The following instruction manual is for the Nintendo 64 video game, Super Mario 64.


Will Princess Toadstool be kidnapped again? Is there no end to the constant feuding between Mario and Bowser?

"Mario, please come to the castle. I've baked a cake for you. Yours truly, Princess Toadstool."

"Wow, an invitation from Peach! I'll head out right away. I hope she can wait for me!"

Mario is so excited to receive the invitation from the Princess, who lives in the Mushroom Castle, that he quickly dresses in his best and leaves right away.

"Hmmmm, something's not quite right here... It's so quiet..." Shaking off his uneasy premonition, Mario steps into the silent castle, where he is greeted by the gruff words,

"No one's home! Now scram! Bwa, ha, ha." The sound seems to come from everywhere.

"Who's there? I've heard that voice somewhere before..." Mario begins searching all over the castle. Most of the doors are locked, but finding one open, he peeks inside. Hanging on the wall is the largest painting he has ever seen, and from behind the painting comes the strangest sound that he has ever heard...

"I think I hear someone calling. What secrets does this painting hold?" Without a second thought, Mario jumps at the painting. As he is drawn into it, another world opens before his very eyes. And so begins the grandest of all adventures!

Once inside the painting, Mario finds himself in the midst of battling Bob-Ombs. According to the Bob-Omb Buddies, someone...or something...has suddenly attacked the castle and stolen the "Power Stars". These stars protect the castle; with the stars in his control, the beast plans to take over the Mushroom Castle. To help him accomplish this, he plans to convert the residents of the painting world into monsters as well. If nothing is done, all those monsters will soon begin to overflow from inside the painting.

"A plan this maniacal, this cunning...this must be the work of Bowser!"

Princess Toadstool and Toad are missing, too. Bowser must have taken them and sealed them inside the painting. Unless Mario recovers the Power Stars immedietly, the inhabitants of this world will become Bowser's army.

"Well, Bowser's not going to get away with it, not as long as I'm around!"

Stolen Power Stars are hidden throughout the painting world. Use your wisdom and strength to recover the Power Stars and restore peace to the Mushroom Castle.

"Mario! You are the only one we can count on."

Before starting the gameEdit

Before you start the game and guide Mario on this quest use the opening screen to become familiar with the new controller!

Insert the Game Pak into the Nintendo 64 Control Deck and slide the POWER switch to the "ON" position. (While doing so, make sure not to touch the control stick.) Mario's face will be displayed, followed by the title logo.

On the opening screen where Mario's face appears, you can move Mario and play with his face. Press the A Button to display the hand-shaped cursor. At certain spots, you can "pinch" Mario's face. Using the control stick, move the cursor to any of the circle marks, and press the A Button to pinch him. Hold the A Button as you move the cursor to make Mario's face stretch. Release the A Button, and his face will return to normal. Before releasing the A Button, if you hold the R Button, you can pinch any other circle mark and the face will keep its distorted form.

Press the B Button to make Mario's face zoom and scale in three steps.

  • You can rotate Mario's face up and down using the C-up and C-down buttons.
  • You can rotate Mario's face left and right using the C-left and C-right buttons.
  • You can zoom away from Mario's face with the B Button.

Press Start again to go to the Select File screen. Select one of the four game files (Mario A, B, C or D) with the control stick, and press Start to begin the game. Your progress will be saved into the selected file.

  • Audio: Choose from three modes. The one selected will be displayed -- either Stereo, Mono or Headset.
  • Score: You can see the score of each save file. Press the A Button on the Score screen to switch between My Score and Hi Score.
  • Copy: You can copy the contents of one save file to another. This will allow you to play someone else's saved game without affecting their saved data.
  • Erase: Use this only if you want to erase the data saved in a selected file. Erasing the saved data will let you play from the very beginning.

The BasicsEdit


  • Motion: Control Stick. The harder you push it, Mario will run.
  • Side Step: Step up next to a wall, and tilt the Control Stick.
  • Read Signs/Talk: Press the B Button while standing next to one.
  • Swim: Press A while in water.
  • Grab Things Underwater: Press B while in water.
  • Breast Stroke: Press A repeatedly while in water.
  • Flutter Kick: Press and hold A.
  • Crouch: Press Z when stopped.
  • Crouch and Slide: Control Stick + Z.
  • Crawl: Z + Control Stick.
  • Jump: Press A.
  • Continuous Jump: Press A twice.
  • Triple Jump: Press A + A + A while running.
  • Side Somersault: Press A while making a U-turn.Wall Kick: Jump towards a wall, then jump again while hitting it.
  • Backward Somersault: Press Z + A.
  • Long Jump: Control Stick + Z + A.
  • Punch: Press B.
  • Kick: Press B three times.
  • Jump Kick: Press A + B.
  • Hold and Throw: Press B as you approach, then use the Control Stick and press B to throw.
  • Swing: Press B to grab Bowser's tail, swivel the Control Stick to spin, and press B to throw.
  • Slide Attack: Run at top speed, then press B.
  • Pound the Ground: Press A + Z.
  • Trip: Press Z + B.
  • Slide Kick: Control Stick + Z + B.


