The following instruction manual is for the NES video game, Super Mario Bros. 2.


When Mario opened a door after climbing a long stair in his dream, another world spread before him and he heard a voice call for help to be freed from a spell. After awakening, Mario went to a cave nearby and to his surprise he saw exactly what he saw in his dream...


  • Up: Climb up vines or enter doors.
  • Down: Crouch. If done so for too long, you can jump higher. Sometimes, you can also enter vases.
  • Left: Walk to the left.
  • Right: Walk to the right.
  • A Button: Jump.
  • B Button: Hold to run, or pick up/throw enemies, grass and other items.
  • Select: This button is not quite used in this game.
  • Start: Pause the game. Some of the background music will then turn off.


  • Mario: His skills are the most balanced of all. He's heroic like Kirby.
  • Luigi: He has the highest jump. He's also like Meta Knight, who is Kirby's "rival".
  • Toad: He has the weakest jump, but is also the strongest character. That means "tough", which sounds exactly like Tuff's name.
  • Princess: She can float on air for 1 1/2 seconds when you hold the A Button. She is a lot like me and Amy.

How to PlayEdit

  • Your game begins with 3 lives, and 2 hearts in the meter on every level.
  • If you're down to one heart, you shrink to normal size. Lose this last heart, and you also lose a life.
  • Falling down into a pit will automatically drop your life energy to zero.
  • If your game is over, you can continue the game (up to two times), or start over.


  • Vegetables: They are used for throwing at enemies, destroying them.
  • Small Radishes: They are the most common item of all.
  • Mushroom Blocks: Used as steps to reach high places.
  • Bombs: If you pick these up, they'll explode eventually. They can be used to blow up rocks.
  • POW Blocks: They are used to knock all enemies out.
  • Coins: Only found in Sub-Space, they are in handy for Bonus Chance.
  • Shells: They can knock out every enemy they run into, but then disappear if rammed into a wall.
  • Mushrooms: Found in Sub-Space, they add one heart to the meter. You can have up to four hearts.
  • 1-UPs: They give an extra life.
  • Hearts: They appear if you destroy eight enemies in a row. Collect hearts to refill the life energy.
  • Keys: These items are required to unlock doors.
  • Potions: They reveal doors to Sub-Space.
  • Cherries and Stars: Collect five cherries, and a Star will appear. They are useful to become invincible.
  • Stopwatch: Every fifth vegetable is always this. It stops enemies from moving.


  • Shyguys: They come in red and pink. The pink ones only walk in one place.
  • Snifits: They can shoot bullets from their mouths. The green and gray versions only stand and jump.
  • Ninjis: These stars just jump up and down.
  • Beezos: They will fly all over the place.
  • Flurry: These snow guys can usually appear on ice levels.
  • Pidgits: They can fly on magic carpets. If you remove one off and ride on the carpet, it will disappear eventually.
  • Sparks: They circle blocks and steps.
  • Phantos: One of them will start to move if you steal a key.
  • Pansers: These flowers spit out fire.
  • Hoopsters: These bugs normally climb on vines or ladders.
  • Trouters: These fish fly out of waterfalls.
  • Porcupos: These little porcupines are covered in spines. You can't jump on them.
  • Albatosses: Sometimes, they drop Bob-ombs.
  • Tweeters: They just bounce around the ground.
  • Cobrats: Normally, they hide in vases or even in the sand.
  • Pokeys: Consisted of four parts, they are found in the desert.
  • Autobombs: If a Shyguy is riding on one, they'll spit out fire.
  • Ostros: A Shyguy will always ride on one, as they just hop and hop and hop.

Bonus ChanceEdit

  • You must use one coin at a time per play.
  • If you get one cherry or three of the same thing, you'll earn a 1-UP.
  • Two cherries will comprise a 2-UP, and three will earn a 5-UP.
  • If no coins are collected from Sub-Space, the game will be automatically skipped.


