Join the Kidsongs Kids and their very silly tour guide, Mr. World, on a musical journey around the world. You'll meet kids from other lands and learn their songs, dances and games. Our sing-along itinerary includes London, Paris, Japan, Australia, Scotland, Africa, Mexico and Jamaica. It's a wonderful song-filled journey you'll want to take over and over again.


  • Mr. World - Barnard Panansky
  • Nick - Fabby Brown (first appearance)
  • Olinda - Tameka Claybrook (first appearance)
  • Bruce - Chris Finch (first appearance)
  • Mike - Shawn Harrison (only appearance)
  • Victoria - Nicole Mandich (first appearance)
  • Carmen - Carla Martyn (only appearance)
  • Sean - Robby Rosellen (first appearance)
  • Miko - Wendy Yumi (first appearance)
  • Ms. Miller - Nancy McLoughlin (first appearance)
  • Yoko - Mimi Gilbert (first appearance)
  • Michelle - Karli Supera (only appearance)


  1. I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing
  2. Funiculi, Funicula
  3. Did You Ever See A Lassie?
  4. London Bridge
  5. Frere Jacques
  6. Kumbaya
  7. Waltzing Matilda
  8. Sakura, Sakura
  9. Los Pollitos
  10. Day-O (Banana Boat Song)


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