One morning, Tiff and Buto were looking through Tiff's photo album. Currently they were looking at the pictures of her, Amy, Sonic and Kirby going camping.

"And see, that's us building our campsite, and there, we are taking a hike in Whispy Woods' forest," Tiff said while pointing at the pictures in her album.

She turned a page, and more pictures appeared inside. "Was that you guys making hot dogs and marshmallows?" Buto asked.

"That's right, Buto," replied Tiff. "We even told scary stories about what happened to us for real. We had a great time."

"Wow! I wish I could go camping with you guys someday. Where I used to live, when we went camping, I was totally uncomfortable with the environment, and I didn't even like the food."

"Well, it's your lucky day. We can invite all of our friends over to go out camping with us, even our mom and dad."

"We can?"

"Sure! In fact, if we ask them right now, we can get started immediately."

"Sounds like a great idea," said Buto.

Tiff closed up her album, and she and her boyfriend asked Sir Ebrum and Lady Like if they could all go out camping with each other. "You kids want to go camping?" asked Lady Like.

"Yes, Mother," Buto replied. "Last time I went camping, it was with my old family, and the environment wasn't very comfortable to me. So would it be okay if we all went camping out tomorrow -- you, Dad, me, Tiff, and all of our friends?"

"That's not a bad idea," Sir Ebrum said. "Camping was a great experience when I was a little kid. I suppose we all could go together as a family."

"Oh, thanks, Dad!" Tiff ran into her father's arms, and he gave her a big hug. Then she and Buto began calling all their friends' phone numbers. While they were doing that, King Dedede and Escargoon peeked through the door, listening to Tiff's invitations to a whole new camping trip.

"Hey, Escargoon, that girl's planning on going on a campin' trip with her little friends. Ya know what this means?"

"What is it, sire?"

"Campin' means buildin' a campfire, and that gives me a brilliant idea!"

Dedede and Escargoon raced back to the throne room. The lights dimmed out, upon loading up the delivery system. Dr. Eggman appeared on the screen.

"Hey, what's up, big dude?" Eggman asked.

"Those fools are plannin' on goin' campin'. I need something that is sure to heat up their little campfire into a big cookout!"

"Then I've got just the ticket," said Eggman.

The delivery system let out electric bolts and a huge ball of white electric light. But when they cleared out and the lights turned back on, out came a small ball the shape of an orb. There was a small flame inside.

"Huh?" Dedede picked up the ball. "I recognize this, but I forgot what its name was."

"It's the Flame Feeder," Eggman told him. "The flame inside the ball gives it its energy, and the more flame it absorbs, it gets more powerful."

"If them peasants want excitement, I gotta give it to 'em!" Dedede said, looking at the small fiery orb.

"And I'm sure your old enemy Kirby will have a hot time too," Eggman added. He, Dedede and Escargoon laughed evilly.

After Tiff and Buto called everyone through their phone for an invitation to the trip, Dedede and Escargoon returned to the living room and asked if they could go with them.

Tiff gasped. "Us, take you guys on the camping trip?"

"Why would we even want to do that? You'll just goof around and maybe even be up to something!" Buto added.

"We promise we won't be bad this time," Escargoon said.

"Just take us, please!" pleaded Dedede.

Buto whispered into Tiff's ear, reminding her that they should bring Dedede and Escargoon with them anyway, in order to avoid paying for what they would get if they said no in front of the King.

Then Tiff said, "All right, but you better not drive out any of your people, do you understand that?"

"Yes, ma'am," Dedede and Escargoon replied in unison.

"Good! Now let's all start packing so we can be ready for the trip."

Meanwhile, all of Tiff's friends in Station Square were also packing for their very first camping trip altogether. In Amy's house, while she and Sonic were preparing for the trip, Sonic said, "Amy, I thought we already went camping one time ago."

"That was just us, Tiff, and Kirby, Sonic. This time, it's everyone we know."

In Cream's house, Cream was delighted about her first camping trip with her friends. "I'm so excited that I get to camp out with all my friends for the first time," she said.

