Catch some of your favorite episodes PLUS go behind the scenes and see what really makes Jeopardy! the top quiz show ever! Have your questions and many more answered directly from the writers, researchers, producers, the Clue Crew, and even Alex Trebek himself. Never before has Jeopardy! been seen this way.


  • Jeopardy's 1st (September 10, 1984) (21:39)
  • Ken's 75th (November 30, 2004) (19:42)
  • Ultimate I: Anyone's Game (May 23, 2005) (19:52)
  • Ultimate II: Brad Takes Control (May 24, 2005) (19:51)
  • Ultimate III: The Final Showdown (May 25, 2005) (20:23)

Special FeaturesEdit

  • 21 Years of Questions and Answers (21:06)
  • Jeopardy!: Behind the Answers (22:00)
  • What Does it Take to Get a Clue? (19:56)
  • Multi-Cam Episode (6:42)

There are two "Daily Doubles" here. The one worth $600 leads to a clip of the 2002 set in which Alex Trebek enters without pants (1:17). The other worth $1,000 is a clip where Alex Trebek is introduced as "Glenn Trebek" (1:00), seen on July 5, 2000.


  • Seinfeld on DVD: Seasons 5 & 6 (3:23)
  • Bewitched TV (1:00)
  • The Partridge Family (1:02)


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