The following instruction manual is for the Super NES video game, Super Mario World.


The opening scene takes place in the level "Groovy". If you press Start, the scene will pause and all characters will disappear. In their place is a selection menu of three save files.


  • Left: Move left.
  • Right: Move right.
  • Up: Enter doors.
  • Down: Crouch, or go down pipes.
  • Select: Change selections, or drop reserved items.
  • Start: Begin or pause the game.
  • L and R Buttons: Normally useless, but are necessary in order to re-enter castles.
  • Green Y Button: Same as the X Button.
  • Blue X Button: Accelerate, hold objects, eat or spit out objects as Yoshi, cancel on selection screens, swing cape, throw fireballs.
  • Yellow B Button: Jump regularly, swim, confirm selections, fly as Yoshi, punch enemies off fences, flip fence doors.
  • Red A Button: Spin jump, or jump off Yoshi's back.

How to PlayEdit

  • There are three save files. You can only erase files and leave room for new ones.
  • Again, you play as Mario, or complete this quest with Luigi.
  • On the map screen, yellow dots are levels with only one exit, while red dots contain a secret exit.
  • Most levels have a Midway Gate. If small Mario touches this, he'll become Super Mario.
  • The goal in every level is to touch the Giant Gate or insert the key into a keyhole.
  • If you lose all your lives, your game is over, and you can choose to continue where you saved your game at (applies in Ghost Houses, Fortresses, Castles and Special Zone levels only).
  • In 2-player games, if one player's game is over, the other player can give as much as half his lives to his opponent so that both players are still alive.
  • Each level has at least 5 Dragon Coins. They are worth 1,000, 2,000, 4,000, 8,000 points, and finally, a 1-UP.


  • Number of lives: You begin with five, and you can fill up to 99.
  • Goal Stars: If you touch the tape, you will earn these. Collect 100 and you will play a Bonus Game, where you can earn up to eight 1-UP Mushrooms.
  • Reserved Item: If you collect a low power-up, it may appear here.
  • Time Limit: In each level, you get 400, 300 or even 200 seconds. Collect Green Berries to add 20 seconds to the timer, mostly on Funky.
  • Number of Coins: Like the previous games, 100 coins equals a 1-UP.
  • Score: It will always stay at a multiple of 10.


  • Dragon Coins: These coins have Yoshi's face on them.
  • Super Mushroom: Red with white dots, turns Mario into Super Mario.
  • Fire Flower: Allows Mario to throw fireballs.
  • Cape Feather: Gives Mario the ability to fly.
  • Starman: You turn invincible, and you can kill enemies for more points and 1-UPs.
  • Yoshi Eggs: If these crack, Yoshi will automatically appear.
  • 1-UP Mushrooms: They look like Super Mushrooms, except they're green.
  • 3-UP Moons: They're very rare, and give you three extra lives.
  • P-Switches: They turn coins into blocks, and if gray, they turn Spinies into coins.
  • Trampolines: You can now carry these, and they give you super-high jump.
  • Message Blocks: Hit these, and they'll give you tourist tips.
  • Rotating Blocks: They will rotate when hit, and can also be destroyed with a Spin Jump.
  • Yoshi's Wings: Touch these and Yoshi, and you will warp to Yoshi's flying room.
  • Berries: They are worth 1 coin each, and enough will give you an egg.
  • Power Balloons: They will make you bloat yourself into the air for a short time.
  • Bonus Blocks: Collect at least 30 coins in order to earn a 1-UP from these blocks.

Items not listed here apply to Super Mario Bros. 3.

Yoshi ColorsEdit

  • Green: The normal one.
  • Red: They spit out fireballs.
  • Blue: They fly.
  • Yellow: They form sand clouds.

World 1: Yoshi's IslandEdit

Yoshi's HouseEdit

This is not a real level. Inside, you'll find 7 Berries and Yoshi's first message. It will, however, change if you bring Yoshi here. You can go to the left to Yoshi's Island 1 or turn to the right to Yoshi's Island 2.