"Me too," Charmy said, packing loadfuls of honey jars as his favorite snacks in his camping bag. "I've never even been to a campsite before."

Cream noticed this. "Charmy, are you sure you can handle all that honey? Eating only one kind of food in a whole day isn't such a good idea, you know."

"Oh, yeah, I forgot," Charmy realized. "Can I pack some cookies, then?"

"I don't think cookies are good for your body. I remember when I ate too many sweets myself and had to get my teeth drilled. Here, I'll trade you some of those honey jars and cookies for some of my apples and bananas."

Charmy agreed with what his step-sister was saying, and traded some of his honey and cookies for some of Cream's apples and bananas.

In Tails's house, Cosmo was planning on bringing her cat Rosie with her. "Isn't this great, Rosie? Your first camping trip ever!"

"Cosmo, don't tell me you're bringing that cat with you to camp," Tails said while he was packing his bag. "She could easily wander off and get lost."

"I think it's okay," Cosmo told him. "I'll make sure she stays with us at all times."

Later, after a call from two cargo van drivers, everyone who was planning to go on the camping trip -- including Meta Knight and his two companions in case something disastrous happened -- stuffed their bags into the van's trunk in the back.

While the bags were being loaded, Tuff ran into Charmy. "Hey, I've never met you before in my life. What's your name?"

"I'm Charmy Bee. I used to live in a beehive with my 101 friends, but now I live with one of your old friends, Cream the Rabbit, because she adopted me as her new brother."

"Is that true? Then I guess I've got a new friend -- you!"

"Me? Isn't Tails your best friend?"

"I know, but you're a new friend to me, just as much as Tails is. Speaking of which, where is Tails?"

"Hey, guys!" Tails appeared from nowhere behind them.

"Whoa! Tails, it's not very polite to just show up from nowhere like that to your best buddies," Tuff said.

"Sorry," replied Tails. "Anyways, I hope you guys brought some ball games, 'cause I'm hoping there's going to be a wide open spot for us to play kickball."

"Well, I didn't bring a soccer ball, but I did bring one ball that we can use to play many games with."

"Where is it?" asked Charmy.

"It's in my bag. We'll play with it when we get to the camp."

The three boys got inside the van where the children were assigned. Along with them were Amy, Tiff, Sonic, Buto, Kirby, Cream, Cheese, and Cosmo. In the other van were the adults -- King Dedede, who got to sit in the front seat next to the driver's seat, Escargoon, Lady Like, Sir Ebrum, Vanilla, Meta Knight, Sword and Blade, and a few Cappies, including Chef Kawasaki. Butcher and Rosie were also in this van, in their cages.

When all of their belongings were finally in both vans and all the passengers got inside, as well as the drivers, everyone buckled their seat belts, and the vans began to take off.

"So where are we goin', van boy?" Dedede asked.

"Please refrain from calling the driver 'van boy', Your Majesty," warned the van driver. "Our destination is Green Hills Park."

"Green Hills Park?" Dedede and Escargoon wondered.

"Oh, boy, we're going to Green Hills Park!" said Buto in the other van. "I'll bet there's gonna be lots of green grass to play on when we get there."

Inside the van, Tuff, Tails and Charmy were taking turns playing a video game on Tuff's portable video game console. Amy and Tiff were playing a game using their hands (a.k.a. hand games). Cream, Cheese, Cosmo and Kirby were eating snacks together (Cosmo was only eating the fruits; Kirby mostly snacked on the sweet stuff). Sonic was looking at the only magazine he didn't put in his bag.

Inside the other van with only the adults, Escargoon whispered to Dedede, "So when are we gonna use that fireball, sire?"

"We'll do it when everyone's asleep. It's sure gonna be a blast!" The two men both snickered, eager to see their next monster that Kirby defeated a long time ago.

The vans continued a long way out of Station Square, and through the highway, until they finally arrived to Green Hills Park.

"We're finally here!" Amy said. "Come on, guys, let's go get our bags!"

The friends got off the van with absolute excitement and started shoving each other to get their camping bags.

