The following instruction manual is for the NES video game, Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels.


  • Up: Climb up vines.
  • Down: Crouch.
  • Left: Walk to the left.
  • Right: Walk to the right.
  • A Button: Jump or swim underwater. In this game, Luigi can jump higher.
  • B Button: Hold to speed up, or throw fireballs.
  • Select: Toggle between "Mario" and "Luigi" games.
  • Start: Begin or pause the game.


  • Number of Lives: You start with 3. If you have more than 10 lives, the tens digit becomes a crown. If you have more than 20, the "9" becomes a letter, then the weird symbols start at 46 lives or more.
  • Score: Shows how many points you have total. The total score will always be a multiple of 50, and the top score will be reset if you turn the game off.
  • Number of Coins: Collect 100 and you gain an extra life.
  • Current World: Shows what level you are currently on.
  • Time Limit: Each level is set to 400 or sometimes 300 seconds. If time runs out, you lose a life. But if you manage to take the flagpole, it is worth 50 points per second.

If you die past the second half of a level, you can start from halfway through the level. This does not apply to the last levels of each world or Worlds 8 - D.


  • Super Mushroom: Transforms Mario into Super Mario. All power-ups are worth 1,000 points.
  • Fire Flower: Transforms Super Mario into Fiery Mario. Luigi will also be the same as Fiery Mario.
  • Poison Mushroom: Be careful -- this mushroom has black spots, and powers you down. The Poison Mushroom can also come in underground blue and castle gray.
  • Coin: Each coin is worth 200 points.
  • "?" Block: May contain a coin or a power-up.
  • 1-UP Mushroom: Worth 1 extra life. You can also gain an extra life by knocking off 8 enemies in a row (500, 800, 1,000, 2,000, 4,000, 5,000, 8,000 then 1UP).
  • Starman: Gives Mario the ability to kill off all enemies. Will wear out eventually.
  • If Super or Fiery Mario bumps into an enemy, he will revert to regular Mario, and flicker a bit.
  • Jumping Board: Gives Mario a huge jumping height. If the jumping board is green, Mario will disappear offscreen for a while, then land back on the ground.
  • Brick Blocks: Regular Mario cannot break these blocks. Worth 50 points.
  • 10 Coin Blocks: The faster you hit these blocks, the more coins you get, then it turns into empty blocks. 


  • Goomba: The weakest of all enemies, even one stomp can kill them. Worth 100 points, but multiplied by 2 more if you land on another one after you just stomped on one.
  • Koopa Troopa (green): It is worth 100 points if you stomp on them, but then it'll hide in its shell. It is then worth 400 more points if you kick one, and only 200 points if you fireball or star-run through them.
  • Piranha Plant: Can only be killed with fireballs. As of World 4, they turn red and can appear out of their pipes even if you stand next to them. Worth 200 points.
  • Koopa Troopa (red): Same as the green one, except they do not walk off platforms.
  • Koopa Paratroopa (red): They hover over bottomless pits.
  • Firebar: These sticks just spin around, usually on empty blocks.
  • Bowser: The King of the Koopas. Fireball him for 5,000 points, and he may turn into a different enemy while falling into the lava pit.
  • Koopa Paratroopa (green): They can either hover around or hop. Stomp on them, and they lose their wings. Worth 400 points.
  • Bloober: These squids will follow you everywhere you go underwater, but they are now also on land. Fireball them for 200 points, or stomp on them for 1,000.
  • Cheep-Cheep: They can either swim underwater or fly everywhere. Worth 200 points.
  • Podoboo: These fireballs will shoot out of lava pits and fall back down.
  • Hammer Bros.: They can throw hammers, and normally team up in pairs. Worth 1,000 points.
  • Lakitu: He can throw Spiny eggs all over the place. 800 points if stomped, 200 points when fireball'd.
  • Spiny: They hatch from Spiny eggs. Can only be fireball'd, worth 200 points.
  • Buzzy Beetle: Similar to Koopa Troopas, except they're immune to fireballs.
  • Bullet Bills: Also immune to fireballs, they shoot out of their cannons. Worth 200 points if stomped.


World 1-1Edit

The first bonus room is loaded with coins, a power-up and a Poison Mushroom. Just like in SMB1's 3-1, you can do the "Multiple 1-UPs" glitch here.

World 1-2Edit

This is the first underground level. The vine near the second pipe leads to a Warp Zone to World 3. If you go way past the end pipe, you will end up in World 2. Taking the pipe after the end pipe will lead to a room with a Warp Zone to World 4. Otherwise, if you take the next pipe to a bonus room, you will go back instead.

World 1-3Edit

This is the first level where Bloobers float above water. This time, you get 400 seconds.

World 1-4Edit

Bowser is really a Goomba.