Yoshi's Island 1Edit

New enemies: Rex (defeated after two stomps) and Banzai Bill, a very huge Bullet Bill. Piranha Plants also jump from their pipes.

Spin jump to enter a bonus room. If you leave, you will pop out from a cannon-like pipe, and land on the Midway Gate. Clear this level and you'll go to the Yellow Switch Palace.

Yellow Switch PalaceEdit

Stomp on the P-Switch and coins will fill the entire room. All Yellow "!" Blocks will contain a Super Mushroom.

Yoshi's Island 2Edit

Kick the Red Shell to the group of eight Koopa Troopas to earn a 1-UP. The second "?" block contains a Yoshi Egg. The bonus room contains flying "?" blocks, some containing 1-UPs.

Yoshi's Island 3Edit

Have one of the rotating platforms go down to the pipe next to yellow "!" blocks. This pipe will lead to a bonus room, with coins that can turn into empty blocks hovering over lava.

Yoshi's Island 4Edit

This takes place above water. There are Porcu-Puffers swimming everywhere. The bonus room takes place in the overworld. Here, you'll find several Pokeys -- with three bodies if you do not have Yoshi and five if you do. The tourist trap near the End Gate tells all about the Bonus Game after you collect 100 Stars.

#1 Iggy's CastleEdit

In the first area, you climb your way across the fences. In the second area, the screen scrolls as large stones squish the floor. The goal to defeat Iggy Koopa is to push him into the lava from a tilting platform.

World 2: Donut PlainsEdit

Donut Plains 1Edit

A completely new world, with Super Koopas flying with capes. Stomp on a flashing one, and you get a Cape Feather. There are two bonus rooms -- one with five 1-UP Mushrooms in any of the 15 blocks, and the other requiring a Cape Feather, as though it has hundreds of coins. Supposedly there is a secret exit, but it may require the Green Switch to be stomped on first. Climb up and insert the key, and you'll go straight to Donut Secret 1.

Donut Plains 2Edit

The first undeground level. There are bats called Swoopers flying off of ceilings. You will find another secret exit and a shortcut to the other exit at around midway. Take the highest block to reveal a vine and the key. It will lead to the Green Switch Palace.

Green Switch PalaceEdit

This one's got Koopa Troopas with lots of points and possibly a 1-UP if you stomp on the P-Switch. All green "!" blocks will reveal Cape Feathers.

Donut Ghost HouseEdit

To find the exit, hit the rotating block twice. The second time you hit it, a vine will appear, revealing the door to the exit. This will lead to Donut Plains 3. To find the secret exit, fly up to the top of the ceiling, and land down onto the four rotating blocks, each with one 1-UP Mushroom. The secret exit should take you to the Top Secret Area.

Top Secret AreaEdit

This is a place where Mario can power-up and even get Yoshi. If you find a Yoshi Egg while riding Yoshi, a 1-UP Mushroom will appear.

Donut Secret 1Edit

It's an underwater level. If you quickly swim after stomping on the P-Switch, you will find another key to insert. This leads to Donut Secret House. Otherwise, the normal exit will just send you back to Donut Ghost House.

Donut Secret HouseEdit

This is the other Ghost House of Donut Plains. To find the exit, stomp on the P-Switch (but make sure you collect the five coins blocking the door) and enter the blue door that appears. But, I also found a secret exit. Stomp on the P-Switch, again, and three "?" blocks will appear. Hit the block above the door, climb up the vine and you'll fight Big Boo. Defeat Big Boo, and you'll find something odd -- a Star Road. This will be explained later in the game.

Donut Secret 2Edit

This is an icy level located in the Valley of Bowser. The exit will lead directly to Donut Plains 3.

Donut Plains 3Edit

It's a forest level with rotating platforms. At the end, you'll find a Bonus Block.

Donut Plains 4Edit

This level introduces Goombas and the Amazing Flyin' Hammer Brothers. There are two secret areas in here -- one of them has Koopa Paratroopas, all red.