The adults, however, just took their time after getting out of their van to get their stuff. "I must say, my dear, those kids are so hyper," Sir Ebrum said to his wife.

Just as the friends were about to head towards the trees, they suddenly stopped. "Hey... where's our campsite?" asked Tails.

"Didn't you hear what they said, Tails?" asked Tiff. "In order to go to our campsite, we have to build it first."

"Do we have to?" asked Sonic.

"Well, yeah, because that's what we're here for," Tiff continued. "We did this the last time I went camping with you, Amy, and Kirby."

"You guys are lucky," Buto said sarcastically. "When I went camping with my old family, we didn't even have to build a campsite. We just stayed in cabins made with wooden logs. And we didn't even make a campfire. That was boring!"

Far away, they could see Chef Kawasaki unloading his bag from the adults' van. "Oh, man, Chef Kawasaki? What's he doing here?" groaned Tuff.

"Maybe he came here to cook dinner for us," Cream said.

Later, all the friends and the adults looked around for perfect places at Green Hills Park where they could build their tents. They pitched them everywhere and used spare wooden sticks to keep them stable.

There were six tents. One was pink and green. This one was for Amy, Tiff, Sonic, and Buto. The second one was owned by Tails, which was yellow-orange. This tent was built for Tails, Tuff, Cosmo, and Kirby. The third tent, owned by Vanilla, was made for her, Cream, Cheese, and Charmy. The fourth tent was for Lady Like, Sir Ebrum, Meta Knight, and his two companions. The fifth one was for the Cappies, which was larger than the first four tents. But the sixth one was the largest of all, and it belonged to no one other than King Dedede and Escargoon.

Next, everyone unpacked their bags for what they where going to do during their first minutes of the vacation. Sonic unpacked his magazines, Tuff got out his ball so he could play with Tails and Charmy, Chef Kawasaki got out his tools to go fishing, and Amy, Tiff, Kirby, Cream and Cheese took out their swimsuits so they could go swimming in a nearby lake.

Buto and Cosmo went over to the adults' van and took their pets' cages out. They carried them to the tents and got out the pets' needs and wants. Then they unlocked their cages.

"Wanna go play some frisbee, Butcher?" Buto asked. Butcher barked in agreement, and nodded very quickly. Buto grabbed a plastic toy plate and ran out of the tent. Butcher ran after him.

"Let's go for a nature walk, Rosie," said Cosmo. She held the cat tight in her arms and started walking around Green Hills Park.

While the kids were doing their outdoor activities, the adults got to work on the campfire. They gathered a bunch of rocks and built a circle of these rocks. Next, they piled up their wooden sticks in the center of the rock circle.

"Why build a campfire when we could just test out my very own barbecue?" asked Chef Kawasaki as he brought over his barbecue.

"Because your cooking stinks," said a Cappy man. "We prefer the campfire more than your stupid barbecue 'cause it's more important for camping."

But Kawasaki didn't want to put away his barbecue. He decided to leave it out in the campsite so he could use it to cook food for himself and for his people.

The boys -- Tails, Tuff, and Charmy -- saw Sonic just lying in the tent looking at his magazines. Tails called, "Hey, Sonic, why don't you come play some ball with us?"

"No, thanks, you guys," Sonic said. "I'd rather just stay here and waste my time reading these magazines."

"Suit yourself," Tuff called.

But while they continued passing the ball in one of their games, Hot Potato, they saw a plastic plate hitting their ball in midair -- Buto's! Both the frisbee and the ball fell down on the ground with hard gravity.

"Oops! Sorry, guys!" Buto called from a distance away.

"That's all right, Buto, just make sure you don't play too close where we are next time," Tuff said.

Buto picked up his frisbee and said to his dog, "Butcher, maybe we should go for a nature walk instead; my brother and his friends are playing ball in that area. What do you say, wanna go for a walk?"

Butcher barked and nodded yes, then Buto picked him up and went back to Tiff's tent. He dug through his bag and took out his dog's leash, put the frisbee away, and they began their nature walk around Green Hills Park.

