Today was the last Thursday of November. People in Station Square and Cappytown were celebrating another holiday of the year -- Thanksgiving. Fall was getting closer to coming to an end, as there were now even less leaves on the trees, few of them with none left.

Mayor Len has raised even more animals -- not just sheep, but also cows, pigs, hens, roosters, horses, and most of all, turkeys -- the signature animal of the holiday.

Everyone was cooking mountains of food for tonight's annual Thanksgiving feast, especially Chef Kawasaki. And the most important thing of all is: they were all thankful for each other.

King Dedede was thankful to his servant Waddle Dees, and to his sidekick Escargoon. Tiff was thankful to her whole family -- her little brother Tuff, her mother Lady Like, and her father Sir Ebrum.

All the Cappies were thankful at home, at work, and in the community. The parents served their children well balanced meals every day, and the kids would always say 'thank you' and pray before digging in.

Yes, everyone was thankful on this special day, except for one person -- Sonic the Hedgehog. Most of the time, like every other day, he would stay in his girlfriend Amy's house looking at magazines in his room, and not help Amy out with her household chores. All of this made Sonic the most unthankful guy in town.

Amy went towards his bedroom door and knocked. "Sonic? Would you come out of there for just a second?"

Sonic closed his magazine and opened the door. "What is it this time, Amy?"

"Can you guess what today is, Sonic?" Amy asked.

Sonic tried to think. "Is it someone's birthday?"


"Are we going on a date today?"


"I know -- we're gonna visit my old friend Chris for a special reunion!"

"Sonic, Chris is in a totally different place now; we can't even see him anymore!"

"Oh, yeah, I forgot. Well, in that case, I give up. What is it today?"

"It's Thanksgiving Day," Amy answered.

"What's Thanksgiving Day?"

"It's a holiday that everyone celebrates to give thanks to God for him guiding his people safely to the New World. Thanksgiving Day occurs every fourth Thursday of November, and today's the day!"

"So what else is new?"

"I'll tell you what's new. Tonight, we're gonna go to King Dedede's castle for a special Thanksgiving dinner. Tiff told me that there's going to be a big buffet in the dining room."

"A big buffet!" Sonic licked his lips. "Mmm! I wonder what they're gonna have?"

"You'll know if you come to Dedede's castle tonight. And speaking of which, I gotta invite everyone else too!"

Amy went to the phone and dialed the home phone numbers of Tails, Cream, Knuckles, and Rouge. She informed them all to come over to Cappytown at five o'clock in the afternoon. They all agreed.

Then Amy called Tiff, who was helping her mother with the cooking for preparation of the Thanksgiving feast. "I'll get that," she said as the phone in the living room rang. She picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"How you doing, Tiff?"

"Just fine," Tiff said. "At least I'm glad you called. Are you gonna invite anyone to the Thanksgiving buffet tonight?"

"Sure am! Even Sonic's coming over. I know he loves food!"

"That's great. Speaking of food, by the way, it would be even better if you brought something for the buffet."


"For two good reasons. One: you're a very good cook that I know, and two: it'll show that you are thankful. After all, it's Thanksgiving."

"I guess you're right, Tiff. So what should I cook?"

"You don't have to cook anything, Amy. You can just go to the grocery store and buy something there."

"Oh, yeah, I forgot. But there's one problem. I might be having trouble finding the right kind of food to bring for the feast. Can you help me look for the right food together?"

"Okay, Amy. I'll help you; that's what friends always do. Wait for me at the park; I'll be right over."

"Thanks, Tiff! See ya there!"

Amy hung up her phone, then got her purse ready. She made sure her wallet and checkbook were inside, then put on her bright red jacket and headed towards the door. "Sonic, I'm going to the grocery store to get some food," she called to her boyfriend, who was watching television.

"Take your time, Amy," Sonic told her. "I got plenty of snacks already."

"If you say so," Amy replied. She then went out the door, locked it with her keys, and started walking down the road out of the neighborhood. She could smell lots of fresh turkeys from the ovens of every house she passed. They felt scrumptious and succulent.

