One day in Amy's house, Tails, Tuff, Kirby, Sonic and Buto were watching a fantasy cartoon on TV, while Amy and Tiff were about to make a pizza, but they were having trouble deciding on which pizza to make.

The smell of the pizza ingredients affected Buto. "What's that smell?" he thought, and he started to head towards the kitchen.

"Buto, where are you going?" Tuff asked.

"You're gonna miss the good part where this superhero guy comes in and saves the world from being crushed by an asteroid," Tails added.

"I know," Buto said. "But I want to see what Amy and Tiff are making. I'll be right back." And he continued to the kitchen.

Amy and Tiff saw Tiff's boyfriend coming inside. "Buto? What brings you here?" asked Tiff.

"I just came in to see what you two were making, because I was hungry." He looked at the ingredients that the girls were about to use. "Are you planning to make a pizza?"

"I guess," Amy said.

"I took cooking class when I was ten years old. I became an expert in pizza making. Maybe I can help you out."

"Okay," Tiff said. "If you want to assist us, then be our guest."


And with that, Buto joined in with the girls. "So what pizza are you trying to make?" he asked.

"Tiff and I are having trouble choosing which one to make," Amy said. She showed him a pizza cookbook that she bought from the grocery store. "There's a lot of choices in this book, but they're all so good, not even the two of us can decide on the perfect one!"

"Hmm..." Buto looked inside the book and browsed through the pages so he could decide on the one they should all agree on. "Aha! Here's a good one -- stuffed crust pizza. You like it?"

"I don't know, Buto, that's a hard one," said Tiff.

"It's not so hard for me," Buto said. "We just need to follow the instructions in this book, and trust in what I say."

"I guess we can do that," said Amy.

"That's the spirit! All right, first, we need to make sure we have all the ingredients we need. Let's begin with the pizza dough. It says we need 1-2 cups of warm water, a pack of dry yeast, 3 cups of bread flour, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 teaspoons of salt, and a teaspoon of sugar."

"We have all that," Tiff agreed.

"Good. Then for the pizza, we need a jar of tomato sauce, plenty of shredded mozzarella cheese, and long thick sticks of string cheese."

But when Buto read the last ingredient from the book, Amy and Tiff noticed that they didn't have that out. "I'll go get it," Amy said. She went into the refrigerator and took out the package of string cheese. "Here it is!"

"Well, then, let's get working!"

Then the three friends got to work. Buto read the instructions, and Amy and Tiff did most of the work, with a bit of help from Buto. "What's the first direction say?" Amy asked.

"It says to pour warm water into a mixing bowl, then sprinkle on the dry yeast and let it stay there for five minutes."

Amy and Tiff did just that, then Buto read the next instruction. "Now you have to mix in the olive oil, flour, salt and sugar with the yeast for about one minute."

The girls did this for ten more minutes, and pretty soon, the dough was kneaded smooth and elastic. "What's next, Buto?" asked Tiff.

"Well, now that the dough's ready to be made into the shape of a pizza, before we continue, we need to preheat the oven to 450 degrees."

Buto walked towards the oven and set the oven temperature to a preheating 450 degrees, then walked back to Tiff and Amy, still holding the cookbook. "Okay, now we can start expanding the dough so that it looks bigger and flat."

Then the three began working on the pizza dough. They unrolled it so hard for at least ten minutes, the dough eventually got converted to a perfect pizza crust, around 12 inches long in diameter.

Buto continued on with the instructions. "Now that the pizza crust is finished, we're ready to cook it. Since we're using stuffed crust pizza, we begin by placing the string cheese around the edge of the crust, and then we fold the dough over the cheese."

Tiff and Amy each took some thick strings of cheese and placed them around the pizza crust. Then they folded the edges over the string cheese.

"Now we spoon on the tomato sauce," Buto read from the cookbook.

Amy took out a ladle and carefully poured the jar of tomato sauce on the ladle, then she spooned it on top of the pizza crust. After it was completely covered with sauce all around, Buto read on, "The next step is to sprinkle lots of shredded cheese on top of the pizza."

Amy, Tiff and Buto sprinkled lots and lots of shredded cheese on the sauce-covered pizza crust. They kept on doing this until the sauce could hardly be seen at all.

"There's still one more optional step in this book," Buto said. "If we want, we can place some more toppings on the pizza, like pepperoni or sausage or mushrooms or anything else we prefer."

"My suggestion is that we use all the toppings I bought yesterday," Amy said. The toppings consisted of pepperoni, olives and green peppers.

"I like that idea, Amy," Tiff agreed.

The three friends placed the toppings on the pizza. When it was done, the entire pizza looked perfect.