World 1-1Edit

You start by falling down, down, down. Take the door to the bottom right. Across the way, you'll find Shyguys and Tweeters. There is also a 1-UP near the entrance to Sub-Space and Mushroom #1. Next, take the door and go past Ninji. Climb up the vine and go to the right, then take the door. Where you find the second Potion, you'll get a second Mushroom. You can also go to the left and throws bombs to make your way through the door to a shortcut to Birdo. Otherwise, take the long way by climbing up. Birdo spits out one egg at a time, despite her pink color. Three eggs will defeat her and earn you the crystal that opens up Hawkmouth.

World 1-2Edit

You will need Pidgit's carpet to reach the two vases on ground level. The first vase leads to a 1-UP, while the other holds the key to the door. To the left is the first potion and Mushroom #1. The next area will require bombs to reach the end door. Around the midpoint is the Sub-Space that leads to Mushroom #2. You could also take a shortcut by jumping high enough to reach the gray Snifit. Birdo's abilities are the same as in 1-1.

World 1-3Edit

Where you find the first potion, there is a Sub-Space to Mushroom #1. You will need a high-jumping character to reach Mushroom #2 as you carry the Potion to the left. Or, you can carry the Potion to the right where the vase is, and you can take the vase in Sub-Space to warp to World 4. Otherwise, take the door and climb up to the top and steal the key, then go all the way down to the key door. On the next area, grab the crystal and enter Hawkmouth to fight Mouser. To defeat Mouser, blow up three bombs on him.

World 2-1Edit

The first desert level. Only one Mushroom can be found. At the end is a door that leads to an area where you must dig your way down to reach the bottom ladder. Here, you defeat the 1-1 Birdo, again.

World 2-2Edit

Take the first Potion a little to the right to reach Mushroom #1. The other Mushroom is in an underground area. To reach it, you must take the bombs to blow up the stone blocks. Next, climb down the vine and dig your way down again to the right. At the end, you'll reach a red Birdo. She'll throw three eggs or even fireballs at a time.

World 2-3Edit

The first Potion must be taken to the very left to reach the first Mushroom. The other Mushroom is in the high room with nine pieces of grass. At the end of the overworld is another door that leads to a pyramid. Fall all the way down and dig again to enter a door that leads to another key. Take the key upwards to the door, and go all the way to the right to grab the crystal. Here, you fight Tryclyde, a three-headed red monster. Throw three Mushroom Blocks at him to kill him.

World 3-1Edit

Go to the right, then jump down to enter a secret room. Take the tenth piece of grass to reveal a Potion. Take it to the right, and reveal the door to Sub-Space. You will then be able to warp to World 5. If you take the regular door, you will revert to where you started from. Go upwards to the top, ride Pidgit's carpet higher to the vine, and climb up. The first Mushroom can be found after the warping opportunity. The other Mushroom is near the bottom part of the ladder that leads to five pieces of grass. Pull out the Potion, and go to the left. You can also take a shortcut by taking the left door to reach Birdo (she's red, again).

World 3-2Edit

The first Potion at the way end contains one Mushroom. The other Mushroom is to the very left where the Porcupos are. You can also take a shortcut through the tunnel, using the Princess. Birdo is yet again red.

World 3-3Edit

Go left after you take the first Potion, and you'll find Mushroom #1. The other Mushroom is inside the blue brick building. It is located above the key door. To find the key, take the top door on the right and climb up to the top. Steal the key, and go back down to the key door. Now climb up to the very top, and take the door to the right, where another crystal awaits. This time, you must defeat Mouser with five bombs.

World 4-1Edit

A slippery ice level. The first Potion near five pieces of grass leads to Mushroom #1. The other Mushroom is at the dead end. Take the rocket, and you'll go up to the second half. Simply make your way to the end, and grab the crystal.

World 4-2Edit

First, climb up the vine, and go to the very left to the door, while avoiding Beezos and Flurries. The first Mushroom is on the very left whale. The other Potion can be taken over to the vase that leads to a warp to World 6. Or, take the rocket and ride across the Shyguy or Autobomb across the spikes while holding another Potion. At the end is Mushroom #2. Also avoid the Porcupos. Birdo is red again, and there are no Mushroom Blocks.