#2 Morton's CastleEdit

In the first area, avoid the Thwimps and the rotating Ball 'n' Chains. The second area has Thwomps. If you use Cape Mario to fly above to the 5-UP secret room, you'll go straight to the third area. At the top, you'll find Morton Koopa Jr. Stomp on him three times to kill him.

World 3: Vanilla DomeEdit

Vanilla Dome 1Edit

To find the secret exit, first stomp on the Red Switch and climb up the staircase to reach the key. It will lead you to Vanilla Secret 1. There are three areas of this level. The beginning of the third area has the Midway Gate.

Vanilla Dome 2Edit

One of the longest levels, you only get 300 seconds. To find the secret exit, turn left and collect the coins. Now go down and find the key near the Cheep-Cheeps. You will then encounter the Red Switch Palace.

Red Switch PalaceEdit

The first Koopa Troopa will hop into the Yellow shell and begin rolling around, killing every enemy there is. Stomp on the P-Switch to back it go right. The red "!" blocks will reveal nothing, except build staircases.

Vanilla Secret 1Edit

Jump up Trampolines to reach the top of the level, sending you to Twin Bridges. Or, take the secret exit by warping through the sideways pipe. You will find another Star Road.

Vanilla Ghost HouseEdit

In the second area, hit the middle "?" block to reveal a P-Switch. Carry it to the right and collect the five coins blocking the door. Stomp on the P-Switch and the door will appear.

Vanilla Dome 3Edit

This one's all lava, and it introduces hot creatures called Blarggs. They appear as white, but then roar out momentarily. Ride on the white platforms that flow across the lava while avoiding the Blarggs.

Vanilla Dome 4Edit

It's sort of an overworld level. Along the way, you'll find Bullet Bills flying everywhere. At around halfway, they'll start spreading out.

Vanilla Secret 2Edit

There are bouncing-high Green Koopa Paratroopas in here. At midway, Spinies will start to appear.

Vanilla Secret 3Edit

This one has flying dolphins above water. Ride on them across to reach the exit.

Vanilla FortressEdit

It takes place underwater. Here, you'll find Bony Beetles and Fishbones. The goal for every fortress is to kill off all four Reznors off their platforms. When two are defeated, the wooden floor starts to break.

#3 Lemmy's CastleEdit

To find the midway gate, don't collect too many coins, just collect a few so that you can walk on the empty blocks. Next to this gate is a 1-UP Mushroom. On the second area, there are rising and sinking platforms above the lava. To defeat Lemmy Koopa, stomp on him three times, but beware -- with him are two servants hiding in seven different pipes. Also, there's a Podoboo in the room as well.

World 4: Twin BridgesEdit

Cheese Bridge AreaEdit

First, ride on all the platforms, then hold on to the ropes. You will then reach Cookie Mountain. There is also a secret exit yet to find here, and it requires Yoshi. Float down under the goal, and jump off Yoshi after you go past it. You will find a 3-UP Moon, and the exit that leads to Soda Lake.

Soda LakeEdit

This is the only underwater level that has Torpedo Ted in it. Torpedo Ted will send out Bullet Bills that swim underwater. At the end, you'll find another Star Road.

Cookie MountainEdit

Beware that there are Piranha Plants that spit out fireballs as they pop out of pipes. Also, there are many Monty Moles popping out of walls. The exit will lead directly to Ludwig von Koopa's castle.

Butter Bridge 1Edit

After you complete Vanilla Fortress, you will go straight to Twin Bridges. This level scrolls. It also contains piston lifts.

Butter Bridge 2Edit

It mostly contains Super Koopas. The secret room originally contains four Bullet Bills coming from diagonal directions.

#4 Ludwig's CastleEdit

The first area has a red background with more spinning Ball 'n' Chains. The second area involves a ceiling that falls down. Quickly hit the "ON" switch, setting it to "OFF", then run quickly before the ceiling completely falls, and enter the final area. To defeat Ludwig von Koopa: Stomp on him three times. Be careful, this guy can also breathe fire.

World 5: Forest of IllusionEdit

Forest of Illusion 1Edit

If you grab a Star, you can safely run through all the enemies and possibly get lots of 1-UPs. The secret exit, which requires a P-Balloon, is the keyhole on a platform under a log. It leads to the Forest Ghost House.

