The following instruction manual is for the Nintendo 64 video game, Diddy Kong Racing.


Diddy Kong sat on the porch of his tree house and curiously tore open the letter. It wasn't often that a message arrived from so far away that it had to be brought in by carrier pigeon! Eager to find out what it contained, he tugged out the note impatiently and started to read. "Dear Diddy," it began. "Help!!!" Now this sounds promising, he thought. Things had been all too quiet since those old family friends the Tigers had arrived to spend their summer. And as it turned out, the message was from his old friend Timber, son of the Kongs' guests, the Tigers. The young Tiger had found himself in quite a bit of trouble that, for once, wasn't even his fault. After Diddy Kong carefully read the note through a couple more times, he sat back and gnawed on a finger, his gaze fixed somewhere beyond the early morning jungle mist. He'd been asked to help, so his intention to zip off as soon as possible could not be in doubt. The question that preoccupied him now was whether or not he should draft some extra help, just in case... after all, this Wizpig sounded like a pretty mean foe. Finally, he decided that his friends Banjo and Conker would still enjoy an adventure, even if it turned out that their services weren't needed. So, the ape dug out a pencil stub from the mess of his bedroom and hopped back into his seat. Whistling for Squawks -- his own makeshift carrier pigeon -- he began to scribble out a couple of messages of his own. A few hours later, Diddy Kong was on the first leg of his journey, tearing off at high speed through the jungle. A pair of Kremling spies lurking behind a boulder watched him with suspicion. "Hey -- where you think he go?" asked Krunch. His crony frowned. "Why?" he asked. "What if he go fetch others? Fight Kremlings?" The second Kremling thought about this and then realised what Krunch was about to suggest. "No way. I not go," he said, and turned and bolted into the undergrowth. Krunch rolled his eyes. "Hopeless," he snorted. "I go after him," he bellowed to his cowardly colleague. "You go tell boss -- see what he think of that, huh?" And with that, Krunch lumbred off through the trees, grumpily swatting aside vines as he went.

Meanwhile, Timber was trying to calm the excitable Pipsy so that he could understand at least part of what she was saying. "He said he'd help us!" she squealed, making Bumper and Tiptup wince as the pitch of her voice soared in and out of audible range. "He said he wanted to find a champion to go after that horrible pig once and for all!" / "Slow down, Pipsy," Timber urged, trying to make sense of her words without upsetting her. After all, this whole business had been harder on the little mouse than any of them. Wizpig's unwanted intrusion left her family homeless. "Who are you talking about?" Bumper asked curiously. "Taj! The Genie!" Pipsy babbled. "He said he'd help! Really, Bumper, he did! I just saw him!" Tiptup blinked. "The G-Genie? B-but nobody's seen him for f-fifty years," he protested. "I know! I know! But I just did, I promise!" Timber frowned, thinking his way through. "That means he must have been kicked out of the mountain too," he reasoned. "After all, we've seen what that pig's spells can do..." They all thought of the huge, leering Wizpig face that had been carved into the mountainside overnight. Then they thought of the race courses, the island's pride and joy, which had been magically sealed off. That made them think of Drumstick, their friend and the island's champion racer, who had gone to challenge the intruder to an honorable race and hadn't been seen since. "We really could do with Taj's help," Pipsy prompted. "N-no argument there," agreed Tiptup, nodding nervously. Timber scratched his head. "Well, I guess you're right," he sighed, "especially if we're going to get this mess sorted before my parents get back." / "Well, if that Genie wants a champion, I say we all get practicing," Bumper grunted, getting to his feet and snapping down his goggles. "Good plan," Timber agreed. "Come on, guys -- yeah, Tiptup, even you. Help should be on its way soon, but we can't just sit around waiting -- let's get out there and do what we can!"

And, let's just hope that Diddy Kong doesn't mention any of this to my parents... 

Starting the GameEdit

Game SelectionEdit

You can play Adventure or Tracks mode as long as only one controller is in place. If there are 2-4 controllers plugged in, the game will automatically go to Tracks mode. In Adventure mode, there are three save files. In Tracks mode, you can choose between the four courses, the Trophy Race, and the T.T. challenge.