The minute she finally reached the city park, Tiff arrived at the same place at the same time. "So how are we gonna get to the grocery store?" Tiff asked.

"I know the way," Amy said. "I've been there before several times; just follow me!"

The girls left the park, and walked across several streets. They found the grocery store one block away from the shopping mall Amy often goes to. "There it is, Tiff -- the grocery store. I always buy my food from that place."

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go buy something for the Thanksgiving buffet!"

The girls ran towards the entrance. The front doors slid automatically the second before they went inside. When Tiff saw the grocery store for the first time, it was nothing like she had ever seen.

This grocery store was a lot bigger than the one Tuggle had. There were more than twenty aisles, with foods of every single kind, like apples, bananas, grapes, lettuce, carrots, cookies, pasta, microwavable foods, ice cream, potato chips, crackers, bread, and more. But food wasn't the only thing in the store. There were also some housing and pharmacy products as well.

"Holy cow, Amy! I've never seen a store like this before in my life!" said Tiff, amazed by the environment.

"After all, I'm very rich for a 12 year old girl," Amy told her friend. "Now let's work together to find the right food for that Thanksgiving party!"

They grabbed a cart and began shopping. "Got any ideas, Tiff?" Amy asked.

"Why don't we try finding the biggest, most expensive, most valuable turkey this store has got?"

"Great choice! And I know just where we can find it."

Amy and Tiff went to the back section of the grocery store. In the very middle part of this section was were all the meat products were sold -- roast beef, bacon, sausages, hot dogs, hamburger patties, fish, muttons, and poultry, including...

"TURKEYS!" the girls said in unison. But because it was Thanksgiving Day, they suddenly noticed LONG LINES of turkeys on sale. They were having a hard time choosing the right one for them.

All the turkeys they saw looked almost identical to fried chicken, but they all varied in sizes. The smallest turkeys weighed between ten to twelve pounds, and the medium sized turkeys weighed at 14 to 16 pounds.

But even the largest turkeys, with weights from about 18 to 21 pounds, did not feel big enough to Amy or Tiff.

"How are we ever gonna find the perfect turkey for the festival? This is so... hard!" Amy banged on the wall, causing one of the biggest turkeys to fall off a high shelf. Tiff caught the huge turkey package with her two hands.

"Hey, Amy, look what I found!" Tiff said in a singsongy voice. Amy turned her head at Tiff. She saw the size of the turkey that her friend was holding and gasped. "Tiff, what a big turkey you have! What size is it?"

Tiff looked at the sticker label. "Twenty-five pounds," she said.

"It's perfect! Let's go buy it!" Amy agreed. And together, the girls took off running to the lanes where the cashiers are, leaving their shopping cart behind. They took the extra large turkey with them.

As they got in line, Amy said to Tiff, "I wonder what your mother will think about this delicious turkey."

"She's gonna love it!" Tiff replied. "Though I don't know if it's going to serve a lot of people."

"Don't worry, Tiff; I'm sure there's plenty of people in Cappytown bringing the same thing."

"I hope you're right, Amy; anyone can cook better than Chef Kawasaki."

Minutes later, the girls were now in the front of the line. Tiff placed the turkey onto the counter. It was so heavy, her hands were turning red.

While the turkey was being placed inside a plastic shopping bag, the cashier pressed numbers on the register, printing a receipt. "That'll be $26.80," he said.

Amy got out her wallet and gave him $27, then the cashier gave her two dimes and the receipt. "Thank you, sir!" she said, and took the shopping bag with the turkey inside. "Come on, Tiff!"

Tiff followed her out of the store and all the way back to Amy's house. They took turns holding the turkey because of its heavy weight. When they made it, Amy gave Tiff the turkey while she used her key to open the door.

"I'm home, Sonic," she called. Sonic, who was still in the same room with the television, saw Amy and Tiff come inside the house.

"Did you buy any snacks for me, Amy?" Sonic asked.

"No," Amy sneered.

"Why not?"

"You should've asked in the first place, but you forgot, didn't you?"