Meanwhile, the girls have just changed into their swimsuits and they were now in the lake, going for a swim. Cheese and Kirby were doing water tricks.

Just then, Buto and Cosmo almost passed by the lake. "Hey, Buto, Cosmo, come swimming with us!" Amy called.

"No, thanks, I'd rather just go for my nature walk with Rosie," Cosmo said, and she resumed her nature walk with her pet cat.

"Well, what about you, Buto?" asked Tiff.

Buto, who suddenly decided to have a change in plans, said, "I'd love to! I'll go get my bathing suit." He raced back to Tiff's tent, put his dog back into his cage, and came back with his swimsuit, a towel, and some sunblock.

"I brought sunblock in case the sun gets too hot," he said. Then he unfolded his towel and set it straight on the ground, changed into his swimsuit, and joined everyone else in the lake.

While they were swimming and playing in the water, Cosmo started walking into the forest, with Rosie still in her hands. "Are you scared yet, Rosie?" she asked.

Rosie meowed 'no'. "I'm glad you aren't, because this forest is one of the darkest places I've ever been to."

Inside the forest, Cosmo saw a tree that got struck by freak lightning one time, now completely down on the ground. "That tree looks like it's been dead for a long time," she thought.

Moreover, there were animals playing in the woods. Cosmo told something really important to her pet. "Rosie, it's important to stay away from those animals at all times. Those are wild animals, and they belong in this forest."

Then she saw some flowers. She was wanting to pick them, but she shook her head, indicating that if she did pick the flowers, they'd start to disappear. So she passed on from the flowers.

"I'm glad I'm not in Whispy Woods," Cosmo thought again. "Tiff told me about the forest he rules, and what would happen if we harmed any part of nature belonging to him, especially if we built a campfire in his forest."

Far apart from where Buto, Kirby, Cheese, and the girls were swimming, the Cappies who came to the campsite went canoeing in a river, while Chef Kawasaki was going fishing. In the first five minutes, he caught nothing but small samples. But he did not give up. He kept fishing for a whole hour until, finally, he caught lots of big ones. They were so big, he had to use his net and extra-large bucket to make sure they wouldn't get away.

They all had fun doing their favorite things to do at camp, until the sun began to set that evening. It was then dinnertime. All the friends and everyone else, including Butcher and Rosie, sat around the campfire, eager to know what tonight's dinner would be.

"Today, it's Kawasaki's Special Fried Fish Fillet Sandwiches!" Kawasaki said.

"Who needs those when we have hot dogs with chili that I packed from home?" Tails retorted.

"Yeah, we don't need to eat your food all the time," said a Cappy man as he went over to Tails' side of the campsite and serve himself a chili dog, and so did the other campers. That left no one but Chef Kawasaki to chow down on the fried Fish Fillets he was going to make.

While they were eating, the sun was sinking still. Now it was only half visible in the sky, and the skies were changing color.

Soon it was time for dessert. Most of the campers, including Amy, Tiff, Sonic, Kirby, Tuff, Buto, Tails and Cream, ate s'mores. Charmy ate cookies dipped in jars of honey. Cosmo snacked on some of Cream's green apples and bananas.

By the time all the campers were full, the sun had now completely sunk down, and the skies darkened with shining stars. The campfire was also starting to die.

"Amy, I'm cold," Tiff said. "Did you bring any extra matches?"

"No," Amy shivered. "Those were the last ones."

"But I still have some," Tails told them. "I'll go get them." He went back into his tent and took out some spare matches. He lit the matches and threw them into the campfire, expanding it. "There we go! That ought to do it."

Sonic sighed. "That's better," he said. "Now I feel warm again!"

"So what do you guys want to do while our campfire lasts as long as it can?" asked Tuff.

"I have an idea," said Buto. "I've learned how to play guitar since I was ten. We can sing some of my favorite campfire songs while I play my guitar. I'll be right back."

Buto went back into Tiff's tent and opened his guitar case, then took out the huge string instrument. He walked back to his friends near the campfire. As he was doing so, he hung the strap of the guitar around his body before sitting down with the others.

"What song do you guys want to sing?" he asked.