Game OptionsEdit

From this menu, you can change the language (English or French), turn off or on the subtitles, change the audio to Stereo, Mono, or Headphones, or adjust the volume of the background music and sound effects. As a result, the game can be played with just the sound effects on, to make the game sound less scary. If you have a Controller Pak plugged into your Nintendo 64 controller, save data can be copied to it.

Rumble PakEdit

Diddy Kong Racing supports the Rumble Pak, first released in July 1997 (April 1997 in Japan). If plugged in, the controller will vibrate at certain times.


  • Control Stick: Steer the vehicle.
  • A Button: Accelerate.
  • B Button: Brake.
  • C-Up Button: Toggle the camera.
  • C-Down Button: Toggle the race info.
  • C-Right Button: Toggle between the radar and speedometer.
  • R Button: Hold to do a power slide.
  • Z Button: Fire weapon, call Taj or T.T., or honk the vehicle's horn.

Items & WeaponsEdit

  • Bananas: Bananas increase your top speed, up to a maximum of 10. But if one gets hit by a weapon, it will result in a loss of 2 Bananas.
  • Zippers: There are three kinds of different Zippers, each for the three vehicles -- Road for Car, Water for Hovercraft, and Air for Plane. These red and yellow objects will give you a boost of speed.
  • Red Balloons: The red balloons contain missiles. If you collect two in a row, you get a homing missile. If three are collected in a row, the weapon will be upgraded to 10 missiles. If you are running low on missiles, one red balloon will revert it back to 10.
  • Blue Balloons: They give you an extra boost of speed without a Zipper. One blue balloon gives you a weak orange speed boost, two balloons give you a stronger blue speed boost, and three balloons in a row will give you a very powerful purple speed boost.
  • Yellow Balloons: Yellow balloons shield you from missiles and dropped weapons, and cause your opponents to spin out. The shield can last for 5, 10 or 15 seconds.
  • Green Balloons: With these balloons, you can drop weapons behind your vehicle. It can either be an oil spill, a mine, or a bubble.
  • Rainbow Balloons: The rainbow colored balloons contain magnets that can drag you to any racer ahead of you if they are in sight. These balloons are not very helpful at often times.
  • Gold Balloons: These are the key items in the game. There are 47 to collect in all. With these items, you can unlock new places.
  • Keys: Located in hidden places, keys will unlock T.T. challenges in each of the four worlds.


Diddy KongEdit

Regarded as a hero after all his adventures in Kong country, the young primate is a long-time friend of Timber and doesn't think twice about responding to his call for help. With his family tending to their guests, he even manages to sneak off without their interference.

  • Weight: Middle
  • Acceleration: 3/5
  • Handling: 3/5
  • Top Speed: 3/5


A playful young tiger, Timber has been left in charge of the island while his parents visit their old friends in Kong Country. Desperate to get Wizpig out and everything else back to normal before they return, Timber rallies his friends to join up with Taj's resistance!

  • Weight: Middle
  • Acceleration: 2/5
  • Handling: 2/5
  • Top Speed: 3/5


Evicted from her mountain home by the wicked Wizpig, Pipsy the mouse turns to her friends for help and gives them yet another reason to want the intruder out. She might seem delicate, but take her on in a race and you'll find that she's a lot tougher than she looks!

  • Weight: Light
  • Acceleration: 5/5
  • Handling: 5/5
  • Top Speed: 1/5


Tiptup the turtle is another member of the close group of animals, but because of his nervous (and maybe even slightly clumsy) nature, he's never been particularly fond of the racing that the other seem to like so much. Now, though, he doesn't seem to have much choice!

  • Weight: Light
  • Acceleration: 5/5
  • Handling: 4/5
  • Top Speed: 2/5


Even before the start of his future partnership with Kazooie, Banjo isn't one to turn down the chance of an adventure. So when Squawks brings the message from his pal Diddy Kong, the Honey Bear stuffs a few things into his trusty backpack and takes to his heels.

  • Weight: Heavy
  • Acceleration: 1/5
  • Handling: 2/5
  • Top Speed: 5/5


Unlike most of his kind, Bumper the badger prefers speed and thrills to a quiet nocturnal lifestyle. He gets even more worked up than his friends when he realises how much racing and excitement will be involved in the crusade to get rid of Wizpig...

