On the morning of Independence Day, King Dedede called Dr. Eggman through his satellite television screen. Escargoon was with him.

"Hey, Egg-Dude, listen here! I can't take any more months of that pest Kirby! So send me the most powerful monster from your summoner machine!"

"Well, it's not very likely we're gonna be partners together for much longer, for as long as Kirby keeps on defeating those monsters each time after I revive them, I'll eventually run out of monsters."

"Well, you still got plenty of monsters as far as I know! So gimme any monster you got that you think is sure to beat Kirby for the night of Independence Day!"

Eggman held up a card with a picture of a dark red spherical monster with a straw hat on it. "Will this do, big guy?"

"Hey, that's Sasuke, the one who makes fireworks! That's just the monster I've been lookin' for! I'll take it!"

"If you say so, I'll send it to you through my wireless monster summoning machine."

The delivery system did its job, and the firework monster was delivered directly to King Dedede's throne room. "Welcome back, Sasuke!" said Dedede.

"I've even upgraded it with bigger fireworks power," Eggman continued.

"Perfect! I'm sure Kirby will never stand a chance against it unlike last time! This Independence Day is gonna be a bigger blast!"

In the Station Square city park, all of Amy and Tiff's friends and themselves, even their pets, were enjoying a fine day. The boys were still playing soccer, the girls were playing hopscotch, and Amy, Tiff and Cosmo were sharing books. Some of the people were even talking about their past times of what happened in Independence Day during those years.

"Hey, Tiff, do you know what day it is today?" asked Amy.

"What is it, Amy?"

"It's Independence Day!"

"Independence Day? What's that?"

"That's the day when our nation becomes another year older. And since today is the day this is happening, everyone's gonna do something special tonight."

All of Amy and Tiff's friends suddenly stopping doing what they were doing, when they overheard them talking about Independence Day for tonight.

"A celebration?" Tails asked. "What kind of celebration?"

"Tiff and I were just talking about Independence Day, the day when our nation celebrates its anniversary. And today's the day!"

All the friends were amazed by the feeling of this. "That's cool!" Tuff said.

Suddenly, Dedede's car appeared on the streets of Station Square. It stopped towards near the park. Escargoon held up a megaphone and spoke out directly at the citizens in the park.

"Attention, all residents! His Majesty has an important announcement to make!"

A loud feedback blurted from the megaphone. The sound was very irritating to everyone that it nearly bruised their eardrums. They all covered their ears.

"Gimme that!" Dedede snatched the megaphone from Escargoon's hands. "Now listen up good, y'all! Tonight is gonna be a big extravaganza on Independence Day!"

The Station Square citizens gasped. Tiff unenthusiasticly lowered her head. "Here we go again," she said.

"Is it a show of some kind?" Sonic asked.

"If it is, I hope it's about something really cool," Buto said.

"Perhaps it's about flowers," Cosmo said.

"Or a show about pretty rainbows," said Cream.

"Or about birds and the bees," Charmy added.


"A fireworks show?" the citizens asked.

"We're going to begin with a nighttime parade, and on the last hour of Independence Day, we'll end with a big bang by doing a fireworks show!"

"Did he just say 'fireworks show'?" a woman in Station Square asked.

"I think he did," said another woman. "This probably means he'll have everything arranged for us. It's the perfect way to celebrate Independence Day!"

"We can make our own floats for the parade," another man said.

"No way!" Dedede shouted. "No one ain't gonna make no floats but me! I'm the king around here, and you losers are gonna either show up or ship out!"

"We're not your servants!" one man protested.

"Yeah, we're just ordinary citizens!" one woman added.

"Well, ya better watch out, 'cause the King's got another short fuse," Escargoon told them. And they drove away from Station Sqaure and back to Cappytown.

"This is an outrage!" said another man from Station Square.

"Independence Day wouldn't be Independence Day without our own fireworks," another man added.

"Tiff, why don't you ask your dad to convince Dedede to change his mind?" asked Amy.

"Nah, we don't have to do that. Let's just defy him and make our own celebration," Tiff suggested.

"Tiff is right!" said Buto.

