One morning, Sonic was sitting on the couch in the TV room, eating from a bag of barbecue flavored potato chips. On television was Dedede's same old action cartoon, the robot themed show with a Dedede-like character as the superhero.

Amy was in the dining room eating breakfast all by herself. Sonic's plate, which was full of food that was supposed to be good for his body, was still completely full (and getting cold, too).

Halfway through eating her own meal, Amy noticed Sonic eating the chips and watching junk on TV. She got out of her chair and showed up in the den.

"Sonic, are you still addicted to eating those potato chips?" she asked.

"Who cares?" Sonic retorted. "I bought these chips, and you're not taking them away from me this time."

"And why not?"

"'Cause you ain't my mother!"

"Well, since this is my house you're livin' in, you're gonna listen to what I say and eat a well-balanced breakfast! Now hand over those chips!"

"Not this time!" Sonic dashed upstairs to his room and quickly locked the door. He hid the chips into his messy closet where Amy would be very unlikely to find them.

Amy walked all the way upstairs to Sonic's room door and pounded on it. "Sonic! Come outta there now and do what I tell you!"

Sonic attempted to imitate someone else. "Sorry, Amy, but Sonic's not here right now," he said in a female-ish voice.

"You can't fool me, Sonic! If you don't come out right now, I'll bust this door open with my hammer!" Amy took out her Piko Piko Hammer and was about to swing it at Sonic's room door. But she freezed for a moment, knowing what would happen if she DID bust his door down.

Then she put down her hammer and sighed. But she was still frustrated. "Have it your way, Sonic! If you're just gonna eat junk food all day and for every day in your life, you'll see what happens!"

Later that morning, at around 10:30 a.m., Amy, Tiff, Sonic, Buto and Kirby went to a bakery shop. The words 'Ella's Bakery' were written on the other side of the glass wall.

As Amy and her friends looked through the glass, they saw Ella -- yes, that's right -- THE now 39 year old Ella that Sonic and Amy had known. She was now a real baker! And not only that, Chris Thorndyke (now 13 year old) was in there too. He was also working in the bakery as a store clerk. Both of them were dressed in real bakery clothes.

Not waiting a minute longer, Amy and Sonic ran inside the bakery.



"Slow down, guys!" Buto said. "What are you excited about?" He, Tiff and Kirby slowly walked through the entrance.

Amy ran to Ella and they hugged together. Sonic ran to Chris. "Hey, guys, meet Chris," he said, re-introducing his old friend to his newer friends.

"And Ella," Amy added while introducing the woman as well.

"Do you know them?" Tiff asked.

"Of course we do," Amy replied. "In case you forgot, we used to have adventures with them before we met you guys."

"And because you're our first customers today, we have saved something extra special for you all," Ella said.

"What is it?" asked Buto.

"It's your favorite -- a mountain sized chocolate and vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge and whipped cream and a cherry on top!"

"Mmm! Yummy!" Sonic said with sweet hunger in his eyes. But before he could get it, Chris pulled him backwards. "Hold on right there, Sonic!"

"What, Chris?"

"Even though you're one of the first customers in this store, you're still a customer, and that means you must pay for the ice cream if you want it."

Amy stepped up to Chris. "That's okay, Chris. We don't need it anyway. Besides, I'm trying to keep Sonic away from those high in sugar desserts. We're gonna buy some bread instead."

"Oh, please, Amy! Please buy this ice cream for us! We've been working hard on this ice cream all last week."

The way Ella said these words, Amy didn't want to let the bakery owners down. So she said, "Okay, but I'll make sure Sonic only eats a little bit of it every day."

"Thanks, Amy!" Chris said. He went over to the cash register and typed in some numbers. "That'll be $32.16, including tax."

Amy got out her wallet and gave Chris $40. "Here you go," she said. Chris gave her back $7.84 in change. "So how are we gonna make sure we don't let the ice cream melt on the way home?"

"Not to worry, Amy. The ice cream comes with a wireless electric freezer that keeps all frozen foods, including ice cream, stay frozen."

Ella went back into the employees-only door and came back with a freezer that was big enough for the ice cream to be stored in. She put the massive dessert inside the freezer. To Sonic, the ice cream smelled delicious. He couldn't wait to try it!

Then the friends left the bakery and went to a nearby candy store. Today was a big sale day -- all candies were now priced at $4.99 or less!