  • Weight: Middle
  • Acceleration: 4/5
  • Handling: 2/5
  • Top Speed: 3/5


Another friend made by Diddy Kong on one of his endless adventures with Donkey Kong, Conker is also an exploration nut who'll jump at any chance to break free of a squirrel's less than exciting daily routine. He's eager to join up with Banjo as the bear passes through.

  • Weight: Middle
  • Acceleration: 2/5
  • Handling: 2/5
  • Top Speed: 4/5


Seeing Diddy Kong rush off so suddenly makes the Kremlings very suspicious, so Krunch goes bounding after him to make sure that there aren't any anti-Kremling plots in the works. Diddy Kong, Timber and company don't exactly trust him, but Krunch insists he's only there to lend a hand...

  • Weight: Heavy
  • Acceleration: 1/5
  • Handling: 1/5
  • Top Speed: 5/5


The most experienced racer on the island, Drumstick was the animals' best hope for getting rid of the intruder. Unfortunately, something seems to have gone wrong and he hasn't been seen since he went of to make a stand. Could he have fallen afoul of one of Wizpig's spells?

  • Weight: Heavy
  • Acceleration: 1/5
  • Handling: 3/5
  • Top Speed: 5/5


Like Taj, the overseer of the racetracks is less than impressed at Wizpig's behaviour, but in T.T.'s case, it's because the bully has sealed off his beloved courses. He can't do much on his own, but he's certainly willing to give the animals any help he can in their mission.

  • Weight: Middle
  • Acceleration: 5/5
  • Handling: 4/5
  • Top Speed: 5/5


Evicted from his mountain home and cut off from his lamp, this ancient Genie isn't exactly pleased with the dispicable Wizpig. Now, he's in search of a champion racer to go up against the uninvited guest and hopefully teach him a lesson in manners.


The big bad bully himself, a spiteful space traveller who hops from planet to planet looking for good places to drop in and cause havoc until there's nothing left to amuse him. Nobody's ever managed to kick him out before he got bored, but there has to be a first time...

Adventure Mode: Timber's IslandEdit

Talking to TajEdit

At first, the only option you are given here is to change the vehicle you wish to use. When you have collected a certain number of Gold Balloons, Taj will challenge you to a race around the island.

Taj's ChallengesEdit

  • Car: Simply go through the tunnel and back around the road.
  • Hovercraft: For this, you'll have to go through the tunnel, past Snowflake Mountain and Sherbet Island, and back over to the Wizpig statue.
  • Plane: Similar to the hovercraft, except you go through the cave to Snowflake Mountain this time.

Beware -- if you take the wrong route, you'll automatically lose and Taj will go back to his original place.

Hidden Gold BalloonsEdit

  1. Near the entrance to Dino Domain. This is usually always your first Gold Balloon.
  2. To the left of the Wizpig statue. Only the plane can reach this.
  3. Above the water behind Sherbet Island. Easiest to collect with the hovercraft.
  4. Behind the log that's really a tunnel. Like before, only the plane can reach it.

The sign board in Sherbet Island displays the Trophies you've collected, and next to it is a lighthouse that would later send you to a mystery world.

Talking to T.T.Edit

With T.T., you can check your status to see how many Gold Balloons, Keys, and Trophies and how much of the Wizpig and T.T. Amulets you have collected, and you'll also have the option to play a course in Time Trial mode.

After you complete a course, you can save your time as a save ghost, which can then be copied to a Controller Pak.


Race PositionEdit

Shows you which position you are in during a race. There are up to eight positions in a normal race, and two in a boss challenge.

Current LapEdit

Shows you which lap you are in during a race. The lap display is not shown in two of the boss challenges, as in these courses, there is a goal in another side.

Banana TallyEdit

Shows how many Bananas you have collected in a race.

Elapsed TimeEdit

Shows how long a race has lasted. Every time you clear a lap, the amount of time that lap took will flash for a short time.

World 1: Dino DomainEdit

It's in the cave after the bridge, where the first Gold Balloon is floating on.

Ancient LakeEdit

  • Requirement: 1 Gold Balloon (6 for the Silver Coin Challenge)
  • Vehicles used: Car (default), Hovercraft, Plane
  • Number of Bananas: 21
  • Hazards: The big green dinosaur who can step on you.
  • If you use the hovercraft, you can take a brief shortcut across the pond.
  • Meet T.T.: 67 seconds, Beat T.T.: 61.28 seconds.