"Forget gramps!" Sonic said ('gramps' means Dedede).

"This place belongs to us!" Tails said.

"Yeah!" Cream and Cosmo said in unison.

"Let's make fireworks!" one man proclaimed.

"Let's make fireworks!" one woman added. Eventually all the other people in Station Square joined along, up to the whole crowd.

Meanwhile, Dedede and Escargoon were currently crossing the beach on the way back. "Good old reverse psychology!" Dedede said.

"Now they're all gonna be making fireworks," Escargoon added. "But the fireworks we got are sure gonna blow Kirby away this time!" They laughed.

That afternoon, some of the people in Station Square were 'learning' how to make fireworks, which was quite dangerous business. The first thing they had to know about was the powder stored in a barrel. The words "DANGER! FLAMMABLE CHEMICALS!" were written on the barrel.

Suddenly they heard small explosions coming from outside. Some of the children, including Cheese and Kirby, were playing with sparklers! "Better make sure those kids don't come in here, or else the whole place will explode," said the man in charge.

The sparklers had their fuses lit on one edge of each. Kirby and Cheese jumped for joy with their sparklers, while the adults still inside the building were placing powder in the kegs.

One of the men were about to light a cigarette, when the leader said, "Hold it!" Then he scolded, "Don't you know that even a lit cigarette so small can lead to a very big disaster?"

Then when he turned around, Kirby came inside with his sparkler, shocking everyone. He threw his sparkler and it landed... on the powder! A loud explosion was heard more than a mile away.

When it subsided, everyone was covered with black debris. It took them a half hour of showering to clean themselves up, especially for Kirby and Cheese.

"It's not your fault, Kirby," Tiff told him. "You still don't know how dangerous fireworks can be."

"Neither do you, Cheese," Cream added.

"I've never seen such an explosion like that before," Tails said.

"Me neither," Tuff added.

"I wish the adults could let us help them make fireworks," Sonic said.

"We're gonna miss out on all the fun," said Charmy.

"Don't you guys worry," Amy told them. "They'll want us back eventually, so just you wait!"

Back outside the now destroyed building, the adult citizens of Station Square were trying to think of ideas on how Independence Day could work the way they wanted it to be. One man said, "We don't know the first thing about how fireworks can be done."

Another man stood up and told them, "Let's ask Amy Rose and her friends if they can help us out!"

"I guess we can do that," another man agreed.

Back in the city park, many citizens gathered for some suggestions for the Independence Day parade. "Why don't we make some parade floats showing what everyone does as part of their hobbies?"

"That looks interesting, Amy," Tiff said.

"Mr. Cooke, you can do a float of yourself holding your most famous dish at the Gold Diner," Amy suggested.

"Ooh la la, that is a scrumptious idea indeed," said the French cook.

"Mrs. Schmuck, your float can be about jewelry," Amy said to a German woman from the Beauty Queen.

"Great idea, Miss Rose," said Mrs. Schmuck. "It'll be the shiniest, most glittering float ever!"

Sir Ebrum, who were also in the crowd with his wife Lady Like, told her that they should make a float for themselves as well so everyone in Station Square could see it for the first time.

"That's a wonderful idea, darling, but wouldn't it be safer if we knew what the King was planning to do with his reborn monster?"

"What? A reborn monster?" Tuff asked. He and Tails stepped towards Tiff's parents.

"That's right, Tuff," Lady Like told him. The young boy turned to his fox friend. "That's strange," he said. "Tails, we need to check this out."

"I agree," Tails replied. "Dr. Eggman must've done this for the King."

Meanwhile in Castle Dedede, the fireworks monster Sasuke was already at work building the float King Dedede was going to use for Independence Day. Dedede himself and Escargoon arrived into the room where the monster was busy working.

"Hey, are you buildin' a giant me again like last time?" Dedede asked.

But the monster ignored him and resumed working. Escargoon yelled, "Answer the King! You're working for us, not for yourself!"

Then Sasuke turned around and gave the bad guys a fierce look, and fired at them. Dedede and Escargoon ran for cover. They hid behind some machines where they wouldn't get shot.