"Now for the final step," Buto said while looking in the cookbook. "Bake the pizza for 15 minutes."

Amy and Tiff put on oven mitts. Then they carefully picked up the pizza and placed it on a plastic pan. Next, they inserted the pan with the pizza on it into the hot oven.

"What should we do while the pizza's cooking?" asked Amy.

"Well, we have to clean up after ourselves," Tiff said. "We do this every day at home, you know."

She, Amy and Buto began cleaning up the table and everything they used for the pizza. They washed the pans, bowls, utensils, and even the table. Then, 15 minutes later, the oven went DING!

"The pizza's ready," Buto said. Amy and Tiff put back on their oven mitts and carefully opened the hot oven. Then they took out the pizza, now ready to be eaten.

The other boys, still near the TV, could smell the pizza. "I smell something delicious," Tails said.

"Let's go check it out," said Tuff. The boys turned off the TV and went into the kitchen. "Hey, guys, what you doing?" Sonic asked.

"We just finished baking a pizza, but we're not going to eat it, because Buto suddenly thought of an idea for what we can do with it instead," said Amy.

"What idea is that?" Tuff asked.

"We're going to deliver this pizza to the Station Square Pizzeria, and the people who work in that place will actually try this pizza. If we're lucky, Buto might actually get hired there!"

"Wow! That's amazing!" Tails said. "But where's the pizzeria?"

While Amy and Tiff were storing the pizza in a flat square shaped large box, Buto said, "I know where it is."

As the friends left the house, Buto carried the pizza alone. It was hot, and it smelled pretty tasty already. "How did you learn to bake a pizza, Buto?" Sonic asked.

"I took cooking class since I was 10 years old. I was so addicted to cooking pizza back then, that I eventually became an expert in pizza cooking. But soon enough, the people in my old family didn't want me to eat any more pizza in frequent times because they wanted me to eat better foods to them."

"You're lucky you're with us now," said Tails. "Our parents aren't with us around anymore, except for Cream's, that is."

"I thought Cream only had a mom," Amy said.

"Oh, yeah, I forgot that."

"What's in that pizza, Buto?" Tuff asked.

"We put pepperoni, olives and green peppers for the toppings," Buto told him.

"Ugh... I prefer pepperoni and sausage more," Sonic said.

"Me too," Buto added. "I like my pizza with meat toppings more than vegetables."

"But don't you know that our friend Cosmo only likes vegetables and not meat?" Tiff asked. "I mean, pizza is usually just grains, vegetables and dairy, but there's lots of meat toppings to choose from to put on top of it."

"Tiff is right," Amy told Buto. "Let's make sure when Cosmo comes to the pizzeria, we're gonna bake a veggie pizza just for her."

Several minutes later, the friends finally arrived to the Station Square Pizzeria. Amy, Tiff and Buto headed towards the front desk, while Tuff, Tails, Sonic and Kirby stood near the front door.

"Piacere! Welcome to the Station Square Pizzeria. How may I help you?" asked a man with an Italian accent.

"May we please see the manager?" Buto asked. "I want him to try this pizza we made and see if he can hire me for a job in this place."

"Right away, signore," the cashier said, and he returned one minute later with the manager currently running the pizzeria. "Can I help you kids?" he asked.

"I took pizza cooking skills when I was a boy, and I've become an expert on it nowadays. To prove that I should be hired in your pizzeria, you may want to try this pizza we made and see if you like it."

Buto opened the box and allowed both the man they first asked and the manager each took a slice and a bite of the pizza.

"Mmm! Delizioso!" said the cashier. "It tastes just like the pizzas we make."

"I must say, this young man is definitely talented in pizza cooking. Yes, it is agreed, I will hire this young man, starting tomorrow."

Buto's eyes widened. "You mean it? Thanks, Mr.!... What's your name?"

"My name is Mr. Bernardo Livorno," said the manager.

"And I am your future co-worker, Francesco Verona," said the cashier.

"Nice to meet you, sir," Buto said while shaking hands with Verona.

"Please, call me Francesco from now on," Verona replied.

"Okay, Francesco. What time should I come to this pizzeria for duty?"

"Please arrive to the Station Square Pizzeria at 9:00 a.m. starting tomorrow. We'll be happy to enjoy having you around!"

"Thanks, Francesco!"

"Here's your uniform and your hat," said Mr. Livorno. "You will need to wear it at all times while you are on duty." He handed a white uniform and a triangular hat to Buto.

Later that night, there was a news broadcast from the Station Square News Network. "A 14 year old boy named Buto from the city of Cappytown has just been hired in the Station Square Pizzeria, located approximately 1.2 kilometers from the city park. This boy has extremely talented pizza cooking skills, according to our manager, Bernardo Livorno."