Fossil CanyonEdit

  • Requirement: 2 Gold Balloons (7 for the Silver Coin Challenge)
  • Vehicles used: Car (default), Hovercraft, Plane
  • Number of Bananas: 16
  • Use the third Zipper to try to jump over the pond. This is a risky shortcut to take. Of course, you must take this shortcut to get one of the Silver Coins.
  • Meet T.T.: 97 seconds, Beat T.T.: 90.18 seconds.

Jungle FallsEdit

  • Requirement: 3 Gold Balloons (8 for the Silver Coin Challenge)
  • Vehicles used: Car (default), Hovercraft, Plane
  • Number of Bananas: 25
  • At halfway, there's a tunnel that has two Red Balloons and a Yellow Balloon.
  • You may need the plane to fly above to the Rainbow Balloon.
  • In the Silver Coin Challenge, there are two coins on edges of the bridge. Don't fall off, or you may have to restart.
  • Meet T.T.: 68 seconds, Beat T.T.: 62.50 seconds.

Hot Top VolcanoEdit

  • Requirement: 5 Gold Balloons (10 for the Silver Coin Challenge)
  • Vehicles used: Hovercraft, Plane (default)
  • Number of Bananas: 20
  • This one's got lots of lava, along with some lavafalls. It's really hot water and steam with a mixture of chemicals to make it look like lava, so that the racers can safely race on it without getting their hovercrafts burnt.
  • In the Silver Coin Challenge, two can be hard to find. One is behind the pillar in front of the starting line, while another is on the left of the first two forks.
  • Meet T.T.: 95 seconds, Beat T.T.: 90.71 seconds.

After you beat all four courses, the boss challenges will be unlocked. And if you finish the Silver Coin Challenge, you must do a rematch against the bosses. Before the rematch, you will notice that Wizpig's head will appear on the boss door.

Boss: Tricky the TriceratopsEdit

  • Vehicle used: Car
  • Avoid the boulders and the falling trees. Also, do not bump into the coconut trees.
  • If you fall off the edge of the higher portion of the mountain, the race will automatically end.
  • This is a finish-line race. If you touch the checked line, the race ends with you either in 1st or 2nd Place.
  • In the rematch, Tricky goes faster, and there are more logs. Also, some power-up balloons are removed.

Upon winning the rematch, you will win a piece of the Wizpig Amulet, and the boss door will be painted green instead of orange, with Taj's face on the door, indicating that you have defeated the boss twice.

Trophy RaceEdit

After you complete the boss rematch in each of the four worlds, the Trophy Race will be unlocked. In this challenge, your opponents go faster and they are much smarter, especially in Hot Top Volcano. For this last course in the Trophy Race, green boosts might as well be your only hope to win first place, especially in Hot Top Volcano. For every track you complete, you will win up to 9 points (7 for 2nd, 5 or 3rd, 3 or 4th, 1 or 5th, or none for 6th place or lower).

Fire MountainEdit

  • Vehicle used: Plane
  • The key is in Ancient Lake. To find it, go to the small ramp.
  • The goal is to carry dinosaur eggs from the central volcanic crater to your nest, and make sure they hatch before any of them get stolen. The first player to hatch three eggs wins.

If a T.T. challenge is completed, you will win a piece of the T.T. Amulet.

World 2: Snowflake MountainEdit

You'll need the plane to fly through the door.

Everfrost PeakEdit

  • Requirement: 2 Gold Balloons (10 for the Silver Coin Challenge)
  • Vehicles used: Car, Hovercraft, Plane (default)
  • Number of Bananas: 31
  • At halfway is a snow tunnel with at least two zippers. Also, there are Car Zippers you will find on the ground.
  • For the Silver Coin Challenge, getting all the coins requires at least two laps, because one is above and the other is below a bridge.
  • Meet T.T.: 1 min. 53 sec., Beat T.T.: 1 min. 48 sec.