"Why you...!" Escargoon hissed at Sasuke. Then he said to the King, "That monster is still the same pyro-techno-maniac as always!"

"Then how are we gonna get rid of Kirby without 'im?" Dedede asked.

"Let's use the giant rocket that I made!"

But Tails, Tuff, Buto, and Kirby have already discovered this rocket. "That rocket looks almost like the same one as last time," Tuff said.

"Only it looks a lot taller," Tails added.

"It must be for the Independence Day fireworks show that the King's planning on," added Buto.

Just then they noticed Dedede and Escargoon coming down the hall, and the four boys hid behind the rocket. When the two bad guys arrived inside the room where the rocket was standing, Escargoon said to Dedede, "This rocket is even bigger than the one from two years ago. This time, it's sure to send Kirby outta here for good!"

"Nice work, Escargoon," Dedede encouraged. They circled around the rocket, and the four boys did the same thing.

"Perhaps now, you and Eggman can stop being partners and I can take his place for you," Escargoon suggested. "I'm a genius myself, you know."

However, before the boys could walk out, Kirby stumbled, and ran right into King Dedede. He and Escargoon quickly turned around. "Hey, maybe we should blast him off right now!" Dedede said.

But Buto grabbed Kirby and the boys began to run away. "You little spies!" Escargoon yelled.

Dedede pulled down a handle hanging on the wall. A huge claw appeared and pried Kirby. Buto, Tails, and Tuff were surprised at this. "Hey, give Kirby back, or I'll do something nasty to you guys with my lightsaber!" Buto threatened.

Dedede laughed, ignoring Buto's threat. "Happy Independence Day, Kirby! I'm gonna make sure this night goes out with a bang!"

The claw began to spin Kirby around in circles, faster and faster. After that, Kirby was chucked into a wall, and ricocheted from another wall to another. Finally, he rammed into a wall outside of the room, and crashed through it. He landed back on the ground unconscious.

Buto ran to his side. "Kirby! Are you okay?" The pink Star Warrior groaned. Buto picked him up and started to run away. "Come on, guys!"

Tails and Tuff followed him. Dedede and Escargoon just stood there, laughing. Independence Day was indeed going to go out with a big bang after all!

The boys returned to Station Square to tell the awful news about Dedede and his scheme. "What? You're saying we should cancel the fireworks show?" said one of the citizens in a shocked mood.

"Yeah, the King's doing this in order to get rid of Kirby," Buto told him.

"Wait till you see the giant sky rocket they rebuilt!" Tuff added.

"But we worked so hard to get those floats done," a Station Square citizen told everyone.

"Well, we won't let the King stop us from allowing our floats for tonight's parade!" said another man in the crowd.

That night, just a few minutes before 9:00 p.m., the time when the float parade was scheduled to begin, bright lights were already turned on, covering all the buildings and even the park.

"Look at those pretty lights," said a girl as she pointed at the lights used for decoration.

"I can tell it's gonna be the best Independence Day ever," said her father.

"I can't wait to see the fireworks!" said her brother, excitedly.

All the people were commenting on how beautiful they decorated the park for Independence Day. Amy, Tiff, and their friends were sitting on one of the benches, staring at them.

"Looks like everyone's psyched about Independence Day tonight," said Tails.

"I suppose It's gonna be a cool show," Sonic added.

"At least we can just have some fun before it starts," Tiff said to the group. "Isn't that right, Kirby?"

"Poyo! Poyo!" Kirby jumped for joy in the park, and Cheese followed him.

Then when the clock struck nine, Mayor Len, the mayor of Cappytown, announced in front of one of the biggest crowds of citizens in both locations, "Attention, folks! It is now nine o'clock at night on Independence Day! And to officially welcome this special holiday, we're proud to present... our second annual Float and Fireworks Show, located in the Station Square City Park!"

Upon saying the last words, the mayor jumped in the air and everyone threw confetti and hats high into the air. The ornaments' lights turned off to start the show, one by one.

"The first float will be the one I made. It's called Baa Baa Baa BOOM!"