World 4-3Edit

The first Mushroom is on the very left of the overworld. Let Birdo spit out one egg. Ride it to the right, and take the door. Climb up to the top, and grab the Potion to find Mushroom #2. Take the next door, and climb down to the middle door to locate the key. Steal it, and climb down to the key door. Now take the last door and grab the crystal. You will then fight Fryguy. To defeat him, throw three Mushroom Blocks at him. He will then split into four little fireballs. Defeat them all.

World 5-1Edit

The second Potion leads to the first Mushroom. Near this piece of grass is a 1-UP. The second Mushroom requires one of the Mushroom Blocks to be removed in order for it to fall down on the ground. This time, Birdo is gray, and therefore only spits fireballs. Throw the only Mushroom Block at her three times.

World 5-2Edit

Potion #1 is in a vase. Take it out to find Mushroom #1. The other Mushroom is on the platform with three pieces of grass. After that, climb up the vines and go through the door. Next, go down after lifting up the POW Block. Avoid the spikes, and take the next door to reach the red Birdo.

World 5-3Edit

With Luigi, you can take a warp to World 7 from the high vase. Mushroom #1 is near the second Potion. Mushroom #2 is after the logs. The Bob-ombs must blow up the wall to release the opportunity in Sub-Space. After that, take the first door and climb up to the top. Take two of Pidgit's carpets to the right, and kill off another red Birdo. The second boss in this level is Clawgrip. Grab the rocks he throws, and throw five of them back at him to kill him (one at a time).

World 6-1Edit

Another desert level. Go down the first vase and take the Potion out to the bones on the quicksand. A Mushroom should fall down into the quicksand. The other Mushroom is at the very end. In the second area with all the vases, the third vase has a 1-UP, and the fifth has the key. Quickly steal it, and open the door that leads to a green Birdo. She spits out fireballs, again. Defeat her with three Mushroom Blocks.

World 6-2Edit

This one's very hard. The Mushroom is around halfway throughout the level. Ride the Albatosses to cross the gaps. At the end, you must defeat green Birdo again, only with two Mushroom Blocks this time.

World 6-3Edit

Climb up the ladder, and go to the right. Mushroom #1 is just near the fifth catcus. Mushroom #2 is inside the middle of the cave of Bob-ombs and Ninjis. Next, climb up the vines to the very top of the level and the pyramid. Or, take the shortcut from the beginning and sink in the quicksand until you reach the secret door that leads onto cloud platforms and then the pyramid. The door leads to a red Birdo. The second boss is Tryclyde, again. Three Mushroom Blocks should kill him.

World 7-1Edit

Mushroom #1 is to the left of where you found the first Potion. Mushroom #2 is in the secret room with two sparks. Next, ride Albatoss to the left and take the rocket to the top. Climb down, go left and right, until you reach the ladder. Avoid the Sparks, and go all the way up to the top to reach gray Birdo.

World 7-2Edit

Take the ladder to the bottom or take the top ladder. Mushroom #1 is lead from the top ladder. Take the left door, and go down to the secret room, where you'll find the first Potion. Mushroom #2 is lead from the bottom. Take the second door, and go left to find it. Either path will lead to a room where you fight red Birdo for the key. Grab it, then go to the key door. Grab the Crystal, and Hawkmouth will come... alive! Throw three Mushroom Blocks at him, and he'll open his mouth. Now fight Wart. Throw six vegetables at him (while he's opening his mouth and spitting out bubbles), and he's dead.


After you enter the door, Mario will pull out the block that's blocking the vase, and eight Subcons will pop out. You will then see who died the most times, also known as the Contributor. Wart is then carried to the right, and bashed dead again. Mario will then be dreaming in his bed, and you'll see the cast. After the cast ends, the words "The End" will be written on the upper right.

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