewhere!"

While the friends continued on searching for the Kirbys and the monster, Dedede and Escargoon were still chasing them down the hallways and rooftops. Finally the two floating creatures hid behind a golden statue with Dedede's face. Unfortunately, the statue fell on Dedede, who was looking for those creatures, and it knocked him out.

Then it appeared that there was now no escape for Fololo and Falala. Slice 'n' Splice has just entered the room where they were hiding!

"Leave Kirby alone!" they said.

"You two wimps think you're gonna stop me?"

Slice 'n' Splice came closer. Just before he could slash them all, he stopped, then noticed the two blue and pink floating creatures. "Now I remember -- you two must be Fofa."


"What's that?"

"That was your original name, before I sliced you in two. It was twelve years ago when this happened. I sold you to King Dedede from Nightmare Enterprises, right after you two looked just like you are now. Thinking that you were not monsters, and that a two for one sale turned out to be a ripoff, Dedede threw you down into the castle garden in front of Sir Ebrum and Lady Like, ordering them to take care of you two."

"I remember now," Falala said. "That must be where we came from!"

"We were one 12 years ago..." said Fololo.

"...and then we became two."

"This is the crescent moon rod used to split you in two," said Slice 'n' Splice.

"So we're really Fofa," Fololo said.

"I really like that name," said Falala. "Now I remember where we came from!"

"You got it, Falala! We're not just Fololo and Falala..."

"We're closer than that!"

"We're Fofa!" the two said in unison, rejoicing.

"That must be why we're together all the time. Isn't that right, Falala?"

The two creatures laughed. At that moment, Amy, Tiff, and their friends peeked through the doorway. "Guys, look at this," Tiff said.

"We gotta get that sun rod and put Kirby back together," said Buto.

Then Slice 'n' Splice got evil at Fololo and Falala. "You two will never be one again this time!"

"Oh, yes, we will!" Fololo replied.

"We'll show you!" Falala added. She and Fololo charged at the monster. Amy barged inside all by herself with her Piko Piko Hammer armed.

"I've got you now, Kirby!" Dedede, who has fully regained consciousness, was about to grab the green and orange puffballs, but they ran off while Slice 'n' Splice was fighting off Fololo and Falala.

The Kirbys were then cornered by Escargoon. "I got ya!" But he didn't see Amy bash him with her hammer. "OW!"

"Kirbys, run!" Amy said. The Kirbys ran over to Tiff and the other friends. Tiff picked up the orange Kirby and Buto picked up the green one.

"Hey! Where'd the Kirbys go?" Dedede thought. Then he saw Amy still holding her hammer, and had another idea. "Hey you, hedgehog girlie! Gimme that hammer so I can have Slice 'n' Splice cut you instead!"

"We'll see about that!" Amy jumped over Dedede with her amazing Spin Jump technique (a la Sonic Adventure), and twirled her hammer at Slice 'n' Splice, knocking him down flat.

"Fololo, Falala, the sun rod!" cried Amy.

The two creatures grabbed the sun rod and followed Amy out the doorway with their friends. They all ran up the stairs to the top balcony.

"Let's put Kirby back together right away!" Tiff said.

"But what about us?" asked Knuckles. "I hate being a bat!"

"We'll do it later, Knuckles," Amy told him. "But Kirby needs to be fixed first!"

When they made it to the top, Tiff and Buto put down the Kirbys on the ground. "Okay, you guys, let's do it!" Tails commanded.

"Ready... set...!" Fololo and Falala slammed the Kirbys with the sun rod. Magically, Kirby was spliced back to his original pink self.

Just seconds later, Slice 'n' Splice reappeared and was about to charge at Kirby one more time. "Kirby, suck it up!" said Tiff.

The friends backed away, and Kirby started inhaling at Slice 'n' Splice. The monster tried to regain himself but was being sucked in by Kirby's inhale ability. Losing his grip, he was forced to let go of the moon rod, which Kirby successfully sucked up.

Kirby now had another new copy ability -- Cutter! He was now wearing a yellow cap with black eyes, two wings on the side, and a cutter blade attached on top.

"Way to go, Kirby!" Tuff said.

"That kid's sure got some talent," said Rouge.

High up on top of a cannon, Meta Knight appeared from thin air. "It's another of Kirby's copy abilities. He has transformed into Cutter Kirby!"

"Do you always have to show up from nowhere like that?" asked Knuckles.

"I do this all the time when needed," Meta Knight told him. "Now watch as Kirby goes for a rematch against the monster!"

Slice 'n' Splice got back up, now unarmed. Kirby threw his cutter blade like a boomerang. It flew straight through Slice 'n' Splice's right arm, severing it. Then Kirby defeated the monster by slicing him in half.

Slice 'n' Splice fell back down on the ground. Electric bolts crackled from the dead monster.

"All right, Kirby! You did it!" the friends cheered.

"Hey, Kirby, why don't you do us a favor and put all four of us back to normal?" Tails asked.

"Yeah, I'm getting tired of having rabbit ears and two fox tails at the same time," Cream added.

"And Rouge and I don't like sharing bodies, either," Knuckles also said.

Hearing all these words, Kirby threw his cutter blade at the four and Amy slammed the sun rod on them. Tails, Cream, Knuckles and Rouge had their eyes closed when this happened.

Then they opened their eyes and looked down. Their bodies were now back to normal! "Thanks, Kirby!" they all said.

"Poyo po poyo," ("You're welcome,") Kirby replied.

"All right, now let's put you two back together again too," Amy said to Fololo and Falala. The floating creatures landed on the ground. "We're ready, Amy!" Falala said.

"Here goes!"

But before Amy could slam the sun rod on them, the friends noticed Slice 'n' Splice's dead body quickly decomposing, causing the monster to explode. This also resulted in the sun rod being destroyed into shreds. Now all that there was left was a large stick.

Dedede and Escargoon oversaw the re-death of the monster. "Old Slice 'n' Splice didn't make the cut for a second time!"

"Well, remember this, sire, if you make any trouble, your trouble will double," Escargoon told him.

Dedede was crying hysterically, and grabbing Escargoon on the neck, choking him.

"I guess it's too late to use it now," said Tails.

"Now the sun rod is nothing but crumbs," Buto added.

"It's quite a shame that you two will always be like this forever," Tiff said.

"That's okay, Tiff," Falala said happily. "We may have two bodies..."

"But we still got one heart!" Fololo added. He and Falala giggled.

"Fofa!" Kirby said. He floated in midair.

"Kirby, shouldn't you be thankful for what those two did to you?" asked Amy sternly.

"Yeah, if it wasn't for them, you would still have two bodies just like them!" Tuff added. Kirby let the air out and landed back on the ground.

"That kid's got no brains," Rouge said.

But Fololo and Falala just laughed. "Fofa!" said Kirby again, holding up the two blue and pink creatures.

"I'm not Fofa, Kirby. I'm Fololo..."

"...and I'm Falala!"

"Fololo and Falala!"

Kirby lifted himself back up in midair, still holding the two creatures. "Fololo and Falala," he said.

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