Amy, Tiff, Buto and Kirby looked at fruit candies, caramel flavored popcorn, jelly beans, and peppermints, while Sonic only looked at chocolate boxes and fudge -- Sweetie Rolls, Greece's Pieces, Furshey's, and Fit Fat.

Sonic greedily collected as many chocolate candy bar bags as he could, then showed them to his friends. "Sonic, don't you want to try some better candies like apple and orange and lemon and grape and--"

"Nah, I'm fine," replied Sonic. "I think chocolate candy is the best one ever. Besides, I only bought the cheapest ones they got in the store."

"Well, don't try to eat too much of that candy in one day," Amy told Sonic. "Remember, eating too much junk food can lead to stomachaches and complications."

"Heh, I don't care. I don't feel any different right now."

Amy groaned in frustration. She didn't know what else to say. "What's with him?" Tiff asked.

"Beats me. He just won't listen to me every time I try to help him live a better life!"

That afternoon at 5:30, Sonic was in his room eating some of the candy he bought from the store. He ate three Sweetie Rolls, two Greece's Pieces, two Fit Fats, and three miniature Furshey bars. Ten pieces in all!

He wasn't even aware of the fact that it was, indeed, junk food, and could still lead to a tummy ache. "Mmm, good candy!" he mumbled to himself.

Meanwhile, Amy was cooking dinner. She made Sonic's favorite -- homemade cheeseburgers with lettuce, tomato and onions, with a side dish of Cajun French fries.

"Sonic, dinner!" she called after the food was done cooking.

"Coming, Amy!" he called back. The blue hedgehog went out of his room, leaving behind his empty candy wrappers on his bed. He headed straight towards the dining room.

"Where were you all along? I haven't seen you anywhere in the house for two hours. Were you doing something in your room?"

"Oh, nothing much. Just reading my magazines and books and all that..."

"Let me guess. Did you eat any candy while you were in your room?"

"No, no, I wasn't!"

"Good, 'cause if you did, you're guaranteed to get a stomachache by tonight. Now sit down and have some dinner."

Sonic and Amy sat down in the dining room table and began digging in. Sonic ate faster than Amy did with his burgers and French fries.

"And slow down while you're eating," Amy told him again. "Not eating too fast is another rule everyone like you has to follow."

This made Sonic even more annoyed. But he tried to listen to Amy's advice and ate a bit slower, but still too fast.

At least 20 minutes later, when dinner was finished, Amy asked, "So, Sonic, are you ready for that ice cream dessert you were waiting for all day?"

"I sure am!" Sonic said.

"I'll go take it out, then." Amy stood up and took the electric freezer where the ice cream dessert was stored. Sonic stared at it with more hunger in his eyes. Then he heard his stomach growl. It told him that he shouldn't really eat any dessert tonight.

And of course, his stomache now looked bigger than normal. As a matter of fact, he was getting fatter. "Ugh... I feel like I'm going to burst for this..." Sonic thought.

Amy took out the ice cream and served a portion to Sonic. The portion she gave than the one she served to herself was actually bigger in size. She had a 1 1/2-serving, while Sonic was given a three-serving cup. He even got a piece of chocolate fudge with it.

"Then again, maybe just a little bite..." Sonic thought again. He grabbed his spoon and started to eat his dessert.

Another 10 minutes passed. Sonic has eaten up his entire dessert all up! He fell down on the couch with, indeed, a real stomachache. He never ever had one like this before for a very long time.

"I warned you, Sonic," Amy said as she went into the den. "If you eat too much junk food, you'll end up having a stomachache."

"Sorry about that, Amy," Sonic said sickly. He belched. "Excuse me. I just couldn't help it but eat foods that I love to eat. Don't you remember that healthy foods are good for your body and not junk foods?"

"What are you talking about?"

"I mean, you gotta start eating foods that are lower in fat and cholesterol, and go for more carbohydrates and protein."

"I still don't understand what you mean."

"What I mean is, eat foods that are good for your body. And make sure you eat all varieties of foods, like three servings of vegetables, two servings of meat, and make sure you don't eat more than one or two portions of fats, oils and sweets, including potato chips and candy."

"But I still like potato chips and candies."

"I know you do, Sonic. But healthy foods are more important because they can make your body grow bigger and stronger like mine. I like ice cream myself, but I don't eat too much of it. Sometimes I don't even eat ice cream at all for more than once every two days to a week."

"You don't?"