Walrus CoveEdit

  • Requirement: 3 Gold Balloons (11 for the Silver Coin Challenge)
  • Vehicles used: Car (default), Hovercraft
  • Number of Bananas: 14
  • This one has a loop-de-loop. If you use the hovercraft, you will not bounce off from the slippery ice.
  • For the Silver Coin Challenge, there are three coins that are hard to get -- one requires a real sharp turn after the loop-de-loop, another is near the fork in the road at the end, and the last one requires the shortcut near the finish line.
  • Meet T.T.: 2 min. 10 sec., Beat T.T.: 2 min. 6.28 sec.

Snowball ValleyEdit

  • Requirement: 6 Gold Balloons (14 for the Silver Coin Challenge)
  • Vehicles used: Car (default), Hovercraft
  • Number of Bananas: 17
  • The shortest course of Snowflake Mountain, there are two paths to take -- the left is an icy tunnel, the right leads to a big jump.
  • There are giant rolling snowballs before the last tunnel. Do not run into one.
  • The Silver Coin Challenge requires at least two laps, as there are coins in both forks in the road.
  • Meet T.T.: 1 min. 13 sec., Beat T.T.: 66.41 seconds.

Frosty VillageEdit

  • Requirement: 9 Gold Balloons (16 for the Silver Coin Challenge)
  • Vehicles used: Car (default), Hovercraft, Plane
  • Number of Bananas: 29
  • If you use the hovercraft, you can take different paths across the water.
  • For the Silver Coin Challenge, it's very hard. I wouldn't recommend using Zippers this time, because then you'll go past the Silver Coins.
  • Meet T.T.: 1 min. 44 sec., Beat T.T.: 99.40 seconds.

Boss: Bluey the WalrusEdit

  • Vehicle used: Hovercraft
  • Again, another one-lap course. Don't bump into the walls as you go through the tunnels. Even with a lightweight, the first part of the challenge shouldn't be too hard. But in the rematch, it's a different story. Here, snowballs appear from the snowy hills, and some of the power-ups are removed. The rematch might take more than a couple tries even with a heavyweight around.

Trophy RaceEdit

Things can get really difficult by the time you get to Snowball Valley. Green boosts from Blue Balloons are recommended in situations like this.

Icicle PyramidEdit

  • Vehicle used: Car
  • The key is in Snowball Valley. First, use the hovercraft, and take a sharp left turn. You'll see a hole in the wall with the key.
  • The object in this T.T. Challenge is to be the last player remaining. Each player begins with 8 Bananas. One hit, and you lose 2. This means 4 hits and you're out.

World 3: Sherbet IslandEdit

It is recommended that you use the hovercraft. That way, it would be easier to get to the island.

Whale BayEdit

  • Requirement: 10 Gold Balloons (17 for the Silver Coin Challenge)
  • Vehicle used: Hovercraft
  • Number of Bananas: 15
  • There is a whale that can lift you up to a boat.
  • In the Silver Coin Challenge, one of the coins is behind a rock, and you can't take the shortcut.
  • Meet T.T.: 79 seconds, Beat T.T.: 73.11 seconds.

Crescent IslandEdit

  • Requirement: 11 Gold Balloons (18 for the Silver Coin Challenge)
  • Vehicles used: Car (default), Hovercraft
  • Number of Bananas: 18
  • At halfway, you'll see a big pirate ship that you can enter by going through the normal path or by taking the hole.
  • In the Silver Coin Challenge, you'll have to take the ramp and hole to get one coin. Another is a shortcut to the finish line.
  • Meet T.T.: 99 seconds, Beat T.T.: 93.16 seconds.

Pirate LagoonEdit

  • Requirement: 13 Gold Balloons (20 for the Silver Coin Challenge)
  • Vehicle used: Hovercraft
  • Number of Bananas: 22
  • There is a risky shortcut to take before the finish line. It requires the zipper and the ramp.
  • In the Silver Coin Challenge, one coin might be hard to collect. It is to the right of a wide open space.
  • Meet T.T.: 94 seconds, Beat T.T.: 88.56 seconds.

Treasure CavesEdit

  • Requirement: 16 Gold Balloons (22 for the Silver Coin Challenge)
  • Vehicles used: Car (default), Hovercraft, Plane
  • Number of Bananas: 18
  • It's a pretty short course. Halfway through is a cave that's dark with green water.
  • In the Silver Coin Challenge, one of the coins is in the right of some trees.'
  • Meet T.T.: 70 seconds, Beat T.T.: 65.63 seconds.

