The following instruction manual is for the Nintendo 64 video game, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.


In a distant corner of the galaxy, fairies lived peacefully on the planet called Ripple Star. But then one day, a mysterious black cloud appeared and surrounded the peaceful planet. The cloud, a sinister force known as Dark Matter, had come in search of the fairies' secret treasure -- their shining Crystal. A fairy named Ribbon knew that dreadful things would come to pass if Dark Matter gained control of the powerful Crystal. She grabbed the shining stone and escaped from Ripple Star - just before the planet was completely engulfed. But as Ribbon fled, three dark clouds split from the mass of Dark Matter to chase her through space. And when they caught up with her and attacked, the fairies' crystal shattered into tiny shards, which dropped like falling stars onto the many planets in the solar system. Still holding one of , Ribbon fell onto the planet called Pop Star -- where perhaps by fate -- she ran smack in to Kirby. After hearing her desperate plight, Kirby resolved to help Ribbon recover all of .


When playing Kirby 64, you hold the controller in Home Position.

Control PadEdit

  • Press Left or Right to walk.
  • Quickly press Left or Right twice to run.
  • After inhaling something, press Down to swallow or copy.
  • Press Down to duck.
  • When standing on a ledge, press Down to jump down.

L, R, or C ButtonsEdit

  • Lift an enemy or a star, then press a second time to throw it into the air.

B ButtonEdit

  • Throw an enemy or a star.
  • Inhale when Kirby has no copy ability.
  • Exhale after inhaling an object.
  • While obtaining a copy ability, attack with your special power.

A ButtonEdit

  • Jump.
  • After jumping, fly.
  • Swim when underwater.
  • Press A + Down to slide.

Start ButtonEdit

  • Pause the game.

How to PlayEdit

Similar to in Donkey Kong 64, there are three save files, as well as options like mini games, info cards for the enemies, replays of cutscenes throughout the game, and audio settings. But in this game, you only get two audio options -- Stereo and Mono.

As you begin the game, you must first choose a planet, then a stage. In each stage, the goal is to recover all of . If you miss any upon clearing a stage, you can return to the cleared stage at any time.


  • Food: Increases Kirby's health by one point.
  • Maxim Tomato Fully restores Kirby's health.
  • Stars: If you collect 30 of these, you will gain an extra life.
  • 1-UP: You automatically get an extra life with one of these.
  • Invincibility Candy: Makes Kirby invincible for a short time.
  • Crystal Shard: There are 3 in each level.
  • Enemy Card: Collect more of these and you will see more info cards for the enemies from the Options menu.


Main AbilitiesEdit

  • Needle
  • Spark
  • Burning
  • Ice
  • Cutter
  • Stone
  • Bomb


  • Double Fire Ball
  • Volcano
  • Fire Sword
  • Melting Ice Cube
  • Flame Thrower
  • Fire Starter
  • Fireworks
  • Double Stone
  • Dynamite
  • Stone Friends
  • Hockey Puck
  • Power Drill
  • Electric Rock
  • Missile
  • Ninja Bombs
  • Exploding Snowman
  • Exploding Gordo
  • Light Blub Blast
  • Double Cutter
  • Ice Skating
  • Snare
  • Lightsaber
  • Giant Snowball
  • Snowflake
  • Refrigerator
  • Double Needle
  • Needle Gun
  • Double Spark

Mini GamesEdit

  • 100-Yard Hop: Carefully hop to the finish line. Watch out for puddles and frogs!
  • Bumper Crop Bump: Catch the falling food in your basket. Use the + Control Pad and A Button when it's time to bump someone.
  • Checker Board Chase: Get the drop on your opponents! When all the others have fallen five times, you win!


  • World 1: Pop Star
  • World 2: Rock Star
  • World 3: Aqua Star
  • World 4: Neo Star
  • World 5: Shiver Star
  • World 6: Ripple Star



Kirby, naturally, is the hero of of this tale. Kind and jolly by nature, he turns tough-guy lend his storied talents to the imperiled fairies of the Ripple Star planet. Surely he'll be able to recover .


A fairy from Ripple Star, Ribbon escapes the planet with the fairies' Crystal, only to fall victim to a Dark Matter ambush. When she loses control of the Crystal, she turns to Kirby for help.

King DededeEdit

Long-time rival King Dedede finds one of the missing Crystal Shards on his castle grounds. Whatever will he do with it?

Waddle DeeEdit

Kirby cohort Waddle Dee gets himself in gobs of trouble when he happens upon another of the powerful Shards.


Adeleine, an aspiring young artist, comes to Pop Star to study art but finds herself in the middle of a Dark Matter mess.

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