Forest of Illusion 2Edit

Long underwater level, with only 300 seconds to spare. The secret exit can be seen to the left of the yellow "!" block. It will lead you to the Blue Switch Palace.

Blue Switch PalaceEdit

Like the red "!" blocks, the blue ones will create staircases and not reveal anything.

Forest of Illusion 3Edit

To leave this world, you must find the secret exit here. Go down the last green pipe and Spin Jump on the blocks to reach the key, and you'll go to Roy Koopa's castle.

Forest Ghost HouseEdit

This one's complicated. First, you must take the end door and carry the P-Switch to the bigger group of coins blocking the exit. Go through the door, and take the first door you see to the left. If you go farther, you will find a secret exit back to Forest of Illusion 1.

Forest of Illusion 4Edit

Lakitu will be fishing for Mario with a 1-UP Mushroom as bait. Don't collect it, or he'll start throwing Spinines. If you manage to find the regular exit here, you will go back to Forest of Illusion 2. But if you find the secret exit, which is down the floating blue pipe, you will move on to...

Forest Secret AreaEdit

If you step on either platform, both will start to move, and the background will give itself a rotation that goes faster and faster.

Forest FortressEdit

Make sure you have all the Switch Palaces stomped on before taking on this fortress. The exit will lead to the fourth Star Road.

#5 Roy's CastleEdit

There's only one area here, and the empty block elevator platform will start to move above the lava if you step on it. Stomp on the P-Switch and avoid all the Bowser statues as you go to your way to the big red door. The goal to defeat Roy Koopa is the same as in defeating Morton Koopa Jr., except the walls start to close in.

World 6: Chocolate IslandEdit

Chocolate Island 1Edit

This island is separated from the original Chocolate Island, and is filled with Dino-Torches.

Choco-Ghost HouseEdit

This level introduces Fishin' Lakitu with a fiery spark on the tip of the fishing hook. You will need the transforming Boos if you want to reach the high door and move on.

Chocolate Island 2Edit

To find the secret exit, enter two pipes within 50 seconds, and you'll go straight to the key. Otherwise, if you take too much time, you'll end up finding the regular exit.

Chocolate SecretEdit

Located in the Valley of Bowser, this one has Chargin' Chucks that throw footballs. Clear the level, and you will go straight to Wendy O. Koopa's castle.

Chocolate Island 3Edit

If you do not find the secret exit here, you'll end up staying in the same place. To find it, make sure you're Cape Mario, and jump over the goal. Now fly over to the other goal.

Chocolate FortressEdit

This one has a brown color scheme, including the lava.

Chocolate Island 4Edit

Underground level, mostly with Mega Moles. It also has the chocolatey brown color scheme, and there are diagonal platforms to cross above the lava.

Chocolate Island 5Edit

Near the End Gate are three Chargin' Chucks.

#6 Wendy's CastleEdit

Caution: there are spiky poles that fall down very quickly. Whenever you get closer to the end, they start going faster. On the second area are Lil' Sparkies and Hotheads. They will go around all the platforms. The strategy to defeat Wendy O. Koopa is the same as Lemmy Koopa, except all pipes are layered straight and there are two Podoboos.

World 7: Valley of BowserEdit

Sunken Ghost ShipEdit

In the first and second areas, you will have to swim past Bullet Bills and the appearing Boos. In the final area, you will fall down past Koopa Troopas and yellow spiky balls. You will then land on the green "?" sphere, clearing the level.

Valley of Bowser 1Edit

If you have the Red Switch stomped on, the first Mega Mole will be stuck in. To find the exit, just simply stay on the lower floor and reach the end pipe.

Valley of Bowser 2Edit

The second area contains a narrow path that will try to squish you and kill you. If you reach the third area, the yellow floor will start to rise and squish the backway. There is a secret exit located to the left of this. Insert the key, and you'll go north.

Valley FortressEdit

Like Wendy O. Koopa's castle, the spiky poles return.

