Production of Country Sing-Along was completed in 1994, and the video came out in February 1995 by View-Master Video. In 1997, Sony Wonder renamed this video to "I Can Go to the Country!".


We're going to the country! First stop, a fabulous farm for a fun-filled horseback ride, a real cattle drive and lots of line dancing to a cookin' country band. Then the Biggles' magic powers transport the Kidsongs Kids to a real Western town where trick riders and ropers put on a dazzling performance! You'll be stompin' your feet and clappin' your hands every time you watch this country music extravaganza.


  • Billy Biggle - Julene Renee-Preciado (voice), Frat Fuller (costume)
  • Ruby Biggle - Julene Renee-Preciado (voice), Kimberly Bretto-Smith (costume)
  • Alexie Agdeppa
  • Christopher Aguilar (second appearance)
  • Matthew Bartilson (third appearance)
  • Christian Buenaventura (sixth appearance)
  • Kari Floberg (first appearance)
  • Enjoli Flynn (first appearance)
  • Galen Hooks (only appearance)
  • Philip Jacobs (first appearance)
  • Nycole Koyano (first appearance)
  • Stephanie Koyano (third appearance)
  • Megan Miyahira (fourth appearance)
  • Alexandra Picatto/Palm (fourth appearance)
  • Katie Polk (eighth appearance)
  • Bettina Reches (only appearance)
  • Casey Rion (first appearance)
  • Shira Roth (fourth appearance)
  • Kyle Stanley (second appearance)
  • Danielle Wiener (third appearance)


  • Farmer - Brad Bartram
  • Farmer's Wife - Mary Bartram
  • Mom #1 - Sheila Greenlea
  • Mom #2 - Leesa Bryte
  • Cowboy Joe - Peter Sherayko
  • Dad - Jim Woodward


  1. Swingin'
  2. On the Road Again
  3. Watch our Oats and Barley Grow
  4. The Old Chisholm Trail
  5. Born To Be A Cowboy
  6. Buffalo Gals
  7. Nashville Cats
  8. Achy Breaky Heart
  9. Country Kid
  10. Happy Trails To You


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