  • Yellow Coin: Very common. Refills the Power Meter by one.
  • Blue Coin: Appears after destroying a Blue Coin Block. Worth 5 coins. Will disappear after a short time!
  • Red Coin: Worth 2 coins, there are 8 in each course. They make different sounds in the Japanese version. If you collect them all, a Star will appear.
  • 1-UP Mushroom: Adds one extra life.
  • Spinning Heart: Run through it, and you'll refill your Power Meter. Sometimes, there are two of these in one course.
  • Koopa Shell: You can ride on one of these, especially on lava and quicksand.
  • Yellow "!" Block: Contains various items, such as 3 or 10 Yellow Coins, a Koopa Shell, a 1-UP Mushroom, or even a Power Star.
  • Red "!" Block: Contains a Wing Cap.
  • Green "!" Block: Contains a Metal Cap.
  • Blue "!" Block: Contains a Vanish Cap.
  • Purple "!" Switch: Step on it, and something will happen.
  • Throw Block: It will always have three coins after it breaks.
  • Power Star: This is the most important item in the game. If you've already collected one, it will turn fake.


  • Goomba: The old enemy we've met many times. Gives 1/8 damage, worth 1 Yellow Coin.
  • Bob-omb: If you lift it or let it see you, it'll light its fuse and explode momentarily. Gives 2/8 damage, worth 1 Yellow Coin.
  • Koopa Troopa: Very weak enemy. Stomp on its shell to make it naked. :D Gives no damage, worth 1 Blue Coin.
  • Chain Chomp: Huge enemy that wants to take a bite out of everything. Gives 3/8 damage.
  • Piranha Plant: The Whomp's Fortress version just sleeps. If you walk near it, it'll start to bite. Gives 3/8 damage, worth 1 Blue Coin.
  • Whomp: If it sees you, it'll try to crush you. Gives 3/8 damage, worth 5-10 Yellow Coins.
  • Thwomp: A blue block that looks angry. Another crushing enemy. Gives 3/8 damage.
  • Bullet Bill: Always blows out of its cannon from Whomp's Fortress. Gives 3/8 damage.
  • Unagi the Eel: Swims around after you've collected its Star, gives 3/8 damage.
  • Spindrift: Stomp on it and you'll spin through the air. Gives 2/8 damage, worth 3 coins.
  • Snowman: It pops out of the snow and throws snowballs. Spin around it. Gives 2/8 damage, worth 3 coins.
  • Boo Ghost: If you face it, it'll fade away. Gives 2/8 damage, worth 1 Yellow Coin or Blue Coin.
  • Scuttle Bug: The creepy spider. Gives 1/8 damage, worth 3 coins.
  • Angry Book: Appears from bookshelves. Gives 2/8 damage, worth 1 Blue Coin.
  • Mr. I: Spin around this eyeball. Gives 2/8 damage, worth 1 Blue Coin.
  • Mad Piano: If you go near it, it'll start chomping. Gives 3/8 damage.
  • Bat: Found in Hazy Maze Cave, flies from high places. Gives 1/8 damage, worth 1 coin.
  • Snufit: Spits out black dots. Gives 1/8 damage, worth 2 coins.
  • Monty Mole: Appears from its own hole and throws rocks. Gives 2/8 damage, worth a 1-UP.
  • Bully: Pushes Mario in fiery courses. Gives no damage, worth 1 coin.
  • Flyguy: Will go straight for Mario, and sometimes spits out fire. Gives 2/8 damage, worth 2 coins.
  • Pokey: Contains five spiky balls. Chop off its head to defeat it. Gives 2/8 damage, worth 1 Blue Coin.
  • Klepto: It will try to go for your cap.
  • Amp: Shocks Mario. Gives 1/8 damage.
  • Spindel and Grindel: They try to crush Mario in different ways. Give 3/8 damage.
  • Sushi the Shark: Just swims around, but if it runs into Mario, it gives 3/8 damage.
  • Coin Frog: It normally looks like a coin, but turns into a frog if you approach it. Gives 2/8 damage, worth 5 coins.Heave-Ho: This enemy catapults you very high. Gives 2/8 damage.
  • Skeeter: A green spider. Gives 2/8 damage, worth 3 coins.
  • Chuckya: Tries to grab you and throw you off. Worth 5 coins.
  • Huge Goomba: Found in Tiny-Huge Island. Gives 2/8 damage. Worth 1 Yellow Coin or Blue Coin.
  • Tiny Goomba: Found in Tiny-Huge Island. Gives no damage, then disappears. Worth 1 coin.
  • Tiny Koopa Troopa: Found in Tiny-Huge Island. Gives no damage, then disappears. Worth 1 Blue Coin.
  • Piranha Plant V2: This version sprouts from the ground and spits fire. Gives 2/8 damage, worth 1 or 2 coins.
  • Lakitu: Throws Spinys. The Spinys give 2/8 damage, Lakitu is worth 5 coins.


