The first screens you will see are "SUPER MARIO BROS.: Since 1985", followed by the title screen. Press A to open up the Mode Select screen.

Mode Select ScreenEdit

  • Original 1985: This includes the original SMB.
  • Challenge: Allows you to play the SMB levels in Challenge mode, after they have all been cleared.
  • VS Game: Lets you play in 8 different levels against an opponent.
  • Records: Shows the current rankings.
  • Album: Shows pictures of what it took to beat the game.
  • Toy Box: Contains several different options.

File Select ScreenEdit

  • Choose from three different files. Press A to confirm. You will then see a map screen on what level you are currently on.
  • After you have cleared World 8-4, you can choose which level you want to play.
  • Do note that the level after 8-4 is called a Star Level, and it looks like this: 1*1.
  • Press Start on this screen to copy or clear a file.

To see the level walkthrough, click here.

Name EntryEdit

  • After your game ends, you must type in your name so that it can appear on the Rankings screen, if your score is high enough.
  • The lowest scores will be removed off the list should in case a new name shows up on the list.

Challenge ModeEdit

  • After you have cleared a level, you get to play the level here.
  • There are three medals to earn: collect all five red coins, exceed the top score, and find the Yoshi egg.
  • As your score progresses, the background color will change from green to orange to red, and finally blue.
  • Since it's now impossible to get 1-UPs, all 1-UP Mushrooms give you 2,000 points. So does Yoshi eggs.
  • Every Red Coin is also worth 200 points.

VS ModeEdit

  • To play this mode, you will need another Game Boy Color system, another Super Mario Bros. Deluxe cartridge and a Game Link Cable.
  • The first player to select this mode is automatically Mario.
  • The time limit is 280 seconds in World 1-1, 250 in the two castle levels, and 300 in all other VS Mode levels.
  • If one player misses, the other player automatically wins. But if both miss at the same time, it will be considered a draw until the collected coins determine the winner.
  • If you don't see your opponent on screen, he will be shown on the top bar (left or right). 


  • Face Blocks: They're part of the game, and can make blocks turn from solid to outlined.
  • 3-2-1 Blocks: They flip automatically after a few seconds.
  • Spiked Blocks: They can turn solid at times, but can also give damage when stepped on. They don't change in 1-4, even with the Face Blocks showing smiling faces.
  • Trampoline Floor: Mostly in 2-1, they give the players a bounce.
  • If you collect a Fire Flower as Fiery Mario, you get 5 more coins.

If you have more than 100,000 points, the VS Mode levels will be unlocked with a Boo ghost as your opponent.

White Boo's RecordsEdit

Level U.S. version Japanese version
World 1-1 146 (134 seconds) 125 (155 seconds)
World 1-2 175 (125 seconds) 153 (147 seconds)
World 1-3 176 (124 seconds) 155 (145 seconds)
World 1-4 105 (145 seconds) 84 (166 seconds)
World 2-1 160 (140 seconds) 136 (164 seconds)
World 2-2 156 (144 seconds) 135 (165 seconds)
World 2-3 162 (138 seconds) 140 (160 seconds)
World 2-4 100 (150 seconds) 85 (165 seconds)

Unlock Green BooEdit

Level U.S. version Japanese version
World 1-1 162 (118 seconds)
World 1-2 191 (109 seconds)
World 1-3 193 (107 seconds)
World 1-4 129 (121 seconds)
World 2-1 175 (125 seconds)
World 2-2 164 (136 seconds)
World 2-3 184 (116 seconds)
World 2-4 125 (125 seconds)

Unlock Pink BooEdit

Level U.S. version Japanese version
World 1-1 179 (101 seconds) 178 (102 seconds)
World 1-2 207 (93 seconds)
World 1-3 209 (91 seconds)
World 1-4 152 (98 seconds)
World 2-1 190 (110 seconds)
World 2-2 171 (129 seconds)
World 2-3 207 (93 seconds)
World 2-4 150 (100 seconds)

Unlock Black BooEdit

Level U.S. version Japanese version
World 1-1 194 (86 seconds)
World 1-2 223 (77 seconds)
World 1-3 225 (75 seconds)
World 1-4 176 (74 seconds)
World 2-1 205 (95 seconds)
World 2-2 180 (120 seconds)
World 2-3 230 (70 seconds)
World 2-4 175 (75 seconds)

If you have more than 300,000 points, Super Mario Bros. for Super Players (with Luigi's face as the icon) will be unlocked. To see the level walkthrough, click here.

Rankings screenEdit

  • With the Infrared Communication Port, you can trade high scores.
  • After the trade is a success (a blue circle should appear, otherwise you will see a red X), you can combine these scores with your friend's.
  • The Rankings screen only has room for 10. Scores that are too low will be removed off the list.


Page 1Edit

  • Mario Award: Clear World 8-4.
  • Bowser Award: Clear Star Level 8-4.
  • Yoshi Award: Clear World 8-4 from the "Super Players" mode.
  • Peach Award: Earn all the medals in each of the 32 levels.
  • Toad Award: Earn more than 1.16 million points in Challenge mode.

Page 2Edit

  • Fireworks
  • 1-UP Mushroom
  • Vine
  • VS Game
  • Rescue Princess Peach
  • Trade high scores
  • Get all the Red Coin medals
  • Get all the High Score medals
  • Get all the Yoshi Egg medals

Page 3Edit

  • Goomba
  • Bloober
  • Lakitu
  • Cheep-Cheep
  • Hammer Brother
  • Bullet Bill
  • Koopa Troopa
  • Spiny
  • Buzzy Beetle

The rest of the photos (Bowser and the Mario Bros.) require Bowser being fireball'd in all eight worlds.

Toy BoxEdit

  • Calendar: Here, you can place marks on the dates you want and write things on your Date Book. The two dates already printed are "A Lovely Day" (1983) and "Super Mario Bros. released in Japan" (1985).
  • Fortune Telling: Select any of the 5 cards to see what your fortune is. You can be Extremely Lucky, Very Lucky, Lucky, Unlucky or even Extremely Unlucky.
  • Toads: Rescue each Toad, and you can print out several backgrounds or even create your own songs. Toad 6's theme is the second half of the "Level Clear" theme to Super Mario World.
  • Yoshi: If you find at least one Yoshi egg, this icon will appear and tell you where you can find the other Yoshi eggs.

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