Mayor Len's same float from last time lit up and started to move across the street. All the people and Cappies cheered when they saw this first float go past them very slowly. Some of them, including Buto and Amy, took pictures of the floats.

"Look, Rosie, that's the float the mayor built himself," Cosmo said to her cat, who was on her lap when they saw the float parade.

Then the next float came by. This one was built by none other than Mr. Cooke, the best chef in Station Square. His float, which was comprised of himself holding up a dish with a lid, was called 'The French Chef'.

"That's the float from the Gold Diner! Doesn't it look delicious, Cheese?" asked Cream.

"Chao! Chao!"

"It's even better than Chef Kawasaki's," Tuff said. Chef Kawasaki groaned when he heard him say this. "That person is a way more skilled cook than me," he thought.

The third float they saw was Mrs. Schmuck's Beauty Queen float. It was a woman that looked just like Mrs. Schmuck, only she was dressed just like a real queen, and there was a giant golden ring shining behind her in this float.

"That float looks beautiful," said Amy.

"It must be Mrs. Schmuck's float from the Beauty Queen," Tiff added.

"I call this float 'The Queen of All Jewels'," said Mrs. Schmuck, one of the people in the very front of the crowd.

The float parade continued for another whole hour. The last float to move by was of Lady Like and Sir Ebrum on a giant wedding cake. "Look, there's Sir Ebrum's float!" said a man in the crowd. A pink heart outline circled around the couple in the float.

"They look just like Tiff's parents," Tails said.

"And they dance better too," Amy added.

"We look like icing on our wedding cake, darling," Lady Like said to her husband.

"We sure do, my dear," Sir Ebrum replied.

As the last float passed by, everyone applauded. The floats continued moving down the street in Station Square, and towards the lake, where the fireworks show would begin.

"We finally found a way to celebrate Independence Day," said a man in the crowd.

When the floats got closer to the lake, the fireworks took off, commencing the night of Independence Day. It was an amazing display.

"I have to admit it, the King of Cappytown has outdone himself," another man said.

"But he doesn't have a float yet," smirked another man.

"Maybe he does," said his friend. "Look over there!"

A castle like structure rised from the lake where the other floats were heading towards. The whole crowd had gathered to see this float. "Now what is he up to?" Tiff asked.

The very last float that didn't actually participate in the parade, which comprised of King Dedede holding his hammer, came out from the door. The real Dedede and Escargoon, in their car, also came out from the door.

"Here comes Dedede," Buto said.

"That's the biggest float I've ever seen in a parade," one man in the crowd said. "It's 3 times as big as our floats!"

"But he had help," Tuff stepped in front of the crowd. "Dedede didn't build it; a monster did all the work on that float!"

"Let's show the King that our floats are as good as his," the leading man said to the crowd.

"YEAH!" everyone rejoiced.

The Cappies and people of Station Square continued their parade. Dedede and Escargoon, who were hiding a distance away, saw them moving right into the trap they were making.

"All right, Sasuke, get ready up there!" Dedede called through a transmitter.

The Dedede float stopped, and its hammer turned into a big cannon. Sasuke, taking aim at the citizens, pressed a button, and the cannon from the float began to launch fireworks... dangerously at the citizens.

All the innocent people took cover and ran for their lives. When the explosions temporarily stopped, a man said, injured: "They... blasted us!"

"Maybe it's part of the show," said another man.

Dedede and Escargoon laughed at their own scheme. "Yeah! Go get 'em, Sasuke!"

The little fireworks monster created large bombs from the float out of thin air, and started chucking one at Kirby. The bomb exploded, sending Kirby flying. Then the monster threw more bombs at him. Kirby dodged the bombs while the crowd just stared.

"Kirby! Suck up those fireworks!" Tiff shouted. Kirby began to inhale. Dedede ordered Sasuke to launch the fireworks directly at Kirby, which actually got inhaled! The result caused Kirby to transform into Fire Kirby.

"Fire Kirby looks fired up for battle as always," Meta Knight said, while appearing from nowhere.

"Meta Knight?" Sonic asked. "Why are you here?"

"I came here to wish Kirby and everyone else a happy Independence Day," Meta Knight told him. "That is, if we make it through the night."