"I... guess so," said Sonic. Then he noticed the turkey Tiff was carrying to the kitchen. "Mmm... a turkey!" He followed the girls. "Can I have it? Can I, can I, can I?"

"First of all, you didn't say please," Amy told him.

"Please?" Sonic asked in a way to force his girlfriend to feed him the turkey.

"And second of all, this turkey is for the Thanksgiving party. You can have some by then, okay?"

Sonic's head hung down. He nodded sadly, then went back to his television show.

"What's wrong with him?" Tiff asked.

"I guess he's really anxious about that buffet you told me about," said Amy.

Later at five o'clock in the afternoon, when the sun was setting, Tiff was back home still helping Lady Like preparing the food that was meant for the Thanksgiving buffet. Just before they got ready, Tiff almost forgot one thing -- the turkey she and Amy bought for the buffet.

"Hey, Mom, Amy and I bought this turkey that you can add for the buffet," she said as she showed her mother the extra large turkey.

"Thanks, Tiff dear," Lady Like said. "His Majesty would love to see this."

Inside the castle dining room, Dedede looked out the window as he saw some guests leaving their houses. "Hurry, Escargoon! The guests are coming!"

"Cook faster, you little rats!" Escargoon commanded. For twelve hours straight, the Waddle Dees have already made hundreds of cuisines. They pushed carts filled with more turkeys, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, pies, bread, and fruits.

Some of the Waddle Dees had just filled up the dining room with lots of round tables, with five seats surrounding each one. They put white napkins on the tables, and some food utensils in front of every seat.

Amy, Cream and Vanilla walked all the way to Cappytown on foot, like the Cappies. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Rouge went by Tails' X-Tornado. They parked the plane just outside the castle grounds, several meters behind the moat.

Soon Dedede could see that a large crowd of Cappies (including Sonic and his friends) were waiting outside for the drawbridge to open. "The guests are here! Come on, Escargoon!" He ran out of the dining room. Escargoon followed him.

They ran out to the castle grounds, and ordered the Waddle Dees to open the drawbridge. The second after they did so, everyone in the crowd ran across. Sonic and his friends were first in line.

"I hope the King's got a lot of turkey to eat!" Tails said.

"I want to eat some sweet rolls!" Cream added.

The crowd suddenly stopped just feet away from the entrance. Dedede and Escargoon were standing there. The King cleared his throat.

"Welcome, people and visitors of Cappytown! Tonight, we are gonna have the most thankful Thanksgiving dinner for y'all, 'cause after the buffet is a very special guest appearance of..."

He whipped out a picture of a chicken-like bird with white feathers, a yellow beak, and a red wattle and comb. The crowd was completely unamused.

"That's our guest?" Sonic asked.

"It looks nothing but like a stupid chicken," Kunckles snickered.

"It's NOT just a chicken!" Escargoon yelled. "There's only one of it, and it has the ability to fly in the air! Its name is Tookey!"

"Tookey, shmookey," Rouge scoffed. "Can we just go eat now?"

"Then promise you won't call our guests stupid!" Dedede warned.

"Whatever," Sonic replied.

"Good," Escargoon said. "All right, everyone, the food's waiting for you at the dining room!" The crowd ran over the two guys, trampling them.

"Those Cappies ought to learn not to run over their own dictator," Dedede said.

The crowd ran past the hallways, up the stairs, and scrambled to the dining room entrance. Tiff and her family were already in there. Sir Ebrum opened the door. "Good evening, everyone. Right this way, please. Seat yourselves, and please form a line to get your food."

The Cappies immediately stood in a long line to get their foods from the buffet. Sonic and his friends left the line to see Tiff, Tuff and Kirby.



The two girls hugged each other. "Wanna go get some food?" Tiff asked. "Sure!" Amy said.

"Hey, Tails, buddy!" Tuff said.

"What's up, Tuff?" Tails replied. "Ya hungry?"

"Yeah, let's go eat somethin'!" The two boys got in line behind Amy and Tiff.

"How you doin', Kirby?" Sonic asked his little pink friend.