"Let's start with The Bear Song," Cream said. "I love bears!"

"Okay, everyone, Cream wants us to sing The Bear Song, so all together, let's sing The Bear Song! I'll sing the lines first, then everyone else will repeat after me, then we'll all repeat the lyrics together. And a one, and a two, and a one, two, three..."

Buto started playing his guitar, and sang (the others repeated after him each line):

The other day, I met a bear Out in the woods, A way out there

Then everyone, except Dedede and Escargoon, sang together:

The other day I met a bear Out in the woods a way out there

(The song they were singing was done for every lyric in the entire song, up to the very last one.)

Buto: This is the end All except Buto: This is the end Buto: There is no more All except Buto: There is no more Buto: Until I see All except Buto: Until I see Buto: That bear once more All except Buto: That bear once more All together: This is the end, there is no more Until I see that bear once more!

When the song was done, everyone except Dedede and Escargoon applauded. "Sire, why are they singing kids' songs?" asked Escargoon.

"I don't know, but I just want to play on the little trick they're sure to fall for," Dedede said.

"Well, you know we have to save that for the last!" Escargoon said in a scolding voice.

The friends and the adults sang lots more campfire songs, until it was almost time to go to bed. The fire had once again burnt out halfway.

"Let's sing one more song before we go to bed tonight," Amy said. "How about 'Make New Friends'?"

"I like that one too, Amy," said Tiff.

Buto agreed with Amy's choice of song, and started playing his guitar. All together, the whole group sang:

Make new friends but keep the old One is silver and the other gold A circle's round, it has no end That's how long I wanna be your friend

You hold me and I'll hold you Then together we'll make it through I have a hand, and you have another Put them together and we have each other

Sew good friends wherever you may roam You'll be welcome in my heart and home A fire burns bright, it warms the heart We've been friends right from the very start

Friends like you are one of a kind Very special and hard to find Friends are real and friends are true If you love them, they will love you too

Cherish friendship in your chest New is good, but old is best Across the miles, across the sea Friends forever we will always be.

After Buto stopped playing his guitar when the song ended, Sonic stretched his arms out and yawned. "I'm tired," he said.

"So am I," Tails added. "It's about time we all went to bed and see each other again tomorrow."

"Well, then, it's about time we all got into our tents and get some shut-eye for the rest of the night," said a Cappy man.

"I agree," said Buto. "I'm getting tired myself from playing this guitar any longer."

"Okay, everyone, we'll see you all again tomorrow," Tiff said to everyone. "Good night!"

"Good night, Tiff!"

"Good night, Amy!"

"Good night, Buto!"

As all the friends and adults bid good nights to each other, they went into their tents, unloaded their sleeping bags and their pillows, and zipped up their tents. But they all forgot to do one thing that they were completely not aware of -- turning off the campfire.

This gave an opportunity for Dedede and Escargoon to perform their 'little trick'. Just a few seconds after the last person still awake finally fell asleep, Escargoon was still wide awake, to see Dedede about to fall asleep himself.

"Sire! Wake up!" he whispered, in an effort to wake him up. Then he used Dedede's hammer or him to make sure he woke up absolutely. But this made Dedede yell out in the heavens when he felt the pain.

"Shhh!" Escargoon shushed, then continued whispering, "Can't you see that everyone's asleep? We don't want to wake them up while we're making them fall for our little trick."

"You're right, Escargoon," whispered Dedede. "But at least we can do whatever we've saved for last right now. This Flame Feeder is sure to jazz things up real good!"

He took out the red orb with the small flame inside and snickered quietly. "Those fools will finally be taught a lesson to never mess with the king!" he thought, then threw the orb straight into the campfire. Then he hid behind his extra large tent with Escargoon.

"Here it comes," Escargoon said.

As the flames of the campfire made contact with the orb, the flame inside got bigger and bigger. A blinding white light shined from the orb. It even made the campfire get bigger too!

As it did so, a large, fiery monster resembling a jellyfish grew out of the campfire, which was now more like a real fire -- beyond more dangerous than an ordinary campfire.