World 2-1Edit

Like the original SMB's 3-1, it's a nighttime level. The first green jumping board is also in place. One of the pipes will lead to a different bonus room. 

World 2-2Edit

The bonus room in this level is the same as 1-1's. To clear the level, you must jump around to reveal two hidden blocks.

World 2-3Edit

Again, nothing special here, just flying Cheep-Cheeps everywhere.

World 2-4Edit

Bowser will become a Koopa Troopa when defeated.

World 3-1Edit

Be careful -- one of the pipes from the same bonus room as 1-2 will lead to a Warp Zone back to World 1. There is also another way that will take you back -- the green jumping board. If you go to the right too fast, that is. The other pipe with 2-1's bonus room will lead back, and to a coin heaven.

World 3-2Edit

Like the original SMB's 2-2, this is the first underwater level.

World 3-3Edit

This level is all snowy tree platforms.

World 3-4Edit

Because this is a castle maze, you get 400 seconds this time. To reach Bowser, go to the bottom, bottom, top and top. Bowser is really a Buzzy Beetle.

World 4-1Edit

Starting with this level, all Piranha Plants are now red and move faster from pipes. This is also Lakitu's first level. Also, the bonus room takes place underwater.

World 4-2Edit

The bonus room is this level is the same as 1-1's, again.

World 4-3Edit

Because there's very long gaps to take, it is recommended that you play as Luigi for this one.

World 4-4Edit

The long firebar debuts in this level. Bowser is really a Spiny.

World 5-1Edit

Starting with this level, most pipes are upside down, all with red Piranha Plants. You also cannot enter any of them. The bonus room will lead to 16 coins and a power-up. Also, if you make it around halfway, the wind will start blowing, making it harder for you to win. The coin heaven will lead to a Warp Zone to World 6.

World 5-2Edit

If you go past the end pipe, you will end up in World 7. Or you can take the vine and reveal a Warp Zone to World 8.

World 5-3Edit

The high pipe that you must take will lead to a bonus room, and then to the flagpole. There is no midway point.

World 5-4Edit

Bowser will turn into a Lakitu if fireball'd.

World 6-1Edit

There is another underwater bonus room in this level.

World 6-2Edit

Again, another underwater level.

World 6-3Edit

You must avoid all flying Cheep-Cheeps, again.

World 6-4Edit

Another castle maze. This time, go under the firebar, top route, bottom, bottom. Bowser is really a Bloober.

World 7-1Edit

If you take one of the pipes or jump over the flagpole, you'll end up in a long dash which will take you to a certain point of the level.

World 7-2Edit

Again, similar to 5-3, you must take the high pipe. On the second part of this level is Lakitu, his Spiny eggs and firebars.

World 7-3Edit

You must land on all the green jumping boards and survive the big wind to clear this level.

World 7-4Edit

There are elevator lifts. If you go too high to the ceiling, think again. You'll reach a dead end and must wait until time expires to start over, because you can't go back. Bowser is really a Hammer Brother.

World 8-1Edit

The last Warp Zone will lead back to World 5.

World 8-2Edit

You must find the vine in order to reach the flagpole.

World 8-3Edit

This level takes place in the skies. There is also a coin heaven here.

World 8-4Edit

It's sort of a maze. First, take the first pipe you see, and you'll enter an underwater portion. Next, stay on the bottom route below the firebar to reach the pipe to the last part of the castle. You'll then reach Bowser's twin. Don't worry, he won't breathe fire, but he'll still throw hammers. When you're done, you will see the Princess, with a different message.

If you lose all your lives, you can start over to the first level of the world your game ended, or completely start over.

World 9-1Edit

If you complete the first 32 levels without warping, you will enter World 9. The pipe will lead to a flooded world.

World 9-2Edit

Another flooded world, with Lakitu and his Spiny eggs.

World 9-3Edit

An overworld castle level. If you take the vine or the pipe, you will encounter a coin heaven.

World 9-4Edit

A dark underwater level. At the end, you will see blocks forming the word "Thank you" in Japanese. After you clear this level, you will start back at 9-1.

You will start with only one life. If you lose this life, a message will appear saying "You're a super player! We hope we'll see you again, Mario and staff." And you'll end up starting the whole game over.

Worlds A - DEdit

  • To play Worlds A through D, you must beat World 8-4 eight times. Then hold down the A Button and press Start.
  • In these 16 levels are no Goombas, and most of the enemies go faster.
  • The World B Warp Zone is in A-2.
  • The World C Warp Zone is in A-3. To find it, jump over the flagpole.
  • The World D Warp Zone is in B-4. To find it, take the last pipe before Bowser.
  • Bowser will turn into these enemies in Worlds A - C: Red Koopa Troopa, Cheep-Cheep and Bullet Bill.
  • World D-4 is similar to 8-4, except there's a grounds portion and a bonus room.

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