"Poyo," ("Fine,") Kirby said.

"That's good. Let's get in line for some food. But remember not to inhale all the food from other people's plates, got that?"

Kirby nodded, and the two friends went in line, behind Tuff and Tails. Knuckles and Rouge followed behind.

"I'm hungry, mommy," Cream said to Vanilla, jumping up and down.

"Okay, settle down, Cream," Vanilla laughed. "We'll get in line so we can serve ourselves our dinner."

Along the line, each person grabbed a glass plate and served themselves one or two turkey wings or legs, some mashed potatoes, and green peas. Most of them put gravy on their mashed potatoes. The turkey that Amy and Tiff bought was now served sliced into pieces.

Cream went for some sweet rolls with grape jelly and strawberry jam. All the boys and Rouge had multiple servings of turkey and barely any vegetables. Amy, Tiff, Tiff's parents, as well as the other adults, ate up to one serving of everything in the buffet.

Dedede and Escargoon peeked through the door. They watched everyone enjoying their Thanksgiving food. "Everyone seems to be having a thankful dinner, sire," said the purple snail.

"Brilliant, Escargoon," Dedede said. "Brilliant! Now's our chance to drive those Cappies out by turning their little dinner into a disaster!"

They ran across the halls, all the way upstairs to Dedede's throne room. Dedede called his partner Dr. Eggman on the phone. "Those fools are enjoying their Thanksgiving dinner!" Dedede said.

"I'm sure they are, Triple D," Eggman told him. "By the way, the monster you just ordered free of charge is almost complete. It will appear in your delivery system after completion."

"Ya mean that chicken monster Tookey?"


"Thanks, Egg-dude! You're the best partner a King could ever have!" Dedede laughed.

Three minutes later, the lights in Dedede's throne room instantly turned off, and the delivery system prepared itself. Electric sparks crackled in the machine. When the sparks faded away, Dedede and Escargoon heard a loud crowing sound.

Now standing on the delivery system was a real, white giant chicken with a yellow beak, a red wattle, red comb-like hair, and no legs, but wings. It was twelve feet fall.

"Come on, Tookey!" Dedede shouted at the big rooster. "It's time to scare those foolish Cappies away! But don't make a sound until I say so!"

Tookey nodded while making a quiet clucking sound. It lifted itself up from the ground and fluttered behind King Dedede and Escargoon.

Back in the dining room, there were lots of conversations from every person. Sonic, Tuff, Tails, Knuckles and Rouge sat in one table. Amy, Tiff, Kirby, Cream and Vanilla sat in another.

"So what did your mother think about the turkey, Tiff?" asked Amy.

"She loved it," Tiff told her. "I think everyone in the whole village is wanting to eat it."

Kirby inhaled all the pieces of turkey from his plate in one gulp. Tiff saw him do this. "Kirby, it's not a thankful manner to inhale your food at once," she warned him.

"Poyo," ("Sorry,") Kirby said.

"That's okay, Kirby, just try to be careful next time."

Then suddenly, the dining room doors slammed open. Everyone was startled. Escargoon stepped forward. "Attention, Cappies! His Majesty would like to now present our special guest for tonight! Go ahead, sire!"

Dedede appeared behind the entrance. "I give you the king of all poultry, the chicken monster Tookey!"

As the humongous rooster showed up, it let out a "COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO!" so loud, it made everyone lose their hearing.

Cream got out of her seat and saw the big rooster. She pointed at it and stammered. "It's... it's... IT'S A GIANT CHICKEN!" she screamed. "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!"

Soon the whole crowd was aware that the giant chicken was now in the castle of King Dedede. They screamed and ran out of the dining room at once, shoving each other for the exit.

"Everyone, remain calm! This chicken won't even hurt a fly!" Dedede protested.

But the crowd didn't listen to the King's protests. They ran down the halls and outside to the castle grounds. Tookey chased after them.

It flew as fast as the Cappies could run. It even tried to peck at them with its large beak. Every time it missed, the beak crushed the castle walls like a knife through butter.