All across the location, every single television screen with the news channel currently on showed Buto on a small news screen.

"Look, Cosmo, Buto's on TV!" Tails said.

Cosmo, holding Rosie on her lap, said, "I see that. I wonder if he'll cook any veggie pizza for lunch tomorrow."

"He will, Cosmo, he will."

The news broadcaster continued, "His first job at the Station Square Pizzeria will begin at nine o'clock in the morning tomorrow. Us here at SSNN will also be there at 12:00 noon to interview him about his new job. Back to you, Nancy."

The next morning, Buto was in Tiff's room, putting on his uniform, getting ready for his first day at the Station Square Pizzeria.

"Can we come over for lunch later today?" Tiff asked.

"You sure can," Buto replied. "In fact, I'll be cooking so many pizzas that there will be enough for everyone, even when it comes to having seconds."

"That's great!"

"Meet me at the Station Square Pizzeria at 12:30, since there will be news reporters coming to interview me at 12:00."

Then Buto started walking alone, completely with his uniform on, and he walked a few miles all the way from the castle to the pizzeria. He opened the front door, and the bells jingled.

"Buto reporting for duty, Mr. Livorno," he said.

"Benvenuto, Buto," said Mr. Livorno. "Please, do come in and enjoy yourself for your first day on the job."

Buto proceeded across the front desk where customers make their orders. He headed into the kitchen. There, he met Francesco Verona. They shook hands again as they met for the second time.

"Good morning, Francesco," said Buto.

"Welcome, Buto," Verona said. "Are you ready for your first day of work?"

"I sure am!"

"Then let's get to it!"

"So what should we start with today?"

"Well, first of all, before we touch food of any kind, we have to wash our hands."

"I know that rule; I learned it for all 14 years of my life. What I also know is that we must wash with warm water and soap for 20 seconds with both our fingers and hand palms."

"That's a good man," said Verona. Both he and Buto went to a nearby sink and they both washed their hands with blue-green soap and warm water.

When they were done, they went to a cooking table. "Is this where we're going to work?" Buto asked.

"That's right," replied Verona. "Here, we have the ingredients needed for the pizza -- the dough, the sauce, the cheese -- everything! We even have toppings such as pepperoni, ham, sausage, Italian sausage, onions, peppers, mushrooms, olives, and even extra cheese."

"What's extra cheese?"

"That's when you add more cheese than a regular pizza."

"Do you have stuffed crust in this place?"

"Oh, yes, indeed! In fact, it's one of my favorites. Ever since I first heard about it, it immediately became my favorite kind of pizza ever in my life."

"Do you cook pizza in sizes?"

"We sure do. We have four -- small, medium, large, and even extra large."

"Mmm, just the mentioning of all that food is making me hungry," Buto said.

"You tell me; let's get to work on those pizzas right away so we can deliver them to our customers."

And Buto and Verona began their first work together. They mixed a batch of ingredients including flour, yeast, water, sugar and salt into a bowl. Buto kneaded his dough and expanded it from a ball to a largely flattened pan size. Verona tossed his dough in the air like a real professional pizza making expert.

"I didn't know you could toss a pizza in the air to make it flat," Buto said.

"This is what us Italians do when we make pizza," Verona told him.

"You came from Italy?"

"Yes, signore. I was born in the capital of Italy, which is Rome. My parents used to cook pizza of many kinds for me every meal for dinner -- from pizza rolls to pizza pockets."

"That's a lot of recipes!"

"Indeed, it is. I came to this country when I was only 3 years younger. One year before that, I started taking English class. But still, I'm not very fluent in English."

"And I don't know much Italian," Buto replied. "When we were out in the community at my old home, I heard a few people speaking Italian during those years."

Later, the two workers poured the sauce and cheese and toppings onto their pizzas. The first ones they made were just plain cheese, which is what most beginners start off with.

"How many pizzas do you cook a day?"

"Almost a hundred per day," replied Verona. "In addition, we don't just make pizza for customers. We even have other foods like buffalo wings and pasta."

"And I thought most pizzerias only cooked pizza," Buto thought.

"Well, here in the Station Square Pizzeria, it's more than just pizza. It's also appetizers to go with the pizzas."

For the first whole hour so far, Buto made six pizzas, and Verona made eight. "It's important to take your time, Buto," Verona reminded him. "Most beginners start off slowly, but when they get into the job, they go at a slightly faster speed."

Meanwhile, Tails and Tuff were playing soccer in the city park, unaware that Buto was at work and they could not play with them.

"Hey, Tails, where's Buto? I thought he promised to come play with us this morning."