A duel began between Fire Kirby and Sasuke. The two shot fireworks at each other. It was an equal battle so far. Some of the people in the crowd rooted for Kirby.

"Looks like the King of Cappytown has done a wonderful job," a woman said.

"The display's much more spectacular now," said another woman.

But soon, Kirby was overpowered, and knocked backwards by the monster's continuous attacks. He dodged them all, and hid behind a rock for cover.

"Kabu! Send the Warpstar!" Tiff called to the heavens.

Kabu summoned the Warpstar, and it flew right into the sky and over to the edge of Station Square, where the crowd was watching the fireworks battle between Kirby and Sasuke.

When Kirby saw the Warpstar fly at him, he hopped on. The Warpstar took off faster with Kirby riding on it, but the monster's attacks still continued. Kirby tried to keep his grip, but to everyone's shock, he fell off.

"Kirby!" cried Tiff and Amy.

"Blast him!" Dedede commanded. "Get Kirby!"

Sasuke took aim again and shot more fireworks at Kirby. The young Star Warrior focused his power and gave a direct hit right back at Sasuke. The float exploded, but the fireworks monster escaped the second before the explosion.

Dedede could not keep his mouth closed when his float blew into smithereens. Escargoon ensured him, "Don't worry, Your Highness -- our secret weapon's still intact."

He spied Sasuke carrying the giant rocket he made, and the monster was heading towards Kirby, now knocked unconscious and he has also lost his Fire ability.

"Kirby! The fireworks knocked him out cold!" Meta Knight gasped.

Sasuke lit the rocket as he got closer to Kirby, and took off riding on the rocket. Its tip hit Kirby bullseye.

Dedede looked through his telescope. "Kirby is out like a light bulb," he said. "Soon he's gonna be sent into orbit!"

Amy and Tiff shouted out Kirby's name really loud, so Kirby can hear them. Kirby quickly regained consciousness. He started to run away from his fate. Sasuke slowly crawled towards him in an effort to stop him.

Escargoon commanded to the Waddle Dees, "Throw everything you've got at that firecracker!"

Waddle Doo ordered his Waddle Dee deputies to launch the explosives into the sky to force the rocket Kirby was still on to explode. Everyone in the crowd saw this.

"They're trying to blow him out of the sky!" Meta Knight exclaimed.

With not much time remaining left, Kirby inhaled Sasuke. Only five seconds later, the explosives got dangerously close to the rocket, causing it to explode when it reached the highest it could.

All the crowd could see was a beautiful array of fireworks -- from their apartment buildings, from outside, everywhere -- even in the woods!

Dedede and Escargoon jumped for joy, thinking that Kirby was gone for good, until... the old rocket, now just a skeleton, landed near the bad guys, knocking them out.

"Sonic, where's Kirby?" Amy asked.

"I don't know, Amy," Sonic replied.

Buto ran over to them. "Guys, I think I saw Kirby high up in the sky, and he's carrying something unusual! Come on, I'll show you!" Sonic and Amy followed him to a place where it would be a lot easier to see fireworks.

When they got there, Buto pointed at Kirby, who was now floating down with an umbrella. "Look, there he is!" he said.

"Hi!" Kirby said as he still continued to float down, while the fireworks exploded behind him in the sky.

"Kirby!" exclaimed all of Amy and Tiff's friends.

"Kirby has copied Sasuke's ability," Meta Knight told them. "Now he is Parasol Kirby!"

"Parasol?" asked Cream.

"What's that?" Charmy asked.

"Just wait and see," Meta Knight continued. "It's pretty illuminating!"

At that time, it was now only just a few seconds away from 12:00 a.m. on the day after Independence Day. Mayor Len turned to the crowd and announced, "It's almost midnight! 10... 9..."

The men joined, "8... 7..."

The women joined, "6... 5..."

Everyone else joined in, "4... 3... 2... 1..."

When the clock finally struck 12, everyone shouted, "Happy Birthday, Station Square!" The words 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY STATION SQUARE' lit up made with fireworks.

"Happy!" Kirby said happily.

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