"Of course I don't. But I lived with it, and you will too, eventually."

"Thanks, Amy. But what can I do about my upset stomach?"

"Wait here. I'll go get some medicine pills." Amy went back into the kitchen and got out a box of pills, then poured a glass of water into a small cup. She took the medicine and returned to the den.

"Here, Sonic. Take these pills. They will help you feel all better." She handed the pills and glass of water to her boyfriend.

"Thanks," he said. Sonic put the pills into his mouth, then washed them down with a sip of the glass of water. But nothing happened... at least for now.

"Nothing's happening, Amy."

"Well, nothing's supposed to happen right now, Sonic. There is no medicine in the entire world that can instantly make someone feel all better. Why don't you go to bed early for tonight, and I'll wake you up first thing in the morning if you're still not feeling well."

Amy escorted Sonic to his bedroom, which was the best place for him in this condition. His room was still pretty messy.

Even with an upset stomach, Sonic cleaned up a little bit of the messy floor in his room, then collapsed onto his bed, with the light still on. Because of this, Amy had to turn off the light for him before she went to bed.

As Sonic slept, no longer thinking about his stomachache, he began to have a dream. He didn't know if it was going to be a good dream or a bad dream.

As he dreamt, he soon found himself lying on solid ground beneath a clear blue sky in the daytime. Sonic got up on his feet and saw in front of him, a amusement park-like world that was red and yellow and white all over. It even had the McDanny's logo erected high up on top of a pole.

"It's so... amazingly wonderful!" Sonic thought. Hungry and excited, he ran straight towards the wondrous place, eager to pig out on as much food as they had in there.

But when he finally reached the place, there was a gate and a doorman standing in front of the gate.

Just after Sonic stopped running, the guard asked, "What's the password?"

"I don't know," Sonic said. "Is it... Extra Value Happy Meal?"

"Bingo! That's it!" Instantly, the gate doors skid open, allowing Sonic to enter the amusement park-like place.

"Thanks, sir!" Sonic resumed running. He eventually found himself surrounded by people wearing red, yellow, black, white, and brown clothes. They were eating McDanny's food -- in their homes, at work, in stores -- everywhere!

"Wow!" Sonic thought. "I wish Amy was here to see this! She'll be happy to have a meal from this place!"

Sonic walked further into the kingdom. Soon he met the host of the place, who was wearing a red and yellow dress and red shoes. Her hair was also red, and her face was painted to make her look like a clown.

"Hello, newcomer of McDannyland, the best place in the whole world! I am your host, Tiffany McDanny. And what's your name?"

"I'm Sonic the Hedgehog. By the way, you look pretty familiar for someone I haven't met yet. You look a lot like Tiff from Cappytown to me."

"That's just your imagination. Anyway, allow me to show you around what our people do at McDannyland."

Tiffany, who actually was a lot like Tiff in Sonic's dream, led him through the fantasy world he has never seen before in real life. "So what's it like living in McDannyland?"

"It's normal life, just like where you originally live. What's the name of your hometown?"

"Station Square."

"That's an unusual name for such a place. But here in McDannyland, we mostly sell McDanny's food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, because it's part of everyone's diets, even for vegetarians. For them, we serve meatless salads with dressing. Do you like salads?"

"Salads? No way! I prefer to eat chili dogs and hamburgers rather than salads."

"Well, the people at McDannyland don't serve chili dogs, but they do have all kinds of burgers."

"What kinds?"

"We've got the Grilled Chicken Burger, the Teriyaki Burger, the Shrimp Burger, the Angus Burger, the Double Stacker, and my favorite, the McThree, which contains three beef patties and three slices of cheese stacked on top of each other in two sesame seed buns."

"Wow! I've never eaten a McThree meal before!"

"Would you like to eat one right now, then?"

"What? Right NOW?"

"Yeah, right now!"

"But how can you do that?"

"The only place where we serve the McThree sandwich is the one and only Super Duper Burger Restaurant. And you're in luck. We're standing in front of it right now!"

Tiff showed the blue hedgehog a two-story tall restaurant with the McDanny's logo on the roof and on a pole close nearby. "Do you wish to go in and have some lunch right now?"

"You bet I do!"

"Then follow me!"

Tiff and Sonic went inside the restaurant. It was even larger than the one in Station Square. In fact, it was even more large in size than the Gold Diner! Not only that, lots of food was served -- more than any other restaurant could.

"How many people eat in here every day?"