"Didn't you forget? Buto's at work in the pizzeria where he was hired yesterday. Amy told me that time, so he can't play with us right now. But he did invite us over at 12:30 today for lunch."

In another portion of the park, Tiff was reading a book to Amy, Cream, Cheese, and Cosmo. "Hey, Tiff, have you seen Buto?" Cream asked.

"Buto got hired yesterday at the Station Square Pizzeria yesterday," Tiff told her. "He won't be around with us until his duties are finished this afternoon. But don't worry, we can still eat where he works at 12:30."

"I hope he's going to cook me a veggie pizza," Cosmo said.

"You don't have to worry about that, Cosmo," Amy told her. "He'll cook anything you order."

Later at 12:00 p.m., the news reporters arrived to interview Buto at his first job in the pizzeria. Mr. Livorno said to his two workers, "Buto, there's some news reporters here who want to interview you on your first job. Please, come in."

The news reporters gained entry to the kitchen. "We are here in the kitchen of the Station Square Pizzeria, where Mr. Buto is working in his first job," said the reporter. "So, tell us, Mr. Buto, how does it feel to work in the pizzeria for the first time?" She pointed her microphone in front of Buto.

"I think it's pretty good," Buto answered. "I've been cooking pizzas since I was only ten, and I've become an expert because I was addicted to the job."

Then the reporter turned to Mr. Livorno. "And how does it feel to have a new worker in your store?" she asked.

"It's the start of a great experience," Livorno said. "With him around, we could go from 70 to 90 pizzas a day!"

"And there you have it, folks," the news reporter said in front of the camera. "The true experience of having a new worker at the Station Square Pizzeria. Back to you, Tom."

Then 20 minutes after the news reporters left, Buto's friends arrived -- Amy, Tiff, Sonic, Tuff, Tails, Cosmo, Cream, Cheese, and Kirby. Mr. Livorno noticed them coming. "Buto, some guests of yours have arrived and they want to see you for a moment."

"I'll be right there, sir!" Buto said. He left the kitchen and out to the community's part of the pizzeria. "Hey, guys!"

"How you doing, Buto?" Sonic asked.

"What's up, guys?" Buto replied. "Did you come here for a special lunch with me today?"

"We sure did," Tuff said.

"So what pizzas do you guys want?"

"Tiff, Cosmo and I want a medium veggie pizza," Amy said.

"Cheese, Kirby and I want a small cheese pizza," Cream added.

"And we want our pizza with pepperoni and sausage," said Tails.

"Coming right up!" Buto went back into the kitchen and got back to work. He and Verona worked hard on three more pizzas. It took them around 30 minutes to finish them all.

While Buto's friends were waiting, Mr. Livorno called, "Calling orders 34, 35, and 36. I repeat, calling orders 34, 35, and 36. Please come up to the front desk and claim your pizzas."

"That's us, guys," Tiff said. She and her friends came forward to the front desk. Buto handed them the three pizzas they ordered.

"Want to eat with us, Buto?" asked Amy.

"Sure," Buto said. "Mr. Livorno, is it okay if I eat with my friends today? They really want me, because they want to know how I'm doing on my first day."

"Yes, you may," Mr. Livorno said. "But remember to report back here by 1:30."

Buto agreed, and he joined his friends. He sat in the same table where the pepperoni and sausage pizza was ordered.

"So how's your first job at the Station Square Pizzeria going?" Sonic asked.

"It's going great," Buto told him. "I'll probably be making a lot of money someday for this."

"Mmm, this pizza is yummy," Cream said. "Isn't it, Kirby?"

"Poyo," ("Yeah,") Kirby said.

"I like this veggie pizza," said Cosmo. "It's especially vegetarian enough for me."

"Hey, Buto, after you finish your day at work, why don't you bring two pizzas over back home tonight so we can eat them for dinner?" Tiff asked.

"I'll do just that," Buto said. "I'm sure Dedede will love it!"

That evening in Dedede's throne room, Escargoon brought over a pizza that Buto made for Dedede. "Here you go, sire, an extra large pepperoni and sausage pizza for you!"

Dedede immediately ran over to Escargoon and swiped the pizza box from his hands. "Gimme!" Then he ran back to his chair and started to gobble up the first slice. "Mmm! This here pizza is the best one I've ever had!"

"Hey! I thought that was our pizza, not just yours!"

"Well, I'm the King around here, and no way am I ever gonna share even one piece for a stupid little snail like you!"

"Then what am I supposed to eat?"

"Why don't you go eat some snail food? Get it -- snail food? Ha ha ha ha ha!"

Dedede continued wolfing down his pizza, all the way down to the very last piece.

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