The following instruction manual is for the Nintendo 64 video game, Mario Kart 64.


  • Control Stick: Steer your cart.
  • Start: Pause the game.
  • L Button: Toggle the background music.
  • R Button: Jump, hold to slide.
  • Z and C-Down Buttons: Use items.
  • C-Up Button: Change view.
  • B Button: Brake.
  • A Button: Accelerate.

Menu SelectionsEdit

  • 1-Player Grand Prix: Play by yourself against all the other racers. Comprised of 50cc, 100cc and 150cc.
  • 1-Player Time Trial: Break time records on one track each. Used for practice.
  • 2-Player Grand Prix: Play against an opponent, along with all the other racers.
  • 2-Player VS: Same as above, except with no other racers.
  • 2-Player Battle: Pop each other's three balloons.

VS and Battle modes also apply to 3-Player and 4-Player versions.


  • Sound Mode: Lets you choose between Stereo, Mono and Headphone.
  • Erase All Data: Allows you to erase all Grand Prix cups and time trials.
  • Copy N64 Controller Pak: Allows you to copy the Ghost Data saved in one pak to another.


  • Race Position: Shows what position you are currently on. The lower the position, the color changes from yellow to red.
  • Top Four: Shows which racers are about to win points.
  • Lap Display: There are three per track. Once you're on "LAP 3/3", the music speeds up.
  • Item Display: Shows what item you got from the Item Box.
  • Time Display: Displays how long the track lasted.
  • Lower-right picture: Shows a layout of the racetrack, your current speed and all the race positions.


  • Mario: Top speed, acceleration and steering are all normal.
  • Luigi: Similar to Mario, can also use Star power.
  • Peach: Fastest acceleration, better top speed than in SMK.
  • Toad: Again, good acceleration and excellent steering.
  • Yoshi: Same abilities as Peach and Toad, and can also be thrown around when hit by a heavyweight.
  • Donkey Kong: Slowest acceleration, with reduced top speed.
  • Wario: Same as DK.
  • Bowser: Similar abilities as Donkey Kong and Wario, but slightly slower.


  • Banana: One single hit and you may spin out.
  • Banana Bunch: Comprised of five Bananas. If you crash into one, you'll slow down even more.
  • Green Shell: Can hit other karts and be used as a shield from other power-ups.
  • Triple Green Shells: They spin around you until you get rid of them.
  • Red Shell: It will target itself to the leading driver.
  • Triple Red Shells: This one's really helpful, but often cannot be used for 1st Place.
  • Spiny Shell: The most powerful item, it hits all other drivers in the way.
  • Boo: Allows you to steal other driver's item.
  • Lightning Bolt: Shrinks all the other drivers.
  • Mushroom: Gives your kart a boost.
  • Triple Mushrooms: Gives you a maximum of three boosts. You use this in Time Trials.
  • Super Mushroom: Gives you unlimited boosts for a short time.
  • Super Star: If you use this, you can run into other karts and send them flying.
  • Fake Item Box: Don't get confused -- these items have upside down question marks.

The TracksEdit

Mushroom CupEdit

Luigi RacewayEdit

  • Distance: 717m
  • There is a TV screen and a tunnel in the middle of this track.
  • The second lap will add a hot-air balloon with a Spiny Shell item.

Moo Moo FarmEdit

  • Distance: 527m
  • Beware of Chubby the Mole -- they will pop out and make you crash out and possibly land with the cows.

Koopa Troopa BeachEdit

  • Distance: 691m
  • The water from the outer layer will rise and sink back. There are also crabs that can spin you out.
  • There are two shortcuts -- one around the rocks and across the sandbar. The other requires a Mushroom. Activate it before you are about to jump off the ramp.

Kalimari DesertEdit

  • Distance: 753m
  • This one has a train and a tunnel. If you try to leave the track, Lakitu will send you back on.
  • There is a shortcut you can take. Use the Super Star, and go through the tunnel after you just used it.

Flower CupEdit

Toad's TurnpikeEdit

  • Distance: 1036m
  • This one has lots of cars all over the place. The item blocks are also off the track.

Frappe SnowlandEdit

  • Distance: 734m
  • It's got a small river. You must jump over it, and cross it on the bridge before you move on to the next lap.
  • After the first jump, there are lots of snowmen and a Mario statue. Don't collide by any of them.

Choco MountainEdit

  • Distance: 687m
  • After you make it halfway, boulders will start falling off the cliff and land in the lake below. There is also a gate that can prevent you from falling inthe 50cc Cup and in Time Trial mode.

Mario RacewayEdit

  • Distance: 567m
  • It has a rotating Mario "GO" sign and Piranha Plants. Before the last curve is a pipe tunnel.
  • You can take a shortcut here, by using a Turbo Boost over the wall.

Star CupEdit

Wario StadiumEdit

  • Distance: 1591m
  • It's a long track, but you can still pull it off by jumping over the bumpy wall. Use a Turbo Boost, that'll help.
  • There is also another way to finish the track earlier -- jump over it again. You will then be able to finish the track in at least 20 seconds.

Sherbet LandEdit

  • Distance: 756m
  • There's sliding penguins on this one, and an icy tunnel.
  • One of the lone Item Blocks is on the very right.

Royal RacewayEdit

  • Distance: 1025m
  • More Piranha Plants in here, and you can use two zippers here. The second zipper is also a ramp.
  • There is one shortcut here. First approach the water meters away from the high zipper, and use the Turbo Boost. You will then be sent over to the high ramp, shaving off several seconds.

Bowser's CastleEdit

  • Distance: 777m
  • It's a track surrounded by lava.
  • There are also lots of Thwomps here. On the 50cc, 100cc and 150cc classes, the Thwomps blocking one of the entrances increase. In Time Trials, two Thwomps will block it.
  • If you go too slow on the jumps, you'll lose time by falling into the lava.

Special CupEdit

DK's Jungle ParkwayEdit

  • Distance: 893m
  • It has a cruise ship and a big waterfall.
  • And after the zipper ramp, do not go too far to the left, or you'll fall into the river.

Yoshi ValleyEdit

  • Distance: 772m
  • This one has the Top Four replaced with black squares and yellow question marks.
  • It's a load of narrow roads, but before the last bridge is a huge Yoshi egg.

Banshee BoardwalkEdit

  • Distance: 747m
  • It's the scariest track of all. There's a jumping Cheep-Cheep and coming out of a big chest are loads of bats.
  • The track is a wooden boardwalk above water.

Rainbow RoadEdit

  • Distance: 2000m
  • The longest, yet the most colorful and dreamy track of all. There are Chain Chomps all over this track.
  • On the first seconds, you can take the jump, or a shortcut that subtracts over 30 seconds.

The maximum number of points you can win is 36. This way, you can gain first place (Gold Cup). 2nd Place is awarded the Silver Cup, and 3rd for the Bronze Cup.

Battle ModeEdit

Big DonutEdit

  • A large circle surrounded by lava.
  • You lose one balloon if you fall into the center.

Block FortEdit

  • A multi-level arena with three floors each.
  • There are so many Item Blocks, dropping a fake one will confuse the other players.

Double DeckEdit

  • About the same size as Block Fort, it is quite larger than the other arenas.
  • It is harder to locate opponents when using this track.


  • It's probably the hardest track to fight on.
  • If you fall off on any side, you'll lose a balloon.

See if you can beat the record of every player!

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