  • Number of lives: You begin with 4. The limit will always be 100.
  • Power Meter: Normally, there are eight pieces in all. It will change color for every two pieces lost, from blue, green, yellow, and to red. If all eight are filled, the Power Meter will not appear (unless you're swimming above water). It will go down slowly while you're underwater, and will go down very fast while you're in freezing cold water or toxic gas. You will be in danger if your Power Meter is red (at 2 pieces). When all power is gone, you lose a life.
  • Number of coins: Only appears in course levels. On few occasions, however, coins will be present within the castle walls and grounds, which would only be useful for refilling the Power Meter. The limit is 999, but up to 255 can be recorded.
  • Number of Stars: There are 120 in all.
  • Time: If you're racing Koopa the Quick or practicing the Princess's Secret Slide, this will appear and start ticking away.
  • Camera Angle: Press R to switch from Lakitu's view to Mario's view. Use the C Buttons to make the angle go farther.

While you're underwater, a clock will also start ticking away from one minute to zero, as long as you don't refill it. The clock will go like this:

  • 7 HP left - 60 seconds (time starts)
  • 6 HP left - 51 seconds
  • 5 HP left - 43 seconds
  • 4 HP left - 34 seconds
  • 3 HP left - 26 seconds
  • 2 HP left - 17 seconds
  • 1 HP left - 9 seconds

The LevelsEdit

Castle GroundsEdit

This is where you begin the game. No enemies at all, but 2 Yellow Coins are found under the bridge above the moat. Try wall kicking up to them, and you'll get a 1-UP. Other than that, you'll see a bunch of signs to read with helpful tips, and some 1-UP Mushrooms. As soon as you reach the bridge, Lakitu will appear to "report" what Mario is doing. You will then open the door to the castle entrance. More will be explained on the "After 120 Stars" page.

Castle InteriorEdit

As you enter for the first time, a booming message appears: "Welcome. No one's home! Now scram -- and don't come back! Gwa ha ha!" After the message fades away, you will see many doors, a sun fragment, and Toad to your left. This Toad will tell you all about Bowser's invasion of the castle, and the doors in the lobby.

There are four Yellow Coins in the lobby in case you need to recover. Most of the doors are locked, thus you need a certain number of Power Stars or Keys to open them. For doors that have a number marked on the star, they represent how many Stars you need. For the big star doors, they often lead to the Bowser courses. The fourth big star door, which is located at the top of the castle, will still open, but a curse will be put on the stairs in front of it.

Signs are hung all around the walls. Two are in the room with Course 1, one's near the exit of the room in Course 2, another two are in the rooms to Courses 3 and 4, another in the small room to the Princess's Secret Slide, another near the door that leads to the moat, and finally, the last one is in the second floor.

Several Toads can be found in the castle. Two are in the rooms with Courses 2 and 3, another's in the basement, another's next to the entrance to Course 6, the sixth and seventh Toads are in the second floor, and the final one is at the third floor.

Behind the castle is the courtyard. Eventually, Boo Ghosts will fill it up, each holding a Yellow Coin. Signs are posted in the courtyard, two behind the Star statue, and two are on the very left and very right.