Boss: Bubbler the OctopusEdit

  • Vehicle used: Hovercraft
  • In the first race, Bubbler will throw mines behind him. Unlike the first two boss challenges, it's a three-lap race like all the normal courses. However, the music does not speed up on the final lap.
  • In the rematch, Bubbler throws air bubbles. Remember, air bubbles can definitely slow you down, and the boss himself goes faster than usual like the previous boss challenges.

Trophy RaceEdit

Don't try to risk yourself in taking shortcuts, as those may slow you down and you may not be able to regain 1st Place.

Darkwater BeachEdit

  • Vehicle used: Hovercraft
  • The key is in Crescent Island. Try using the hovercraft, and take the left path. Go past the zipper and head into the water. A key should appear in the hole of the wall.
  • The goal is the same as in Icicle Pyramid. Just defeat all your opponents with four missiles, mines or oil slicks.

World 4: Dragon ForestEdit

To find this, go through the hole behind the waterfall to the left of the Wizpig statue. It's easier if you use the hovercraft.

Windmill PlainsEdit

  • Requirement: 16 Gold Balloons (23 for the Silver Coin Challenge)
  • Vehicles used: Car, Hovercraft, Plane (default)
  • Number of Bananas: 15
  • This one has lots of windmills that will try to push you out.
  • In the Silver Coin Challenge, one of the coins is behind the waterfall, while most of them are under windmills.
  • Meet T.T.: 2 min. 22 sec., Beat T.T.: 2 min. 13.13 sec.

Greenwood VillageEdit

  • Requirement: 17 Gold Balloons (24 for the Silver Coin Challenge)
  • Vehicles used: Car (default), Hovercraft
  • Number of Bananas: 34
  • If you fall through the well, you'll end up in a different way through the course.
  • For the Silver Coin Challenge, you'll have to take the way through this well, then do a super sharp left turn and go behind Zippers to collect all these coins. Therefore, it will require at least two laps.
  • Meet T.T.: 1 min. 46 sec., Beat T.T.: 1 min. 40.61 sec.

Boulder CanyonEdit

  • Requirement: 20 Gold Balloons (30 for the Silver Coin Challenge)
  • Vehicle used: Hovercraft
  • Number of Bananas: 27
  • Despite this course only available in hovercraft, there are Car Zippers. You will also have to choose from either two paths to leave the castle.
  • For the Silver Coin Challenge, on both paths in the castle, there is one coin each. This means you'll have to do at least two laps, again.
  • Meet T.T.: 2 min. 11 sec., Beat T.T.: 2 min. 2.35 sec.

Haunted WoodsEdit

  • Requirement: 22 Gold Balloons (37 for the Silver Coin Challenge)
  • Vehicle used: Car (default), Hovercraft
  • Number of Bananas: 33
  • It's a very short level. At halfway are Wizpig ghosts.
  • For the Silver Coin Challenge, yet again, it will take two laps, as there is one coin each to the left and right of the fountain.
  • Meet T.T.: 82 seconds, Beat T.T.: 69.51 seconds.

Boss: Smokey the DragonEdit

  • Vehicle used: Plane
  • Smokey will breathe fireballs behind him. You will also see a windmill in the course.
  • If you run into a fireball, you'll knock yourself down.
  • In the rematch, Smokey breathes more fireballs. Also, he goes faster just like the other bosses.

Trophy RaceEdit

This is probably one of the hardest challenges of all. In fact, in Greenwood Village, all of your opponents pair up and go on a faster time.

Smokey CastleEdit

  • Vehicle used: Car
  • The key is in Boulder Canyon. To find it, ring the bell and quickly turn around to reveal the drawbridge opening. Go up it, and grab the key.
  • The goal in Smokey Castle is to store 10 Bananas to your treasure chest. But you can only collect up to 2 Bananas at a time.

Once you have collected the entire Wizpig Amulet, the mouth of the Wizpig statue in Timber's Island will open, giving you access to the first Wizpig challenge.