Frustrated, the rooster made another crowing noise so loud that the Cappies could hear it from outside. Then Tookey flew outside to the courtyard. When it emerged from the castle interior, the crowd was terrified by the way it looked.

"That chicken's gonna eat us!" Tuff said.

Suddenly Meta Knight, along with Sword and Blade, showed up from nowhere. "Listen up, everybody! This is no ordinary chicken! It's a monster that His Majesty ordered from Dr. Eggman!"

"Eggman!" Amy growled. "I should have known!"

Meta Knight continued, "Normally, this monster has no effect to physical attacks of any kind, so our swords wouldn't work against this enemy. However, it does have one weakness: the sun."

"How are we supposed to roast that monsterous chicken on the sun if there's no sun in the sky?" Tails asked.

It felt like no one knew what to do, as the monster now started swooping down like a powerful bird, going for an attack. Everyone ran for their lives, everyone... except Chef Kawasaki.

He looked at his frying pan, then remembered the time when Kirby defeated Popon with his Cook ability. "I know what to do! Kirby, catch this!" He threw his frying pan directly at Kirby like a boomerang.

Kirby inhaled Kawasaki's frying pan, and transformed into another Kirby with a white chef's hat and a frying pan of his own.

The crowd stopped running everywhere, just after they saw Kirby's transformation. "All right! Cook Kirby!" Tiff cheered.

Then Tookey started facing Kirby, now armed with his frying pan. It flew directly at the pink pufball in lightning speed. Kirby dodged every one of Tookey's attacks, causing the bird to crash every time. Eventually, the big chicken was stunned.

"Now's your chance, Kirby!" Tiff shouted.

Kirby overpowered up his frying pan. It gradually increased in size until it reached the size of Tookey. Kirby threw his weapon at the enormous chicken, sending it flying high into the sky with the pan holding it, through the heavens, across the universe, and around the scorching sun.

Meta Knight saw the star twinkle. "Look out!" He could notice that the monster was going to land back on the ground really hard. And it did... with a loud CRASH!

Dust clouds covered the whole place. When they cleared out, the crowd now saw a record breaking grilled chicken lying on top of the frying pan. Knowing that the monster was presumed dead, they all applauded for Kirby.

"Look at the size of that chicken!" one man said.

"It's so huge!" said a woman. "Not even the whole village could eat it all up!"

Just then Dedede and Escargoon appeared. Dedede said, "I present to y'all the biggest piece of poultry you have ever seen -- grilled Tookey!"

"It's the biggest, most gigantic, enormous, humongous..." Escargoon added, until the entire crowd glared angrily at the two bad guys. "Uh, sire, everyone's starin' at us," Escargoon stuttered.

"Why are y'all starin' at your thankful King like that?" Dedede asked, glaring back at the crowd.

Amy stepped forward at the bad guys. "Kirby was the one who was thankful, not you guys! The only thing you were doing was scare your people to death with your stupid monsters! And Kirby helped us by defeating those monsters, so he deserves to be the thankful one! As for you guys..."

She charged at Dedede and Escargoon with her Piko Piko Hammer and butted them like a charging bull, sending them flying miles away into the sea. The whole crowd laughed at the defeated goons, while Amy just smiled.

"So what should we do with this giant sized grilled chicken?" Rouge asked.

"I'll take it!" Sonic requested.

"No, I will!" Tails added. Then everything turned into an argument on who gets dibs on the grilled chicken.

"EVERYBODY, FREEZE!!!" Tiff yelled. The crowd became silent. "Now, you all know that we all want to eat this chicken, right?"

"Yes!" said the crowd.

"Well, since there's enough servings for everyone here, I say... we all share it!"

The crowd cheered with agreement. Chef Kawasaki brought piles of plastic plates and forks, and everyone began digging in.

Sonic took a bite of the poultry that Kirby made. "This is delicious!" he said.

"Now this is what I call the other white meat," Knuckles said.

"Happy Thanksgiving, Amy," Tiff said to her best friend.

"Happy Thanksgiving, Tiff," Amy replied.

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