Course 1: Bob-omb BattlefieldEdit

  • Star 1: Big Bob-omb on the Summit
  • Star 2: Footrace with Koopa the Quick
  • Star 3: Shoot to the Island in the Sky
  • Star 4: Find the 8 Red Coins
  • Star 5: Mario Wings to the Sky
  • Star 6: Behind Chain Chomp's Gate

Course 2: Whomp's FortressEdit

  • Star 1: Chip off Whomp's Block
  • Star 2: To the Top of the Fortress
  • Star 3: Shoot into the Wild Blue
  • Star 4: Red Coins on the Floating Isle
  • Star 5: Fall onto the Caged Island
  • Star 6: Blast Away the Wall

Course 3: Jolly Roger BayEdit

  • Star 1: Plunder in the Sunken Ship
  • Star 2: Can the Eel Come out to Play?
  • Star 3: Treasure of the Ocean Cave
  • Star 4: Red Coins on the Ship Afloat
  • Star 5: Blast to the Stone Pillar
  • Star 6: Through the Jet Stream

Course 4: Cool, Cool MountainEdit

  • Star 1: Slip Slidin' Away
  • Star 2: Li'l Penguin Lost
  • Star 3: Big Penguin Race
  • Star 4: Frosty Slide for 8 Red Coins
  • Star 5: Snowman's Lost His Head
  • Star 6: Wall Kicks Will Work

Course 5: Big Boo's HauntEdit

  • Star 1: Go on a Ghost Hunt
  • Star 2: Ride Big Boo's Merry-Go-Round
  • Star 3: Secret of the Haunted Books
  • Star 4: Seek the 8 Red Coins
  • Star 5: Big Boo's Balcony
  • Star 6: Eye to Eye in the Secret Room

Course 6: Hazy Maze CaveEdit

  • Star 1: Swimming Beast in the Cavern
  • Star 2: Elevate for 8 Red Coins
  • Star 3: Metal-Head Mario Can Move!
  • Star 4: Navigating the Toxic Maze
  • Star 5: A-Maze-Ing Emergency Exit
  • Star 6: Watch for Rolling Rocks

Course 7: Lethal Lava LandEdit

  • Star 1: Boil the Big Bully
  • Star 2: Bully the Bullies
  • Star 3: 8-Coin Puzzle with 15 Pieces
  • Star 4: Red-Hot Log Rolling
  • Star 5: Hot Foot-It into the Volcano
  • Star 6: Elevator Tour in the Volcano

Course 8: Shifting Sand LandEdit

  • Star 1: In the Talons of the Big Bird
  • Star 2: Shining Atop the Pyramid
  • Star 3: Inside the Ancient Pyramid
  • Star 4: Stand Tall on the Four Pillars
  • Star 5: Free Flying for 8 Red Coins
  • Star 6: Pyramid Puzzle

Course 9: Dire, Dire DocksEdit

  • Star 1: Board Bowser's Sub
  • Star 2: Chests in the Current
  • Star 3: Pole-Jumping for Red Coins
  • Star 4: Through the Jet Stream
  • Star 5: The Manta Ray's Reward
  • Star 6: Collect the Caps...

Course 10: Snowman's LandEdit

  • Star 1: Snowman's Big Head
  • Star 2: Chill with the Bully
  • Star 3: In the Deep Freeze
  • Star 4: Whirl from the Freezing Pond
  • Star 5: Shell Shreddin' for Red Coins
  • Star 6: Into the Igloo

Course 11: Wet-Dry WorldEdit

  • Star 1: Shocking Arrow Lifts!
  • Star 2: Top o' the Town
  • Star 3: Secrets in the Shallows & Sky
  • Star 4: Express Elevator--Hurry Up!
  • Star 5: Go to Town for Red Coins
  • Star 6: Quick Race Through Downtown!

Course 12: Tall, Tall MountainEdit

  • Star 1: Scale the Mountain
  • Star 2: Mystery of the Monkey Cage
  • Star 3: Scary 'Shrooms, Red Coins
  • Star 4: Mysterious Mountainside
  • Star 5: Breathtaking View from Bridge
  • Star 6: Blast to the Lonely Mushroom

Course 13: Tiny-Huge IslandEdit

  • Star 1: Pluck the Piranha Flower
  • Star 2: The Tip Top of the Huge Island
  • Star 3: Rematch with Koopa the Quick
  • Star 4: Five Itty Bitty Secrets
  • Star 5: Wiggler's Red Coins
  • Star 6: Make Wiggler Squirm

Course 14: Tick Tock ClockEdit

  • Star 1: Roll into the Cage
  • Star 2: The Pit and the Pendulums
  • Star 3: Get a Hand
  • Star 4: Stomp on the Thwomp
  • Star 5: Timed Jumps on Moving Bars
  • Star 6: Stop Time for Red Coins

Course 15: Rainbow RideEdit

  • Star 1: Cruiser Crossing the Rainbow
  • Star 2: The Big House in the Sky
  • Star 3: Coins Amassed in a Maze
  • Star 4: Swingin' in the Breeze
  • Star 5: Tricky Triangles!
  • Star 6: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Bowser in the Dark WorldEdit

  • The entrance is in the lobby. Go up the stairs and to the left through the star door. You need 8 Stars to enter.
  • The enemies are Amps, Goombas, and a few blowtorches.
  • A Metal Cap is in this level.

