Format Cover Release Date(s) List price Notes
DVD Findingnemo dvd November 4, 2003 $29.99

The widescreen version of the film is on Disc 1, and the full screen version on Disc 2. This only applies to the U.S. version; international markets only carry the widescreen version and has most of Disc 1's bonus features moved to Disc 2, making it a "bonus disc".

This is also the only edition available on VHS.

Blu-ray Findingnemo ultimateedition December 4, 2012 $49.99 This is an ultimate five-disc Collector's Edition, with one of the discs containing a 3D version of the film.
Blu-ray Findingnemo bluray December 4, 2012 $39.99 This is the standard Blu-ray/DVD Combo edition.
DVD Findingnemo 2013dvd May 7, 2013 $29.99 This is the 2013 Edition of Finding Nemo in standard-definition DVD format.

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