Wizpig Race #1Edit

  • Vehicle used: Car
  • Use the plane to fly through the mouth of the statue.
  • During the race, you will have to get all green boosts from Zippers to make sure Wizpig doesn't place first, because he goes very fast, and can even fly.
  • If you lose, Wizpig will show that he's unstoppable after all, and you'll be sent back to the island, like you've been sent back to the lobby of any of the four worlds if you failed a boss challenge.
  • If you win, you will see the first ending sequence where everyone has a party.

World 5: Future Fun LandEdit

To enter this place, you must get Gold Trophies from all four worlds. Touch the sign, and the lighthouse will fly away, leaving behind a path to Future Fun Land.

Spacedust AlleyEdit

  • Requirement: 39 Gold Balloons (43 for the Silver Coin Challenge)
  • Vehicles used: Car, Hovercraft, Plane (default)
  • Number of Bananas: 33
  • This one has flying boulders, shock waves and laser-attacking UFOs.
  • There is a shortcut you can take, and it's below the normal entrance to a cave.
  • In the Silver Coin Challenge, two coins are on the right sides of one UFO. Another requires the shortcut, and the other must be taken from the normal path.
  • Meet T.T.: 2 min. 12 sec., Beat T.T.: 2 min. 6.16 sec.

Darkmoon CavernsEdit

  • Requirement: 40 Gold Balloons (44 for the Silver Coin Challenge)
  • Vehicles used: Car (default), Hovercraft
  • Number of Bananas: 25
  • It's got loop-de-loops and another laser-attacking UFO (which cannot be seen 'cause it's in the sky).
  • In the Silver Coin Challenge, one coin is just before the loop-de-loop, and for another, you may need to make a curve that shouldn't be too sharp or too light.
  • Meet T.T.: 2 min. 20 sec., Beat T.T.: 2 min. 12.05 sec.

Spaceport AlphaEdit

  • Requirement: 41 Gold Balloons (45 for the Silver Coin Challenge)
  • Vehicles used: Car, Hovercraft, Plane (default)
  • Number of Bananas: 41
  • You'll have to face laser balls that fly out in your way. So don't take the Zipper in this area.
  • For the Silver Coin Challenge, you may need to use Pipsy, who can do very sharp turns, as most coins are on the edges of the walls.
  • Meet T.T.: 2 min. 16 sec., Beat T.T.: 2 min. 9.03 sec.

Star CityEdit

  • Requirement: 42 Gold Balloons (46 for the Silver Coin Challenge)
  • Vehicles used: Car (default), Hovercraft, Plane
  • Number of Bananas: 24
  • If you fall off the curvy bridge, you may have to go back on track losing race positions.
  • In the Silver Coin Challenge, three coins should be easy to spot before reaching the city, and the next four each require a sharp turn.
  • Meet T.T.: 2 min. 7 sec., Beat T.T.: 2 min. 1.45 sec.

After you complete all four courses for the first time, you won't go to a boss challenge; instead, you'll go straight to the Silver Coin Challenge, starting with Spacedust Alley.

Trophy RaceEdit

If you can finish this challenge (you will still need all 47 Gold Balloons), the Trophy Board will disappear from the beaches of Sherbet Island.

Wizpig Race #2Edit

  • Vehicle used: Plane
  • To enter the T.T. door, you will need the entire T.T. Amulet and all 47 Gold Balloons.
  • To beat Wizpig: Avoid the big boulders, shock waves and laser balls in this entire course for three laps.
  • This time, Wizpig rides a rocket, and not only that, you get to use Red and Blue Balloons.

After you beat Wizpig for the second and last time, Wizpig's rocket will send him to an unknown planet, and the heroes party again on Timber's Island. The Wizpig statue on the mountainside is now replaced by a golden statue of Taj's head.

Upon completing the game, Adventure Two will be unlocked. Here, all the Gold Balloons are now Silver (or Platinum), the Silver Coins are in different places, and the courses are mirrored.

Multiplayer ModeEdit

Like mentioned before, you can usually only play the game in Tracks mode with up to four players. First, you must choose a course, then select a vehicle for each player (they don't have to use the same vehicle), and finally, decide how many racers will participate (two, four or six). If a higher number than 2 is confirmed, the other racers will be operated by the computer, just like how it does to seven other racers when playing the 1-player mode.

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