Amy, who was still sleeping, could suddenly smell smoke inside her tent. She coughed. "What's that smell? And why is it suddenly getting hot at night?" she thought. She peeked out of her tent. The fire that she and her friends left on before they went to bed had now expanded!

"Guys! Wake up, there's a real fire outside!" she yelled. Thinking quickly, Tiff, Sonic and Buto woke up in alarm and sprinted out of their tent. They had to wake up everyone else for their own safety.

With plenty of notice, all the campers awoke to see that Dedede actually brought a real monster that Eggman revived to the campsite -- and it was, indeed, the same temperature as lava!

"That is the fiery monster, Flame Feeder," Meta Knight said. Flame Feeder began throwing fireballs at the campsite. They exploded each time they hit the ground, also causing it to shake like an earthquake.

"Suck it up, Kirby!" shouted Tiff.

Kirby inhaled one of the monster's attacks, and transformed into Fire Kirby.

"Send the Warpstar!" Tiff called into the sky.

"Warpstar!" Kabu's mouth lowered, and the Warpstar flew out of the mouth, then at super-sonic speed all the way to Green Hills Park. Kirby quickly got on the Warpstar and began confronting Flame Feeder. He let out a huge fire blast at the monster, which only made the monster go stronger.

But no matter with all his might, he could not defeat the monster this way, and the flame on his hat was fading away. Unable to dodge another of the monster's attacks, one of them knocked Kirby off the Warpstar, and Kirby lost his fire power.

"What's going on?" Buto thought. "Why can't Kirby fight fire with fire?"

"I'll tell you why," Meta Knight told him. "Fiery attacks will only strengthen Flame Feeder. You must figure out a way to put out the flames of that monster."

"Put out... the flames?" thought Tails. Then he finally understood what Meta Knight meant -- have Kirby become Ice Kirby to weaken Flame Feeder. "That's it!" He ran back into his tent and grabbed his thermos filled with ice.

"Kirby! Suck up this ice!" Tails threw the ice towards Kirby. Kirby inhaled the ice cubes, and transformed into Ice Kirby.

"Go get 'im, Ice Kirby!" cheered Tuff.

Dedede and Escargoon were not amazed when Ice Kirby was summoned. "This isn't cool, sire," said Escargoon.

Ice Kirby got back on the Warpstar and let out massive ice breaths at Flame Feeder. The monster rapidly shrunk and shrunk. It didn't stop shrinking until it turned ice cold blue.

Then Kirby inhaled the frozen monster and spat it out, leaving behind a round block of ice. After that, Kirby kicked the block of ice, and it landed on the campfire, putting it out completely.

The campers cheered with applause. Dedede and Escargoon groaned with disgust as they saw the fire get extinguished. "There goes our own campfire," said Dedede.

Two days later after camping, Amy, Tiff, Sonic, and Buto went to the photo shop to get their pictures they took converted into photos.

"Sonic, you just missed out on us going swimming that day when we were camping," Buto said.

"Heh, I don't even like to swim," said Sonic. "I just prefer my magazines more than water."

When the pictures were finished converting (there were two copies for each different photo so that Amy and Tiff could have them equally), the four friends took the photos over to Amy's house. They went into the kitchen and places the photos down on the dining room table.

"Look at that," Tiff said, pointing at a picture of Buto and his dog playing frisbee. "Was that you and your dog playing frisbee, Buto?"

"Yep," Buto replied. "We were going to play frisbee for long, but Tuff and his friends were trying to play catch, and we accidentally disturbed them."

"Hey, there's Kirby putting the freeze on the fire monster," Sonic said while pointing at a picture of Kirby defeating Flame Feeder.

"And there's us singing around the campfire," Amy said, pointing at another picture of Buto playing his guitar in front of his friends. "I'm gonna put these photos in my album today because they'll remind us of the good times of us at Green Hills Park."

"Me too," said Tiff. "These pictures are gonna look even better when I put them in my photo album."

Even later that night, before they went to bed, Tiff and Buto looked through Tiff's photo album again, sharing the pictures and the good times they had going camping together.

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