Bowser in the Fire SeaEdit

  • The entrance is in the basement. Enter the star door that requires 30 Stars. It's a hole in front of Dire, Dire Docks.
  • The enemies are Amps, Goombas, some Bullies, a Bob-omb, and a couple of Flame Balls.
  • There are two Spinning Hearts in this level, in case you fall in the lava too many times.

Bowser in the SkyEdit

  • The entrance is in the very top of the castle. Here, you need 70 Stars to enter. If you only have 50~69 Stars, the music will change, and you'll end up going up the stairs forever and ever. But not really, because if you turn around, the exit will still be there.
  • Before you enter and exit, a message will appear: "To open the door that leads to the endless stairs, you need 70 Stars. Bwa ha ha!" In the Japanese version, Bowser will also tell you how many more Stars you still need.
  • There are 72 steps in this staircase. To the left and right are 8 pictures each of Bowser and Peach.
  • The enemies are Amps, Goombas, a Whomp, Bob-ombs, a Piranha Plant, and that's it.
  • There are two Spinning Hearts in this level.

Castle Secret StarsEdit

  1. The Princess's Secret Slide (1 Star)
  2. The Princess's Secret Slide (in under 21 seconds)
  3. The Secret Aquarium (3 Stars)
  4. Tower of the Wing Cap
  5. Bowser in the Dark World
  6. Mips the Rabbit (15 Stars)
  7. Mips the Rabbit (50 Stars)
  8. Toad in the basement (12 Stars)
  9. Cavern of the Metal Cap
  10. Vanish Cap Under the Moat
  11. Bowser in the Fire Sea
  12. Toad in the second floor (30+ Stars)
  13. Toad in the third floot (50 Stars)
  14. Wing Mario Over the Rainbow (50 Stars)
  15. Bowser in the Sky

Cap Switch PalacesEdit

Tower of the Wing Cap:

After you have 10 Stars, stand up while you're standing on the sun fragment. You'll be in the skies with a Wing Cap. To collect the 8 Red Coins, just fly through the four rings with 2 Red Coins each. Don't miss one, or you may need to start over. The Star is on the lowest tower, next to the Red Switch.

Cavern of the Metal Cap:

This one's in Hazy Maze Cave. Go back to the Underground Lake, and take the dinosaur to the double doors. Down the hallway, you'll see another metallic pool. Jump inside. For the Red Coins, start with the Metal Cap on. The first two are near the crystals. #3 and #4 are near the green switch. Finally, the last ones are underwater. You definitely need the Metal Cap for those. The Star is also underwater. But if you get pushed too far, you'll land in the waterfall outside the castle.

Vanish Cap Under the Moat:

Drain the water in the moat first for this one, by pounding on the two platforms. Now you can open the door that will lead to the hole where the Vanish Cap Palace is. Just collect the 8 Red Coins. The first four are on the slide. #5 and #6 are on the edges of a seesaw. #7 is on the next set of elevator lifts. #8 is next to the Blue "!" Switch. Now's our chance to get the Star. It's through the fence! But do not fall off, or you'll end up appearing from the hole underwater.

After 120 StarsEdit

  • Once you've completed the game, restart the file where your game has ended. Now go to the cannon hatch formerly covered by a wire. Blast yourself to the roof. Up there, you'll find three 1-UP Mushrooms, a Red "!" Block, and an old pal -- Yoshi. Talk to him, and he'll give you 100 extra lives, then he'll jump off and disappear.
  • In Cool, Cool Mountain, the penguin will be much faster and bigger. If you beat him, you'll just earn a fake star that you've already collected.
  • If you defeat Bowser in the Sky with 120 Stars, Bowser will say something different before leaving. Then Mario will grab the huge star, and fly off. He'll land in the castle, and the Star will reveal Princess Peach. The princess floats down, and Mario runs over to her. Peach wakes up, and kisses Mario. After the credits, the "The End" screen will appear.

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