Valley Ghost HouseEdit

To find the exit, stomp on the P-Switch in the second area, and run fast to the third or fourth doors. There is also a secret exit in here. Run as fast as you can all the way to the fifth door and bring the P-Switch to the endless coin block. Create a floor next to the key hole, and you'll go straight to Larry Koopa's castle.

Valley of Bowser 3Edit

This level contains timer platforms that will fall off when time expires. Few last for 4 seconds, while the rest only last for 1.

Valley of Bowser 4Edit

If you find the secret exit here (which requires Yoshi), you will find the last Star Road and a shortcut to Bowser's castle. Otherwise, you'll end up in...

#7 Larry's CastleEdit

Like before, you must ride the empty block elevator platform to the end. The lower floor has the Midway Tape, but either door will lead to the same place. You will then encounter Magikoopa, who can make blocks disappear and reveal enemies. To defeat Larry Koopa, you just push him into the lava like you did to Iggy Koopa. But in addition, three Podoboos rise from the lava.

Front DoorEdit

There are 8 doors, but you must take two of them (one from #1-4 and the other from #5-8). The easiest I think are numbers 2 and 7.

Back DoorEdit

After both doors are cleared, you will arrive here. This place is very dark, so hit the red "?" block to turn on the lights. Here, you will find Mechakoopas and Ninjis. The red door will lead you to... Bowser. In the first phase, just throw Magikoopas on his head twice. He will then disappear, making ten fireballs rain from nowhere. He will then return, and Princess Toadstool will toss a Super Mushroom on the ground. On the second phase, Bowser will start flipping his clown vehicle and throw blue rolling bubble balls. On the last phase, he will bounce madly on the door.

When he is defeated, you will see the end credits and the cast of characters (all enemies), and lastly, a picture of Mario, the Princess and Luigi with the words "THE END" written above. The game will then freeze, and you must reset it to play again.

World 8: Star WorldEdit

Star World 1Edit

In each level, the goal is to find the secret exit. To find the secret exit in here, spin jump through the right of the blocks. Fall down on the key, and you'll connect yourself to the next Star level.

Star World 2Edit

Underwater level with nothing but Rip Van Fish. If Yoshi eats the Star, he'll immediately grow. To find the secret exit, swim under the pipe and keep going until you reach the end.

Star World 3Edit

You only get 200 seconds here, but you'll easily find the End Gate within 5 seconds. To find the secret exit, knock Lakitu off his cloud and go up to the keyhole.

Star World 4Edit

First, stomp on the Green and Red Switches, then after crossing the "!" blocks, use Cape Mario or a shell to reveal a key.

Star World 5Edit

If you find the regular exit, you will go back to Star World 1. To find the secret exit, first stomp on all four Switches, and hit the third block from the line of four blocks. Climb up the vine, and head over to the key. You will then reveal the sixth Star Road, which leads to...

World 9: Special ZoneEdit


The Message Block will read instructions on what will happen if you complete all eight Special Zone levels.


This is probably the most frustrating level of all. You must use up all the P-Balloons while avoiding every single enemy there is. One hit, and it's bye-bye for one life.

Way CoolEdit

Cross the platforms, and ride on all the poles. If you have Yoshi, you can end this level immediately with Yoshi wings.


Slippery level, with lots of enemies to avoid... unless you find a Star.


This is the only level that is seen on the title screen. Also, Piranha Plants are hiding from bushes.


This one has rising and falling water. You may want Yoshi with you.


Be careful -- this one has hopping fireballs that reveal smaller flames from behind.


With only 200 seconds in the longest course ever, you definitely need Yoshi here. Eat all the Green Berries there are (you'll find nine in all), and you'll get 20 seconds for each. Do this, and it'll be possible that you'll get a maximum of 380 seconds total to clear this level. To the left of the End Gate are the words "YOU ARE A SUPER PLAYER!!", written in coins. After you clear this level, and you take the final Star Road, you'll go straight back to Yoshi's Island, and the colors on the map will change.

You can save your game after you clear two Special Zone levels each.

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