"Thousands," Tiff answered. "Not only it's the biggest restaurant, but it's also been the busiest and most popular for years."

"It has?"

"Sure it has. There's only five restaurants within McDannyland. The other four are all private restaurants. Not many people come to those restaurants every day."

When they got to the section where people buy their foods, it was a very long line -- the longest Sonic has ever seen. "No wonder the lines are so long!" Sonic thought. "After all, it's the biggest restaurant in McDannyland."

He turned to Tiff. "What else do people do in McDannyland?"

"Well, for the children, usually those under the age of nine, we've got playgrounds for them. We also make sure that adults always supervise them so nothing bad happens."

"I wish Cream and Cheese were here to visit this place. They'd love to play in those playgrounds."

"Aren't 'cream' and 'cheese' types of food that McDannyland serves?"

"No, Cream and Cheese are my friends. They also live in Station Square. Cream's a girl rabbit, and Cheese is her Chao pet."

"What other friends do you have?"

"There's Tails, he's a fox almost half the same as my age; and Knuckles, he's a red echidna who's a year older than I am; and my girlfriend, Amy Rose -- she's about 12 years old, and I live in her house because I love her and I care about her more than anyone else. What about you -- do you have a boyfriend?"

"Sure do. In fact, he works as one of the McDanny's staff members in this restaurant."


"Yeah! We're going to meet him as soon as we make it to the front of the line."

It took Sonic and Tiff at least 45 minutes to finally reach the front of the line and get their foods. Sonic ordered the McThree meal, and Tiff ordered a Double Stacker value meal. Along the way, they met Tiff's boyfriend, who looked a lot like Buto. He was working as a real cashier.

"What's up, Benny?"

"Benny?" Sonic thought.

"Benny McDanny's my boyfriend. He's also the cashier here in this restaurant. We've known each other for months. He first got hired here last month. And because people are coming every day, he's earned thousands of dollars so far!"

"That's awesome! By the way, that guy looks like my friend Buto."

"Who's Buto?"

"He's the boyfriend of the Tiff that I know. He first came to Cappytown a few months ago and moved in with her family in Cappytown that day."

The two sat down in a table and started eating. Sonic was so hungry, he decided to eat as fast as he could. "Sonic, even though you're in McDannyland, I suggest you eat more slowly, or you may never know what'll happen."

"So what? It's never happened before... to me, at least."

Sonic continued eating in a fast pace. He chewed only a few times per bite -- on both the McThree burger and his large sized French fries.

The food was so delicious, but Sonic did suffer something a minute upon finishing his meal. He was unable to move. He fell down flat on the floor. "Ugggh... my stomach... hurts..."

Tiff and everyone else in the McDanny's restaurant saw this. "Sonic? Sonic! Somebody, call an ambulence!" she said.

Sonic continued to lay down on the floor. "Sonic! Sonic! Sonic!" Tiff's voice continued. It then morphed into Amy's voice.

Back in reality, Sonic was still lying in bed, hearing Amy say his name over and over again. It was now 7:00 in the morning. Sonic could barely open his eyes, but it was enough to see Amy's face.

"Amy?" he said drowsily.

"Is something wrong, Sonic? You had a bad dream."

Sonic sat up on his bed. He rubbed his eyes. "You may be right, Amy; I did dream about having another stomachache for eating food from McDanny's."

"Why don't you tell me about it?"

"Why should I?"

"Because I wanna know, that's why. Besides, I'm your girlfriend."

"It began when I saw this wondrous fantasy world. It was called McDannyland. Everywhere, people were eating McDanny's food, even the vegetarians. Then I met Tiff, who was actually the host of that place. She even took me to a restaurant, and there we met Buto, who was working as a cashier in there. Then I ate too fast, and... I had a stomachache."

"Do you feel any better yet?"

Sonic felt his stomach. It was no longer feeling any pain. "Yep, I sure do!"

Amy hugged Sonic, relieved that her boyfriend was okay after all. "What's... this for?" Sonic asked, choking.

"It shows that I'm so happy that you're feeling better again," Amy told him. Then she let him go. "And now that you feel better, I cooked up a well balanced breakfast for you. You hungry?"


And from that day on, Sonic didn't eat too much desserts or junk food, even when his friends offered him any. He ate his meals properly, under Amy's presence. Every time he was given or bought food like potato chips, ice cream, candy, or anything like that, he would just eat it sparingly.

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